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Found 12 results

  1. HOW I STARTED MY FIRST SALTWATER TANK Hello! And welcome to my first ever saltwater tank! I chose a 29G tank because it fit perfectly in my home office. I'll list more information about my tank specs at the bottom on this thread, so feel free to skip ahead if you don't need to learn from my very n00b mistakes 😄 TANK AGE: I started my tank Mar 10 2021, and added fish pretty quickly since I used both live rock and water from a local aquarium shop that did my tank installation & setup. Everything on the tests were fine, and correct bacteria dosage was added as a precautionary supplement. Tank status the morning before the first TEV: 2 juvenile Black Snowflake Clowns (was trying to pair, different sizes), 1 Sailfin Tang, 1 Green Polyp XS TANK TEVS (tank events) 1. The Seaweed Mishap I knew Tangs liked seaweed. I gave my tang Cheese a little too much seaweed. He tore it apart and it got everywhere. I didn't know what to do. I grew up in Monterey, CA. Seaweed is everywhere. Everything seemed fine. But no, this was dried seaweed. And you're not supposed to leave it in for more than 2-3 hours (I think don't trust me on this pls). This messed with my nitrate levels pretty bad. I really wanted to add another coral to my tank. I was TOO EAGER. 2. The Maintenance Day of Doom Oh boy was I so unaware of what was yet to come. I brought water to be tested at my other local fish store so that I knew it was safe to buy a coral. They told me I needed water changes. CHANGES yes, I too almost underestimated how many changes I was going to need. But more on that later, lets first start with my first ever water change. I drained 20% of the water, then added in ROI (is that the acronym? I'm hard of hearing and its so hard to hear the employees at the shop when they speak through their mask) water and to dilute the salinity and some of the nitrates. I let it run for ~ 1 hour to let all that "good-good" mix around with the water. Then I drained the tank again 50% and added more water. But I was foolish and did it by myself. And didn't use my hand. The water splashed....everywhere...it was so cloudy.. 3. Death Roe The unenthusiastic clownfish that was forced to become the male died first. He was weak because they were fighting for their first day (a couple weeks prior). A day later the female clown died. My Tang then came down with really bad ich. He died the next day as well. My Green Polyp was the only guy to survive. 3 water changes and 1 week later, I added 2 blue chromis to get some poop in there... but they died. It is because I bought them at petsmart. It was a bad batch. Don't recommend. Since then, I upgraded the filter, heater, thermometer, protein skimmer, and light. So it is basically like a brand new tank. Most of the gear is controlled by wifi automatically I love it so much. It is so worth the money if you want a low stress tank. I also got some really healthy live rock teaming with all kinds of healthy organisms from another local aquarium shop. My new fully paired clownfish are also doing very well. I have another cool coral frag that I will share about later. There is a BUNCH of tank drama around this coral at night. It is so fun to watch! Don't worry all this "drama" is literally just an ecosystem with a food chain. In the ocean, each species has its own way of protecting itself, and thats no different in this tank! The fish stay out of it, and the coral benefit from the organisms fighting over the seaweed. TODO: I will get to this things soon! It is night and I do not want to disturb my tank's auto light schedule. - Add images of tank and equipment setup - Add images of wildlife in tank - Add specs of gear - Add image of completed home office Please tag along for my journey or learn from it so no more fish are lost.
  2. C_R_V2000

    Baby Snails?

    I was looking at the tank last night wondering what sort of nocturnal inverts have taken up residence in my little ecosystem and to my surprise I saw a legion of what looked to me to be baby snails! Can I get a confirmation on the type of snails these are and if they should be kept around? Also I've noticed in my sand bed I have two spaghetti worms that build gravel tubes and filter feed. They are small for now but are they worth keeping?
  3. Gore15


    © CC BY-NC

  4. Gore15


    © CC BY-NC

  5. Anyone know of any good ways to target feed Nassarius Snails? I was thinking of just dropping some food on the sandbed for them, would that be sufficient?
  6. undertheseaquarium

    Vermatid snail(s)???

    For the past couple of weeks, I noticed this thing on my coral that seems to have gotten bigger. When I first got it, I thought it was apart of the coral. I'm guessing this is a vermatid snail with possibly another. Could anyone confirm this, so I can begin the removal process.
  7. dilnepenthes

