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Found 23 results

  1. I had a lot of fun making this video. Let me know if you enjoy. The tank has been up and running for about 4 months now and I’m pretty proud of it. The video is mostly of the mantis shrimp and his funny antics. But it also shows the chronological evolution of the tank since the day I brought it home. Let me know what you think!
  2. HingleMcCringleberry

    Mantis shrimp in a nano tank?

    Hi all ive decided to get a peacock mantis shrimp and give it its own tank. I found an old oceanic 8 gallon bio cube on Craigslist for 35$ and was thinking of using that. It fits perfectly on my nightstand. I also have a 20 gallon setup that I took down a few months ago when I upgraded. But it is a budget 20 gal setup and not exactly quiet or pretty. I think 8 gallons could be big enough for a mantis shrimp if I provide it with lots of burrowing spaces and a deep sand bed. What do you think?
  3. HingleMcCringleberry

    Does Shrimp Cleaning = Sick Fish?

    Hi all, I have a cleaner shrimp in my 30 gallon tank that seems to have a voracious appetite. I’m very happy with the small skunk cleaner and how much he tries to clean my fish. But counterintuitively, this makes me worried about my fish. I know my tank has ich since I had an outbreak in the past, but all my fish currently look and act healthy. No spots or scratching on rocks or any other unusual behavior. My largest fish, a foxface rabbitfish has been getting a lot of attention from the shrimp. The rabbitfish was also hit hardest by the ich in the past. It’s a small tank and I guess it’s not easy to avoid the manic little shrimp (the rabbitfish is moving to a bigger home soon), but the rabbitfish often swims slowly past. The shrimp jumps on and starts to clean and the rabbitfish shakes him off shortly after. Not sure if the fish is asking for it or not. Either way, my real question boils down to this: If my cleaner shrimp is cleaning my fish a lot does it mean my fish is getting sick? Even if the fish shows no signs of infection? thanks in advance to any thoughts and advice!
  4. I just got a tiny yellow watchman goby, and I would like to pair him with a shrimp. I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestions on the specific species of shrimp. Additionally, my goby is TINY. He's likely to be way smaller than any shrimp I get, is this a problem? Have you guys had success pairing a goby with a larger shrimp? Does anyone have any suggestions on convincing the goby and the shrimp to pair up? Thanks!!
  5. Hi Folks, I'm currently in the cycling process of my Red Sea Reefer 170. This is my third tank. I started this tank with BRS Dry Rock, and live sand from BRS. I added a shrimp 3-4 days ago. It's beginning to disintegrate in my filter sock, still no ammonia readings. I added a small live rock and some chaeto yesterday. Before adding shrimp I began with Red Sea Mature Pro cycling kit however my readings using API & Salifert show to be 0 on everything Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite. This is after seven days... 77.3 *F 8.17 ph 34.2 salt 233 ORP Visually, the tank looks clean. No signs of diatoms. Where the $#%* is my ammonia haha?! Either this tank is cycling very efficiently and it's undetectable or Red Sea's Mature Pro cycling kit is pure snake oil. Prove me wrong. What to do next... Edit: I added the live sand and dry rock one week before beginning the cycling product from Red Sea.
  6. Anyone know what this could be? It looks like some kind of shrimp and I see 4 of them in my tank. They are super small and I first noticed them months ago when I would turn off all my pumps and they would just be floating on the surface until I poked at them. I do have a cleaner shrimp in my tank but I’m not sure if these could be the babies or something else. Hope it’s not a bunch of mantis shrimp.
  7. coryscritch

    corys IM 14 gallon

    hi guys about 10 years ago i had a 65 gallon reef that i loved! since moving to nyc i haven't set one up until now. which began as a very basic 10 gallon tank. a month in she started leaking which forced me to upgrade to something a little bigger but much nicer. so heres what i have. tank -IM nuvo 14 gallon heater-cobalt 100w lighting -current orbit marine led (light works great for the price and what i have for now) -finnex light (for refugium) filtration -purigen -chemipure -phosnet i also have the algae barn nano refugium kit. -finnex hob refugium i have about 17lbs of live rock i got from my LFS (pacific aquarium) 5lbs of live sand flow -sicce .5 silent pump (stock pump was too loud) nano koralia weekly water changes (about 2 gallons) the old tank is pictured first. i liked the rock work much more in the first tank. all together the tank is about 3 months old.
  8. Krish87

    Paint it RED!!!

