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Found 16 results

  1. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Well it’s time for a new tank build. Originally purchased to be a frag tank I picked up one of ZooMed’s Low Boy 50g. After perusing the TOTM’s I came across two sources of inspiration which have now changed the entire direction of the low boy. Those two sources of inspiration are as follows: AND Two absolutely beautiful and unique tanks. The Aquascape will be very similar to both tank builds above. Almost combining the two with some rocks above the water line with some mangroves as well. The low boy offers a certain set of challenges as it is only 10” tall. But the 48x24 footprint allows for really cool dimensions as far as scaping goes. As I mentioned, I originally purchased the tank to set up as a frag system so to please my better half there will be a large frag area in the sump. Equipment: 50g ZooMed Low Boy 75g DIY Sump/Frag Tank Sicce Syncra 3.0 Return Pump 2 Tunze Nanostream 6040’s Eshopps Eclipse S Overflow 2x250w halide with 2 T5HO (ReefBrite strips to replace t5’s later) Eheim Jager Heater Havent chose a skimmer yet, thinking maybe just a Tunze 9004. Tunze ATO Ive got about 75lbs of dry dead rock which I will be using for my scape. Will add about 40lbs of aragonite as well. Stocking plans will be a mix of macros and corals, softies and LPS mostly. Havent put much much thought into fish plans. A friend is building a simple 2x4 stand which I may sand and paint white. Simple and effective. It will be 48” high for optimal viewing of the tank. Pics of the build to come this week!
  2. I have a reef tank of 85x35x20 (cm) and now I want to do a rearranging of the rocks and better aquascape it. I have more rocks to add if need be both in small size and bigger. I inherited this tank and have been doing my best to keep it as good as possible and my plans are as follows for it: The right side next to the filter compartment I want to add more sand (turn it like a small under water hill) and plant the 5 mangroves I am cultivating. as you see there is a stone background right next to filter compartment. That is the area I want to add the mangroves. There are about 13 corals and I am going to get at least 3 more (chalice, another montipora and another euphilia) to place in the tank. I have 4 small cuttings of the following macroalgae that I am thinking about placing them in the right side close to where the mangroves are. Cryptonemia Crenulata Caulerpa taxifolia Codium sp. Gracilaria Curtissae What would be your recommendation for aquascaping? Should I add more rocks? Remove some rocks? Put them all next to each other? Any recommendation or share of wisdom and experience is very very welcome. PS: I put a small video of how the tank looks like here: https://i.imgur.com/0YTNytu.mp4 as well.
  3. Hello everyone, Was hoping everyone could provide me with some tips and suggestions on a new 10 gallon build I want to do. Right now here is my plan: Tank: UNS 60S shallow aquarium (24x14x7) Light: Kessil A80 Rock: Stax and marco rock Heres where I need help. I’m stuck between filtration options. I would like to build a sump, but have never owned a tank with one, and don’t even know where to begin with overflows/drilling/plumbing let alone building the sump itself. Other things I am considering is using a canister filter and cleaning it often, or just an AC. I just love the clean look of this tank, and would like to be able to keep the filtration, heater and ato out of the view area if possible. Would like to keep the tank as close to looking “empty” looking as possible. I also would like a solution that won’t kill my wallet, however I know this hobby and am expecting it to at least get a beating. My stocking plan: bit of LPS/Softies 1 fish (either Azure Damsel OR a pygmy angel) 1 blood red fire shrimp I am attaching a picture of what the tank looks like, and the second picture is the aqua scape I want to follow. I basically want a shallow lagoon look, with lots of open sand areas. Essentially what I am asking is what would you guys do with this tank? How would you filter it? Any suggestions will be appreciated and the more detailed the better! thanks in advance!!
  4. Variant

