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Found 7 results

  1. Dirté Sanchez

    Super inflated or stringy euphyllia

    Okay peoples! I have two torches and several small hammers that are rather shriveled or stringy. They also have been bloating some at different times during the day. The elegance coral is blown up like a blimp and then deflates to crumple in on itself. What’s changed? Got a new RedSea LED 90 light and since it bleached multiple SPS corals, I have it running at 10/15/25% and then back down in the same increment, total ramp up and down for 10 hours. Got a new ice cap gyre pump, the small one, and it’s set at 10% flow alternating pumps every 10 seconds. Water parameters have been stable. Water changes weekly of 10-12g. Can anyone tell me what’s making these corals act like this?
  2. Dear Reefing Family, It has been two days now, and my Torch coral has been exhibiting some unusual behavior. Interestingly, I do not see the green tips on many of the polyps. This was noticed only in the morning (I believe it might have happened overnight). Salinity = 1.025 dKH = 8.5 Ca = 425 Nevertheless, the reason for my worry is that all the other inhabitants are doing well. Could this be a one-off scenario where it is just pissed for no reason? Or it could be a Polyp bailout situation? The tissue is still attached to the skeleton, so I'm really not sure Any guidance and/or pointers from your experience will be greatly appreciated. I hope this coral gets back to normal. This is one of my favorite corals!
  3. Hello all, attached is a picture of one of my torch corals, it seems like the flesh/skin is receding. Its also starting to do this on my other torches Im running an Ai prime hd (I might have used too much intensity) and im running a reef glass protein skimmer, with chemipure elite and purigen in my media basket. could flow possible make corals recede like this or the light? all my parameters are listed below: Ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 5 ph 8.2~8.4 phosphate (hanna checker) : 0.03 (been lowering them, they were at 0.07) calcium: 425 alkalinity: 8.5 magnesium: (dont have a test kit, should be normal.. I due weekly water changes of 23%) Im really starting to get worried.. spent a lot of money on my torches, please help I played around with my ai prime light intensity, nothing worked.. im starting to think it may be too much flow that is the problem.. Let me know!
  4. Hey guys, i know lps can usually be together no problem, however im planning on making an epic torch garden with several different colour torches. can i place them all together even when their polyps sway and touch eachother!?? just want to be sure before i do anything. thanks again. also, can i add a hammer and a torch and have them touch eachother? Thanks for the inputs
  5. ocreefer

    Cad Lights 18g Nano

    My 18g Cad Lights Nano. I get to work and sit next to it all day. It provides peach throughout the day and allows me to mentally stay relaxed.
  6. Hello, I have a half-moon 10 gallon Nano reef. The tanks has been running for about 3 months now. I have an API drop test kit for saltwater and all my readings are steady safe. Nitrates hover around 20 ppm. Livestock: i have a black ocelaris clown, an engineer goby, a seahorse (hippo. Erectus), yellow (spotted) mandarin dragonet, a fire peppermint shrimp, 1 horned snail, feather duster, and a margarita snail. corals: a fairly large fungia, green torch coral, 7-polyp green zoas, ~30 polyp red zoas, a quarter sized plate coral filtration: Aqueon quietflow 10 (up to 20 gal.) and Cora life biocube protein skimmer attached to the back panel. The thermometer is set to ~73-74 F. A circulation pump pushing 100 gal/hr lighting: Hipargero Touch Control 30w CREE Nano LED Help I am seeking: all my fish are eating like champs and look healthy. Seahorse eats like a horse without much competition as I send the clown on the food chase and feed the seahorse very directly with a turkey Baster. Luckily for me, my mandarin enjoys frozen mysis and brine shrimp which compliment her constant grazing around the tank for copepods. My trouble pertains to my corals. The torch coral seems to be thriving without problems. My zoas and fungia however have issues opening up. I have been trying real hard to find the right balance of light and 2 part plankton feed but it’s been very difficult. The light I have is adjustable with 5 dimmer settings. I have been keeping it at the lowest setting for no more than 7 hours at a time seeing as anymore causes traces of a diatom bloom happening. I have attached pictures of my tank and would love some advice on how to go about getting my reef to thrive and not just survive. Thanks for your time! Its night time and I turned on the lights briefly for attaching pictures, the torch coral is usually very open and flamboyant.
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