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Found 22 results

  1. joshthebox

    Josh's Softy Reef

    Tank: 21”x21”x12” Miracles Glass (roughly 20g) Overflow: XAqua inout Sump: Trigger System Ruby 20C Skimmer: Reef Octopus 150int Return: Sicce 2.0 Doser: RedSea Reef Dose 2; ESV B-Ionic Wave makers: 2 MP10QD and 2 Nero5 Lighting: Aquatic life DX18 hybrid with G5 XR30 Blue. 3 ATI Blue+ and 1 Geisemann tropic Custom tube stand ATO: XP aqua duetto Heater: Eheim 200w This system has been running for almost a year(?) now, and was covering some of it in a previous thread for my other tank. The goal for this tank is to keep it simple and easy to maintain. The equipment might seem overkill because this system was pretty much frankensteined together with parts I was either given, or got an extremely good deal on. Looking forward to seeing how the corals will grow in over the years. I'm not perfectly happy with the coral placement though. I might have to rehome the Goniopora as my clownfish keep torturing the poor things...
  2. Rickyrooz

    Ricky's Reef (120 Gallon)

    Hello everyone, I am new to Nano Reef but not new to the hobby. I wanted to start a build thread to share my photos and track my progress over the years. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.
  3. FTS: 08/25/2020 FTS: 08/06/2020 FTS: 08/04/2020 FTS: 07/19/2020 FTS: 07/09/2020 FTS: 06/29/2020 FTS: 06/26/2020 FTS: 06/04/2020 FTS 05/22/2020 FTS 04/09/2020 FTS 02/27/2020 Top Down 02/27/2020 Actinic FTS 02/15/2020 FTS 02/04/2020 FTS 01/04/2020 Top Down 12/04/2020 FTS 12/17/2019 FTS: 12/02/2019 Top Down: 12/02/2019 FTS:11/17/2019 Top Down 11/11/2019 Well here it is. I picked this bad boi up for a whopping $25! Had calcium all over so needed a good scrub. Bought a nice entertainment center, restructured it a little to make sure it can hold weight and custom made light hanger built from local reefer. The Goods: IM Nuvo 40 Stock media basket with filter pads, carbon, Purigen, and a mini refugium with chaeto IM AQUA Gadget 2-1 Chaetomax LED IM MightyJet 538gph w/ 1x Spin Stream IM Medium Size Nuvo Skimmer AI Nero 5 EcoTech MP10 ATI SunPower 4x Bulb 3x Blue + and 1 Coral + while running 2x Actinic LED ProLumen Strips Tunze Nano ATO ATO Reservoir 5g Soy Sauce Bucket 300 Watt Ceramic Heater Externally Controlled w/Finnix Thermostat The Wet Goods: Lighting Maroon Clown Pair & Rainbow BTA Yellow Tail Goby & Pistol Tiger Shrimp Pair Flame Angel Purple Dottyback Cleaner Shrimp Harlequin Shrimp Pair Mix Reef (lobos, scolys, btas, favias, zoas, palys, pavonas, torches, shrooms) CUC (trochus, turbos, nerites, red/blue legged hermits)
