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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! I have had my 40 liter nano running now stable for about 4 months. Everything is theiving and growing and look's very healthy. Just one coral isn't doing very well at the moment.... One digitata, actually the very first coral that went into the tank three months ago! Three weeks ago, in amther of days, the polyps retracted and the bottom went pale. The only change i made before that, was adding two mangroves in sump and removing some filtermedium. I then reintroduced the filtermedium and the digitata stabilized. The color in the pale parts slowely came back. The polyps just didn't. In the healthy parts the polyps came back better every day. Niw three weeks later, I came home today and compared to yesterday about 1cm went pale! I don't inow what's happening... It grew great in the first few months. In some parts even up to 0,5 cm. In the last two months the rock on which the digitata is, is also covered in hard, dark brownish algea. I actually like the look of it, so didn't see it as a problem. Could it be? See the photo's for what i mean. All other animals are doing great! Eating, growing, making house, cleaning, shitting and did i mention growing? i have: - couple occelaris - 1 orange spotted watchman goby - 1 pacific cleaner shrimp - 2 blue legged hermit - 1 nassarius - 3 astrea - bunch of brittle stars - 1 peanut worm - 1 bristle worm - about 30 featherdusters - small superman monti - small monti carpricornis - two small hammer corals - 1 toadstool - 1 goniopora - 2 small mangroves living in the filter - some beautiful coraline algea - handful of hitchhiker sponges - 1 monti digitata values: Temp: 25.4 sal: 1.026 kh: 9 ca: 460 ph: 8 mg: 1470 no3: 2 mg/l nh3: 0 po4: 0
  2. I bought this three-headed frag of acans 2 days ago. They seemed pretty happy until now. I even fed them some frozen mysis last night. but there was always this one corner that seemed to be releasing a little bit of slime into the water. That'ss what corals do when they've recently been disturbed and moved" I said to myself, and I assumed it would just wash away. Then today I got back from work and found that corner oozing lots of slime and can see some exposed skeleton! the other heads seem very happy; no recession as far as I can tell. And even the oozing head seems happy besides. But something is clearly wrong. Did I tear the polyp pacing it in the tank? Is it infected? can I blame this on water chemistry and lighting? I need a diagnosis and I feel like I need to act fast based on how suddenly this injury appeared.
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