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Found 32 results

  1. ReefDemon

    IM Nuvo 25 Lagoon Fish Stocking

    Hey Reefers! I’m going to be setting up a Nuvo 25 Lagoon, it’s on order and will arrive in the next couple of weeks. It will be LPS dominant with a few fish. I’m fine with the corals, it’s the fish I’m not so sure about. I’m planning on the following. Royal gramma Red firefish purple firefish Tailspot blenny Clownfish Would this work? I like bangaii cardinals, yasha gobies and yellow tail damsels. Would it be pushing it to add one or two more fish onto that list? I feel like it wouldn’t be a good idea or am I ok to do so?
  2. Amphrites

    Nerites per gallon?

    I love these saltwater nerite snails but I think I may have ended up with one too many, I currently have 4 in a 12 gallon innovative marine atoll alongside two ceriths (for the small rockwork). I'm running high enough par it may have literally cooked the diatoms off my upper rockwork (for a Maxima clam) and don't plan on stocking the tank with much besides coral and something small like a clown goby. Ideally I want a fairly low-water-change tank I dose with two-part and allow some nutrient to exist for the clam and corals. Should I take one of the nerites back to the LFS? I've read conflicting information ranging from 1 per 2 to 1 per 5 gallons, but the rating all seem to be for freshwater tanks. Atm I do 5% once a week and powder a single marine pellet every two to three days so I can keep the tank cycled and the inverts fed. 0 nitrates and phosphates, bare-bottom w/ 25 lbs live rock and enough matrix and "denitrate" for a 75 gallon tank in the filter chamber, alongside a chemipure blue nano satchel +carbon and 100 gallons worth of brightwell no3 out cubes (which I'm slowly removing because they're dissolving).
  3. Mr.Smith

    Fluval 5 gallon stocking

    I am hoping to get into the saltwater side of things in the near future after doing freshwater for quite a while. Unfortunately, I am limited to the small Fluval Evo 5 gallon for the foreseeable future, so I came here to try and make the most of it. I really have my heart set on a shrimp/goby pair and I would like to look into what else would be a good addition (shrimp, crabs, snails, corals?). Are there any modifications I should make to my tank before starting? What else should I know about a nano tank that isn't obvious? (parameter fluctuations, topping off) Thanks in advance! 🙂
  4. shimpforever777

    How many pleco?

    Hey! I have only had fish in my tank for about 2 weeks now and I am about to go to the pet store and get some more, but I was wondering. Is it okay to have 2 clown pleco in a 55g tank? I absolutely LOVE clown plecos and was thinking about getting one more. Any thoughts? TIA!
  5. Im about to set up my 10 gallon tank and I’d like some suggestions for clean up crews. I like the look of turbo snails and cleaner shrimp but I’m not familiar with may other creatures
  6. antigonus

    Adding first corals?

    My Biocube 32 has been cycled for around three weeks, I added the first members of the CuC crew two weeks ago, and the first fish, a royal gramma, several days ago. I want to buy my first, hardier coral soon. Can I do it now, or would it be best to wait? Also, what would people suggest as a first coral? I've looked at green star polyps, mushrooms and others, but I'm curious what others would advise.
  7. So I have decided on keeping a fluval 13.5 as my first reef tank, I maintain one at my LFS I help out at, so im not completely new, and im curious about my stocking, I was thinking about keeping one clownfish (Ive heard this is ok) so my stock list will be below Equipment -Korelia 425gph powerhead -Hipargero 30W LED -InTank media basket running chemi-pure blue, sachem matrix (just because ill have a spare compartment) and poly filter pad. -Eheim Jäger 50w heater -ATO micro -5-10 Lbs of dry rock, how ever much fits my scape. -10 lbs of Fiji pink Arag-alive Corals (Just what im starting with) -Multiple types of leathers -Zoas -Hammer coral -Frogspawn -Kenya tree -Elegence (I know it might out grow my tank but I LOVE them) -Candy cane -GSP (separate rock) -Monti cap Fish & Inverts - 1-2 narssarius snails - 1-2 torchus snails - 1 Cleaner shrimp - 1 Occ. Clownfish - 1 Clowngoby - 1 neon goby or firefish Thoughts? Anything that should be changed, is there too much.
  8. antigonus

    Adding first fish?

