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Found 2 results

  1. FishPolice275

    Noob with a cube

    Just another Salt noob with a biocube I haven't had an aquarium for 10+ years, but I'm ready to get back in the game. Had plenty of freshwater setups, so I want to give salt a go this time. I decided to start with a biocube 32, with the hope of some day starting a 150 G + tank. I have been reading forums and watching YouTube for weeks, and I finally got my cube started on Monday night (June 29 2020). I may have bought more than I needed right away, but I figure why not start with a few extra bells and whistles. I live about 3.5 hours from any salt shop, so I am pretty much figuring all this out online. I started the cycle with API quick start and a couple small pieces of Argentina Red shrimp (it's what I had in the freezer). The ammonia is starting to rise and I can see some small white hairs growing on the live rock piece. No immediate questions at this moment, but I am sure to come up with some here soon. For now I will post my set up and a few pics. Let me know if you see any problems here. Biocube 32 LED Home built stand - Walnut with Koa stain. (I have a young child, so I needed something extra sturdy - not the stock junk) Aquatic Life twist in RO/DI system CaribSea Alive Special grade sand 20# Natures Own 40# coral base rock (amazon stuff) - Two huge chucks, broke one up into smaller pieces. I swapped a few pounds of the dry with one live rock hunk from a shop to help seed the rest. Instant Ocean sea salt Jebao OW-25 Wavemaker w/controller (currently running at about half power on wave setting 2) RFG random flow generator InTank Media basket - Only running some filter floss at the moment, but I have chemi blue for later, as well as a small LED light/timer - with chaeto coming once the cycle is complete. Tunze 9001 skimmer - It's in the tank next to the media basket but not running yet, waiting until the cycle finishes Eheim Jager 100w heater, running through a inkbird digital thermostat w/ sensor AutoAqua Smart ATO - hooked up to a 4g portable water container Salinity refractometer API saltwater test kit API reef test kit Python vacuum Biocube algae magnet and some other random things.... 7/1 - Day 2 stats Ammonia between .5 and 1 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0 PH - 8.0 Salinity 1.022 Temp 79
  2. squamptonbc

    Start of a 20L

    The start of my 20 long, it was my freshwater tank up until a couple of weeks ago when I decided to use my new 50 gallon for freshwater, so the 20 long will become a marine tank, not planning corals of any significance, maybe some softies but mostly just small fish. The stand is an aqueon metal stand and the aquarium is Tetra branded. Heater is an aqueon which I had been using previously. Lighting will be Current USA Marine Orbit although I have not yet purchased the light. I wasn't going to use a skimmer, but I got a good price on a new HOB skimmer that was too good to pass up, and will be needed when I start a saltwater lagoon in a few months, so figured may as well just use it on this tank for now. Skimmer is a reef octopus classic 100 hob. No substrate as of now, decided to try bare bottom. Bottom and back of tank painted black. Rock is previous live rock from several years ago. Rock is held together with a thermoplastic polymer I found at the local fish store, easier to work with vs epoxy and no chemical migraine inducing smells which is a plus living in an apartment where everything has to be done inside. Salt being used is just instant ocean. Just getting it filled today. Forgive my lack of nice photos, I don't have a modern camera so it's not as good as the phones most folks use these days...lol
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