  4. Hello Nano Reefers, been in the hobby off and on since 2004...but due to military service I haven't been able to keep a reef going for more than a few years at a time. On a positive note, this has allowed me to start up several tanks and learn as much as possible, especially from my mistakes. Throughout the years I've browsed several the of reefing community sites, but never created a profile or interacted with folks. I decided it was time to finally create a profile and start this journal in an effort to document my tank's progress over the next couple of years. I'll be able to retire in about 18 months and would like to eventually start a large reef in the 200 gallon range. My desire to start this current tank was to begin building my coral collection in order to transfer them to the larger system upon retirement. My plan was to keep it as simple as possible, reuse the equipment I had on hand and see if I could successfully grow SPS corals in this "smaller" system. Got the tank wet and started the cycle in January 2018. * Upgraded to a Red Sea Reefer XL425 - Sep 2019 Parameters: Temp: 77.8 Salinity: 1.025 Calcium: 395 - 415 Alkalinity: 7.5 - 8.0 Magnesium: 1260 Nitrate: 20 ppm Phosphate: .03 Equipment: Aquarium - Red Sea Reefer XL425 Return Pump - Simplicity 120DC Flow - 2x Nero 5, 2x Icecap Gyre 4K Lights - 3x Radion XR15 w/ diffusers & Aquatic Life T5 w/ 2x blue plus & 2x coral plus bulbs Dosing Pump - ATI 6 channel Skimmer - Simplicity 240DC Heater - Eheim Jager 250w x2 Controller - Neptune Apex EL Filtration: Skimmer Filter Socks Carbon (occasionally) GFO (sparingly) 85 lbs Marco & Reef Cleaners Rock Dosing: ESV Calcium and Alkalinity Brightwell Magnesium Acropower Stability (on occasion) Livestock: Fish: Wyoming White Clownfish Six Line Wrasse Falco Hawkfish Scribbled Rabbitfish Captive Bred Yellow Tang Captive Bred Rolland's Damsel x3 Corals: Jack O Lantern Leptosaris Green Leptosaris Mr. Freeze Leptosaris Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Burning Banana Stylocoenela LA Lakers Scroll Coral ORA Purple Stylophora Green Stylophora Birds of Paradise Seriatopora Sunset Montipora Slow Burn Montipora Red Montipora Cap Seasons Greetings Montipora Cap Rainbow Montipora Mystic Sunset Montipora Orange Montipora Digitata Green Montipora Digitata German Blue Polyp Montipora Digitata Jedi Mindtrick Montipora Tubb's Stellata Montipora Green Goblin Anacropora JF TNT Anacropora Cali Tort Acro GARF Bonsai Acro ORA Frogskin Acro ORA Pearlberry Acro Bali Green Slimer Acro Miyagi Tort Acro ORA Red Planet Acro JF Coolers Champagne Acro JF Fox Flame Acro Pink Lemonade Acro ASL Red Robin Acro JRC Great Unknown Acro JRC Oscar the Grouch Acro JKR Apocalypse Now Acro FHC Kryptonic Acro Blueberry Limeade Tenuis Acro RRC Pink Cadillac Acro TCK Orange Milli Acro TCK Pikachu Acro TCK Rainbow Acro TCK Molten Core Acro TCK Pink Bear Acro Sanjay's Leprechaun Beard Acro ARC Fireworks Acro CC Firewalker Milli Acro WWC Lil' Red Ferrari Acro WWC Yellow Tips Acro Katropora - Acropora Subulata Thanks for looking, Andre Nuvo 30l - 2018 Red Sea Reefer XL425 - 2020
  5. BabyBorbonius

