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  1. I am finishing up my fishless cycle and will soon be needing to finalize my stocking list/order. I for sure want a pair of Clowns and a Tailspot Blenny, but unsure if I have room for more. Planning to keep Softies and some hardy LPS and will accommodate with a 20% weekly water change. My stocking list below and will add in the following order 1x Tailspot Blenny CUC - Undecided (If I have room) 1x Yellow Watchman Goby 1x Pistol Shrimp 2x Ocellaris Clownfish It ultimately comes down to if I have enough room for the YWMG and the Pistol Shrimp. Please feel free to share your opinions.
  2. AverageSoftCoralEnthusiest

    20 gallon stocking

    I am going to set up my first reef tank, I know that a larger tank is more stable I just don’t have the space or money for it, anyways I wanted to have a stocking plan so I can add the fish at the right time and needed to know if this was good or to many fish for a 20 g and when to add them. Stocking preferences: 1 - 6 line wrasse 2 - clown gobies 1 - watchman goby 1 -pistol shrimp maybe some snails and basic cleanup crew ( can you guys give recommendations)
  3. I’m upgrading from my IM fusion 10 to red seam ax 130d (34 gals). I’m hoping to do a mix reef tank and bring my clown over with it. I am looking for feedback and suggestions on my stocking list, trying to keep them on the peaceful/cheaper/hardier side but plenty of color and personality. Also any suggestions for stocking order would be appreciated? Tank is 34 gal light is 2 current IC orbit LED everything else is stock other than an additional power head and heater. I have Bimini pink live sand (concerned about grain size for gobys?) 2 clowns (already have one in current tank) 1 Fire fish 1 diamond Goby or watchmen goby (and shrimp?) 1 Royal gramma 1-2 (3?)Green chromis some alternatives I’ve considered are: midas blenny? Yellow coris wrasse? bengali cardinal? peaceful damsel (oxymoron?)? Coral: GSP Multiple Monti cap Zoas Candy cane Lepto Bubble tip anemone? Plating blue sponge? Green polyp Toadstool? maybe a torch or some sort of LPS one day? I appreciate any insight, suggestions, or feedback!
  4. Nebraska

    Biocube 32 stocking

    Hi I'm new to the saltwater side of the hobby so I'm looking for some advice as I get my tank ready. Still waiting on equipment to arrive so I have yet to start cycling my tank. I plan on cycling my tank with janitorial strength ammonia as I have always done with freshwater aquariums at around 3 ppm until it. Cycles that down to 0 and nitrite to 0. After that I plan on continuing the cycle until I can completely cycle 1 ppm of ammonia to nitrate in a day. After the cycle is complete is where I'm wondering what the recommend direction to go is. I want to do a pair of black diamond clownfish, a yasha goby and pistol shrimp pair. After that I'm interested in doing a blenny of some sort if that works with the goby. I like basslets but I'm not sold on them either. So I'm looking for advice on what to stock in my tank and the order in which to add fish. Also any recommendations for a clean up crew? I plan on taking it very slow when it comes to adding fish and when to start adding coral. Sorry if this is common question but I was just looking for advice tailored for the few fish that I know I want in the tank. Thanks so much in advance!
  5. Froge

    Biocube 16 Gallon

    Well, I feel as if I'm a bit lost while finally starting up my tank. I started it up around 5 months ago, and by this time people usually have coral's and such in their tanks. I had trouble though because as I went forward I found myself having heat issues, so I replaced the stock hood with a AI Prime. It seems to work for the heat and now I have the ability to grow more corals. Along with this, I had to upgrade the tank quite a bit and upgrading this tank was quite costly for me (I'm 14, so other than a monthly allowance, money is hard to come by). I was interested in the hobby since I was 10, and so I had to save up years worth of Christmas money for this! Finally starting this up for me was a dream of mine, and I hope to some day make a living of off this, though its probably unlikely. Anyways, I've been having some mixed issues with how my tank currently looks. I'm on forums quite a bit so I feel as if I have the basics of this hobby down, but when I look at my tank as it is today, I feel like somethings wrong. I currently have it stocked with three trochus snails about four days ago and that's about all. Any advice on what to do next? I still need to upgrade the stock pump but I don't know what to upgrade it with. I'm also confused if the algae growing in my tank are diatoms or hair algae. My current test levels are: pH: 8.0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia 1.0ppm (Tested today, after finding out I did a 30% water change) Salinity: 1.025ppm Currently, all I'm looking for are tips and information for moving forward. Like, what should I stock my tank with? I've been looking at a pair of Masked Gobies, a Firefish, or a Court Jester Goby. Or types of coral I should look into. So if you have any Ideas as of what that algae could be, or what I could stock my tank with, I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Question about stocking my 32 gallon Biocube. Planning on having easy corals like zoas, polyps, xenia, etc)Thinking about the following fish:-1 pink-streaked wrasse-1 royal gramma basslet-1 electric indigo dottyback-Pair of bonded clownfish-1 diamond watchman goby (part of CUC?)CUC: Hoping to add 1 emerald crab & 1 blood shrimp as part of CUC with some snails. I'm also not quite sure what snails to add to make my CUC complete. I'm planning on doing 10% water changes weekly.Any thoughts/advice appreciated!
  7. Fishmanmilex