    I have had a small clean up crew in my Biocube 32 for a little more than a week, and everyone appears to be doing fine. Is there no real disadvantage to getting my first fish in the next few days, or should I still wait a week or two and observe?
  9. antigonus

    Stocking a Biocube 32

    Iv'e asked for stocking ideas before, but now that my tank is actually cycled and has a clean up crew, the prospect of getting fish seems considerably more real, so I have given it more thought and come up with ideas. These are a few tentative combinations I thought of, obviously a lot of it is up to personal preference, but i'm curious which combination might be the best. What do people think? Plan #1: Two Pajama cardinalfish, one ocellaris clownfish, one starry blenny Plan #2: One purple firefish, one banggai cardinalfish, one ocellaris clownfish, one starry blenny Plan #3: One watchman goby, one starry blenny, two ocellaris clownfish Plan #4: Green clown goby, Banggai cardinalfish, ocellaris clownfish, starry blenny Plan #5: One royal gramma, one banggai cardinalfish, one ocellaris clownfish, one starry blenny Plan #6: Two Pajama cardinalfish, one starry blenny, one royal gramma
  10. antigonus

    Order of adding livestock?

    I'm in the process of cycling, and even though it probably won't be for a while, I have continued to give thought to what i'll be putting in my tank. It seems like a lot of people suggest adding a clean up crew first, then fish, then corals. Is this the best way to proceed? Adding the clean up crew first makes sense, but I've read that some invertebrates can be sensitive to nitrate fluctuations, so is there any risk to adding them right after the cycle? I've also heard the suggestion of adding the most peaceful/shy fish first, and I was thinking of getting a fire fish. Is there any disadvantage to adding a single, small, peaceful fish like that? Or would it still be best to wait a few weeks after adding the clean up crew to put any fish in?
  11. If_Only

    Stocking IM 25g lagoon

    If you don't want to hear my obnoxious story skip down to the bottom, but the story does provide background) So I have never kept a reef aquarium but I have kept (and still maintain) many of the most challenging freshwater species (like discus if you are from that side of the hobby) and I look corals and corals and the inverts are the reasons I always loved looking at reef threads and watching builds, but it from my stand point it never warranted me getting one manly because I would need to do things like mix RODI water, get super expensive lights and drop loads on corals. But about a month back I wandered into a Saltwater exclusive store and was blown away by how much cooler these things looked in person then through a computer screen. And the only fish that really made me do wow (I was mostly attracted to corals and shrimps) where a Yellow cores wrasse in there 3000 gallon display along with a Flame angel and after hearing that these fish are a little more on the easy side of care I wondered if I could house them in my favorite tank which I already decided I would purchase after reading into it and seeing my friends display with one, And that tank is the Innovative Marine 25 gallon Lagoon. I love this size because I feel that it has enough space but I can still light it with one AI prime LED fixture (my favorite fixture) and its not so big so while I start out I can just purchase my water from my LFS. So I've done about a year of research now I think I am ready. Long story short can I house either (or both but I doubt it) A flame angel or Yellow Corris Wrasse in a IM lagoon 25 with like a Shrimp goby pair and a Firefish? (this will be a coral reef) the Dimensions of the tank are 24x20x12 and there will be about 30 pounds of LR and more than enough filtration (ghost skimmer, filter socks, chemipure blue, Seachem matrix, and possible a reactor or Fuge) Any response is much appreciated!
  12. Looking to add fish to my 29 gallon biocube reef tank and wanting to hear what fish stocking others have successfully kept long term in this tank, or one of similar size? Please share your fish stocking list if you have had good long term success with your setup.
  13. Multifasciatus

    can we? Or can we not?

    So as the title states, can we? Or can we not? Being Reef hobbiest as a whole we all have many things we say can or cannot be done, from fish store employees, to hobby literature, , veterans, to beginners, everybody’s opinions are different. I’ve worked in the industry for years, and have heard many many things. What I’ve noticed is most of these have no bases in actual science. Some of which I’ve proven through expierments to be false and others true (gorgonians do not die if they touch air, some sponges however do) what I have found is a “you cannot unless you....” is more appropriate. So everybody post things that you think cannot be done or “rules” you have heard that you are unsure about and let’s discuss them. See if someone has evidence to the contrary. And maybe have some results for expierments proving if this to be the case or not. Please let’s not take unneeded risks with livestock, always be mindful and responsible of the creatures we care for. And please keep an open mind and remember some of the species we keep now would have been considered impossible not that long ago.
  14. Hello! I have a new (to me) 29g biocube that I'm super excited about stocking! It's a well-established reef tank, having been my LFS's counter display model for 2 years before I purchased it. It came with: -2.5" live sand substrate -hella live rock (I don't know how many pounds) -some coral -2 nassarius snails -1 blue-knuckle hermit crab I've since added: -1 astrea snail -yasha goby/candy cane pistol shrimp pair Here are some fish I'd like to add. I think I should probably only add four more, so I need your help narrowing it down. TIA!! Green clown goby Banggai cardinalfish True clownfish (or other peaceful, small variety) Springeri damsel Firefish goby Firetail blenny I'm also open to other suggestions! I would also like to add: -1 emerald crab -1 fire shrimp -1 cleaner shrimp -1-2 turbo snails Is that too large a cleanup crew for a 29g? Thanks again!!! PS I am VERY new to the hobby and won't be insulted by any "obvious" advice.
  15. Liambawden

    AquaOne 120L Stocking???

