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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I recently received a peppermint shrimp, and a few days after placing it into my tank, I noticed that it was developing a habit of picking at my already-ailing BTA. Long story short, he got removed, and I planned to take him to the nearest store that sells saltwater fish. Until then, he'd reside in a bucket with a couple gallons of saltwater, a cycled filter, and some caulerpa. I never did make it to the store, and I started to feel sorry for the little devil - plus, I was bored and had a spare tank lying around. So, I set up a 3 gallon jar using some old base rock and a cycled sponge. I threw in the Caulerpa and the Peppermint, and kinda plan to use it to grow out macro trimmings from my main tank. I threw on an old Finnex planted tank fixture, and it seems to be doing okay, but I'll probably replace it with something a bit more powerful soon. The main question I have is whether or not peppermint shrimp can thrive in less-than-tropical temps. I've seen online that they're found as far north as Charleston, and that puts water temps down into the low 60's during the coldest months. Room temperature is at a minimum 68, and usually hovers between 70-72. So far, I haven't noticed any behavior or color difference, but if it's going to be a problem when it comes time to molt (or causes long-term immune system issues) I'll consider adding a heater or just taking the shrimp to a store. We are talking about L. Wurdemanni, here, to be clear.
  2. StephDaReefer

    Temp drop! What to do??

    So I had an emergency. My sister got sick yesterday and asked me to take her to the hospital which caused me to neglect the tank for a day. And I finally got home this morning. Well I guess the water evaporated fairly quickly during the day. Causing the heater to be a bit more than half way out of the water in the return pump chamber of my fluval 13.5. Temp was at 72.9, I’m in a huge rush to work didn’t have a time to check the water params but my salinity wasn’t too bad. It was 1.027. I topped of the tank and brought it back down to 1.024. My question is how do I go about the temperature, is it bad for it to go up too fast? The heater is submerged and doing its job again. I have another small heater I use to heat up the water containers for water changes. Should I add that one into the mix too to get the temp up to normal (78 degrees) faster? Or would that be a bad thing?? I currently have 2 clowns and some LPS and softies. btw I know I should buy an ATO but I’m a full time college student with a part time job that barely covers this semesters books, once I recover from my school expenses that will be the first thing I will buy.
  3. So I made the biggest mistake ever, please help. It’s actually a couple of mistakes. So I recently upgraded my fluval evo 13.5 stock light to a kessil a80 tuna blue. I had no idea what settings I should do, I had the intensity at around 60% and color at 40%. Then an lfs employee said I should start at the dimmest setting and gradually go up from there but for almost a day the intensity was way up and my corals did not like it and we’re semi closed up. I then got a timer for the light that same night which works fine however I accidentally unplugged my heater and didn’t notice because it was around night time, I went to bed and woke up to the tank being at 70 degrees. I immediately turned the heater back on and added another small 10w heater to help turn the temp up faster but it took about 6 hours for the temp to go back to 78%. During the day my corals got worse and worse and now they’re completely closed up and looking horrible. My firefish was swimming really low in the afternoon then I came home from work in the evening and saw my emerald crab eating him, R.I.P. My nasaurius snail is now hanging out on top of a rock instead of in the sand bed. I’m not sure if the sandbed got really cold and affected the firefish and the nasarius snail. I’m not sure what to do now, should I just wait it out? Is the new light maybe upsetting the corals? I’m worried this mistake is now causing my tank to completely crash to the point of no return. btw I checked all my water parameters and they’re fine salinity: 1.024 ammonia: 0 nitrites: 0 nitrates: 5 ppm (just did a water change 2 days ago.) ph: 7.8 phosphates: 0 calcium: 420 if you have any advice please leave a comment. And before anyone comments saying I should have a controller for everything. I’m on a college budget which is all spent on my tank. I wish I can afford all that good stuff but I’m working with what I got. Thanks in advance!
  4. This is SOLD Selling my Digital Aquatics reefkeeper. Head unit, 2 p4 power bars, temp probe, hookup to your computer gauging interest. Will post pics if anyone interested $150 including shipping- PayPal *** price drop *** $115
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