    Yup, I like to hang upside-down over the hammer :-) Signed. Flint - The Red Blood Fire Shrimp
  9. ihglifelol

    C.U.C ideas

    I have a 5 gallon pico with not much living things in it. however, i had an old light which helped algae growh alot which I changed last weekend. however My small C.U.C didnt clean up the thing yet. I have tons of hair algae and some red slime algae. Algae growth is slowed down, but hair algae is a fast growing algae, even in higher lightings. I have a lonely fireshrimp and getting a peppermint shrimp on wednesday 5-8 dwarf ceriths 1 rescued saltwater feedershrimp (not the freshwater variety) 1 large trochus snail(likes the glass, never on rocks,) 1 keyhole limpet, oldes C.U.C member, not the best have 1 acan, kenya tree and duncan coral and a recovering GSP (on fragplug on kenya tree so was buried in the sand in the LFS) algae infestation is bad. any good cuc members.
  10. I can be the first one this has happened to. I was re-gluing a pocillopora frag and while I was holding the frag down my shrimp ran up and stuck one of his claws and feelers in it. He was trying to pick it off using his other claw. Will he be able to get it off and will this cause any issues when molting?
  11. coryscritch

    Feeding time

  12. Sooooo....I’ve been using RPS All-Out to dip corals for years and never had (noticed?) this problem. But today I think I killed all of the shrimp in my tank with it. I must have had some one my hands, or not rinsed frags well enough. I was totally NOT aware of how toxic this stuff is to shrimp/inverts. First, while I was placing some new frags, I noticed my scarlet cleaner shrimp had apparently fallen prey to a rock anemone. I though that was super weird, as he’s totally walked across this nem before and been fine, but there he was laying there, with the nem trying to eat him. Eventually the nem relaxed, but the shrimp wasn’t doing anything but twitch. So I gently pulled him away and put him in an observation/hospital container. Then I noticed one of my sexy shrimp blowing around the bottom, not moving. Wasn’t sure if it was a molt, or a dead shrimp. Added him to the observation chamber too. Then I noticed another sexy shrimp flowing around on the sand, but coudln’t reach him. HMMM... checked the mini-maxi garden where all the sexies usually play, and they were all missing. Then I noticed my Randall’s pistol Shrimp acting really strange...out in the open, alive, but definitely not normal. In hindsight, I also remember a lot of pods floating around lifeless-like this afternoon too. I threw extra carbon in my filter, and checked with the guy who sold me frags today to ask if he had copper in his system (which, duh, he didn’t...who would put copper in a coral tank?) And I ran a copper test, just in case (zero, or below 0.1 at least.) Then I put two and two together and googled RPS All-Out. BINGO. Highly toxic to inverts. Even at small concentrations. Apparently you are supposed to run frags dipped with it in a separate quarantine tank with carbon, and rinse the frags really, really well before putting them in the display with inverts. Which it does NOT say on the bottle. But many forums show other people having the same experience. Also, another thing that makes sense now: my pistol shrimp got caught by a flower nem two weeks ago. Same situation. I saw him out acting weird, and thought “that’s strange,” and then saw him bump into the nem and get caught. When the nem loosened it’s grip, I pulled the shrimp off (but the nem kept both front claws.) The shrimp hid under shallow rock (not one of his usual caves) for the next 24 hours, then disappeared for several days. And then, one day, he was back with his watchman goby buddy excavating caves like nothing ever happened (except minus his claws still.). So...maybe some shrimp will recover? Maybe not. The two I can see now are still acting dead but occasionally twitching/moving. I feel like a terrible jerk, and a malevolent, neglectful god of my 32 gallon world. That sucks. The moral is: RPS All-Out kills shrimp. And it only takes a tiny, tiny, tiny bit. In our nano tanks, I’m sure the effect of just a little is greately amplified over a bigger tank.
  13. displayname

    Firefish and Goby Compatability

    Hi all, I stumbled on the forum one day at lunch and it's been a huge help! I have a Fluval M60 that has just finished cycling. I'm looking to get: -Goby/Shrimp pair -Ocellaris Clown -Purple Firefish -Royal Gamma My question is, should I think about forgetting the firefish because of the shrimp goby? Or will I likely be okay keeping the two in the tank together since the firefish is rather peaceful and the shrimp goby stays near the bottom? Thanks in advance!
  14. REEFERzz24

    Fire blood shrimp

    Just a quick question about my fire shrimp I got last friday. Last night i noticed that he had molted which i understand to be common when they are introduced to a new environment. I read some forum and articles on wether to remove it or not but decided to leave to so the shrimp and rest of the clean up crew could eat at it. Well tonight when i got home from work i noticed it hasn't been touched. Should i remove it since no one is really going for it? It also a newer nano tank so my bacteria isn't completely built up yet.
  15. Hobbs