    Amazon T5 lighting fixture

    I'm planning my first tank and currently sitting in shock at the absurd lighting fixture prices. I wanted to do t5 lighting and saw these fixtures on amazon. Does anyone have any experience with them? Will they work? I wanted 6 bulbs because I was planning a 25 gallon cube which measures 18 * 18 * 18 roughly. I could only find these 4 bulb and 8 bulb fixtures. https://www.amazon.com/T5-Grow-Light-Fluorescent-Hydroponic/dp/B00NMX5EGC/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=t5+2ft+6+bulbs&qid=1610760867&s=lawn-garden&sr=1-3 https://www.amazon.com/Light-4lamps-DL824-Fluorescent-Hydroponic/dp/B009GU4RMC/ref=psdc_14252961_t1_B00NMX5EGC
  6. Coolbreeze

    Dream Lighting Systems

    My Dream Lighting I have created this new topic to get some input from the community on a lighting system that I wanted to buy and or create for my new dream tank. So I have two display tanks and a third coming soon. The reason for this is that my older XR15 pro Gen3 are starting to show wear and one of them is blinking bright once a day and then goes back to normal after a few minutes. I do have one as a backup to this one so once they both go then I plan on just using a T5 light for the frag/quarantine system as this is cheap and has a outstanding success. Bluefish Aquarium LED Controller So, with that said I need a new lighting system and was planning on using the following and would like some feedback on members who have experience with one or more of these items. Please keep in mind that this system will display in my living room, so I want something outstanding for look and function. First up I wanted to use the Bluefish Aquarium LED controller as it has some functions that I think would be cool to have and hopefully some great affects. 1). Real location simulation 2). Weather Simulation. 3). Realistic Thunderstorms. Works with both LED and T5. Has anyone had this controller and used any of the above features? Aquatic Life T5 dimmable unit. T5 are the industry standard and it seems like many tanks do well when having these installed. I noticed that many LED just do not seem to have the same look as these. Being since it is dimmable and has a 0-10v port for it dimmable ability I can attach it to either the Bluefish controller or the Apex. Either one can dim it, but I believe the additional features can be used with T5 and the LED together. Any thoughts? And third I was going to pair the other two items with another industry standard lighting system from Kessil. Here I would be limited to A360W-E Tuna Blue LED Aquarium Light (Wide Angle). Here I can attach it to the Bluefish controller and take advantage of all it features. Any thought? Apex Lunar Lights And finally, I was going to use the Apex Lunar Simulator Lunar LED Strings. This will give me the last affect I am looking for without using higher end lights to achieve the same thing. These can be replaced without much cost and will actually be hooked up to the Apex. My understanding is that the above items will simulate a reef as close as possible. Any thought or comments will be very helpful.
  7. Hello everybody! I am often reading forum posts on this website and decided to make an account myself, so maybe somebody can help me with my little problem. I have an around 60g tank (47 inch long, 21 inch high, 17 inch wide). The tank is nearly 2 years old. Currently I have cheap LEDs that I bought from amazon. They are okay, Softies grow slowly, but nothing grows as I want it to and of course I would love to go for SPS so my tank really needs an upgrade. I cant decide what lights to get for my tank. I hear a lot of good things about T5, as they are supposed to be the best "plug and play" methode for growing LPS and SPS. I would go for an ATI 6x54w fixture. It would fit nicely over my whole tank. The downside of this is my budget. I cant go over 1000 dollars and the running costs for T5 are insane (change bulbs every 6 months, expensive electricity bill) which really is a tough one for me. The other option would be LEDs. However there are so many brands that I am completly lost on what to get. An Ecotech Radion is out of the question as it would cost way to much. Another option would be two AI Hydra 32HD. It would bring me up to around 800 Dollars. More expensive then an ATI fixture, but way less in the long term. Now my question is would two AI Hydra 32HDs be enough for my tank? Will they be able to grow every coral ranging from Euphyllia to Acropora? (Yes I know there are more factors you have to look at when growing corals, but lets just focus on light). Are there any other options? What would be the best one? Maybe for a personal note I am not a huge fan of shimmers. I like my tank to be lit and having a disco ball effect just irritates me. I am happy to read your replies and I hope you can help me those 🙂
  8. For sale this light with ballasts and bulbs. Iridium Spectra (SE) / T5 2 x Metal Halide / 4 x 39w T5 (900mm) 36“ Length with two digital ballasts IceCap 400w Selectable and x2 Radium Bulbs. Original price around $1700 Selling for $900 Mint Condition (Shipping not included in the price) Local pick up possible in Raleigh, NC areas.
  9. Pickup Only, Manchester NH 4 Bulb 36” $100 Have a bunch of bulbs with it w little use. Used them to try combos. not dimmable no hanging kit. Had it suspended over tank on mounting poles
  10. JonBonPony

    T5 fixture emitting fumes?

