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Found 4 results

  1. After starting my membership here with a strong showing, and for my own educational purposes and record, I guess I’ll start a journal. Seems like a good place to keep a list of ideas and tips to help me on this journey! Tank: Fluval Evo XII 13.5 gallon started 1/21/2019 Equipment: Fluval spec return pump 132gph Fluval sea mini protein skimmer 5-10gallon Fluval 50W heater In Tank Chamber 1 media basket Current Orbit Marine LED light w bracket arm Current Orbit Eflux Wave pump 660gph (along w their hubs) IM mesh screen Media: Fluval bio rings (bottom level of media basket) Fluval 100gm carbon (bottom level media basket) Fluval clearmax (middle level media basket) IM filter floss (top level media basket) Stock: 14lbs live rock ? Lbs of life sand Black oscellaris clown True percula clown Blue spotted goby watchman Red banded snapping shrimp Scarlet shrimp Trochus snails x4 Dwarf red hermit crabs x 10 Star polyp x 2 (one split into two sections thanks to hermits, so there’s three-ish) Palys x 2: both protopalythoa Hairy mushroom x3 (all on one big rock) Hammer x 1 Zoa x1 Now obviously I didn’t start with all of this at once. We started with three clowns in fact- two percula and the oscellaris, but the two bigger fish kept trying to kill the smaller so I took the small guy back to save him from certain death within a week. Following that, the black was named Jolly Roger and the percula Jack Sparrow. (What can I say- this tank is “supposed” to be owned by my soon to be 9 year old who LOVES POTC, but secretly, it’s mine 😁) We started with two trochus and five hermits, but I doubled that for more cleaning power after about two and a half weeks. Those guys don’t get names. We added the goby and his “pal” Jan 22, but they NEVER hang with each other and in fact I’m not sure they know the other exists anymore. The goby was named J Edgar Hoover because he is always watching us with disapproval from across the room and follows us around the tank with his permanent frown. The pistol shrimp was named Snappy because well..... 🤷🏻‍♀️ We added the scarlet shrimp a week ago, and he’s quite the personality. We call him the Red Baron. We started the tank with a zoa and the little star polyp that the herms split in two. We next added the protopalys. Added the hammer today, with some drama due to the LFS lady who evidently thinks I’m out to kill everything in my tank 🤦🏽‍♀️. That’s it for this tank in a nutshell.
  2. So, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted, and a lot has happened, most prominently, a persistent outbreak of hair algae and what I believe is Cyanobacteria (red-ish looking slime on a small part of my sand bed). I was informed that this was still part of the “ugly stage”, since my tank really isn’t that old quite yet. However, it has lasted since late March and I am noticing increasing problems arising with the outbreak, not all of them directly related to the algae, so I might need to make more posts to cover them all. The hair algae is the worst part- it’s unsightly and impossible to remove from the rock and it grew on the glass in a place that is also impossible to scrape off. I have also noticed some sort of strange creature that I may need to make another post on once I get good pictures. In short, all I can really see of it are these very long stringy tentacles that retract when disturbed. It doesn’t look like any pictures I have seen of anemones, but I can’t be sure. My trochus snails are dying. Just last weekend, I noticed that both of them were flipping over regularly, something that they never did before. They seem weak and their foot is irritated. This may be unrelated but I also have a large ricordea Florida in the tank that looks very bright and healthy accept for some weird white protrusions of tissue on its foot ending in little bristles. So what is your input? Are all these issues somehow connected? I have thought about some possible issues: bad source water, high nitrates, low calcium, problems with flow/light, dirty filtration, over feeding Here are the steps I have taken: water changes, parameter testing (as far as I can tell, everything is fine), bacteria dosing, Vibrant Aquarium Cleaner, lawnmower blenny, new filtration media, decrease lighting What I want to do: Replace carbon and evaluate filtration conditions, purchase new test kits, and I don’t know what I would do when all that fails Let me know if you need pictures or if you think I should create separate posts for some of the specific issues I have mentioned. That was a lot, but I have avoided posting about this for too long and need some solutions. Although I have a lot of problems with my tank, I don’t really fear a total collapse, but the little things can contribute to disaster in the future, so I was just concerned.
  3. MidwestReefer1989

    Trochus Snail Died

    Hello fellow nano reefers. I have had my tank up and running for about a month. I had noticed that my trochus snail was not moving but today I noticed a white film around his base and pulled him out and he smelled awful. I assumed he died because he had not moved for a few days. My question is... I have a 13.5 fluval evo with 2 clowns, 1 skunk cleaner, and 2 conchs. All parameters are good with nitrate increasing but I assume that is due to the fish I added (adjusting biofiliter). Does anyone know what would have caused him to die suddenly? He stayed on the rock formation mainly and cleaned the algae coat off of there and never really crossed the sand. Any guidance and any suggestions on clean up crew members would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi all, One of my trochus snails looks like it has additional sensory tentacles. It has the normal ones that come out around the base of the foot, but it also has a bunch that are all over the top of the shell, even growing throughout the spiraled part and some near the top. At first I thought it was algae, but they wave back and forth JUST like the tentacles. Has anyone else seen one like this before?
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