    Variant's Shallow Reef

    I've been spending the last 6 months looking at some of the gorgeous tank builds here and now that my own tank build is taking off, I will introduce myself. I go by Variant on forums and I love good coffee, hiking, and my miniature schnauzer Mona. I travel frequently for work but will try my best to document my reef tank journey. I'm hoping to build a mixed but SPS dominated tank for my living room. Nothings set in stone so we'll see how things change over time. Equipment List Tank: 30" x 25" x 12" (760mm x 635mm x 300mm) Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Sump: 24" GEO Auto Filter Roll ("AFR") Light: 8x24 ATI Powermodule Wifi Flow: x2 Vortech MP10QD Skimmer: Deltec 600i Controller: GHL Profilux 4 Doser: GHL Doser 2.1 Quick pictures of the setup after picking up the tank today. Will be traveling in a bit so updates might be a tad slow!
  5. Background: I'm currently in college and have a super low-maintenance mixed reef set up at home (link), which I've gotten a bit bored with. I decided to set up the empty tank in my room and found the tide pool theme inspiring, challenging and creatively-stimulating. Still low-maintenance given I'm only home once every ~3 weekends during the semester. Status: Live rock is chilling with some water movement and heater. Will be getting more rock and adjusting the aquascape. Substrate ordered. Need to set up lights, timers, and possible tide cycle. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Tank: 24x18x12" (Starphire glass) by Miracles Stand: 25 IM Fusion Lagoon high gloss black stand w/leveling mat Lights: 2x LEDTriC Par38's (9am-6pm), RKL controller Filtration: HoB Aqua Clear filter, 5g tide cycle (6hrs per period) Heater: 200w Jager Substrate: 10lbs Florida Crushed Coral (Caribsea) Livestock (early thoughts): Ultra Rock Flower Anemones, urchin, starfish, crabs, snails, mangrove pods, feather dusters, macroalgae IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Day One (12.21.17)
  6. Long time no see guys! Crazy crazy stuff here. So, the 100 days tank is still going. I added a goldfish pond. And I sold,or tried to sell my 25 G. Story time: Mr Cling died. I don't know why or how, he vanished and was never seen again about a month ago. If you don't know who Mr. Cling is, go to my 100 Days journal. I was crushed. Devastated. He was so cool, we just celebrated our first anniversary together. He was a fantastic fish. I doubt I'll find another like him. I had never gotten the 25 back on track. With Mr Cling gone, I decided I'm gonna quit it. So I moved the bangaii to the 25g, moved Xena (the clown) to the 14 and listed the entire 25 system (sans nanobox, mp 10 and apex) for sale on my local reef group including the bangaii for $300. A day later, I am contacted by a member saying due to life circumstances, he has to move and can't take his big tank with him and needed it gone in 2 weeks. He wants a small tank to keep his favorite clown pair and shrimp and asked me if I would do a straight trade. My ad listing for his full 60g shallow set up with all corals and livestock. In order to get his brand new lights, I had to trade my nanobox. Which made me sad because I had put it on the 14g and really loved the color blend on it. lol Oh well. Lights for a 48" long tank aint cheap and I don't have that money lying around. Breaking down the 25 Two days later (friday) we went to his house and picked everything up. And I have never done a move like this before. We were moving to live systems. Taking ours to him and bringing his back. We hired our sitter to watch the hooligans... I mean children... for us and started the final tear down at 8 am for a 9 am departure time to get to his house by 9:30 am to begin breaking down the 60. Thankfully, being 7 years in to the hobby now, I've picked up a few tricks that really helped. One: Collect all the buckets Two: Collect all the styrofoam coolers Three: Collect all the tupper ware If you have all those things, you'll have an easy full tank move. Oh, and an Odyssey. Get yo self an Odyssey. Why an Odyssey? This is why: Because you can fit a 24"x48" long tank, stand, eshopps sump, all your plumbing, 3 shipping boxes of fish and coral, a 48" light and 7 5g buckets full of sand, rock, and water, that's why. Now, usually you don't bring water when you're moving, but we could only make 15 gallons at home and that would not be enough to move the fish and coral in. so we brought 10 g of his home with us. We broke that bad boy down in about 2 1/2 hours. In its spot. Running with just life support to get the fish and coral out of the boxes. Once we got everything home, my top priority was getting the fish and coral into the tank, so we set everything up to the point of survivability and making sure I wouldn't cook them (so quickly bringing the apex back up). Then, we moved on to plumbing. Some of the new critters as we were working: Maxi Mini Nem mated Spotcinctus pair Top down We spent from 8 am to 1 am working on the tanks the first day to make sure everything was live able. Yesterday we woke up to very hungry, active, social fish. So now to speak of our new inhabitants. We acquired: -Spotcinctus clownfish pair -Blue Hippo Tang -Blue Green Chromis -Melanarus Wrasse -Target Mandarin Dragonet -A bleached RFA (he said he was nursing it back to health) -mini maxi carpet nem -A stow away fire shrimp (crawled into a rock and didn't find him until we were unloading) And a ton of various lps and zoas and cuc. The tang I plan on keeping until she out grows the tank so she'll be easier to catch. She's 1 1/2" right now, so there's now way in hell I'll be able to catch her at that size. But don't worry tang police! Lucky for you, I don't care for tangs, so she won't be staying 😛 Ultimately, I think I'd like to get another s. doliatus and a leopard toby puffer to finish stocking. Everyone ate yesterday morning including the dragonet. She eats mysis and calanus. I'm going to pick up a thing of pods though to boost the population in the fuge for her. But I was very happy to see her eating. Day two's priorities were scaping, sand cleaning, fixing the overflow (he was running it with an open standpipe... holy toilet flush batman...), and I can't remember what else... the last three days have been a reef tank blur... lol Anyways, here are some final set up pics. I'm still waiting for the water to clear from me moving shit around again. I'll put clearer pics in later. Everything in the pics except for the vortech, apex, vertex skimmer and BTA are from the trade. Sump Messy electronics. @skoechle plans on building a custom cabinet for this space to put this stuff in as well as the DOS pumps. Double view of the goldfish pond on the patio. Can't wait for the water to clear up! You can see the RFA in this one @SeaFurn gonna need your skills to get this guy back! Maxi mini I plan on cleaning up this first a bit. just wanted to get the story down and out first! Hope the pics work... i used a different way of posting... I'll be mad if they don't. lol
  7. Hello nano-reefers, After many months strolling around this forum and many others, I finally decided to start a thread here. I feel like it would be a great opportunity for me to keep track of my tank too and get some harsh critics. Long story short, I am French living in Hong Kong for few years now. I always wanted to start a reef tank and I finally jumped in few month ago with a small cube. That was lot of fun (and pain...) but I always thought it didn't really look great. I never really liked aquarium per say as I always found them pretty out of place and clunky. This forum gave me a lot of inspiration, mainly 4x5, Scorched and holy carp tanks (go checkout there thread if you haven't done it yet). Anyways, I decided to do everything myself starting from the stand, then plumbing etc… I just didn’t want to mess around with glass tho. Equipment Light: 2x AI Hydra 26 HD Skimmer: Bubble Magus Curve A5 Return pump: Aqua Engine DP6 Vectra M1 Dosing: Bubble Magus bubble BM-T11 Other: Small DIY Chaeto reactor Stand build Here are some pictures of the stand build which is more a complete furniture aimed to integrate the tank. I first made a 3D model to get an idea of size and to test different configurations. Then, once I was happy with the end result, put that back on paper and went to get some plywood roughly cut to size. Here are few pics from the build. End result of the furniture Plumbing Time for some plumbing. Turned out to take me a while as I battled to find SCH80 pipe to go with the lifeguard bulkheads I ordered on Amazon; I finally gave up as Hong Kong as totally different standards. The overflow is heavily inspired by the holy carp overflow. I like it as it's simple, elegant, small and has both full syphon and surface skimming. I messaged him and he was very helpful in giving me some details. Check him out here I ordered a custom tank and send them the diagram above for drilling. I also designed and order a custom sump to fit in my stand. Some dry fitting of one part of the plumbing Custom 90 degree elbow for the surface skimming. Aqua scape There is no such thing as Fiji, Pukani rock and co here. So I bought a nice large piece of live rock at my LFS and decided to bleach it. As I had already live rock from my nano cube, I planned to use half of these already cycle rocks. Meaning I had to do some aqua scape at the last moment when transfering them from my existing tank. I mainly broke a large piece and put the piece back together using simple putty. Sump & Lighting I don't have many pictures of this part. It's very simple, the idea is to have all the hard plumbing in the stand so I could easily add a ball valves, unions etc... and keep things clean. Then, flexible tubing will go from the tank to to the hard plumbing. I find clear flexible tubing to be more elegant (as it will be exposed). For lighting, I decided to go with 2 x Hydra 26 HD. I was thinking of a nano box but having two different units seems a better idea. If one day I want to change tank and either upgrade or downgrade for instance. I was also running an AI Prime HD on my cube and I've been very pleased with this fixture. I explored the Radeon lights too but not having wifi on-board at such a high price tag was a deal breaker (and also I wanted white lights). Below is a picture where I finally put everything together and started to test for leaking, fixed the lights, setup the electrical mess, finalise the aqua scape etc...
  8. ReefGoat