    I've been running an ATI 24" 4 bulb for almost two years now (Though i got it used so who knows just how old it is) and recently I noticed an odd smell in the room the tank was in and was feeling lightheaded, after airing out the room a bit I did some smelling around and it seemed to be coming the the light fixture. I turned it off and sure enough the smell stopped. Thinking it might be the bulbs I installed some fresh ones only to find that it still made the fumes. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I've had to keep my light off for over a week now and while I only have a single leather coral currently and it seems ok for now I'd like to get the tank lit ASAP. I'm planning on just getting a new light but figured I should ask ya'll first.
  11. Since joining the Old School Pico Contest I've been feeling nostalgic and looking to set up a bigger reef system like it was 1999. Metal halides, T5's, Kalkwasser you get the picture. I've been thinking about an upgrade tank for sometime now, but had a hard time picking a system that I will be happy with for sometime that's inexpensive, bigger but not huge and easy to manage. I wanted the same ease of use that I get from my EVO 13.5 but with more space for corals,fish, and more room in the rear chambers. Most of the AIO's out there didn't quite check all the boxes or out of the budget. I will be keeping this build on a tight budget, but also try and make it as nice as possible in the process. That being said I will be using most of the equipment I already have or in use. My vision for this build will be lots of flow, light, and mainly sps dominant. I think it will be cool to have a nano still running metal halide/t5/led. It will be interesting to see colors and growth from all three lighting options at same time. I'm very excited to see this build come together, here are the specs. Tank 40 gallon breeder peninsula with an AIO insert custom made by @This guy is extra salty This way I get the best of both worlds, keep cost low and get the much needed space I was looking for. Stand Petco Brooklyn stand I will make a custom skin with pvc board Lighting Floating canopy made with pvc board T5/led fixture I made for my EVOreef 4-24watt T5 bulbs with a dsuny eBay led. 400 watt radium metal halide fixture. Flow Ice cap 1k Aqamai KPS Return pump TBD This is all I have for now will update as this build progresses.
  12. I have taken down my tank and am looking o sell my DIY led/t5 hybrid light. This is a housing from a Coralife 4x 24" T5 lunar fixture. I removed 2 of the T5s, as well as the lunar LEDs, and mounted a 4 channel Nanobox Duo M inside of it. So total it has 2 24" T5s in the front and back each with individual reflectors, and a Nanobox Duo M (4 channels, moonlight channel, & lime LEDs) mounted in the middle. 4 channel Bluefish controlled with the t5s on a separate outlet. I'll also include the old nanobox duo gooseneck in case you want to restore it. The nanobox fan is burnt out. It is an easy fix, but works fine without it since the t5 has a fan and the housing is looser around the nanobox than the original housing. It also needs a cover for the nanobox fan hole I cut into the top. It also could use a better plexiglass protector, I couldn't find a single piece big enough. The mounts for the T5s are VERY rough, and it wasn't a finished project when I took it down. With a little TLC this could be a really clean fixture, but it's currently a bit rough around the edges. That being said, this thing works great for growing corals and has a great mix of flashy led and natural fluorescent spread. I really like the colors, and look of this light. I am selling because I have taken down the tank, sold all my stuff, and am moving across the globe.
  13. VIDEO: Build the Perfect Reef Light with the Giesemann Stellar Hybrid Mount Your Favorite LEDs from EcoTech, AI, and Giesemann!
  14. SOLD I bought this light new last year, to replace AI Prime HDs and used it for 12 months before I upgraded tanks and needed a 36" version. I love this light and bought the exact same one, but in 36" length for my new tank. The lamps are original so they may need to be replaced soon. I'm not sure if it matters but, other than the 50 hour burn-in (at 100% power) of the lamps when new, they were not run above 60% so they may have some life left in them. I am the original owner and have all the hanging kit, paperwork and original box. My tank has glass lids so the light has not been splashed, scratched, and looks and performs as new. $350 shipped within the 48 states. $275 shipped within the 48 states.
  15. h3dgehog

    ATI Hybrid Powermodule

    Item: Selling 24", 4 bulb ATI Powermodule (T5 + LED combo) Condition: Excellent Location: Nebraska Price: $475 (not including shipping costs) Sale preference: would prefer to sell local sale (local as in within 1-2 hour driving distance); I am also planning to do a roadtrip from Nebraska to Georgia this February, so am willing to meet someone along the way
  16. Mssa9188

