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Found 4 results

  1. So this is my first dip into saltwater and this forum. I'm quite intimated with all of the information I don't know like what type of substrate I should use, how many fish, what type of coral, what species are compatable, etc, etc. I know I'd love to have a pistol shrimp/goby pair. Maybe a tasha shrimp goby? A tailspot blenny would be awesome to have. Is there another blenny I could add? I really like the pink streaked and possum wrasse as well. What considerations should I have regarding gender? I was hoping I could use arag-alive sand. Would 20 pounds be enough? Do yall have any suggestions? Literally any ideas/suggestions/information is welcome.
  2. Hi- I'm new to this forum. I had a nano reef tank 20 years ago and it flourished - we were constantly having to sell frags because they grew so fast! I just bought a set-up from someone that was moving. Things have changed so much in 20 yrs in the hobby! I have 3 questions I'm hoping to get answers about so I don't mess anything up. I got the tank in January and the coral are growing / spreading and the 2 clowns haven't died. It is a 10 gal fusion nano with nemo light and chaeto for filtration with powerhead and barebottom- no substrate. I add BRS 2 part everyday and weekly water change 25%. Parameters are all right on (from what I can tell). Cleaning crew are various snails (don't know what kind), blue leg crab and 2 red legs, tiny red brittle star. The photo is from Feb. My camera doesn't take very good photos - the tank has much more color than it shows. The previous owner did not do much to the tank- He said it was maintenance free - he let the chaeto do the work. I like doing the weekly water changes. Will this be okay with the chaeto? I'm leaving the chaeto light on about 15 hrs/day. I've had some brown filmy type algae with some string algae that I've been trying to get rid of. I started using a bit of the chemi-pure elite in back filter and it has helped a little - it's not getting any worse, but some of it just does not seem to want to go away. The coralline now seems like it is growing at a faster rate than the algae. I also probably feed corals and fish more frequently than the previous owner did. My next question is about the bb - I've tried to read online to see what is recommended and it seems to be split. He has a white board on the bottom that has some coralline and some of the brown fuzzy algae. I'm thinking of removing the board and adding in a Carib Sea aragonite crushed coral/sand substrate. I think it is what we used 20 yrs ago. The tank is tight with not lots of vacuuming room around the rocks. Do you think adding the sand will be a problem, keeping the detritus out and able to keep it clean? or will it help if the beneficial bacteria can grow in it? Last is about dividing up some of my coral that are getting really big. I have some Trumpet/candy cane and a Duncan that are outgrowing their space. Can I cut them in the tank or do I need to remove the rock from the tank - maybe use my bucket of saltwater from the water change and place rock in bucket to divide. I've divided the stylos, and the leather corals and polyps, but I've never divided these other 2. any info on these 3 questions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. anniebanana267

    Help choosing substrate?

    Hello everyone, I’m upgrading from my 15 gallon column tank to a 36 gallon. In my 15 gallon I had live aragonite sand, but I could never clean the sand correctly and it got orange and brown and truly disgusting looking. It was really difficult to clean. I’ve decided I think I’m going to try the crushed coral this time but I need some help with my decision. #1, I need to know if I’m making the right decision by getting the crushed coral instead of the sand. If im making a bad decision by switching to crushed coral, is there an easier way to clean the sand without it going absolutely everywhere, clouding your tank, and hiding in between the rock? I tried a siphoner, I tried a net, I even tried grabbing it with my bare hands. Nothing seemed to work. The pellets just stayed there or hid deeper into the sand. They’re 1mm sinking pellets if that helps. #2, I’m wondering which of these crushed corals are better, regardless of their price or value for the price. Just quality. First Option // Second Option #3 Any advice for switching and upgrading is much appreciated!! Thanks in advance
  4. I am wondering if it is possible to use rocks from planted tank to go with reef tank ? Currently, I'm planning to put some Ohko rocks (Dragon stone) into my shallow reef for aquascaping some cliff like scenes Any helps would be appreciated. Thanks !
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