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  1. All just set up another nano! Can’t wait to see what this tank brings. Cant wait for this thing to finish cycling. Doing some power cable management tomorrow. Currently not running any filter media Here is my old tank Equipment: IM 20g peninsula IM top off reservoir IM tank stand Smart ATO AI prime IM Mighty Jet 40lbs live sand 20lb dry rock
  2. Original post: Linkage to some posts (Pages 1 - 6 are all pre-build): IM basket vs inTank Basket Review CONTEST START Tank Start Up Porcelain Crab video and Tube Coral Mr. Cling Eating and Hitchhikers Vendor Reveal Second Shipment Serpent Star Eating (bottom-up video) Feeding A. formosus (snapping shrimp) Video Week 3 FTS Inspiration I’m a Florida native. Sort of. I was born in Washington state, moved to Hawaii when I was 4 weeks old, came back state side at 2 years old and I’ve been here (Florida) ever since (mostly, once I persuaded @skoechle to take me back home). I’m the daughter of a US submariner and a sun tan lotion sales lady. I was born with the sand in my hair, the waves in my soul, and the salt in my veins. You know that song from the new Moana movie, the one about the sea calling? Written about me. I love Florida. I love its swamps, I love its beaches, I love its rivers, its inlets, its estuaries, I love all of Florida. Minus the panhandle and mosquitos and FSU. They suck. So, when looking for this contest, I thought “Florida biotope” but the thing is our waters are so well protected that it ends being more of a “Caribbean biotope”. So I shrugged that idea off and you can see what my other idea was in the early posts. I decided to start with live rock and then I came across TBSaltwater (http://www.tbsaltwater.com). Now, this was great for two reasons, one just look at their testimonials. Florida biotope? Done! Second, I went to school at Eckerd College which is just south of Tampa. This tank is from the best years of my young adult life (no offense @skoechle). I spent every day after class, in between class, breakfast, lunch and dinner either on the water of Boca Ciega Bay or in it or shoreside. So that makes this tank extra special to me. Not only is it my “home water” It’s the best water! I ordered a 15 gallon “package”. This tank is a different start up than others because everything is packaged in water and flown same day to your airport where you pick it up so there is minimal transit time. Additionally, the “package” also includes live sand. Real live sand. Dug up from the same place they harvest rocks. Take that bagged sand! This tank is going to give a lot of interesting experiences, I’m sure. Equipment Goals: Pest Control: Challenges: Husbandry tactics: Tank Guide This section is organized by topic and subdivided by my actual journal entries with observations and my research. I really hope this organization will help not only people following my thread but users who are researching for their own tanks. For space consolidation, subdivisions are hidden behind the “spoiler tag”. I will try to keep this as up to date as possible. Sponges Sea Cucumbers Mollusks West Atlantic Corals Tunicates Gorgonians Known Inhabitants: Sources used for Identification: Livestock cost: TBS "extras": $10
  3. @jedimasterben and I are super excited to announce 100 Days of Nanos - An Official Nano-Reef.com Tank Contest! We understand your multiple tank syndrome rather well. What better excuse to have another tank than a tank building contest? The contest idea has been brewing for close to two months, we wanted this contest to focus on how creative we can be inside the tank. For this reason we opted for our contestants to purchase the same tank and light combination - apples to apples. We deliberated on what equipment would be best, and even personally tested numerous products to ultimately pick these out of several possibilities. Innovative Marine Peninsula 14G tank with Current USA Orbit Marine PRO light! Our community sponsor Marine Depot worked with Innovative Marine and Current USA to give our contestants an exclusive bundled kit price of just $284.99 (Regularly $329.98)! It gets better! Current USA will send you a free arm mount directly if you want to mount the light on the arm! (optional) (Please PM @metrokat when you have bought your contest kit) We are not done yet! Marine Depot will also give