    CADlight's 45g Shallow

    TANK: 45g Shallow LIGHTING: 24" Reef Breeders V2+ w/2 Sunblaster T5's (ATI blue+ and ATI coral+) CONTROLLER: Apex Classic ATO: Tunze Osmolator FRESHWATER CONTAINER: Stock Cadlights 3 gallon POWERHEAD: Vortech MP-10QD RETURN PUMP: Reef Octopus VarioS-2 HEATER: (2) Ehiem 100w SKIMMER: Reef Octopus Classic 110s SUMP: Stock Cadlights 25 gallons (maybe) PLUMBING: Custom by yours truly. Added ball valves, check valve and break out unions. Bulk Reef Supply red pipe with grey and white fittings. I used 40lb of Billy's Reef Connection dry rock. For the cleaning method I used 1 week in RO/DI and bleach (10 gallons of water to 1 gallon of bleach). After that was 1 week in RO/DI and I added Seachem Prime twice. Then they dried out for 3 days in the sun before adding to tank. The rocks are said to have been "lab tested" and showed just trace amounts of phosphorus in the results so I trusted him and chose to not do muratic acid cure or the 2-3 months in Saltwater with GFO and water changes. Time will tell if I made a mistake or not. The sand bed is 30lbs of dry sand. I used Caribsea flamingo reef which was rinsed for about 1.5 hours until the water ran clear. So as of today the cycling process has been going on for 1 week. It's the usual......Lights off, skimmer off and 2 ppm of Dr. Tim's ammonia once and Dosing of Microbacter7 every day for the first 2 weeks and then wait. You know the drill............ i'll also be ditching the peg legs holding up my light right now. I just haven't bought the galvanized piping to build my own little arms to hang it from. FUTURE UPGRADES: Lighting for chaeto in the sump Salinity Probe and proper Apex module to run it More flow FTS: 11/14/18 FTS: 12/22/18
  9. mcs

    mcs shallow reef

    Returning reefer from australia. unfortunately our local forums are a bit dead as of recent years so i thought id jump on here. So after being out of the hobby for some time i had the urge to start another mantis aquarium. But at the same time i thought why not make it a basic shallow mixed reef. So i actually started this tank many months ago. It sat around running with nothing in it and no light for months. I was waiting to find a suitable mantis shrimp. After a few months i found a mantis and another few months added in the first corals. And now we are currently just letting it age maybe adding a coral once a month or slower. Tank is set up as a peninsular with a rear filter section. Dimensions are 400Lx600Wx250H Its a pretty basic setup with a eheim compact 1000 as a return pump. 2x 50w eheim jager heaters. And a Nanobox Tide M light custom drilled so it sits lenthwise on the gooseneck. Just have a bunch of marinepure plates for filtration. Minimal rock and shallow sand bed. So this is still very early, corals will be added slowly and will try and get photos of the mantis. For anyone interested it is a gonodactylus ternatensis
  10. Putting together a build thread on the Mr. Aqua 12G Long in my bedroom. I'm going to keep editing this first post with progress, so I apologize in advance if it gets long... Tank Map: January 2016: Reverse Chronological FTS log : April 2018: Prior FTS: YouTube video tours: 2017-01 Prior Videos: And the full view:
  11. Hello Guys, I have failed with my previous build in DSB setup, so i have removed sandbed and started new tank with sump, this will be Aquaforest probiotic methode reef mainly focused in to sps and lps, System info Tank : 24*22*12 inch edge polished shallow cube Overflow :pokpo2500 Hob overflow Sump:12*12*12 cube, Filteration: 500 microne filtersock, AF Zeomix,Carbon, Phospate remover, Light : kessil a150 ocan blue and skyblue Chiller: Ocean geotronics 60 Bacteria additives : AF Probio S, AF -np pro, started with prodibio biogiesgest and bioptiem Lets start the journey, here with i'm attaching some photos of aquascape of new setup 🙂
  12. idreaminblue

    20g Long College Budget Reef Tank

    Hello! This will be my journal for my 20g long college nano reef tank. It will mainly be for myself to keep track of what's going on and to look for advice from others.
  13. So Currently I have a JBJ 28G NanoCube with LED Pro Lighting, it is a year old now. What I didn’t like about the NanoCube was the height of the tank, I hated having to clean anything or move anything down near the bottom. The other was the lack of controllability of the lights, I feel I have some corals that are not doing as well as they could be, they seem a bit bleached out like the lighting is almost too much. What I did like however was the “moonlighting” which was a great thing for being able to see the tank all the time. So this brings me to today… I got a really awesome deal on an Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon, almost too good to believe and I will have the tank on Thursday! Here are my plans, let me know what you think... Tank - IM 25 Lagoon Lights - AI Prime HD (seen others running this, @Clown79 or anyone else running these how High are you hanging it?) Pumps - Gonna try stock for now (if too noisy will probably do 2 Eheim 600s, or a single Sicce) Powerhead - Hydor Koralia Nano (Already have the 425gph, will that be enough flow?) Filtration Chambers - 3D printing a Floss Holder - Gonna try running with sock on other side and maybe an inTank refugium caddy Heater - Finnex HMA-S 100W heater ATO - Auto Aqua Smart ATO Stand - Going Custom - Debating between full build or buying a kitchen cabinet and finishing it up nicely - But I would really like 38-40 inches in height ( @flatlandreefer, how tall is your stand?) Can anyone give me edge to edge glass measurements, I want to make sure I don’t make top to small? Thinking about getting a DJ Powerstrip to make feedings and maintenance easier. Would this be sufficient? Rock - 20.5 lbs dry marco baserock, I am currently running the 20 pounds in a 10 Gallon Aquarium with an AC70 HOB to clean out the dust on the rock. Thinking this will be my scape (yes I made a Cardboard cutout of the dimensions as close as I could) - been playing around with it a bit still, what do you think? Looking from Front- Looking Downward from Front - Looking Directly down from the top- Looking from Right Side- Looking from Left Side- Debating on sand, either the Caribsea Arag-Alive Indo-Pacific Black or Special Grade Arag-Alive ~ 20lbs Let me know what you think and if I am missing anything? Thanks for putting up with all my pictures :-)
  14. TheReefingWolf

