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Found 2 results

  1. Dirté Sanchez

    Le Dirté Brute Squad 13.5g

    After starting my membership here with a strong showing, and for my own educational purposes and record, I guess I’ll start a journal. Seems like a good place to keep a list of ideas and tips to help me on this journey! Tank: Fluval Evo XII 13.5 gallon started 1/21/2019 Equipment: Fluval spec return pump 132gph Fluval sea mini protein skimmer 5-10gallon Fluval 50W heater In Tank Chamber 1 media basket Current Orbit Marine LED light w bracket arm Current Orbit Eflux Wave pump 660gph (along w their hubs) IM mesh screen Media: Fluval bio rings (bottom level of media basket) Fluval 100gm carbon (bottom level media basket) Fluval clearmax (middle level media basket) IM filter floss (top level media basket) Stock: 14lbs live rock ? Lbs of life sand Black oscellaris clown True percula clown Blue spotted goby watchman Red banded snapping shrimp Scarlet shrimp Trochus snails x4 Dwarf red hermit crabs x 10 Star polyp x 2 (one split into two sections thanks to hermits, so there’s three-ish) Palys x 2: both protopalythoa Hairy mushroom x3 (all on one big rock) Hammer x 1 Zoa x1 Now obviously I didn’t start with all of this at once. We started with three clowns in fact- two percula and the oscellaris, but the two bigger fish kept trying to kill the smaller so I took the small guy back to save him from certain death within a week. Following that, the black was named Jolly Roger and the percula Jack Sparrow. (What can I say- this tank is “supposed” to be owned by my soon to be 9 year old who LOVES POTC, but secretly, it’s mine 😁) We started with two trochus and five hermits, but I doubled that for more cleaning power after about two and a half weeks. Those guys don’t get names. We added the goby and his “pal” Jan 22, but they NEVER hang with each other and in fact I’m not sure they know the other exists anymore. The goby was named J Edgar Hoover because he is always watching us with disapproval from across the room and follows us around the tank with his permanent frown. The pistol shrimp was named Snappy because well..... 🤷🏻‍♀️ We added the scarlet shrimp a week ago, and he’s quite the personality. We call him the Red Baron. We started the tank with a zoa and the little star polyp that the herms split in two. We next added the protopalys. Added the hammer today, with some drama due to the LFS lady who evidently thinks I’m out to kill everything in my tank 🤦🏽‍♀️. That’s it for this tank in a nutshell.
  2. HELLO everyone! This is my first post, and i'm genuinely curious to hear what you guys have to say about my 6 line wrasse.So currently I have a 10G FOWLR tank on my desk at work that's been cycling since October-ish, stocked with a royal gramma (Krang), 3 Stripe Damsel (Ruckus), Ocellaris clown (Juice) and a 6 line wrasse (Cream Corn). Krang has been in there for a month, everyone else has been in there for 2ish weeks. Before you rag on me for having 4 fish in a 10G tank, bear in mind that everyone gets along (except Krang, who gets a little territorial), and if **** should hit the fan or if anyone starts to get a little too big for the tank (they're all around an 1 inch big right now), I have a 280G waiting for them.Now back to the issue. Cream Corn the 6 line is by far my favourite fish. When I first introduced him to the tank, I was actually surprised to see him eat both pellets and frozen mysis immediately. But over the past few days, I've not seen him eat anything that I put in the tank. Mind you, my tank has very little algae and I'm currently running copper (it's a FOWLR so I honestly don't mind putting copper in the DT) and I have an ceramic aquascape rock instead of LR, so I doubt that there are any hitchhikers like flatworms or bristleworms. He's acting perfectly normal, zooming around and coming up to the glass and I can see zero signs of parasites on anyone. In fact, he's looking around and picking at stuff on the rock sculpture. The thing is, if he hasn't eaten anything at all since I got him, I'd understand that I have a sick/picky fish. However, I've seen him eat both the mysis and the pellets before, but now he's stopped and is scoping out stuff on the rock sculpture and gnawing at it. I've tried frozen mysis, brine shrimp and pellets. He's not fat, but he's definitely not starving either. All of them are super active. I'm just not sure what he's eating, and I want to make sure that he doesn't starve. At this point, I'm almost tempted to buy live tigger pods just to make sure that he's ok and I get some peace of mind. Is this normal?  Do 6 line wrasses pick at diatom algae? Because I've definitely noticed that my diatom bloom has all but disappeared in my tank since he's been in here, and the only remaining bits that I can see are the ones that are in the direct path of my fan where none of the fish can reach. That's my only reasoning right now. Let me know if i'm doing anything wrong or if you have suggestions for irresistible 6 line food. I've included my parameters below juuuust in case. pH: 7.7 (stabilized at this level for 3 weeks. not going to raise this until I've finished running copper because I don't want to risk complications)dKH: 8Alkalinity: 2.85Nitrates: 5Phosphates: 010% water changes every 5-7 days. I'd also appreciate any suggestions on how to naturally raise my pH without using chemicals. I have plenty of surface movement, and if an airstone'll help, I'm open to getting one. Attached is a (terrible) photo of Cream Corn investigating my camera while Juice lurks in the background lmao.
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