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Found 12 results

  1. TimeOrMoney

    Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

    First critter in new setup. Weird looking. Good or bad?
  2. Broseff

    What Happened?

    It's me again, in a what some would say appalling situation. I had to break down my tank, but wanted to salvage what I could to potentially rebuild. I'm kinda hoping some of this could work long term. Anyways, I ended up with 4 containers that I've had up for 1-2 weeks. Container #1 1/2 gallon - Tall & Narrow Emerald Crab Zoa Xmass Tree Macro Nerite Snails (2) Cerith snail The cerith died, it fell from the top and was on it's back for a while without moving. The zoa was pretty unhappy, the emerald was sitting on it (I removed it, before it notably died). The emerald just stopped moving one day (it was pregnant too, if that means anything) and is confirmed dead. The nerites are fine, same with macros. Just saw some kind of worm that's chillin. Did a massive water change, gonna keep a close eye on it to make sure the nerites and macros make it. Container #2 1/4 gallon - Wide & Short Pompom Crab Small Feather Duster Nerite Snail Everything is alive and well, no issues. I have no idea how it's doing so well. Container #3 Old Gelato Cup Hairy Mushroom Coral Brittle Starfish Asterina Starfish Cerith Snail The mushroom seems a little unhappy (it's shrinking up), but also looks like it's trying to split. Everything else is fine. Container #4 - Not pictured Old Gelato Cup Halimeda Brittle Starfish Spaghetti Worm The Spaghetti worm passed away, couldn't find the starfish (it's probably in the Halimeda?). The whole thing smells rancid. I did a massive water change and have my eye out for the starfish. I've been dosing Bacteria into all the containers (in very small amounts) and have done partial water changes. Any ideas why some of containers are doing so well? and why some are doing awful? I really thought containers #2 & #3 were going to be problamatic, very surprised by how poorly containers #1 & #4 did.
  3. HOW I STARTED MY FIRST SALTWATER TANK Hello! And welcome to my first ever saltwater tank! I chose a 29G tank because it fit perfectly in my home office. I'll list more information about my tank specs at the bottom on this thread, so feel free to skip ahead if you don't need to learn from my very n00b mistakes 😄 TANK AGE: I started my tank Mar 10 2021, and added fish pretty quickly since I used both live rock and water from a local aquarium shop that did my tank installation & setup. Everything on the tests were fine, and correct bacteria dosage was added as a precautionary supplement. Tank status the morning before the first TEV: 2 juvenile Black Snowflake Clowns (was trying to pair, different sizes), 1 Sailfin Tang, 1 Green Polyp XS TANK TEVS (tank events) 1. The Seaweed Mishap I knew Tangs liked seaweed. I gave my tang Cheese a little too much seaweed. He tore it apart and it got everywhere. I didn't know what to do. I grew up in Monterey, CA. Seaweed is everywhere. Everything seemed fine. But no, this was dried seaweed. And you're not supposed to leave it in for more than 2-3 hours (I think don't trust me on this pls). This messed with my nitrate levels pretty bad. I really wanted to add another coral to my tank. I was TOO EAGER. 2. The Maintenance Day of Doom Oh boy was I so unaware of what was yet to come. I brought water to be tested at my other local fish store so that I knew it was safe to buy a coral. They told me I needed water changes. CHANGES yes, I too almost underestimated how many changes I was going to need. But more on that later, lets first start with my first ever water change. I drained 20% of the water, then added in ROI (is that the acronym? I'm hard of hearing and its so hard to hear the employees at the shop when they speak through their mask) water and to dilute the salinity and some of the nitrates. I let it run for ~ 1 hour to let all that "good-good" mix around with the water. Then I drained the tank again 50% and added more water. But I was foolish and did it by myself. And didn't use my hand. The water splashed....everywhere...it was so cloudy.. 3. Death Roe The unenthusiastic clownfish that was forced to become the male died first. He was weak because they were fighting for their first day (a couple weeks prior). A day later the female clown died. My Tang then came down with really bad ich. He died the next day as well. My Green Polyp was the only guy to survive. 3 water changes and 1 week later, I added 2 blue chromis to get some poop in there... but they died. It is because I bought them at petsmart. It was a bad batch. Don't recommend. Since then, I upgraded the filter, heater, thermometer, protein skimmer, and light. So it is basically like a brand new tank. Most of the gear is controlled by wifi automatically I love it so much. It is so worth the money if you want a low stress tank. I also got some really healthy live rock teaming with all kinds of healthy organisms from another local aquarium shop. My new fully paired clownfish are also doing very well. I have another cool coral frag that I will share about later. There is a BUNCH of tank drama around this coral at night. It is so fun to watch! Don't worry all this "drama" is literally just an ecosystem with a food chain. In the ocean, each species has its own way of protecting itself, and thats no different in this tank! The fish stay out of it, and the coral benefit from the organisms fighting over the seaweed. TODO: I will get to this things soon! It is night and I do not want to disturb my tank's auto light schedule. - Add images of tank and equipment setup - Add images of wildlife in tank - Add specs of gear - Add image of completed home office Please tag along for my journey or learn from it so no more fish are lost.
  4. could you put any species of starfish in a 5 gallon ? maybe like two or even just one by itself in a 5 gallon ? im really interested in any invertebrates .
  5. I got some live rock and live sand and one of them had this little star fish. Sorry for the bad pictures it blends in with the sand pretty well but I need to know what kind it is.
  6. Interested to see how people feel about the brittle stars in their tanks. Do you have large ones? Small ones? Love or hate them? I am fascinated to watch their little arms sticking out everywhere and my girlfriend names them all after philosophers.
  7. So i have a sand-sifting sea star and im currently acclimating him with an anemone who is perched on a rock. Spud, the sea star in question, no matter how many times i move him away, keeps going to my anemone. Is he trying to eat him? We spot feed him a couple times a week...should i be worried?
  8. Hello, I was strolling the shore of Lake Michigan when I stumbled onto this species. I know starfish are not native to Lake Michigan so I am mainly curious on the species of this creature and how it might possibly came here. Thanks a lot! p.s. the square represents a square inch.
  9. Newstead