    ReefingWolf's 25G Fusion Lagoon

    Thought I would start a thread on my tank. Its been running for about a year and a half now. I've recently sold off most of my stock because I've decided i just want to do a Euphyllia dominant tank. This thread will be where I post update photos as well as brief updates on the status of the tank for my future reference. (Happy for you to follow along ) FUSION LAGOON 25G Ghost skimmer (Desktop) Smart ATO Micro 120W Black Box LED 1x Jebao WP-10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 LBS of Live sand (Fine Grain) 30ish LBS of Live rock ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chemi Pure Elite Purigen Wet Skimming at the moment -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Hello ! I was introduced to that hobby by my good friend Shaun. At this moment I run a small Pico 20g but I really love Shaun's shallow build. So inspired by his system I've started to build my own 30x30x12. We're thinking to move this year and it would be super hard to move a large tank, so it's going to be a very very very slow updated thread before we move. Then I'll follow with all the updates when finally I would be able to run what I've started. Shaun thanks again! Stand: DIY. Light: ATI 24" SunPower + Kessil 160we Tuna Blue. Tank: Crystal Dynamic Aquarium 30x30x12 Sump: 20g with OceanboxDesigns Reef-Reactive Sump Kit Skimmer: Vertex Omega 130 Reactor: Vertex RX-Z 1.5 ZEOlite Controller: Apex Doser: Kore 5th Main Pump: x2 MP10WES Vortech ATO: Kore 5th Return pump: Syncra Silent 2.0 Overflow: Synergy Reef Overflow 16" Heater: x2 Cobalt Neo-Therm 150W Kessil 160we on max blue settings and x2 ATI Actinic Bulbs ON. (First and last two hours of the day): Kessil 160we on max blue settings and ALL T5 Bulbs ON. (MIddle 10 hours of the light cycle): [Video Soon] Lighting Schedule 16 hours a day: 2 Hours only Kessil on max blue settings. 2 Hours Kessil + x2 ATI True Actinics. 8 Hours All ON. 2 Hours Kessil + x2 ATI True Actinics. 2 Hours only Kessil on max blue settings. at 12" over the water level. Colors of that combination with no Kessil only T5: Setup ( Zeovit System ) : Zeovit dosing schedule: Dosing on Sun. is after the water change. List of the dosing products: 1. Coral Snow. 2. Zeo Start. 3. Pohl's Xtra Special. 4. ZeoBac. 5. Sponge Power 6. Coral Vitalizer. 7. PIF Concentrate. 8. Coral Booster. 9. Amino Acid Concentrate. 10. B-Balance. 11. Vibrant. Zeostart is dosed directly into the reactor when the reactor is OFF for 30 mins. 0.5 liters ZeoVit with a flow of ~ 50 US gallons per hour through the reactor and 100gr. of activated carbon passively flown. Index: Stand Build. Sump Added. Tank Ordered. Tank Delivered. Plumbing Done. First day. Corals Added - 001. Vertex Omega 130. New SPS frags. Tank views October 2016. New Fishes Added. 1 Month Update. New SPS Frags. 2 Months Update. Feeding Video. Mini Frag Rack Vertex Omega 130 Skimmate. How to mount a Kessil to the ATI Sunpower. Lighting Schedule. Algae Explosion. My Dinostory. Dino update. 4 Months Update. pH Chart. 5 Months Update. Dino Free ! Growth Rate Pictures. Current tank views: Last Update March. 2017
  16. Hi reefers i have 10000 Lph pump i have used for my old 90g tank, im going to build 24*20*12 shallow cube , is it possible to use this return pump for my newsetup ? planing to run cheato refugium and couple of media reactors in sump,and im not gonna use any wavemakers for this setup , i believe my return pump will make enough water moment in main display. what you guys think about my idea ?
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