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Found 5 results

  1. Chowder's Reef

    🌿9to5 Acro Jungle🌿

    Hey there! Up until now I have burned through quite a few aquariums. Nano and pico reefs alike have come and gone over the past few years. I suppose I have been trying to figure out which style of tank I like, exploring brands, etc. although being particular about my things I tend to want to make my own stuff. Some of you may recall I recently cut down greatly on this hobby; consolidating all of my aquariums to just one running tank. I never intended to set up another reef tank as we have a couple of moves coming up in the future and working crazy hours at an observatory isn't going to give me any more time to play with larger reef systems, let alone more of them haha, but having space in my office and the thought of having one last reefing hoorah kind of called to me. In all respects though, I think this is going to be my endgame reef tank and plan to have it running until in 30 years I finally get my 220 or get out of the hobby. I have a hunch this is going to end up being the opposite of a budget build haha, but we'll try to keep costs to a minimum. Like the title says, this tank will be a "Jungle" of SPS corals, or rather, a dedicated SPS system (but only between the hours of 9 to 5... 😉) This system will have a custom sump, but I have yet to finalize equipment that is going to be powering this tank; especially lighting haha. I'll be sure to get an official entry photo when things finally come in the mail here in a week or two. Thanks for stopping by and happy reefing! Me in the office waiting for things to arrive... Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Tank: UNS 45L Stand: Vasagle Lowell Cabinet Sump: Custom (made by yours truly 😉) Lighting: 2x Noopsyche K7 V3 75W LEDs Sump Light: Hygger 24/7 Heater: HiTop 50W Return Pump: TBD Livestock: Corals: Fish: Inverts:
  2. joshthebox

    Josh's Nuvo 20

    Thought I'd make a build thread for my SPS dominant Nuvo 20. The tank has been running for a year now. Initially I had a hydra 26HD and a primeHD running but I was experiencing lots of shadowing. I recently purchased a t5 fixture which really helped remove the shadowing problems. It's been on the tank for less than a week now and I'm curious to see any differences in growth and colouration over time. I'll be sure to document the changes. Here's the specs: Lighting: ATI Dimmable Sunpower 24x4 (2 ATI Blue +, 2 ATI Coral +) Skimmer: Eshopps Nano ATO: Duetto Heater: Fluval 150w Return pump: Sicce 1.5 Powerhead: MP10QD x2 Doser: DP-4; dosing ESV B-ionic 2 part Livestock: Sixline Wrasse Flasher Wrasse Tiger goby (only 2cm long lol) Tridacna Crocea Vast cleanup crew, also an infestation of micro bristle starfish and spaghetti worms. Coral: Almost exclusively sps, aside from a stereonepthya, a goni, WWC AOI zoas, and a lepto. I'll be sure to share some sps shots soon I also run a small amount of carbon. I've never used mechanical filtration as it messes with the ATO. I do bi-weekly 5g waterchanges using RS coral pro salt. My tank runs very low nutrient wise so I try and feed heavy. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I love talking about reef stuff.
  3. Jaren45

    IM 30g ext - SPS newbie

    Hey guys, I'm starting this thread to document my first "real" attempt at an sps-dominant system. Here are some basic specs and pics, setup a few days ago as a transfer from a ~6mo system. Specs Tank: IM Nuvo 30g Ext Sump: AGA 20g long w/ amazon acrylic baffles Return: Jebao dcp-3000 Heater: 2x 100w aqueon pro w/ Inkbird controller at 78F Lighting: 3x Ai Prime HD Flow: 1x Nero 3, 1x Jebao ow-10, 1x Sicce XStream 1720gph Skimmer: Bubble magus curve a5 Dosing: 2x Kamoer x1, 1 for fritz alk, 1 for fritz calc ATO: Smart ato lite Stocking 2x Black snowflake clown 1x Starry blenny 1x Bangai cardinal 1x Tomini tang (still a wee lad) 1x Orange line chromis 1x Neon Goby 1x Pygmy Hawkfish Room shot 8/15/21
  4. Gernader

    Some of my SPS (lots of pics)

    Hey, I just wanted to show you guys some of my sps corals that I love! Please ask me any questions if you have them. 😁 TSA Twisted Sister Walt Disney TGC Cherry Bomb JF Homewrecker WWC Budgie Smuggler TSA Dan Akroyd RRU Angry Birds TSA Rainbow Fusion BC Adam Bomb TRC Haley’s Comet TSA The Fuzz RR Kendari CB Golden JD RC Poison Envy Greg Hiller’s Aqua Delight Vivid’s Insanity
  5. NanoxNoe

    The NXN Fusion 10

    To kick things off, this thread will be about updates and the progression of my nuvo 10 thats goal is to be a sps dominant aquarium. Iv been lurking around for a while. I started keeping saltwater tanks on and off for the last 14 years but have really started taking it serious for the last 4 years. I started with a 10g glass aquarium with a HOB filter, it was a FOWLR. Then I got a 30 with some softies. Then I got my first AIO the IM Abyss. The Abyss started leaking so IM warrantied it but the tank was no longer available. So they gave me the lagoon 25 and the nuvo 10 in its place. I like both tanks and decided I want the 25 to be softies and LPS and the 10 to be LPS and SPS. Any suggestions from ppl who have thriving SPS corals in a Nano would be very appreciated and pointed out any mistakes I may be making would be noted. I set up the 10 in September of 2017, and here is where I’m at so far...
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