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Found 46 results

  1. I have a used Reef Octopus 110int Skimmer that I no longer have use for. I used it for a few weeks before buying another Reef Octopus with a footprint that works better for my sump. The intake for the pump was broken off at the body of the skimmer, reconnected with Weldon # 4 and allowed to cure 48 hours before seeing water. The break was clean and easily repaired. There was a small crack in the body that I spread Weldon over as well. The collection cup has a couple chips and cracks as well. Despite all the imperfections, everything works perfectly and this thing skims like a beast.Asking $65.00 cash or equivalent payment type. Pick up in Yorba Linda, SoCalOpen to trades for an ATO Reservoir or SPS frags.PM or text. 562.652.8202Thanks, Justin
  2. Hi, I have been trying to dial in my Fluval ps2 protein skimmer in my Fluval Evo 13.5 gallon tank and am not having any luck. Any guidance or tips to make sure this starts skimming properly would be great! Some thoughts I have; - does water level in tank effect the skimmer? - should you plug that hole in the second chamber so the “sump” is a closed system? Thanks in advance!
  3. Andre.nicolau

    Best skimmer for a 20G nano

    Hi guys! I am building a 20G nano reef and can't decide a skimmer for it. I want it to be the best as possible and save as much space as possible. Currently, I am thinking of: - Tunze 9001 - IM Nuvoskim Desktop (the new from IM) - Aquamaxx NF-1 What do you guys think?? Tks!
  4. Having trouble keeping your water nice and clean? Have been wanting that really nice coral in your tank but unable to add it because of dirty water? Our PLS-50 Elite II can be your solution. We have worked hard and endlessly to bring you guys the strongest nano skimmer in the industry. With nothing but praise and positive feedback given on this skimmer, we are confident that this skimmer will fix any of your dirty water issues. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are running our yearly black Friday sale and the PLS-50 Elite II is one of the items on sale! BLACK FRIDAY SALE CLICK HERE! View below a review of our PLS-50 Elite II running on a JBJ45. PLS-50 ELITE II REVIEW VIDEO
  5. What is a good skimmer for 350liters Dt and sump is like 100 liters. Budget : 200$
  6. As the title says, can someone tell me if i can fit an aquamaxx hob 1.5 skimmer on the nuvo 20!?!! i’ve seen it possible on the nuvo 30L but never seen it on the 20! Let me know! Thanks
  7. marioensf

    Eshopps Skimmer

    Used Eshopps Axium X-120 internal protein skimmer for sale. $140 Picked up in 94103.
  8. RoboNarples2929

    What skimmer for Nuvo 20?

    I'm currently using the IM ghost but i'm not happy with it, ant recommendations?
  9. Downsizing from my 50 gal to my 10 gal, livestock has been taken care of and going to a good home, now I have equipment to get rid of that I will no longer be using. All of these items were purchased from BRS (proof of purchase). Tank was started October 2015. Everything is in perfect condition, working well and has never had any mechanical issues nor otherwise. Regular dusting has been performed on the equipment in the two years it has run my 50 gal reef. Skimmer and pumps will be vinegar washed and scrubbed as best as humanly possible for you. MP40WES $280 shipped - $250 local pickup never run over 40% - S O L D 2 KESSIL A360WE $200 each +shipping Reef Octopus Classic 150 - INT Protein Skimmer $100 +shipping Eheim 1262 Return Pump $90 shipped
  10. Hey guys, I've been incredibly busy with life the last few months with moving and work, that I wasn't able to focus too much on my reef keeping besides maintenance. Now that I am able to focus on it again, I have a question I am hoping someone more knowledgeable than me can help answer. I currently use a Aquatic life 115 Mini internal skimmer in my AIO sump of my DIY 25g tank. I have used it the past year. I would love to use some the better skimmers available, but because my tank's back chambers are only 2.9" wide clearance, I barely could fit the aquaticlife without basically forcing it down the chamber. I think this is causing some issues with the intake of the skimmer, since the intake is against the wall. I am thinking about a upgrade, since Im not happy with its performance lately, such as the skimmer not increasing production after a heavy feeding, giving clear tea-like skimmate, the bubbles are not fine enough and the foam head being small. I was looking at the Aquamaxx HOB 1.5 protein skimmer and wondered if that is considered a beneficial upgrade. I figured it must be since it would easily fit in the back chambers, and free up space there.
  11. Marine Depot

