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Found 20 results

  1. joshthebox

    Josh's Softy Reef

    Tank: 21”x21”x12” Miracles Glass (roughly 20g) Overflow: XAqua inout Sump: Trigger System Ruby 20C Skimmer: Reef Octopus 150int Return: Sicce 2.0 Doser: RedSea Reef Dose 2; ESV B-Ionic Wave makers: 2 MP10QD and 2 Nero5 Lighting: Aquatic life DX18 hybrid with G5 XR30 Blue. 3 ATI Blue+ and 1 Geisemann tropic Custom tube stand ATO: XP aqua duetto Heater: Eheim 200w This system has been running for almost a year(?) now, and was covering some of it in a previous thread for my other tank. The goal for this tank is to keep it simple and easy to maintain. The equipment might seem overkill because this system was pretty much frankensteined together with parts I was either given, or got an extremely good deal on. Looking forward to seeing how the corals will grow in over the years. I'm not perfectly happy with the coral placement though. I might have to rehome the Goniopora as my clownfish keep torturing the poor things...
  2. afterwinter

    Soft tree coral id

    I received this coral in a mystery pack of soft corals. When I first saw it I assumed it was a brown Capnella but as it has opened up I am not sure. Any ideas? Litophyton? It droops over at night and then stands up once the lights come on if that helps. I want to be sure I put it under proper light/flow, so thanks for the help 🙂
  3. aclman88

    Aclman's Pico (Retired)

    FTS 4/12/2020 - Last Picture in it's full glory before ugrading to 20 g tall. FTS 1/30/2020 Tank: Petco Imagiatrium 3.7 AOI Removed the sump area entirely to make more room for rock and coral. Livestock Fish: Frank the Green Clown Goby Inverts: 1 Cerith Snail 2 Nassarius Snails 1 Trochus Snail Coral Softies: Green Star Polyp Green Leather Coral Variety of Zoas 3 Random Mushrooms Green Ricordia Kenya Treef LPS: Acan Colony (started as 2 heads and now about 6) Hammer (Two heads) Torch (Almost two heads) Duncan Green Candy Cane (5 heads) SPS: Random from Frag Swap (no clue what kind) FIltration: Aquaclear 20 running Filter floss, chemipure elite and purigen Lighting: Lumini Asta 20 Heat: Cobalt Neotherm 50W Cooling: Small USB Computer Fan set up over the Aquaclear Filter Flow: Small 80gph submersible pump Feeding: Spot feed mysis to LPS (2-3 x per week) Target Feed reef roids once weekly Maintenance: Stare at tank daily Pick bubble algae and scrape glass every other day Weekly Water chance of 1 gallon Change filter floss during water change Replace Chemipure bimonthly Replace Purigen when exhausted This tank started off as a planted betta tank but I soon found the size to be inadequate as well as ugly. I tried and failed to use aquasoil and the mopani wood I bought was leaching sap and was therefore unusable. I quickly grew tired and took down the tank and decided to try my hand at running a reef tank. I had a FOWLR in highschool but never made the jump to coral. Huge thanks to @TatorTaco who responded to a post I made asking for feedback and was instrumental in getting the tank setup by being kind enough to send me sand, rocks, heater and a ton of other extras. Some other people I need to thank are @Clown79, @Lula_Mae, @ninjamyst, @ksadam, and @tgore for all their advice and experience! I hope to keep this journal up to date as a record for coral growth, triumphs and any failures I may (will) come across. Currently battling an infestation of Bubble algae and some red cyano as well as green algae that are both growing on the sand and the walls of the tank. No way to test for phosphates, so I am planning on getting a Hanna ULR checker soon so I can stay on top of those numbers. I theorize it coincided with reduced nutrients when stopping all feeding to try and kill off hydroids that were starting to spread. The hydroids are under control, but I think it allowed the algae to start and take hold. I am slowly sucking out the sand during water changes and that is helping to stop the spread of algae on the sand bed and might eventually try going no sand bed to allow me to crank up the flow a bit. I won't be adding emerald crabs since I have hear mixed reviews on wether they are reef safe.
  4. FionaP


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  8. justkeepitalive

    Will it survive?

    To be honest I neglected my tank for a couple months and the result was algae on everything. I’ve since got rid of the algae and am nursing everything back to health. My question is how far gone does a zoa colony have to be before I should just give up on it? I used a toothbrush and got most the algae off and this is what I have.
  9. FionaP


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  17. DylanCutchin1

    Corals about to touch each other

    Hello, I have a large wall hammer in the center of my tank, a branch GSP is about to touch the hammer, along with a zoa frag, and a duncan, I moved away some other things that were on small rocks but the rest is all touching each other as it supports the 'bridge'. I don't know what to do about the GSP as it isnt on a frag plug, the zoa is, so i could just move that. As a last resort i would like to just rip it off. I also have a nicely growing duncan that is about to touch this rock at the top of all softies, I could just move the whole rock away or sell it as keeping all these softies and hard corals is playing with fire and more fire. Any tips & advice is gladly welcomed. P.S. I trying to get the GSP off so that is why it is closed upbut i would say about 1 cm of space between that and the hammer.
  18. So I have entered the big challenge for 2018 for us nano reefers. So I figured to put my build up on the forum since I've been trying to find a build where someone was mostly if not only focused on using leather corals. Yes they are pretty simple but, with the right combination I think I can create a pretty good display. Keeping it simple: Heater AI Prime 12x12x12 cube Minimal sand 6lbs of rock Powerhead And NO FILTER Simply a water change once to every two weeks should be fine since leathers prefer little dirty water. My bio load will also be minimal with two tiny super tiny bullethole clown fish. Will post pics very soon! P.s. this is my first topic... wish me luck ?
  19. RandyX

    X nano reef July 2017

    Starting an aquarium journal I guess List and post pictures of all the things I have added this month my tank has only been running for a few weeks started with dry and live rock as well as a fish and old water from an established tank
  20. Friendly

    what's your favorite?

    not which...but what! what is your fav SPS? what is your fav LPS? what is your fav Softy? what is your fav Zoa? what is your fav Paly? why? reading up on my options and just looking to see what others like and why.
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