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  1. BGJames

    Algae on glass

    After some advice regarding my 110l reef. Tank has been set up a year now an houses 2 clowns and some cuc. Haven't added anything since March and have kept feeding the same amount. I'm running Berlin method with a Tunze 9001 and just recently I'm getting a dusty kind of algae growing on the glass much, much quicker than usual. It would hardly be noticeable after a week but now it's back within a day or so. The skimmer has also gone from being needed to be emptied 1x p/w to 2 or 3 times a week. The skimmer looks like its removing just water now even though I cleaned it on Sunday. Any ideas? Tia.
  2. DaveMc

    Skimmer while cycling

    Afternoon everyone, Been out of reefing for a couple years now due to some life changes. Getting ready to finally start a new nano AIO tank. The tank I purchased I also got the skimmer fr the back chamber. Is it wish to run the protein skimmer during cycling or wait until it is a little more established? With older tanks I use to have I never put the skimmer in/on until after the cycle and live stock was added. Any assistance would be awesome. Many thanks
  3. I purchased my first aquarium the other week with this skimmer however i think my skimmer is not working, it does not produce bubbles and have tried to follow many videos to get working. And unless i am doing very wrong i feel i may have purchased one that was broken. it does not make a sound and the water inside is still at all times. Is anyone able to help me tell if im just setting up wrong or that i brought one that does not work.
  4. C_R_V2000

    To Skim or Not To Skim

    I have a 24 Gal Aquatop AIO that has been up and running for about 8 months. My main form of nutrient export was a refugium but recently I've been noticing that my chaeto haven't been growing much. I'm a tad worried because despite getting zeroes on my nitrate/phosphate tests not having a lot of macroalgae isn't the best for the micro community living back there (copepods, amphipods, etc)The system did come with a stock protein skimmer that I haven't used yet but I've been wondering if now is the time to switch upSo here are my options1). Remove the refugium, add the skimmer2). get more chaeto or replace with a different sort of macroalgae I have a coralife LED light for the refugium that has worked in the past but another main issue I noticed was that red pom pom algea was outcompeting my cheato ( I removed it)
  5. Factory refurbished and in excellent condition, never been used on a tank. $80 shipped
  6. meanduck124

    Filtration for 5g cube.

    Hi all, I have a 5g cube have been running for 3 months now. For first two month, its only filtration was a dophin hob filter and a hob refugium which I modified for better flow rate. Also a bunch of live rock and live sand. Now I just got a Bubble Magus QQ1 skimmer from a friend. So if I run the skimmer should I get rid of the dophin hob and replace it with a wave maker instead? And I also want to get rid of the sand bed, it's just a little too much for me to clean them everytime I do WC. Thank you guys
  7. Trying to clear up some space in the garage. I am in the Orlando area, local pickup only, PM for details.5 large red mangroves: the oldest is over 2 years old and the other 4 are around 1.5 years old. Two of the mangroves have branches. They are in mud that is watered with fresh water. Asking 100$ OBO for all five of them.2 Eshopps Acrylic sumps: One never used and the other was used for only a couple of months. They measure 36" by 14" by 16" (L x W x H) and there is about 21" of space for skimmers and reactors etc. 50$ eachSkimz SM 251 Monzter: it is about 5-6 years old but used only for 1 year. There was a chip in the white collar of the skimmer but it was repaired with acrylic bond. Pumps work great and skimmer is clean. 60$
  8. Aquascaping_Nature.be

    Skimmer recommendations for Waterbox Cube 20

    Hi all, this has probably been asked a hundred times, but here comes number 101 😉 Simple question: what skimmer to use on a waterbox cube 20? Available options in europe (Belgium) aren't huge, popular ones are: OPTION 1: Comline DOC Skimmer 9001 (DC) (https://www.tunze.com/en/details/9001.000-comlineR-doc-skimmer-9001.html) (will have to modify this one for it to fit, because the magnet won't fit between the baffles of the back chambers, so we'll have to mount the magnet sideways) https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/368761-tunze-9001-im-nuvo-fusion-20/ OPTION 2: Hydor slim skim 135 (https://www.hydor.com/en/slim-skim/) Tight fit, but might work. Have no idea how this compares to the Tunze model... Other than that I don't see a lot of options, maybe the Bubble magus QQ might fit, or the QQ2... But is this a really solid choice? I anyone knows whats best, please let me know! Thanks!!
  9. Someone just posted this and gave me the same idea. My Nuvo 20 came with the original ghost skimmer. It's loud and useless. I've heard the new dc version is good, and the Tunze is tried and true. Before I buy, does anyone have? Also looking for an FMM module for Apex. Thanks!
  10. Edwardfish

    Skimz SH1

    Has anyone tried the Skims SH1, I’m looking a slimmer and brs has them on clearance for cheap. Just wondering because the reviews seemed pretty bad but I wanted more input than the 4 reviews it had.
  11. I got a bio-cube 16 for Christmas. It’s been up and running for going on 4mo. I’ve got live rock & sand (of course) with 3 hermits (2 blue, 1 red), 2 turbos, 2 conch snails. Thinking about getting a cleaner. Water perimeters seems great, believe it to be cycled fully. The kit came with a skimmer but it’s pretty terrible. My question for this longer then necessary post is “Do I need a skimmer or not for a tank this size”? might as well ask if I need a nano blower as well. thanks folks for the help. JTT
  12. Selling a mame skimmer in great condition purchased in 2015. Includes pump, all tubing and 1 wood airstone. Was rarely used before I upgraded tank size and just clearing things out. Have original packaging. can ship or for local in pa (19055)$55 pickup or $65 shipped
  13. Hey Guys, For sale is a brand new in box AQUAMAXX NF-1 PROTEIN SKIMMER. got it few weeks ago but selling it as i am going a different route. PICK UP 07083 for $90 or shipped for $100. Thanks for looking.
  14. selling this brand new in box protein skimmer. End up not needing it. $95 pick up only. Union NJ
  15. CoralVue Aquarium Products