    Do i need less red?

    So im still not sure about the gbg, BUT there are many more fish i like that i ignored due to my current stocking’s red profile. So with 1 clownfish (her husband got brooklynella), 1 firefish goby, 1 clown goby, 1 tail-spot Blenny, and 1 small orange spotted watchman, do you think i need some cool colors, or should i get more red (a lot of fish i like are red. My two dream fish (marine betta and diamond goby) aren’t, but they're way to big for my tank.). And if i do get some more non red, would another watchman get along in a tank that size? How about another clown goby or a neon goby? If i go with more red ill probably get a tanka's wrasse. Would any of these get along?
  8. Ive got a saltwater aquarium thats getting an upgrade! Its going from a 20 gallon to a 30 gallon, the current stock is 1 clownfish (her husband got brooklynella), 1 firefish goby, 1 clown goby, 1 tail-spot Blenny, and 1 small orange spotted watchman. I know 3 goby like fish would probably fight, but so far the worst that has happened is the Blenny defending his hole. Once i upgrade, im considering getting either some gbg (probably a pair) or a jawfish. Yes i know its more goby and goby like fish but i cant resist them. And from what i heard these species probably wont provide to much trouble. Now what im wondering is will the gbg start to be more active after a while (i know they hide at first), or will they stay hiding? I really love their little hop and their beautiful patterns, but i worry ill never see them in a 30. There should also be a pole, but feel free to give input through responses too!
  9. Machu

    10 Gallon Fish Stocking?

    Looking to stock my ten. Right now its just macro algaes and gorgonians but id like one or two fish to fill it up. Not a fan of gobies or blennies but id like something a bit more oddball for the tank. I know a ten is pretty limiting but if anyone has stocking ideas let me know.
  10. So this is my first dip into saltwater and this forum. I'm quite intimated with all of the information I don't know like what type of substrate I should use, how many fish, what type of coral, what species are compatable, etc, etc. I know I'd love to have a pistol shrimp/goby pair. Maybe a tasha shrimp goby? A tailspot blenny would be awesome to have. Is there another blenny I could add? I really like the pink streaked and possum wrasse as well. What considerations should I have regarding gender? I was hoping I could use arag-alive sand. Would 20 pounds be enough? Do yall have any suggestions? Literally any ideas/suggestions/information is welcome.
  11. Hey everyone! I currently have a 2.5 gallon pico reef running, and just recently purchased a Lifegard Aquatics 8.3 gallon AIO aquarium (pictured here on the far left). Based on the size of the back compartment, I'd say the main portion of the aquarium is about 6-7 gallons. Before I add anything, I will be purchasing a glass cover and an LED light. With this in mind, I was wondering what would be some good invertebrates to showcase in this aquarium. I would be willing to do a species only setup, a biotope, or anything else that would be more interesting/unusual than the usual clownfish and cleaner shrimp. I have experience growing macroalgae, soft corals, and LPS, so I would most likely try to incorporate those into the setup as well. Any ideas would be great!
  12. Bcfishtanksandmore

