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  1. Was visiting family in Hawaii recently and found some little friends on a trip to the beach. Was wondering if anyone here could ID them
  2. Hi, I have a 20 gallon tank cycled a few weeks ago. Regarding "Is sandbed clean a must?" the reason i ask is i have limited exposed sandbed after putting my toadstool on sand and will be adding a fungia in the future. It will be very hard to clean the sandbed without touching other corals. I have 2 clownfish and wont add any more fish. I also have a nassarius snail (which doesnt stir the sandbed) and a trochus snail and i dont think ill add anymore CUC as both are starved.... I'm doing 5% daily auto water change and dose only baking soda, can i get away without cleaning the sandbed? and what are the signs i would observe if the sand get way too dirty? Then it comes to the second question, how can i grow algae? i mean algae in general cuz i have starving trochus snail thats currently isolated on a flat rock and fed on dried seaweed. My water params: temp 25 ℃ salinity 1.025 sg ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 7ppm phosphate 0.06ppm ca 415ppm mg 1300ppm alkalinity 8.4 dKh ph 8.1 I have my light on 12 hours a day at ~33W for a week now but theres zero algae....my best guess is not enough white light? more details and timeline is in my build thread. Thanks
  3. Not sure what this little guy is, bigger than most of the small limpets I have in my tank. Has an irregular shell perimeter, and is remarkably flat -stomatella shell flat-. The foot is also divided into two strange and visible regions where you can see through the body and into the musculature down below. To top it all off the animal has two bizarre calcified teeth-like bits up top and doesn't really have a typical grazer mouth at all, the white teeth-like areas glow under the blue and UV like I'd expect from the inside of a shell, speaking of which this dude's opalescent underneath and bland muddy-brown on the back of the shell. The pearly-underside and weird, flat shell + mouth almost had me thinking abalone, but it only has two antennae, no clue what it is. Maybe some kind of juvenile slipper snail?
  4. Broseff

    What Happened?

    It's me again, in a what some would say appalling situation. I had to break down my tank, but wanted to salvage what I could to potentially rebuild. I'm kinda hoping some of this could work long term. Anyways, I ended up with 4 containers that I've had up for 1-2 weeks. Container #1 1/2 gallon - Tall & Narrow Emerald Crab Zoa Xmass Tree Macro Nerite Snails (2) Cerith snail The cerith died, it fell from the top and was on it's back for a while without moving. The zoa was pretty unhappy, the emerald was sitting on it (I removed it, before it notably died). The emerald just stopped moving one day (it was pregnant too, if that means anything) and is confirmed dead. The nerites are fine, same with macros. Just saw some kind of worm that's chillin. Did a massive water change, gonna keep a close eye on it to make sure the nerites and macros make it. Container #2 1/4 gallon - Wide & Short Pompom Crab Small Feather Duster Nerite Snail Everything is alive and well, no issues. I have no idea how it's doing so well. Container #3 Old Gelato Cup Hairy Mushroom Coral Brittle Starfish Asterina Starfish Cerith Snail The mushroom seems a little unhappy (it's shrinking up), but also looks like it's trying to split. Everything else is fine. Container #4 - Not pictured Old Gelato Cup Halimeda Brittle Starfish Spaghetti Worm The Spaghetti worm passed away, couldn't find the starfish (it's probably in the Halimeda?). The whole thing smells rancid. I did a massive water change and have my eye out for the starfish. I've been dosing Bacteria into all the containers (in very small amounts) and have done partial water changes. Any ideas why some of containers are doing so well? and why some are doing awful? I really thought containers #2 & #3 were going to be problamatic, very surprised by how poorly containers #1 & #4 did.
  5. Gore15

    Invasive snail?

    I had this fellow in the live rock and lost track of it for a while. And I found it last night during nightly inspection. I thought to post here and ask if this is the invasive type of snail? ps: space between the two lines is about 1cm. If you think scale and size matters.
  6. I’m pretty sure this one is a limpet and I have tons of small ones everywhere in my tank: this one I have never seen before and noticed it last night:
  7. Can anyone tell me what the hell this is on my hermit?! I just spotted it .
  8. A.m.P

