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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am quite concerned with the appearance of my clownfish. I picked him up a few days ago and noticed that he had been developing these faint white spots. I tried looking up everything but just couldn’t find what I was looking for, it doesn’t appear to be ich. Although I could still be wrong. Anyway, I took him back to the store I got him and I spoke with the owner and told him everything that I had noticed, such as the fish hasn’t been eating. The owner looked at him and tested my water. He assured me that the fish looked healthy and based on my water test he was fine. However, the next day comes and I noticed that there were more spots. Now I’m even more concerned.
  2. adam_ducote

    Unknown algae/scum

    Can someone help me identify what this on top of the surface of the water in my tank? All was well until about three weeks ago. I noticed salinity was low and I brought it up. Nitrates, alkalinity and phosphate were all fine but the coral are stressed. Even softies aren’t opening. I don’t know what to do. I thought about doing two 50 percent water changes but I don’t know what to try. So far I’ve tried UV and chemiclean as well as dosing brightwell neonitro. It’s almost like dino but doesn’t seem the same consistency. Parameters: 1.026 SG 78 degrees Fahrenheit 2 ppm nitrate 7.8 alk
  3. EasyMac24

    Clown Health

    Hey! I've had a clown since Jan 2020 and I recently added a second a few weeks ago. All seems to be well between them, minus the occasional "reminder of dominance." But lately I've become concerned for their health. I've seen both of them taking big gulps of water recently, and I wasn't sure if this is okay. I sat in front of the tank for a little over an hour and caught both of them do it twice. The smaller clown used to breathe rapidly, but that has seemed to go away after increasing dark hours; I figured it was stress related due to the introduction of the bigger dominant clown. I've attached two pictures below, but I'm afraid they wont tell much more information. Unfortunately, when I first got the one clown (the smaller, paler one) I was inexperienced and really rushed it. So I had an uncycled tank and quickly used prime to establish bacteria in the tank and provide ammonia/nitrate/nitrite neutralizers (i know, really not good). There have been spikes in the past, but currently all of my water testing strips are showing 0 for both nitrites and nitrates. I plan to get a higher quality testing kit tonight and test the water this way to see if it is any different. Brown algae also started growing on my live rock. Its a 10 gal tank with nothing fancy but a decent filter and heater/thermometer. I've fed them once a day since the second clown addition. A lot to unpack here, and I apologize, but thank you in advance for your time and help.
  4. HingleMcCringleberry

    Leopard wrasse care

    Hi all. ive been trying to plan fish for my 32 gal bio cube. I think a leopard wrasse would be awesome but some places say they’re really hard to care for. Why is that? Do they eat pellet/flake food or need live pods? Also some places say they’re listed as difficult because they struggle to survive shipping. Are they hardy once acclimated?
  5. I just did a full tank switch the night before last, and the only Coral that has opened back up has been the mushroom. On one Zoa there's this clear bubble-like layer that has formed, and on one of the palys there are a few similar but smaller bubbles that weren't there before. I've been reading some horror stories about asterina or fungus, but it seems like it has to be connected to the tank switch somehow?
  6. CoralStorm

    random coral stress

    my coral had just recently stressed out which aat first i assummed somthing went wrong and checked all my tats and they looked nothing abnormal temp did not swing i have no idea what could have caused a salinity swing but i checked it and no changes... i took a loork at my 4 other corals and they are doing well some doing better than ever i just dont understand how this could of gotten this way considering it was just 2 hours since i last checked it and it was doing really well i would assume my idiot emerald crab walked all over it because it has no regard to any living thing it will step over hermit crabs other corals and even attempted at my cleaner shrimp or somthing else happened that i cant explain
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