    The Saltwater Sunset

    Hey-Have a Cichlid tank that was doing well, so I wanted to try my hand at a saltwater tank. Not sure if we are headed in the right direction or not? Was hoping for opinions, constructive criticism or whatever just please keep it to ideas that will improve the quality of life for the tank. It's a 15 gallon tank. (I personally think the 15gal should be the quarantine tank and use the larger 40gal tank as the "Ta-da-da Tank" , the "aren't you so jealous of my absolutely gorgeous aquarium tank?" . But he thinks that is aiming a little too big, so here we are... Compromising with a 15)".I am just learning about all this; lighting, coral, flow, zooplankton, etc. So please tell me if I havethings that aren't compatible or if something else would work better.But a CoraLife T5 light, but it's just white so there is also a blue LED light.Just the regular filter that came with the tank, I was unsure if I would need a better one if I got a protein skimmer, but some have said such a small tank doesn't need a protein skimmer.The small heater that came with the tank. I live in Central CA, and the heater has kept the water 77-78.6. Check it 2x a day along with the SG which is staying between 1.0228-1.0247. I have not checked the PH, nitrates or nitrites. However, I take watersamples to the Aquarium Store and he tests the water weekly and says consistently good. Everything I have read online says to start with rock then a clean up crew so there is dry rockstacked in there. Then we added some crabs and snails. When they did good, we added a couple more and two of the most beautiful little perculas (Bruce and Nemo). I am thinking a Red Dragonette but have since been informed of their difficulty. So maybe just a scooter blenny and some coral. I have never tried to raise coral before so I think I should start with Toadstool. It's not my favorite, but they say it is hardy and if I can get it to thrive maybe a birds nest and go from there. I guess I am just not sure how many crabs, lobsters, snails and fish can go in the tank. I know not many that's why I want the larger tank I would love a Mandarin gooby or a tang. But I want tank inhabitants quality of life to be what's on the forefront, not how many differentcolors I can fit in my computer desk tank.But any questions just ask. "A woman without a man, is like a fish without a bicycle."
  17. Travis


    If you have a reef lit with T5's, post up a picture please! Also, please include the brand fixture you are using and favorite bulb combo! Also, if you are supplementing with LED's or MH's post that too! Thanks!
  18. So, putting together another 20 long this will b lps, softie only I have a 2 bulb t5, and a rapid led 700 Nano driver on a 1.5” wide heatsink that fits perfectly up against the t5 once mounted. The light will mount directly on tank-3-4” above water. So par is of no concern w this shallow tank. I want a blue heavy tank for lps & Zoas led is blue w 2) violet 420-430 led. T5 recommendations???
  19. TheBig053

    T5 Lighting Schedule

    I recently set up a DIY AIO 20L and found a used 36" 4 bulb T5 w/ actinic LEDs down the center. I have gone with two ATI blue plus, an ATI aqua blue special, and an ATI purple plus. I have this over the 20L about 12" above the water line. Tank is only 12" deep. I intend to use this tank as primarily an SPS grow out tank with some zoas/palys also. Maybe a few high end Acans also. My current lighting schedule is below: 12:00 - 8:00 PM - Actinic LED on 1:00 - 7:00 PM - Blue Plus, Actinic LED 3:00 - 6:00 PM - Aqua Blue Special, Purple Plus, Blue Plus, Actinic LED 6:00 - 7:00 PM - Blue Plus, Actinic LEDs 7:00 - 8:00 PM - Actinic LEDs I am new to T5 lighting, so I am unsure if this is too much or not enough. Anyone have any insight they would like to share I would welcome the advice. Thanks guys!
  20. Looking to buy or trade for a 24" 4 bulb t5 fixture. I can trade an AI Prime (white) and some frags, or pay a little cash. Let me specify I'd prefer this to be in the NYC area, will consider trades outside of the area, but not too far.
  21. taj0930

    WTB t5 or trade

    Looking for t5 retrofit kit or 4-6 bulb t5 I can retrofit led into. I've got some jebao new pumps, new heaters, rapid led, if your local for trade in nh.
  22. Hi, I know the technical specs and differences from one and the other and LEDs are the future for sure, but I've been told that T5HOs are better to grow and propagate corals than a comparable LED fixture. Can someone tell me the why?
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