    Micro Brittle Love Shack

    There's something in the air ... or water. This morning noticed my 7 year old clown pair was spawning behind the rocks. Later saw an astrea releasing gametes. This afternoon just after my weekly water change and cleaning saw 7 micro brittle stars climbing out of the rocks. They proceeded to have an orgy. The more ambitious one even clinbed on top of an astrea before having his fun. The two apparent males soon slunk back into the rock, while the apparent females reclined about the rocks, evidently wishing for cigarettes. Hopefully there will be a new batch of micro brittles soon - I owe @Lula_Mae some (found out a few weeks later some of these were supposed to be sent to her!). They are larger than the ones I had before- bodies about the diameter of a pencil eraser, legs each about 1 1/2 in long.
  10. I will update this post with more information when I get time as I am in a bit of a rush right now. I have had my starfish for over 2 weeks now and 2 days abo I noticed one of his legs got chopped off sure enough I found his leg af the bottom of my tank. Now 2 days later I notice another leg laying on the sand. Sure enough another leg got cut off. Both severed sections are about 1 inch. I do have a small Jabeo two-4 that runs at 40% power during the day and 20% power at night. Is it possible that he is getting his legs cut off by the wave maker ? Wave maker is about 8 inches of the sandbed. Could it be the anything else? 20 long 4 bulb aquatic life t5- 4 different spectrum bulbs RW-4 wake maker 2 Topfin 20 gallon rated HOB filters( one filled with chemipure elite, The other filter floss) 1-100w 1-200 w heaters 8 Hermit crabs ( red and blue leg) 2 trochus snails, 2 nessarius snails 2 marg snails 1 osc clown( juvenile) 1 blue spotted yellow watchman goby 1 scooter Blenny 1 cleaner shrimp 1 rose pink sea urchin 1 starfish( never could find out the kind although it’s long and skinny with light and dark brown bands. 1 horseshoe crab A bunch of Xenia, GSP and zoa frags tempature 78-80f salinty 1.24-1.26 ( tank swings every day due to daily top offs needed. I think 20 gallons paired with lots of surface agitation is the cause) Nitrates 5ppm or less phosphates .25 ppm or less calcium 400 DKH- 13 P.S the jar is culturing copapods. If anyone has questions I would love to answer. I have had crazy success with this, my tank is now overloaded with copapods and I’m thinking about trading the scooter Benny for a GMG due to the high population. All I did was float the jar with some copapods and add about 20 ml of phyto plankton every 5 days for food. Update, woke up today to find his fourth leg on the sandbed next to him on the opposite side of the wavemaker. Im lost for ideas at this point,
  11. My Marble Starfish is normally pretty boring since he doesn't move much. Today, I caught him moving a little bit so I made a time-lapse video.
  12. Just picked up a sand sifting starfish for my evo 12 recommended by my LFS, any thoughts on having one, will I regret getting it?
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