    10 gallon reef

    So I have a 10 gallon reef that's been cycled for 2 month's I have no idea what I should stock it with I live in BC so it is harder to get stuff with covid and that. It already has two shore crabs Two hermit crab three sand sifting snails Three turbo snails Three bumblebee snail and two grass shrimp
  13. I currently have a 25 gallon tank with atleast 50 pounds of live rock and a bunch of caves and hiding spots, I'm currently holding x1 fire shrimp, x1 royal gramma, x2 clownfish, x1 pink-spotted watchman goby, x1 purple firefish, x5 astrea snails, x5 blue legs. I recently completely a fish in cycle with the two clownfish it's been about 5-6 weeks and then added the shrimp, waited a few days, and added the 3 other fish, I'm closely monitoring my ammonia levels, with that being said, they eat, come out, no issues seem to have been shown, they each seem to have found their own hiding spots while the clownfish basically just roam around all day keeping an eye on all of them, they're all about an inch or so big. My clownfish do the little fighting and twitching here and there but for the most part they're side by side 24/7 eat together, sleep together, fight together so I'm not too worried about them, my main concern is if a 25 gallon is enough to hold my 5 fish and shrimp, they seem to have plenty of space and seem to be having a good time if I do say so myself but I'd prefer knowing they're stress free for the long haul when they reach 3-4 inches in a couple years or so. I keep the tank at about 1.024 salinity & 78-82 degrees.
  14. Reefer-begginer

    Stocking on a 125g tank

    Hey all, so once I get rid of the ich that's plaguing my 125g FoWLR tank, I had wanted to add some new fish into it. Currently there's only 6 fish in the tank ( + 5 shrimps and 2 starfish ). I have Emperor angel Raccoon butterfly Coral beauty angel Foxface rabbitfish 2x tomato clowns about 2 inches big atm. I was considering adding the following but wasn't sure if this was a good idea 1x fairy wrasse 2x pink squirrel fish 1x scopias tang 1x yellow tang 1x hawaiian kole tang And maybe a blue mouth trigger. I should also mention I am about to start doing the triton method for my tank, i have a 500g skimmer, and soon to be a refugium that ill place in my trigger system ( 1st space ), vs doing media like ceramic rings, bio-balls etc. Any and all suggestions will be a huge help.
  15. Wondering what shy, colorful, and or personable fish I can keep in a 30. I’ve read a pretty extensive article covering just about everything I can think of, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a bunch to learn! Just assume I know the Uber basics, as I’m sure I’m missing something. I know because I’m posting this. Thanks in advance, -milex
  16. Planning a Fluval Evo 13.5 build, looking for advice as someone new to the saltwater side of the hobby. Fish Tailspot Blenny Royal Gramma Possum Wrasse Shrimp Goby (likely Hi Fin or Wheeler's) Inverts Pistol Shrimp (likely Randall's or Tiger) Cleaner Shrimp (Fire Shrimp?) Porcelain Anemone Crab CUC 2-3 hermit crabs (Scarlet?) 5-6 snails (Cerith, Nerite, Nassarius) Corals and other Sessile Inverts (many of these might easily change depending on availability at LFS) Ricordea Florida (and other mushrooms) GSP Pulsing Xenia Hammer Coral Candy Cane Coral Acan Coral Pocillopora (something to attempt once the tank becomes established) Feather Duster Questions and Concerns: Are there any obvious incompatibilities between stocking choices? I'm afraid that some of these stocking choices, particularly the fish, may compete with each other for food and/or hiding places. I'm aware that GSP and Pulsing Xenia can both become somewhat invasive. While multiple islands of rock may help mitigate this, I'm afraid they may still overrun other corals. Is this (final) level of stocking too high? Are there any inhabitants you would remove or change? I am planning on keeping the stock light to begin with and adding a Sicce Voyager 1000 powerhead to increase flow around the tank. Thank you for your time and reaching the end 😉
  17. Recently picked up a Fluval Evo 13.5 and am hoping to put (salt)water in it this coming month, eventually for what I hope to be a fully fledged nano reef. Only inhabitants I have my heart set on is a goby/shrimp pair (likely hi fin and randall's/red banded), as well as a porcelain anemone crab when the tank becomes more well established. Are there any other interesting relationships or generally fascinating tankmates (sessile inverts included) feasible for the newcomer?
  18. Oropher

    Fish Stocking and Order

    Hi Folks, I have a new 30G, and in this tank I'd have a mixed reef.And planning for fishes are (in order) :A pair of ocellaris (designer type)Algae BlennyNeon GobyMidas BlennyYellow TangKole TangCleaner WrasseMandarinFlame HawkfishCoral Beauty AngelfishOne Spot FoxfaceAny thoughts on the fish selection or the order? Regards,
  19. Crass

