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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I have had my 29G Oceanic BioCube since 2009 and let me tell you.. it has seen a lot throughout my time learning how to take care of a saltwater aquarium and to be honest.. I HAVEN'T DONE A GREAT JOB! I can admit that this tank needs some serious attention that I just have not been giving it for a long time. I started it in high school, and it has been with me through college and several moves. I am lazy when it comes to water changes and testing my parameters, and was lucky enough to keep a pretty nice tank for most of the years... These past couple of weeks my Duncan corals which had been perfectly healthy for months just started to detach from their skeletons.. I started coming online to read forums again and thought.. why haven't I been taking care of my tank and keeping up to date with what's going on?? I felt horrible that I couldn't even keep a Duncan alive anymore. So I decided that I AM DONE LEAVING THINGS TO CHANCE! I decided that I want to buckle down, learn way more about water chemistry, keep a schedule of my maintenance routines and get this tank into the best shape possible! I owe it to the critters whom have lived in this tank and put up with my bologna for too long. I wanted to start this thread so that I can get the advice I need, hopefully show some rewarding progress and maybe inspire someone else who feels overwhelmed and lazy, when it comes to the water testing and maintenance that these aquariums need to thrive, that they can get into it as well! 🙂 SO my current setup: 29G ( 109.77 L) 24 X 22.2 X 20.5 Lighting: Compact Fluorescent + Moonlight LED's (stock lighting) Filtration: 2 stage filtration (Stock filtration, filter pad + bio balls) Not sure how many lbs of LR + 2" of sand/crushed coral Livestock: Pair of ocellaris clowns (one is same age as tank, the other replaced her partner this year) Skunk cleaner shrimp x1 Nassarius snails x4 GSP coral 2 heads of Duncans (which are currently very unhappy) Recent params: Temp: 26C (78.8F) PH: 8.0 Ammonia: 0.15 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20 SG: 1.024 (Doing a retest tonight) I don't currently have the equipment to test other params but they are on their way in the mail. I plan to do a DIY filter in the back and finally get rid of the 11yr old stock filtration system! I have done an 80% water change a week and a half ago (Hadn't been done in probably 7 months) Did another 25% change this morning.. corals are looking happier already.. but I am worried the Duncans will not recover. I am also dealing with red slime algae and green hair algae, but have managed to get rid of most of it during the two water changes. SORRY FOR THE LONG READ, AND TIA FOR ANY ADVICE 😁 Prepare your eyes for these photos.. I am embarrassed for what my tank has become 🙈 Oldest photo of tank Second oldest photo of tank Third oldest photo of tank And then everything went downhill as I began to neglect it more as I got busy with school and work Current photos Anyone know what this macro algae is? There are several of these (Jewel Anemones??) in my tank.. are they an issue?
  2. Biocube 14 Livestock: Sexy Shrimp - 4 Emerald Crab Firefish Snow Flake Clown Mandarin Filtration: Pump - Cobolt Aquatics MJ900 Filter Basket by InTank Filter Media - poly fill, charcoal Chaeto reactor (Installed 1/27/18) Water Maintenance: Hydrofill ATO TI Aquatic Life RO/DI refill and ATO water Substrate: 20 lbs Gulf live sand from Gulfliverock Live Rock: 17 lbs Premium live rock from Gulfliverock.com Salt: Fritz PRO RPM salt Heater: Cobolt Aquatics Neo-therm 50 watt Additional Water Movement: Aquamai KPS Dosing: Kalkwasser (3/4 tsp in 1 gallon ATO refilled weekly) 2.5 ml phytoplankton daily Lighting: Nano Box Mini M lighting cycle: **updated 1-6-18 Morning - start at 6:30, length - 150 minutes, morning ramp 90 minutes Royal blue - 60% White/lime - 5% Violet - 70% Cyan/blue - 60% moonlight 0 Fan 86 Midday - ramp 90 minutes Royal blue -85% White/lime - 38% Violet - 90% Cyan/Blue - 80% moonlight 0 Fan 86 Evening - length 180 minutes, evening ramp 90 minutes Royal blue - 60% White/lime - 15% Violet - 60% Cyan/blue - 55% moonlight - 3 Fan 85 Night - start at 7:30, ramp 60 minutes Royal blue - 4% White/lime - 0% Violet - 0% Cyan/blue - 0% moonlight -1 Fan 0
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