    Rare below MAP pricing on Vertex

    Rare below MAP pricing on Vertex Save up to $162.50 Vertex Omega Protein Skimmers Win the World's First Floating Algae Scrubber—$500 value!
  12. Check out this 2-in-1 Filter/Skimmer + Hats Are Here! PLUS: 20% off Curve Skimmers & Top-Sellers Back in Stock
  13. Jake270

    Another skimmer question

    So I set up the eshopps s-200 on my Red Sea 250 and yeah the thing want to over foam the sump. In recommended level of water raised and all but can’t keep it from going absolutely ballistic. To the point over wanting to foam over the sump. I’ve cut it off for the time being. I know they have to break in but this is discouraging. I’ve raised it opened air and gate valve all the way and still will just spew out rapidly. Even if cup removed. Do I just keep raising the darn thing but soon it will be out the water?
  14. Drew11

    Equipment for sale

    Clearing some stuff out… Prices include shipping inside US AquaClear AC70 - $25 TOMS aqualifter - $20 inTank Media basket - *SOLD* Eshopps psk-100 Hang on the Back Skimmer - $85 (small crack in body of the skimmer that SLOWLY leaks. Could probably easily be taped or siliconed to stop it. Skimmer works great I just want an internal one for my set up) Will work out a trade for: Tunze 9004 Kessil A160 AI prime Or let me know what you have. Ya never know
  15. I need advice from experienced reef keepers. I want to decide do I need skimmer or it will better to place Chaeto instead of protein skimmer in skimmer's chamber. I have Fluval Evo 13.5 mixed reef tank, which I installed in beginning of January. Equipment is the following: - stock 500 l/h return pump - Sicce sincra 1000 l/h wave maker - Fluval PS2 mini protein skimmer - AI Prime HD lights Other filter media I am using - piece of Acurel nitrate remover media pad, + piece of phosphate remover media pad - Xport bio plate from Brightwell aquatics - Activated carbon. Live stock for filtration - around 12 kg live rock - 20 kg black live sand from Carib Sea Arag-alive Right now it is already one week that I removed skimmer and placed Chaeto and seems everything is still ok, just my Seriatopora is opening it's polyps little bit smaller. Please advice me was it right decision to remove the skimmer or not?
  16. Hi, I upgraded my aquarium and I have this items. All items have shipping included. Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer Classic 110 SuperSpaceSaver. Rated for up to 120Gallons - Like New $160 CAD Lights Gen3 PLS-100 Pipeless Protein Skimmer. Rated for up to 120Gallons - Normal wear $70 Aqamai KPS Wavemaker. Wifi Controllable. Adjustable flow rate: 370-1050 gph - Like New, 3 months old. $75. Willing to trade for fish and corals but only for locals. I'm in Miramar, FL. Can trade also for a Ecotech ReefLink.
  17. Adrock15659

    FS: Tunze 9001 *SOLD*

    I have a nearly brand new Tunze 9001 that was used for 1.5 weeks. I have decided to set up my rear chambers differently on my Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon. The skimmer has been modded to move the magnet to the back of the unit. Works perfectly. Items in photo are exactly what you get. PM me for any questions. $75.00 shipped (firm) anywhere in the US.
  18. panhandlereefer

    SCA 301 Tuning and Micro Bubbles

    I have been running this SCA-301 skimmer in my sump for about 3 weeks and am getting an absurd amount of microbubbles still. I took a video so everyone can see how bad it really is... Dropbox link to microbubble video. The flow through my sump is pretty fast, but I need it to be so that I don't have any powerheads in my display. Anyone have ideas to help reduce these bubbles?
  19. squamptonbc

    Somatic 60s Skimmer by Vertex.

