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Found 12 results

  1. Basically my return pump's chamber has water filled to the lowest and my filter section of the tank only covers one media box which I dont think is normal? When I first got this tank my pump was good and the chamber was filled decently making little to no noise. Consequently, one day my sister woke me up to tell me that my aquarium was flooded to the brim with water. It looks like the return pump expelled almost all the water in both its chamber and the media bag/box chambers onto the main display area. I took out the water and I took out my pump aswell to see what was wrong with it but I couldn't find anything wrong. But I did have trouble putting it back onto the same place so the tubing kinda expanded which made a bit more noise. I honestly do not know what to do and I am desperately looking for help, should i buy a new pump and tubing? Or should I return the tank as a whole to get another one which is a bigger problem because my lfs is like 30 minutes away.
  2. Hi all, I've been out of the hobby for several years, but I'm now planning a nano aio lagoon, sps dominated, minimal-fish build for a new apartment. For parameter consistency, there will be an ato system where I also plan to dose. Mangroves have always appealed to me, but I find they look out of place in the reef. I am envisioning instead a mangrove growing in a separate display-tank-made-ATO-reservoir adjacent the nano reef. The ATO would itself be topped off with RO as needed (I see the irony here). My understanding is these in fact grow better in freshwater than salt. The ATO tank would only have a powerhead for circulation and crushed coral over a soil or live-mud bed for rooting. Exact location is tbd, but I plan for a grow light supplemented by a window. All this was inspired by ewelch's Micro Mangrove Build which operates as a closed saltwater system. Some concerns: 1. Unwanted nutrient leach from the freshwater ATO mud concentrating in the reef 2. Impacts of dosing in the ATO on mangrove health I can't seem to find any examples of people stacking uses of their ATO's, certainly not with plants. There may well be good reason for this and that's why i'd like to hear from some of you.
  3. Pumpernickel

    Waterbox Cube 20 setup

    Hi guys 🙂 I am about to get my first saltwater aquarium. I have some experience with freshwater and nano freshwater. Because it is my first saltwater I wanted to ask you about my planned setup and if you have any better ideas or additions. Tank Waterbox Cube 20 Equipment AI Prime HD Sicce 1.0 return pump Hydor Koralia Nano 100w heater inTank Media Basket (Carbon, bio balls, filter floss) I don't really know if I need a Skimmer. Some say yes and some no. Planned stocking Carib Sea Arag-Alife Bahamas Oolite Mixed reef Pair of Clowns Lysmata amboinensis Maybe some snails for cleaning Euphyllia glabrescens green tip blastomussa wellsi sarcophyton Thanks in advance for helping me 🙂
  4. Hello everybody, I’m looking for help/advice in setting up a brand new nano reef tank. So I allowed my daughter to bring some hermit crabs home from Florida and turns out they were marine thin stripe crabs. After much groaning, I find a Fluval 13.5 online and it arrives broken. I’ve already had these crabs is a makeshift container for over a week so I bought a Coralife BioCube 16 from a local fish store at a great price. I set up the cube last night with Arag-Alive Bahama sand and Imagitarium Pacific Ocean water and set the crabs inside. This morning the water has cleared up and I have some CaribSea life rock coming today. The heater is working well and has the water at 80 degrees. I tested the water and got the following with my API master saltwater kit. PH: 7.9 Amonia: .25-.50 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 Is this normal? Do I need to add any of these additives I see? Thanks in advance. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  5. DaveMc