    Eggshells for Margarita snails

    Hi everyone, my names Dylan, and im new to this saltwater hobby but have cared for freshwater tanks for 8 years and decided this would be a next step. Anyway i just added 2 Margarita snails to my tank and was wondering if eggshells could be a good source of calcium for them? I used to do it for my golden apples and was wondering if it can be done for them? Thank:)
  8. Hey so the day has finally come.... our tank is cycled... no ammonia after 12 hours and 0 nitrites.... did water change to being down nitrites to around 5-10ppm So basically my cycle went fairly quick so I don’t have a lot of algae (I’m sure there will be more to come lol) but as of right now I just have diatoms on my rock, some , but certainly no crazy amount.... because of that I only ordered 2x trochus snails and 2x Nassarius snails (this way I can at least feed the snails if there is no algae left right? Trochus snails will eat dried seaweed is what I got from my research and Nassarius snails will eat just about anything so I could just drop in a bit of food every now and again and it should keep them alive- this is the info I got from researching each type so I’m hoping this is right... (I got no algae at all on my sand bed or glass... rock only) I cycled at 2ppm or slightly higher (did fishless cycle with ammonia) I will be adding the 4 snails on Thursday at some point (probably around 10-11 am as that’s when then truck comes) Im guessing these 4 snails will not come close to 2ppm ammonia so I’m wondering if I will be able to add a blue-green chromis (blue, green, blue-green- which ever name you call it it’s all the same fish as far as I can tell lol) Would it be safe to add one on Friday.... it will be a little over 24hours after adding the 4 snails... I have also researched that they actually like to pick at some algae’s as well (detritus I think) so my questions.... do you think that will be too much in like 28 hours when I’ve cycled to about 2-3ppm (I also have a bottle of Bio-Spira on stand by Incase levels do increase)? And when I add just these 4 snails should I add any of my media? Or just keep it with the filter floss? (I will be using purigen and chemipure elite) I just wasn’t sure if these would be wasted on just a couple snails? also if you guys think it will be ok to add the blue Green Chromis (it will be small- just around or a bit over salable size) i should add my media before adding him/her in correct? I know that it will still be a small bioload and won’t use up the media very fast but after that I will be waiting a MINIMUM of 2 weeks to add anything else and my next fish will be a purple fire fish OR the YWG/ Shrimp combo and then finally my 2 clowns.... then that will be it.... so after the chromis what should come next.... if anyone has ideas please label them but these were my thoughts: purple fire YWG/ pistol shrimp (either Randall’s or Tiger)- going to add together at the advice of research and apparently if added at the same time it’s easier to get them to pair up 2x clowns (they will be very very small and shipped to my store together in the same bag- just the 2 of them) now please note there will be WEEKS in between these additions.... the only one I want to add close together is the 4 snails on Thursday and the blue Green Chromis on Friday (if they can get one ordered and in stock for me) I am also hoping by adding the fish close to adding the snails there may be more for them to eat without my having to supplement the snails food..... I plan on (as recommended) feeding the chromis a varied diet of NLS 0.5mm pellets and a variety of frozen but thawed mysis and brine shrimp and flakes.... I’ve been told they will eat just about anything.... but there is some conflicting info on how much... I think once a day should be enough but some others are saying twice? I think that’s a bit much as long as he gets a good meal the first time (yes I know not to over feed lol)
  9. darklordzulu

    Back again. Snails deaths

    So just posted a few days ago about my turbo and nassarius snails. Do this afternoon I come home on break to find a turbo dead on the sand. I then proceeded to check the other two nassarius snails that haven't been moving also dead. So out of my 8 snails four turbo four Nas. One turbo is dead and two Nas are dead and I'm thinking the other Nas is also dead I just come home to find the other Nas looking like he just kicked the bucket as well. What's up ? The cleaner shrimp seems fine and the clown they both ate no problem checked the ammonia it's not detectable even tho I thought if two Nas snails died the ammonia would spike in such a small tank. Just curious if it's common for snails to die or if something might be wrong with my water. Here is a pic of the Nas that looked like he could be kicking the bucket . When I flashed the light he retreats to his shell but he was sitting exposed before the light that's why it looked off. Thanks 😎
  10. anniebanana267

    Snail Suggestions Please!

    I need some suggestions for good snails for crushed coral! They don’t necessarily have to be good for crushed coral, but that they’re compatible with crushed coral, if that makes sense. All the snails I see need sand. The more interesting, the better! thanks in advance 🙂
  11. MainelyReefer

    Is this a limpet?

    Bought some of these for 50cents a piece I think they are a type of limpet? Colors are the one pictured and also jet black
  12. GenericReefer

    Clean-Up Crew Confusion

    Hey reefers! One of the last things I ask to set up my 10g reef tank is the clean up crew! I decided on having a no crab clean up crew, because of their possibly violent nature, and having to place in more shells. My stocking is just an Ocellaris Clown, a sexy shrimp, and some tisbe pods being fed Spectrum Thera A pellets daily, with Rods food biweekly. @Lula_Mae has recommended me several types of snails, but I am still unclear on how many to add. So how many and what kinds of snails should I add, and when? Thanks -Generic Reefer
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