all kit purchasers an additional 1000 rewards points which is $10 cash back on their rewards program! Winners Winners will be chosen by a community poll. In the event of a tie - @Christopher Marks will cast the tie-breaking vote. There will be three prize winners chosen, in three different categories. Prize Categories Best Overall The Grandest Prize of all! From Innovative Marine – the NEW IM Concept Glass Aquarium series! A $400 value! Best Aquascape Amazing Prize From Innovative Marine – One DeskTop Performance Pack Performance Pack includes: (1) Spinstream, (1) Desktop CustomCaddy (1) AccuDrip fish and coral acclimator (1) Desktop MiniMax Media Reactor and (1) SkimMate Ghost Protein Skimmer, a $250 value. http://www.innovative-marine.com/auqa-gadget/performance-pack.html Most Frugal CoralVue Smart ATO Micro $124.99 value World Wide Corals $50 certificate AquaMaxx Reef Welder Epoxy Glue - Purple - 500mL $29.99 value We have many other prizes to give and some category suggestions were awesome: Struggle Bus Best Growth Best Photography Most Colorful Most Enthusiasm Most GHA/pests Additional Prizes! We also have several additional prizes for contestants, so there will be a lot of winners (chosen by the sponsor or Benny & Kat). Listed alphabetically: Reef Cleaners $25 off for one winner with CODE Marine Depot AquaMaxx Coral-Eye 5W CREE Blue LED Flashlight $29.99 value Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-308 $35 value (from Kat) House of Sticks 20% off for one winner Ocean Box Designs Magnetic Frag racks 3 pack with plugs $60 value sign up to email list and be entered to win https://goo.gl/MoSnH3 Ocean Box Designs Tshirt $24.99 value sign up to email list and be entered to win https://goo.gl/MoSnH3 Ocean Box Designs Mini Magnet Cleaner $19.99 value sign up to email list and be entered to win https://goo.gl/MoSnH3 Nano-Box Care package surprise! NanoBox will be giving away a NanoBox Secret Box containing a random selection of NanoBox products. This could be anything from a one-off LED light to a handful of NanoBox t-shirts. Dave will choose what goes into the prize box but promises to not disappoint! Marine Depot AquaMaxx onPoint Coral Feeder $19.99 value Brightwell Aquatics Reef Code A and B, 500ml for 3 winners $15 value Reef Weeds 3 UV Mini paintings Additional Discounts! House Of Sticks - 10% off with coupon InTank - 10% OFF with coupon CONTEST10 OceanBox Designs - 10% off if you sign up for newsletter and be entered to win one of 3 amazing prizes https://goo.gl/MoSnH3 Thank you to our amazing sponsors! Rules Purchase Contest Equipment Kit from Marine Depot via this link: https://goo.gl/NRpecM Use Coupon code: NANOCONTEST to get the contest price Start a new tank thread in the Aquarium Journals forum. Contestants are required to post a sticky note inside the tank with something Benny comes up with Publish one FTS per week to your aquarium journal thread (we will have an FTS check in thread also) Follow and tag sponsors on their social media (optional- helps to get more exposure for your tank and to get your friends to vote for you) Post a review of the products on marinedepot.com (optional) Official start date of the contest is May 10th (In the event of a delayed shipment from Marine Depot, the contestant will get a grace period to start the tank) Grounds for disqualification Changing ANY hardware except in cases of failure - specifically any item provided in the tank package. Benny (@jedimasterben) is your contact for equipment troubleshooting. FAQ Q - Can I use corals from an established tank? A - Yes, but values must be estimated and verified. Q - Is there a limit to how much someone can spend on livestock? A - Keep it under $500 for livestock. (Rocks and sand are not part of this budget restriction) Q - Can they use the same tank and light if they have previously bought it? A - Yes, as long as it isn't wet. We will have a verification with the first FTS that will be required. @Marine Depot @Oceanbox Designs @inTank @DaveFason @Christopher Marks @World Wide Corals @sangheili @johnmaloney Contestants as of 5/17 (alphabetically) - click for links to their aquarium journals Addinali coral_chef Coralcousins FateX9 lkoechle Luu78 Mariaface MaineReefKeeper MrMikeKim nanoSteve Pjanssen Sabrefencer Seafurn Spectra Stellablue SushiYum
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