    5.3g Pico Paradise

    Hello everyone, Thought it was about time to get started on my build thread for my first pico tank. Over the years I have had nano's and larger reef systems but this is my first pico so looking forward to getting it going. My light holder, filter, seachem prime and carbon will be delivered tomorrow so I can get going on it. So far this is what I have... Microvue3 5.5 gallon cube tank Koralia Nano 240 - Maybe, depends on flow coming from filter 50w Tetra Heater Aquaclear HOB Filter Digital thermometer ABI LED Aquarium Light 5 lbs Dry Rock - Will seed with some rubble from my 36g Bow Front Sand The two pics here are of the first idea for my aquascaping. Gonna play with some other idea's before making a decision. The one branching piece I am gonna take a frag from my GSP to put on it to make it kind of look like a GSP tree if I stick with it. If not then may attach the frag to the back glass and let it cover it like a all of GSP. Let me know your thoughts on this scape, will post more tomorrow once I play around with it lol.
  6. So i Just started to cycle my tank (bc8) and my filtration is only filter floss and my LS,is this good or what else should i do to improve the filter and is the LS its self good , i have it with dry rock.
  7. I took out the stock pump on my coralife biocube 32 and I am replacing it with a cobalt mj1200 (The good Italian one not the maxi jet) im having some issues getting it to fit properly and how to make sure the tube doesn’t come off... (it seems loose but it’s 1/2” ID- standard tube for the BC) also when i attach the little protector part for the impeller it’s just barely touches the sponge... not sure if that’s an issue or not.... anyone who has this in the Coralife BC 32 could you please show me a picture of how yours is set up or if you needed to zip tie the tube or put something on the tube to hold it in place once there is water pressure (I’m afraid of it blowing off) here are some pictures.... some have the protector for the impeller on it (which I’d prefer to keep) and some don’t (first 2 do not have the protector, second 2 do have it) I will be running Chaeto with an InTank Fuge basket so I’ve been advised by them to keep the sponge in and just buy a spare and replace it once every 2 weeks (will probably just swap once a week with water changes and then rinse it out with ro/di water and let it dry out and then just keep swapping them back and forth... every week or 2 to protect my pump) any suggestions of better placement or making the hose stay on would be great!
  8. TheCrockers200