    The Skimmer of the Year is Here 🏆

    The Skimmer of the Year is Here Maxspect Aeraqua Duo AD600: THERE IS NO SKIMMER LIKE IT! PS: We're about to release a video about it. Subscribe so you don't miss it!
  16. To those of you who have a MAME design skimmer, could you post a picture of how you have it set up? Specifically, how deep into the water do you place it and how high up do you have the bubbles go? I know it is working for me since I have green water that comes out, but sometimes it works awesomely (like very dark green water) and other times it doesn’t work as well. Im under the impression that I need an ATO to get the best use out of it, but until I get one, could you guys share with me the ideal placement for it? Additionally, do you find it to be super wobbly? I’m not sure if there’s a better way to set it up, since the instructions were all in Japanese.
  17. Hi, I have been trying to dial in my Fluval ps2 protein skimmer in my Fluval Evo 13.5 gallon tank and am not having any luck. Any guidance or tips to make sure this starts skimming properly would be great! Some thoughts I have; - does water level in tank effect the skimmer? - should you plug that hole in the second chamber so the “sump” is a closed system? Thanks in advance!
  18. chaostactics

    Which skimmer for my new tank

    Im planning a medium bioload in a 60 gallon with 11 gallon sump (is an RSM 250 sump) Should i go with the eshopps s150 Or Bubble magnus 5?
  19. Chris's Fishes

    DIY Skimmer!

    Hello! So, I've recently put together a janky skimmer for use in my 10 gallon - it's definitely ugly, but it seems to be getting the job done. I do have a few questions, though. I used a well-rinsed Powerade bottle for the body of the skimmer, and used an old gravel vac hose to connect the skimmer to the collection cup. I'm just using a cheap Whisper pump for air, along with a wooden airstone meant for use in a Biocube skimmer. I pretty much copied one of the DIY MAME skimmer designs that you see floating around. It collected over 700 mL of skimmate during the first night, and it was all the color of urine. Kinda smelled like it too. I did some adjusting, and collected nothing yesterday (I had it way too far out of the water, I guess), and today, I've collected around 75-100 mL of yellow-brown liquid. Doesn't have too much of a smell, but it's definitely darker and a bit thicker than what I collected the first night. From what I've gathered online, 75 mL of skimmate in a 12 hour period is still super wet skimming for a ten gallon, is it not? What can I do to skim a bit drier, besides lifting the bottle up farther (because then it seems to stop collecting anything at all)? I've read that some people absolutely LOVE wet skimming, and that others despise it. From what I've gathered, wet skimming removes more from the water, but at the cost of removing saltwater and requiring that you empty the collection cup more often - is that correct? If not, what exactly are the pros and cons of wet skimming? I plan to revisit this project soon, and to try and make it look nicer and more efficient. I have a pretty limited skillset (and toolset), so keep that in mind while you're suggesting - but what can I do to make this better? So far, I definitely plan to use a clear, smooth water bottle next time. Probably a Smart Water bottle, for the shape. I also plan to shorten the airline that goes to the airstone, as I'm pretty sure my airpump isn't pushing quite enough air through the airstone - not a huge problem, but I think I can improve on that pretty easily. Thoughts?
  20. I just got my first skimmer, and I’ve been having problems with large air bubbles. It’s using a limewood air stone and airline tubing to power it. It was bubbling correctly when I first had it in the tank, but I turned it off for just a split second and now the bubbles are huge. All the bubbles have combined into a huge mess and after researching I still haven’t found a solution lol. I’m currently using a Marina 50 air pump to power it. Heres a link to the Skimmer
  21. I have a used Reef Octopus 110int Skimmer that I no longer have use for. I used it for a few weeks before buying another Reef Octopus with a footprint that works better for my sump. The intake for the pump was broken off at the body of the skimmer, reconnected with Weldon # 4 and allowed to cure 48 hours before seeing water. The break was clean and easily repaired. There was a small crack in the body that I spread Weldon over as well. The collection cup has a couple chips and cracks as well. Despite all the imperfections, everything works perfectly and this thing skims like a beast.Asking $65.00 cash or equivalent payment type. Pick up in Yorba Linda, SoCalOpen to trades for an ATO Reservoir or SPS frags.PM or text. 562.652.8202Thanks, Justin
  22. Andre.nicolau

    Best skimmer for a 20G nano

    Hi guys! I am building a 20G nano reef and can't decide a skimmer for it. I want it to be the best as possible and save as much space as possible. Currently, I am thinking of: - Tunze 9001 - IM Nuvoskim Desktop (the new from IM) - Aquamaxx NF-1 What do you guys think?? Tks!
  23. What is a good skimmer for 350liters Dt and sump is like 100 liters. Budget : 200$
  24. As the title says, can someone tell me if i can fit an aquamaxx hob 1.5 skimmer on the nuvo 20!?!! i’ve seen it possible on the nuvo 30L but never seen it on the 20! Let me know! Thanks
  25. marioensf

    Eshopps Skimmer

    Used Eshopps Axium X-120 internal protein skimmer for sale. $140 Picked up in 94103.
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