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Found 2 results

  1. antigonus

    Massive die off overnight

    I was studying abroad the last semester and left my 32 gallon biocube at my parent's house, while I was gone the only thing that died was a hammer coral, though the lobophyllia brain had some die off on the edgies, and a cyano bacteria problem got a little worse, but other than that there were no really major issues. A little after a week I returned home for Christmas though, something truly disturbing and completely unexpected happened. On Tuesday night everything looked good, but come Wednesday morning everything was closed up and/or dying. Its been a week now, and I have lost all three Montipora (Purple plating, orange branching, and auburn encrusting) the Brain coral, Trumpet coral, and blue mushrooms which shriveled up to nothing. So far at least one head of Blastomussa had died but the rest might be hanging in there, and the two remaining candy cane heads seem to be doing okay, while the Zoas, Xenia, RFA and Palythoas are fine. Additionally, my Bi-color Blenny died a few days latter. I have done a fifty percent water change, but it did'nt seem to help much. The parameters were; Nitrate: c 5 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Ph: 8.0-8.2 Calcium: c 400, Kh: 9,Phosphate: 0.05. I also took some water to my LFS to check with them, but they also couldn't find anything that would account for such a sudden die off. As improbable as it sounds, I have a tentative hypothesis based on the strange series of events. That Wednesday morning, a rock had been dislodged and fallen on the brain coral and Blastomussa, while the Blenny had a cut or abrasion behind its fin. Part of me wonders if somehow the Blenny which loved to perch and hide under rocks dislodged the rock and caused it to fall, injuring itself in the process. The rock then killed the brain coral that was already not doing so great, and this caused a chain reaction that killed the other hard corals and mushrooms. It sounds insane, but I'm struggling to connect the dead corals, dislodged rock and injured Blenny that all seemed to happen during the same night. My only other thoughts so far are that it was a stray electrical current, an undetected temperature shift, or an unknown introduced contaminant. Does anyone have any ideas? Has something like this happened to you before?
  2. JonBonPony

    T5 fixture emitting fumes?

    I've been running an ATI 24" 4 bulb for almost two years now (Though i got it used so who knows just how old it is) and recently I noticed an odd smell in the room the tank was in and was feeling lightheaded, after airing out the room a bit I did some smelling around and it seemed to be coming the the light fixture. I turned it off and sure enough the smell stopped. Thinking it might be the bulbs I installed some fresh ones only to find that it still made the fumes. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I've had to keep my light off for over a week now and while I only have a single leather coral currently and it seems ok for now I'd like to get the tank lit ASAP. I'm planning on just getting a new light but figured I should ask ya'll first.
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