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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys! I'm trying to figure out where to get my fish/inverts/corals for my aquarium I plan on setting up in a couple months. I want my tank to have as little impact on the ocean as possible, especially the coral reefs because they're having a hard enough time as is. The inhabitants I plan on keeping are a snowflake clownfish pair, a goby and pistol shrimp pair, a clown goby, a skunk cleaner shrimp, a pom pom crab, and some feather dusters. For a clean up crew I'd like an emerald crab, a trochus snail, a nassarius snail, a cerith snail, a blue leg hermit crab, and possibly a peppermint shrimp. For corals, I'm in love with the euphyllia family. So hammers, frogspawns, torches, octospawns, and grapes. Also duncans, pulsing xenia, a green bubble tip anemone, a toadstool, and all kinds of zoanthids. If you know of any places that sell anything I listed that comes from captivity and not the ocean please let me know. Thank you so much!
  2. darkcurrent

    Darkcurrent's Urban Nano Farm

    Hello fellow nano-reefers, I've been waiting for getting back into the hobby, and have finally made the move! We bought our house last Thanksgiving, and I had promised myself that I can setup a full time tank only once that milestone had been accomplished. We all know how the moving in experience is - in my case it took us about 6 months to fully settle in (the cash flow that is :), my current house inhabitants settled in happily in about 90 days). So .... here's the plan, Step 1: Acquire appropriate accommodations for our marine friends Step 2: Setup a place in the basement with low traffic, adequate power and room Step 3: Acquire thingamajigs for setup Step 4: Patience (I confess, I don't have much, the point in me taking up this hobby is to build that stuff) My objectives are: Minimalist setup Self-sustaining - as far as practically possible (I have a full time job as husband, father, child, and slave to my numerous other hobbies --- common to all is my approach to each relationship being self sustaining, SMALL but focussed efforts) Joy - too many of us get into grabbing every possible species, color, and movement. I'm not of that camp or mindset --- I would like for this setup to reflect an enjoyable experience in all aspects of reef keeping (even the frustrations and pains involved should help me evolve a better mindset and though process. I'm a little old school in my ways and tend to research the heck before changing (which, eventually, I do ... it's a learning) My plan and actions are intentionally at loggerheads ... that's just me being me ... So, here are my baby steps : Step 1: done! thanks to the many, many successes and learning experiences that I read (should I say read, re-read and experienced the ups-and-downs) of this forum friends ... picked an Innovative Marine 30L (it took me a while to digest that a sumpless setup can work) Step 2: had a word with the decision-maker-that-can-veto (my better half, the love of my life, i.e. wifey), and settled on the middle-of-the-basement location Step 3: Placed BRS orders for ... Kessil 2x A160WEs, temperature controllers, a Seachem Tidal 55 (its a backup!), various bio and chemical media, the mandatory API test-kit (is there a better test kit -- I'm looking for a simpler, easier, did I say simpler, easier and more comprehensive setup already?), PH and Ammonia stickers, and a few minor additions Step 4: Bought Fiji pink live-sand, mixed RSCP salt to prep water, and waited Step 5: Assembled tank on Thursday, June 20, 2019 (stand and tank from IM) Step 6: moved the mixed water in Step 7: Sand is in ... Step 8: .... w....a.....i......t......... Friends, wish me luck on my journey ... Oh .. and btw, I just returned home from the ReefapaloozaNY 2019 without having spent a single $$ on new corals, equipment or fishy friends .... (*WHEW*)
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