    Hardy Nano Saltwater Aquarium

    Hey everyone, My 8g aquarium is almost done cycling and I am thinking about livestock options. I have had 6 years of experience with a 10 but after a 2 year break (went to Africa) I decided to start from scratch with a cube. I have 7 pounds of very porous pre cured live rock, 12 lbs of sand, standard mechanical/ charcoal filter, and a moderate intensity LED light fixture. I know my livestock selection is fairly limited so i wanted to get a couple thoughts before making any purchases. I move every year so the corals/inverts/fish do have to be a bit hardy. For a center piece coral, I wanted to do a birds nest coral and have some mushroom and zoos, maybe a couple other smaller corals or a leather eventually. Now the hard part. Fish. I know one or two at most but I really like symbiotic relationships and am having a hard time with compatability. I was at first considering a royal gramma (slightly larger than ideal though) for its coloring but I realized its a little aggressive. I am also thinking a pistol shrimp/ watchman combo but the coloring is kind of dull. Also I am concerned that the pistol shrimp might kill other inverts i put in. I'm of course going to do snails and hermits but I am pretty tempted to go with sexy shrimp and a porcelain/Pom Pom crab and spot feed. I could just stick with clown gobies or neon gobies but I like more active, free swimming fish I am completely open to suggestions and going with something completely different than what I have planned. Thought of a Harlequin Shrimp but those are too much work...
  16. I'm Batman

    Shrimp Hatching Video

    Ummm so I have shrimp again. This happened about 6 months ago. I've read that Coral Banded Shrimp can reproduce asexually but I haven't seen any scientific evidence. Where could these have come from? They appear reddish so I'm leaning towards the coral Banded shrimp???? Heres a video of shrimp swimming around in the tank. Ok so I can't post a media file because error -200?
  17. thespinningsadhu

    Sexy on the Zoas

    I was having fun with my macro lens.

    © jagadeesh owens

  18. thespinningsadhu

    big sexy

    I was having fun with my macro lens.
  19. thespinningsadhu

    A Love Story

    My lady shrimp in her new home. She loves it.

    © Jagadeesh Owens

  20. CWood

    Roxy the Mantis Shrimp

    Pictures of my mantis shrimp. Her name is Roxy.
  21. Hippieheadshot

    Exotic goby/shrimp pair success?

    Any one have current or pass success with a more exotic goby shrimp pair? Something other then the classic yellow watchman/tiger combo. I'm definitely more of a fan of high fin and dramatically colored gobies but I don't see them paired often. I know that if they are not natural pairing the that makes it unlikely but had anyone have examples of success? Thanks
  22. Hello all, First of all, let me apologize if there is a good topic on this info elsewhere - I have been scouring the net for a few hours, and haven't been able to fully answer my questions, so I'm hoping to find some clarity here. I appreciate any time and information you can offer me, as there is still a whole lot that I don't understand. I realize that caring for aquatic life is a significant investment of time and money, and that my question seeks to (sort-of) skirt those caveats, so I hope I don't offend anyone - I have a lot of respect for the reefkeepers here and am just looking for some possible answers. With that said, what I'm looking to do is set up a very small tank at work, with mostly plant life to observe, but I would very much like to have some kind of tiny invertebrate in there like a shrimp or crab. However, I can't really manage large or frequent water changes in the space I'm in, as it is the web department (still marveling that they're letting me have a tank at all). I have been wondering if it would be possible to set up a 2.5 - 5 gal tank with perhaps 1-2 shrimp, a crab, or a few snails, and then LOTS of plants to try and get away with smaller volume water changes once, maybe twice a week. I definitely wouldn't think of subjecting a fish to this; I had considered a betta early on but quickly learned how foolish an idea that was. Realistically, I know I might just have to stick with some cool aquatic plants (I've wanted a marimo forever and will just stick one in a jar with some lucky bamboo if everyone thinks this is a terrible/otherwise impossible idea) but I would really love to have something I can feed and watch move around a bit. Even sea monkeys, lol. So, any suggestions for an ultra-low maintenance nano-tank? I've been looking at plants like marimo, anacharis, java fern, and lucky bamboo to have poking out the top. Would it be possible to add in any inverts? What type of maintenance would I be looking at if so? Would a filter/heater/additional light be necessary under those circumstances? Sorry for any stupid questions
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