    10 gallon cube stocking help

    Hey hey! So I'm 2 weeks into my cycle. Things are looking good, 0 ammonia 0.5 nitrite and nitrates are high. The cycle is getting their. I have reserved 2 clows already, as a fresh shipment came in at the LFS, and i have them put aside. A bullethole and a davinci both super nice. My question is how many more fish (if any) should I eventaully put in my tank? Not right away obviously but down the line. Currently have 10 hermits as well and 5 snails. It will be a mixed reef; Lps, sps and soft. Thank you!
  20. Amaleec

    20 Gal. Stocking Ideas?

    Hello everyone! I bought a Waterbox Cube 20 about 6 weeks ago and have done extensive research on corals, lighting, and fish. I have two questions. 1.) What should I consider in regards to stocking options? I’m open to any ideas! I would love a clown and some fish that are active around the tank. What I had in mind was to purchase a springers damsel, a clown fish, and a clown goby. Maybe even adding a royal gramma. Would this be too much of a bio load? 2.) I bought some soft corals and one head of euphyllia. I called my LFS (which is WWC) and they said to get some fish into the water ASAP to get some nutrients going for my euphyllia. Will it be okay to add the euphyllia at the same time as the soft corals and without dosing any nutrients? Can I just feed it directly so it doesn’t need to pull nutrients from the water column?
  21. Rincoperson

    Stocking ideas

    Hello everyone my name is Terinco. I had a 10 gallon nano reef for about a year and a half before upgrading to a 17.1 gallon aquamaxx. It’s a mixed reef including sps, lps, mushroom, and other softies. I’m looking for some livestock suggestions to compliment my current inhabitants in which I will list below. Thank you in advance I’m happy to be a part of this group. LIVESTOCK: 1 Wyoming white clownfish (Bully) 1 yellow tail damsel (Bullied) 1 Astrea 1 Trochus 1 Mexican Turbo a lot of dwarf ceriths 3 nassarius snails 1 peppermint shrimp
  22. ReefDemon

    IM Nuvo 25 Lagoon Fish Stocking

    Hey Reefers! I’m going to be setting up a Nuvo 25 Lagoon, it’s on order and will arrive in the next couple of weeks. It will be LPS dominant with a few fish. I’m fine with the corals, it’s the fish I’m not so sure about. I’m planning on the following. Royal gramma Red firefish purple firefish Tailspot blenny Clownfish Would this work? I like bangaii cardinals, yasha gobies and yellow tail damsels. Would it be pushing it to add one or two more fish onto that list? I feel like it wouldn’t be a good idea or am I ok to do so?
  23. I love these saltwater nerite snails but I think I may have ended up with one too many, I currently have 4 in a 12 gallon innovative marine atoll alongside two ceriths (for the small rockwork). I'm running high enough par it may have literally cooked the diatoms off my upper rockwork (for a Maxima clam) and don't plan on stocking the tank with much besides coral and something small like a clown goby. Ideally I want a fairly low-water-change tank I dose with two-part and allow some nutrient to exist for the clam and corals. Should I take one of the nerites back to the LFS? I've read conflicting information ranging from 1 per 2 to 1 per 5 gallons, but the rating all seem to be for freshwater tanks. Atm I do 5% once a week and powder a single marine pellet every two to three days so I can keep the tank cycled and the inverts fed. 0 nitrates and phosphates, bare-bottom w/ 25 lbs live rock and enough matrix and "denitrate" for a 75 gallon tank in the filter chamber, alongside a chemipure blue nano satchel +carbon and 100 gallons worth of brightwell no3 out cubes (which I'm slowly removing because they're dissolving).
  24. Mr.Smith

    Fluval 5 gallon stocking

    I am hoping to get into the saltwater side of things in the near future after doing freshwater for quite a while. Unfortunately, I am limited to the small Fluval Evo 5 gallon for the foreseeable future, so I came here to try and make the most of it. I really have my heart set on a shrimp/goby pair and I would like to look into what else would be a good addition (shrimp, crabs, snails, corals?). Are there any modifications I should make to my tank before starting? What else should I know about a nano tank that isn't obvious? (parameter fluctuations, topping off) Thanks in advance! 🙂
  25. shimpforever777

    How many pleco?

    Hey! I have only had fish in my tank for about 2 weeks now and I am about to go to the pet store and get some more, but I was wondering. Is it okay to have 2 clown pleco in a 55g tank? I absolutely LOVE clown plecos and was thinking about getting one more. Any thoughts? TIA!
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