    Hitchhiker snail

    Was wondering if anyone knew what kind of snail this was, must have hitchhiked in on a trochus or maybe the micro brittles I added a bit ago, spotted it and removed it from the tank just in case it's related to pyramid snails (since I have a maxima)
  9. I love these saltwater nerite snails but I think I may have ended up with one too many, I currently have 4 in a 12 gallon innovative marine atoll alongside two ceriths (for the small rockwork). I'm running high enough par it may have literally cooked the diatoms off my upper rockwork (for a Maxima clam) and don't plan on stocking the tank with much besides coral and something small like a clown goby. Ideally I want a fairly low-water-change tank I dose with two-part and allow some nutrient to exist for the clam and corals. Should I take one of the nerites back to the LFS? I've read conflicting information ranging from 1 per 2 to 1 per 5 gallons, but the rating all seem to be for freshwater tanks. Atm I do 5% once a week and powder a single marine pellet every two to three days so I can keep the tank cycled and the inverts fed. 0 nitrates and phosphates, bare-bottom w/ 25 lbs live rock and enough matrix and "denitrate" for a 75 gallon tank in the filter chamber, alongside a chemipure blue nano satchel +carbon and 100 gallons worth of brightwell no3 out cubes (which I'm slowly removing because they're dissolving).
  10. Does anyone know what this is. It just showed up and it’s right after I was an idiot and didn’t dip a new coral. Should I be concerned?
  11. Today I went to the opening of a new fish store and saw some bumble bee snails that looked cool. I picked up 2 of them plus a few frags for my evo 12. After looking them up when I got home I’m wondering if I made a mistake. Anyone have experience with these guys? I have 3 astraea snails and one Halloween hermit plus 1 citrinis clown goby in my tank and a few corals. Used to have a couple of more fish but an ich outbreak got them 😢
  12. My Biocube 32 had been running for five/six days, and I just saw this on a piece of (previously) dry rock.
  13. ihglifelol

    C.U.C ideas

    I have a 5 gallon pico with not much living things in it. however, i had an old light which helped algae growh alot which I changed last weekend. however My small C.U.C didnt clean up the thing yet. I have tons of hair algae and some red slime algae. Algae growth is slowed down, but hair algae is a fast growing algae, even in higher lightings. I have a lonely fireshrimp and getting a peppermint shrimp on wednesday 5-8 dwarf ceriths 1 rescued saltwater feedershrimp (not the freshwater variety) 1 large trochus snail(likes the glass, never on rocks,) 1 keyhole limpet, oldes C.U.C member, not the best have 1 acan, kenya tree and duncan coral and a recovering GSP (on fragplug on kenya tree so was buried in the sand in the LFS) algae infestation is bad. any good cuc members.
  14. Joevember

    What snail is this?

    I found a couple of these little guys in my sump glass and wanted to know if I should chuck them or keep them in my display. I only have nassarius snails in my display right now, and this is not one of them. As you can see they have a zig-zagging brown and white pattern on the shell.
  15. coryscritch

    what is this little thing?

    hi guys. i found this tiny guy in my refugium just now. i sucked him up with a dropper, not sure what he is
  16. So I just put together my first reef, and I bought some live rock from my local pet store, not really looking closely at the rock. When I got home I found a snail on it, and later noticed a teeny crab. The crab is very small. It's a white/gray color with orangeish spots. It's mostly hiding in holes in the rock and I haven't seen it again for a couple days. Anyone have any idea what it is? I didn't get a picture of it. I also found this snail. He stays on the rock. He isn't able to right himself when he falls onto the sand. I've had to pick him up and put him back a couple times. I also got this clownfish. One of his sides is completely normal but on his other side his stripe is broken. Any ideas what morph he is? He was labeled just a normal oscellaris and I even got him on sale. I'd say he was a steal
  17. Hi, I purchased this snail and this crab at my lfs and I didn’t catch the name of them, and I can’t find them anywhere online. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  18. hi everyone, one of my stomatella snails keeps falling off the rock, I've found him on the sand upside down about 3 times today and that's not like him at all. most times he's just hiding underneath a crevice in the rock he likes. please help I don't want anything to happen to him! edit: i noticed one of his antennas or feelers or I'm not sure what u call them, one of them is shorter than the other I'm not sure if that could be a factor or something
  19. Heydude

    Zoanthid Snail

    Any advice, Lights have just come one and I've noticed half my colony of Zoa not opening and appear to have what I can only describe as a furry looking coat around them. On closer inspection I found the little critter in the picture, small snail? Could this be the cause of this, should I do a freshwater or peroxide dip, or something else? Snail wise in the tank I have Astrea, Nassarius and Cerith. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi guys, I just bought my first set of live rock and when I got home I realized I got some hitchhikers. I have no idea what they are and I can’t find them on google. Can someone tell me if they’ve ever seen them before, what they’re called, what they eat, etc? Anything would help. I actually love the little guys and I want to make sure they’re safe. Also, I’m actually in the process of cycling my tank. Ammonia’s currently at 2 ppm, and salinity is at 1.022. Is this okay for them? Included picture and here’s a link to a video I took (https://streamable.com/83shb). Thanks in advance.
  21. I need help identifying a snail. Sorry for the not so great images.
  22. Anyone know what this could be on my snails shell??? I was thinking maybe a barnacle but not sure.
  23. My snail has hair algae growing on him which I am working on getting off but he/she also has a reddish purple growth on the shell with what looks to be a hair strand coming out of it. .......... any ideas what this could be????
  24. Mike P

    Algae on snail???

    Is it normal/ ok for a snail to have algae growing on its shell? One of mine was pure white and now has some hues of green on his shell
  25. Mike P

    Snail egg question

    Was wondering what to do if I am seeing snail eggs on my glass. Do I let them hatch or knock them off? I already have 5 snails in my evo 12 and an additional 2 baby ones.
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