    I got fed up with the reef ocotpus skimmer that I had initially bought for my red sea reefer 170 so I sold that one and decided to go with a Somatic 60s as it was cheaper then most of the othet brands and quality seemed good. Nobody near me sells it so I asked my LFS if they could order one in and they did. Tool 2 weeks from the LFS ordering it to one arriving. Its a big skimmer. 9 x 9 foot print and tall. But it fits well into the 170 sump. The 170 stand is plenty tall enough as well to remove the collection cup. On day 1 I decided to run it in a bucket of saltwater and vinegar. I installed it on day 2 and it ran 3 days like crazy mad and the collection cup cannot be installed during this time. On day 4 it settled down. And I put on the collection cup and adjusted it and it started skimming. Its set for a pretty wet skim at the moment. I am only doing small adjustments every few days until I find the best spot. This skimmer is high quality and I could instantly notice the higher quality vs reef ocotopus which actually costs more. It has an excellent price point for the quality. The skimmer pretty much comes assembled with very little to do by the end user. Box to set up maybe 3 mins. It runs a tad loud howevet this is an easy fix that I found on you tube and now its basically silent. I would highly reccomend this skimmer over similiar ones like reef ocotpus. The photo of the skimmate is first day it was skimming and before any adjustments were made. Its producing darker skimmate now.
  20. Hello - Currently selling 3 NYOS Quantum 160 Skimmers. They are all in very good condition and have about 8 months of use. I gave them a good scrub down this weekend with vinegar and water so they should be fairly clean (unless you are OCD and want to disassemble them for spotless cleaning). There are a total of 3 for sale. New these retail for $499.99 + tax. These units are all very clean and work extremely well - absolutely nothing wrong with them, just a change in direction with the tanks they were on. 2 of them are in perfect condition [INDENT] I'm selling 2 of them for $XXX = Perfect Condition [/INDENT] 1 of them has scratches on the body from placement in the sump and also has the top of the collection cup damaged (the glass broke off from the top of it. Still fits snug - but has a hairline crack. Can be repaired with glue. DOES NOT IMPACT PERFORMANCE AT ALL) [INDENT] I'm selling 1 of them for $XXX due to the scratches and cracked glass under the top = Not Perfect Condition [/INDENT] I can ship - but will require EXACT Shipping Costs to be covered as I always get nailed saying "$10 for shipping and the item costs me $40+ after insurance and shipping costs to the middle of Montana" Any questions - please let me know. I have a tremendous amount of feedback on other sites under this same name where I've sold thousands of dollars worth of product: Scratch to body from sump: Cracked Glass on Lid: Cracked glass is BOTTOM LID:
  21. Hello guys here is the newest glass skimmer for your nano tanks,i just blowed my first unite and its perfectly working and this will be sexy addition to your nano reef tank here is some shots of making of this skimmer
  22. Hello, I had a circulation pump, which stopped working a few days ago. I'm thinking to buying a return pump, because it's more cheaper! For my aquarium with soft corals how many gallon per hour would be better? Maybe 130 gph? Bye
  23. Total newbie here, a ridiculous question about a ridiculously large skimmer for my new tank. I'm setting up my first reef tank: 16 G (60 L) tank and I was looking for a protein skimmer, possibly one that could also work in a larger tank in the future. The Hydor Slim skin skimmer is a good candidate but comes in two sizes. A smaller one (30 cm - 12 inch long) for tanks 15 to 35 gallons A larger one (45 cm - 17.5 inch long) for tanks 45 to 65 gallons My Dennerle NanoCube Marinus 60L tank is 43 cm (17 inch) tall. The larger skimmer would stand 37 cm (14.5 inches) into the water, while the upper part of its length, 8 cm (3 inches), would extend above the water level. [With a 3 cm (1.1 inch) sandbed and water 3 cm (1.1 inch) from the tank rim] Assuming obviously that water would reach into the larger skimmer, would the larger skimmer work? I fully realise this would be far from aesthetically pleasing. Is the larger skimmer just way too oversized for it to be beneficial to such a small (16 G) tank? Would it be a problem if the bottom of the skimmer touched the sandbed?
  24. It's been a few years since I've had a tank. I just placed an order for a Nuvo 20 black with a 20L sump. I could use some help on skimmer selection. I want to make sure I select a correctly rated skimmer and something quiet. The tank will be set up in my office, so noise is a concern. My available sump space is 10"x12". Thanks for the help.
  25. tarunteam

    Upgrading AquMaxx HOB-XC

    I have an AquaMaxx HOB-XC and the skimmer impeller recently broke. To replace the impeller it's 25 bucks, which is half the cost of the pump. The pump used is a cobalt 4-8 fractionating impeller. Anyone have suggested upgrades for the pump?