    In this tank I have a 3 inch Vlamingii Tang (Who got very distressed when I put her in my 450L reef) so she will be staying put until she gets a bit larger. I also have a Red Scooter Blenny, alongside a Paddlefin Blenny. I have lots of coral, ranging from Wall Hammers, Branching Hammers, Torches, Cornets, Duncans & Aussie Duncans. Kenya Trres & Colt Corals, Toadstool Corals, GSP & Glove Polyps. And my all time favourite Goniopora! There are a couple small mushrooms and my FeatherDuster garden too! What would people recommend trying to add to this tank as the only fish who does any swimming is my tang! The other two seem to stay closer to the sand bed or the rock work and aren't as active throughout the day as expected. Any advice or opinions are appreciated.
  16. Liambawden

    AquaOne Nano 40 Stocking???

    So, Recently my 6 line wrasse unfortunately died thanks to a spike in my nitrates... This has all been sorted now and many more precautions have been taken to ensure that this is not something that is likely to happen again at all. However, I now have no idea on what I actually want to stock this tank with? I am not a new hobbyist, and I have been keeping marine fish for about 4 years now, with many different tanks.. So I am rather stumped on what to add to this tank... So far I have some Xenia, Hammers, Duncans, A Featherduster & some leathers (Kenya Trees & Toadstools). I am looking to add quite a bit more coral wise to make the tank look like a little reef. But don't know what fish to add! Any advice or comments are appreciated.
  17. OK-Coral

    Fluval Evo - Stocking

    Hi there, I've had my Fluval Evo up and running for about 2 months with live sand and live rock. So far, I've added 4 small Hermits, 1 Emerald, 3 Turbos, 1 Peppermint Shrimp and 2 young Ocelaris Clowns. Parameters are all good and the tank is healthy (well apart from 2 small Aiptasia). I will be introducing some coral over the next couple of months but wondered if people thought there is scope to add another fish or shrimp perhaps? Many thanks.
  18. Hey guys I just made an account as well setting up my first tank. I decided to purchase the fluval evo 13.5 as so many others have. I’m no newbie to the hobby having freshwater tanks, but quickly being bored as I could neglect them and they would still look as I left them, I was up for a challenge. I am currently running it stock with live sand and rock to speed up cycling. The filtration is still the same, but with the addition of filter floss, purigen, and matrix in the first chamber. I’m looking forward to adding livestock to this tank soon. So far my ideas are clownfish, a yellow clown goby, a mandarin dragonet, and an orchid dottyback. My preferable choice would be the orchid dottyback with another fish. I understand that some people think that two fish is the maximum bioload for a tank this size. I’d be happy to hear your guys’ thoughts.
  19. Liambawden

