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Found 9 results

  1. I have a 55 gallon tank which currently is not being used, and was thinking about possibly converting it into a reef tank in the next several months after I am back home, of course I would need to check it for structural integrity and possible leaks beforehand. I like the idea of actually creating a system from scratch and trying something a bit bigger than my current Biocube 32 (which is stable now after my last thread). Ideally I t would do something much larger like a 125 gallon, but I don't really have the space for it, and if I could use a tank I already have, that would save some on the initial set up. Here are the items I think I'd need for an initial set up. A filter, (I have a cannister filter for the 55 but I'm sure I'd need to get new media) Lights, I have not had experience picking my own lights yet, I will probably do some sort of LED Possibly this but if anyone have suggestions I'd be glad to hear. Protein skimmer Automatic top off system Dry rock (I would probably transfer a smaller piece of live rock from my Biocube to 'seed' it) As for stocking, of course my options are not vastly expanded for a 55 gallon, but I am hoping to try some different species. Fish x3 Pyjama cardinals, since I like the idea of having a little school of something x1 Aiptasia eating filefish, since even though they are not super colorful they have a unique look x1 Fairy or Carpenter wrasse x1 Flame hawk fish 1x some sort of goby Not sure what else if anything Coral/invertebrates It would still probably be essentially a mixed reef tank, but I'd like to try something a little more specialized and formatted from the start, I'd also like to try a bit more SPS. Basically my plan would be two arches, one higher than the other. On the higher arch there would be Montipora of various colors on the top, and low light varieties of Seriatapora and possibly Cyhphastrea further down. On the Lower arch I would try to create a Euphyllia garden, with some mushrooms near the base. I think center I would do a separate island rock Zoa garden, and Fungia plates on the sand. If I did the Flame Hawk it would limit what invertebrates I could get, so I'm not really sure about other invertebrates yet, though I'd like to get an urchin and a conch if possible. Any thoughts or suggestions about this general plan? It would be months until I could do it, and of course I would do a lot more research, but I'm curious as to ideas and suggestions.
  2. Hi! We just purchased a 60 gallon tank. Our two little boys were begging for us to fill it with saltwater fish! (We're still on the fence with it.) We've been doing a lot of research when it comes to caring for a saltwater tank and our oldest is set on having a seahorse! Our youngest says he just wants a lot of rainbow fish in it lol. After looking into it, we are interested in purchasing a male and female Mandarin Dragonet, one female coral beauty, and then the seahorse. We were looking into firefish or royal grammas, but we began to realize that's a lot of fish to just dwell on the bottom, We want compatible fish that are vibrant but still can be found throughout the tank. We're afraid if we keep buying the fish that like to hide in the sand and eat off the floor, they will feel crowded and won't thrive. We were also hoping for more schooling fish, like the guppies that are usually found in freshwater tanks. Advice would be great, especially any stocking suggestions you may have. Thank you! Some useful information: We plan on keeping water temperature at 74 degrees with a low flow level. We are thinking about buying a fan for the seahorse? Not sure how necessary that it though. PH level at 8.1-ish Salinity level 1.023 We'd like a reef habitat. We plan on purchasing live rocks and live sand. It is definitely a lot of care that we are still on the fence about, but we know for sure once we sign up we will commit.
  3. So, I currently have a freshwater shrimp tank that is mostly self-sustaining (walstad method) and I was hoping to recreate something similar that's saltwater. My end goal: 3 gallon tank (same size as my freshwater, for aesthetic purposes) Filled with Macros (I don't expect/want a large variety, 3-4 types at most.) Little maintance (Specifically glass cleaning & water changes. I know that I'll need to dose, trim, and top off.) Low tech? (Would love to just need a light. I know something that generates flow may be necessary.) Some fauna (Maybe like asterina starfish, not expecting to be able to support much.) Little testing (Hopefully once everything is stable I'll be able to do everything on a schedule and only test once in a while.) I already have some Macros. Specifically Gracilaria Hayi, and Red Ogo (I think, the store laballed it as Gracilaria Hawaii). I also know that dosing will be necessary in the long run (trace, iron, calcium). I have a few questions for the community to help me get started and hopefully I'll be posting some long term updates/data from my tank. Are there any current posts/websites that go in depth with Macro tanks? (I know tigahboy.h2o on instagram runs lovely macro tanks and responds on there, but I'm hoping to find some other sources.) What is the role of flow in relation to macroalgae? (Why do some need higher flow than others? Can some grow without any?) What are some easy macros that would pair well with what I already have? (ie What grows in similar conditions to Gracilaria Hayi?) What are the best micro fauna for such a setup? (I do mean micro, I'm down for brittle stars, isopods, and the such. I prefer inverts over fish.) How much does the ph in macro tank swing at night? And what would this affect?
  4. I've finally got my 10g saltwater tank set up and I plan on getting a pair of clownfish and I've seen conflicting statements on if other fish are possible Also if anyone sees this what inverts yall would recomend I'm very excited about starting saltwater
  5. Hey reefers! After many successful years in the freshwater hobby, I've decided to jump ship into reefing. My current system is a 23~ gallon display (I can't remember exact numbers since I use the metric system) with a sump (8 gallons?) with a skimmer, wavemaker ect. I purchased the tank already cycled and with coral from a local reefer 2 weeks ago, and have since added a happy pair of captive bred ocelaris clowns. I was wondering what other options I have in terms of livestock, but with a twist. I want my reef to have as little impact on the real ones as possible, so I'm looking for fish suggestions who are regularly available captive bred. I know this limits my options quite a lot, but I'm hoping you guys have my back. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  6. Clown79

    do I have too much light

    Hi everyone, I originally had just 1 regular prime on my 25 lagoon and added an HD version about a month ago. My tank has a few sps at the top(monti, stylo, birdsnest) the rest of the tank is lps and rics. what in your opinion would be the highest percentage of the BRS ABS schedule I should go up to? UV119% V116% RB79% B 80%
  7. MoonUnit


    Hi all, First of all, If I have posted in the wrong place, please forgive me. I have about 3yrs. experience in salt water, and now I want to try my hand with Seahorses. I have a 55 gallon clear for life hexagon tank, that's what I have to start with(Its already cycled). I need some ideas on what kind of filter should I use, as well as lighting. I'm a fish w/rock guy but would do corals etc. if the horses really need them. I have a small refugium that I can use if needed. Thanks all, Don
  8. i am looking for suggestions for a 150 gallon reef tank and i would like to know what your opinion of what i should stock my only rules is they have to be reef safe or at least with caution this variety can be anything from clowns to butterflies and angels to dragonets, inverts to corals. feel free to state your opinion down below.
  9. Looking to add fish to my 29 gallon biocube reef tank and wanting to hear what fish stocking others have successfully kept long term in this tank, or one of similar size? Please share your fish stocking list if you have had good long term success with your setup.
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