    IM fusion 10 new set up

    Okay so this is our new IM fusion 10 set up that’s been running for about 5 weeks now. What do you all think? We’ve been in the hobby for awhile however this is our first nano tank. We would like some tips and pointers on powerheads, and filter media. We haven’t put all of the gadgets to use yet as the tank is cycling. currently, fusion 10 tank AI hydra prime light with flex arm upgraded media caddy ghost desktop skimmer spin stream nozzle upgrade 7lbs of live bahama oolite sand 5lbs of live rock and a 3 lb dry rock current readings for cycle ph 8.15 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10mg/dl im noticing this sand likes to blow around easily, wondering if we should take some out or add some coarser sand to the sand bed ????
  9. Hi Peeps! New to the reefing hobby - Recently cycled my 54L/14USGAL reef aquarium and started out with a couple of clowns. Next step is a CUC consiting of 1 Hermit and 1 Fire Shrimp and then in a couple months some softies. My tank stats/parameters are as follows. • 54 Litre • RO/DI Water 0ppm • 5kg 2 Year Matured Live Rock • Tetra Marine Salt SG 1.025 • 2" Arag-Alive Live Fiji Sand • 7w Arcadia Blade Marine Lamp • 1 x 1600 l/ph Koralia Nano • 1 x 900 l/ph Koralia Nano • Interpet 3 in 1 filter system • PH - 7.8 (bit low I know) • KH - 11dkh • CAL - 480ppm (bit high...) • Ammonia 0ppm • Nitrite 0ppm • Nitrate 0-5ppm • Phosphates 0ppm • Temp 26°c / 78.8°f • 20% WC weekly Light Cycle Blue and White 10 hours Blue 8 hours Lights out 6 hours Still trying out different foods on the clowns, Hikari Marine S pellets and Frozen Mysis. Would be great to get some advice on my tank stats. I am trying to do this properly and want to get off a good start so any advice is welcome! Happy reefing! ??
  10. Hello all, just a quick intro... I have been keeping aquariums (planted, fowlr, reef, etc.) For over 16 years now and took a little break from saltwater to have some kids. Now that my babies are all in school and I have free time again, I am back in the game. I got rid of my 36 gallon Amazon biope angel tank and made way for a Fluval Evo 13.5 which is chugging away nicely. I am now getting ready to crack into my Fluval Flex 9 Gallon that has been sitting in it's box for months now. I already have one set up as an aquatic frog terrarium for one of my kids so I was able to get a good idea of the pros and cons. One thing I do like about it is that there is much more room in the rear compartment to fit my hand in, this is compared to the Fluval Evo 13.5 gallon tank. It also has an intake lower down on the back wall, so far down it's almost at the bottom. This is in partnership with the normal intake/overflow area up top on the back wall. One thing I don't like, is the flow and the stock pump. They have got to go, they simply won't provide the flow needed for a reef tank. Thankfully, I have the pump from the Fluval Evo 13.5 that was upgraded to a Sicce .5 so I'll see if that fits and does the trick. So, I'm thinking of going bare bottom, only a little rock work, changing out the filtration in the back (nobody likes those dang sponges Fluval keeps putting in there), and maybe getting a new LED light kit from somewhere like Nano Box. I think I can open up the top and take out the stock LEDs and put in some better ones, I would like to keep the hood. The main goal is to have a decent pico sps reef with maybe a shrimp/goby pair. I don't necessarily care what kind of fish go in, so any suggestions or ideas are welcome. Wish me luck!! Here are a couple of pics of the Fluval Flex 9 Gallon Frog tank. You can see the top and bottom intake. Pretty cool Second pic
  11. What's up everyone? First post. This forum seemed most appropriate for what I have, and what I want to accomplish, so here I go... (to preface, I have done HOURS of researching before making this post, and previously ran a 90 gallon salt fish only tank) All I've done is prep the tank and put together the stand, no water or anything...Here's what I currently have to work with: HARDWARE: JBJ Nano Cube 28 gallon intermediate LED - stock everything JBJ stand (hey, it was free haha) Cobalt Aquatics NeoTherm 100w heater 2x Eheim Jager 250w heaters (from my 90 gallon) Ocean Pulse Duo wave maker (hooked to stock pumps) 1x MaxiJet 1200 power head (extra) 2x MaxiJet 900 power heads (extra) 2 small mercury thermometers FILTRATION/CHEMICALS: Aqua Advantage 2000 inline UV sterilizer, 15 watt (from my 90 gallon) Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter (from my 90 gallon - I have the basket + paper filters) Sera filter wool 3.5oz Chemi-Pure 5oz Purigen 100ml with small fine mesh bag Kent synthetic reef salt crushed coral substrate POWER: Belkin Surge Master surge protector 8 outlet (2 constant on) Titan Apollo 9 dual timer FOOD: Eheim 3581 automatic feeder (won't fit due to lid) New Life Spectrum Thera +A 4.4oz TESTING: API master test kit Coralife Deep Six hydrometer Instant Ocean hydrometer MISC: approx 40lbs base rock 2 small nets magnetic algae scrubber algae scrubber (wand style) 5 gallon water jug with cap + funnel to fill What I want in the tank: Fish mostly, as many as possible, with base rock and live rock with hardy, easy soft corals - just something that is fish based, but is also visually appealing and has areas to swim through and hide with good water current Things I'm trying to avoid: No sump, period... I want as little inside the tank itself and filter area as possible, so HOB stuff is preferable No chiller (I keep my place very cold, and winter is almost here) Not interested in buying a different media basket No additional pumps/hardware visible inside the tank itself (behind in filter area is OK) Things I want to try to achieve: Use the hood and stock LED lights (I have crazy cats) Re-use my UV light (if possible) Keep the media basket Everything added is either HOB or external - no additional pumps or hardware inside the tank As few water changes as possible (I live very far from anywhere I can get salt, and I ran my last tank with doing virtually NO water changes) SO! That all brings me to these questions... 1 - What would YOU do with all this given my criteria? I'm open to ideas, and if I have equipment that just will flat out not work, I am open to selling it if anyone's interested. 2 - Is it possible to re-use my UV light? If so, how? 3 - should I replace my factory return pumps with my extra MaxiJet 900's, or would there be much benefit? 4 - what am I missing? 5 - how would you setup the media basket with what I have? I'm sure I will think of more later. I know there are some VERY knowledgeable people on here, and I am open to ideas and want this tank to be successful. I haven't put a drop in it yet, and want to wait until I know everything is how I want it. Looking forward to some feedback!
  12. Alex Soda

    Fluval Evo 13.5

    I just got the fluval evo 13.5 gallon tank and the touch sensor light doesn't work on mine. Idk if I am doing something wrong I keep tapping it but nothing happens. Any ideas?
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