    Reef Aquarium 120

    In my Reef 120, I was looking at what other corals would fit well, and even more so what fish?! At present I have the following. Corals: 1 Hammer 1 Torch 1 Kenya Tree 1 Gonoporia 1 GSP Frag 1 Mushroom Inverts: 1 Seabe Anemone 2 Feather Dusters CUC 1 Cleaner Shrimp 1 Blood Shrimp Fish: A Bonded Pair of Maroon Clowns A Fireball Angelfish (which is being sold to a friend) A Blue Cheeked Goby So what would you recommend to have in here? There is a lot of spare bare rock and plenty of caves and caverns, just not sure what will bring the tank to life in many aspects. Thank You in advance!?
  20. With my 29 Gallon Biocube running for about two months, and stocked with most (if not all) of the fish I will ever have, I would now like to know what my best options for corals are. I currently have 3 Zoa Frags and a Xenia in there, all of which seem to be doing well. My question is, what would be a good start to add right now. Along with the basic power compacts, the previous owner also installed 5 Coralife LED Light bars, and zip tied a Finnex LED Strip to the lid (half actinic, half white). What should I start putting in to bring decent coverage across the rock, and what can I add in the future? Thank you!
  21. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and also a beginner with handling fish My problem: I have a 10G tank which is currently being cycled with 2 live rocks and with Prodibio Startup. It has lighting, water heater, water flow mover, marine salt, and substrate. I want to have an anemone, a clownfish, a coral. 1. Can I put them all in a 10G tank? 2. Ideal sequence? Some say put the anemone first before corals and fishes. Some say put clownfish first then anemone. As usual when going online there's conflicting resources (and I'd guess they are all valid for specific scenarios) 3. How far can I go with stocking? I read there's the one-inch rule and also the floor area rule. My guesstimate for a 10G is 5 fishes (3 inch each). 4. Assume I can put 5 fishes, does a coral or anemone count as 1 "fish" (though they are not fish) I'm sure I will have follow-up questions. I have done my reading but as usual, there's not enough reading that can answer every scenario. I am trying to copy a couple of setups as my baseline, but these questions are lingering in my mind. Overall goal: I want to give life to our new apartment while considering the limitations of space and layout of this 1100 sq feet place. I and my wife want a minimalistic design of the place. The place has vegetation that are strategically placed in the apartment. We don't want to have huge tanks because of those reasons (at the very least) Just a bit of background about me: I'm a fast learner and like to gobble a lot of information. I'm a senior software engineer who values test driven development, a professional beauty photographer on par with the best in the industry, and a serious Internet of Things maker (I've created a lot of sensor-related things--monitoring everything in the house and also started with robotics). I'm also a master-level chess player. Thanks
  22. With my 29 Gallon Biocube running for about two months, and stocked with most (if not all) of the fish I will ever have, I would now like to know what my best options for corals are. I currently have 3 Zoa Frags and a Xenia in there, all of which seem to be doing well. My question is, what would be a good start to add right now. Along with the basic power compacts, the previous owner also installed 5 Coralife LED Light bars, and zip tied a Finnex LED Strip to the lid (half actinic, half white). What should I start putting in to bring decent coverage across the rock, and what can I add in the future? Thank you!
  23. Clownfish2004

    Stocking My 14 Gallon Bio-Cube

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for stocking my 14 gallon bio-cube. I have been out of keeping saltwater fish for about a year now. But after a quick trip to petco with my mom to get dog food, I have rediscovered my love for keeping saltwater fish. I have a few ideas for stocking, but I wanted to run it by some people first. The first and only really good one is to do a frag tank with an egg crate rack half way up the tank. Doing a couple inch bed of sand, with some live rock. I plan on doing some mushrooms/ leather corals for the frags. But I was wondering what fish I should do. I was thinking maybe some damsels or something like that. But like I said I've been out of it for a little while so...I am not sure what I should do.
  24. sapling

    Keeping a Six line Wrasse

    Hey Nano reef, I just had a possible Stocking question about my tank I'd really like to get a 6 line as my 3rd fish in my DIY fusion IM 20. I really like the colors on the fish since the begining, as it'd match with my clown and TSB, But I have a few Concerns I cant seem to find a straight answer to online. Mostly I am concerned if it will bully my TSB. Whether during every day or punk it out during feeding time. As I understand it, the wrasse is generally peaceful but might attack crustaceans in your tank. As far as I am concerned on my hermits, I am upset with them as one has somehow got twice the size compared to the others and has started killing the others, even though same species, and I do not care for them anymore as CC (especially since I've seen them steal food from my blastos and ricordea's mouths.) I would only be concerned if the 6 line would attack feather dusters, brittle stars, or my snails. if anyone has experience with 6 line's predatory diet, can you please list what it has preyed on? The second part of the question is because my tank is a bit Open, Will my rockwork be suitable for it? It's the reason I chose not to get cardinals, shy, or fish that like alot of rockwork since I want to keep their habits in mind. Lastly, would it attack a possible 4th fish being neon goby or other tiny fish if they were added after? Anyways I really appreciate any imput, because i've been mulling on the next fish to add for a long time by now. here is a picture of the tank for reference of the rockwork.
  25. bbetta

    Captive Bred only 19G Stocking

    Hello Everyone, I've got a 19 gallon (24''L 16''H 12''W) and I'd like to stock it with captive bred fish and cultured corals only. It has been running for almost 3 months and I've got an Ocellaris pair at the moment. I'm thinking of adding a Neon Goby. Not many cb fish are available in my area but I could get my hands on a couple other goby species (elecatinus puncticulatus) and many Pseudochromis. Could I add an Orchid Dottyback in this tank? From what I read I understand its the most peaceful among Pseudochromis. Here's an FTS Thanks
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