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Found 8 results

  1. Azure Phoenix Reefing

    Ocean gathered corals.

    Hello fellow reefers. I may have a somewhat ethical question for you. Recently I bought a gorgeous, small, piece of Euphyllia paraancora. Being curious where it came from, I contacted the retailer. A well known, European store. They were very helpful and honest in there answer, saying that the coral came from the sea, instead of a coral farm or aquacultured frag system for example. Now, I am very new to the hobby and guess I have to get used to the idea of corals gathered from the seas. However, I do care greatly for our oceans and their fragile ecosystems and I am wondering how the Nano Reef community thinks about this. The thing is, being so new, I have not met many fellow reefers yet to swap or buy frags. I have visited several (inter)local LFS's and I can't say that their livestock and aquariums looked healthy and well cared for. The online retailer on the other hand received many great reviews and my experience with them so far is really great. The packaging is awesome, everything I ordered was alive and well and they were very helpful and responsive as well. So, here is a penny for your thought(s) 🙃, please let me know how you think about this and if I am overly concerned or if my worries are justified.
  2. TripleTrouble

    TripleTrouble RedSea170

    Hey all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the forum and wanted to share some updates on some of the changes I’ve made over the past year. In June, I broke down my Fluval Spec V (pic below) and started up a Red Sea 170. Went with more of a traditional look vs the black sand I had in the Spec and spent a bit too much time on aquascape. Main cause of that was using Staxx Rock and almost had too much optionality in how to create the structure while wanting to keep it natural looking (which I found hard to do). Staxx Rocks CaribSea Arag Alive Red Sea Reef Crystals Kessil A360WE (two, initially then went to a single) SCA skimmer MP10 and 1 Hydor (looking for another MP10) Pic 1 is old Fluval Pic 2 is cycle Pic 3 is what it looks like today Will come back on the thread with some more details but wanted to get this post going.
  3. PAST: I had my standard 10G (build thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/364353-the-kurupt-10g-build/) going and everything was looking good and I was happy with what was happening. Then it boned me. The HOB AC's started to gurgle over randomly and water built up under the stand. It happened slowly so I never noticed anything wrong, until it started to leak out from under the stand. I had to act fast or lose the wife's support for this (not expensive at all) hobby. If I ruined the hardwood floors it would be a hard sell to get back up and running. I dug out and set up my old Fluval SpecV and threw the Fluval 206 canister I had on it. Got that up to temp and transferred rock, corals and inverts over. It was a very tight fit but it was only temporary. Moving the stand, which laid flat along the floor, it was worse than I thought! Way more water than I'd like to see soaking into the wood! Got to it in time though so there wasn't any real damage. Now, my original plan was to just break it down, dry the floor and put it all back together. That seemed like a LOT of work to do and NOT upgrade... I had plans to do so but not for a while. Thankfully I knew what I wanted so I called my LFS to see if they had anymore Reefer's in stock. One left. White. "Done. I'll be there in 15 mins." So that's what happened early one Wednesday morning to my 10G tank. RIP lil' guy.
  4. jasonrusso

    New Red Sea C-130

    I've had a 210 fowler for a few years now, but being a predator tank (Lionfish, porcupine puffer, angler, etc) the water quality is sometimes too hard to keep stable enough for corals. Also, the puffer will likely sample the goods and the lighting and dosing chemicals for 21o gallons (plus the sump) would be cost prohibitive. I'm not about to spend thousands in lighting and then pay for the huge electrical draw. So, I decided that if I was to do a reef, it was going to be a nano reef. I started looking around and I was just about to pull the trigger on a bio-cube 32. After reading some reviews and looking at some pictures I changed my mind as started looking into Red Sea 130s. I liked the look better and I think that the "system" was better designed. I found a used 130D on FB marketplace. It came with an upgraded skimmer, return pump, sump basket, and media rack. The guy had it in his basement and I made a deal for $225. Once I got it home, I was disappointed to find that the glass was pretty scratched up, I didn't notice it in the dim light in his basement. I bought some cerium oxide and tried to polish it, but I was unsuccessful. Then I found a "NIB" white C-130 on FB marketplace. I negotiated him down to $600. When I went to pick it up, I opened the box and found that the tank was cracked on the back corner. I ended up buying the complete setup for $100. I tossed the tank and bought bare tank from Red sea for $375 wit the shipping. So all in, $475!! I swapped the light out for a Steve's LED (I don't like changing bulbs and I like the gradual sunrise and sunset of the LEDs. The stock lighting can't do that, it's all on or off. Over the years, I bought ALOT of upgrades for my 210, so now I am spoiled. So, the reef had to have an Apex, ATO, battery backup, etc. I bought all this stuff (most used) and installed it this weekend. I had a bunch of rock left over that I had in a tank "curing." I finally set it up today and fired everything up. The microbubbles are pretty bad (which is expected for all new equipment, especially a skimmer). I'll just have to wait it out for a couple days/weeks. Any advice, do's/don't that I should know about? Things you did that you should haven't?
  5. Hello all, today i I added in my last edition to my Fluval sea evo 13.5 gallon. The first fish was a royal gramma, followed by a black ice clown, and today I added an azure damsel and blood shrimp. I added the azure last as I know it was the most likely to be aggressive.. I have had 0 issues with aggression from the damsel/clown, but the gramma seems to be a bully. My aquacape is set up with 2 large stacked rock caves on each end, with open space in the middle. My gramma occupys the left cave and the damsel has been in the right cave.. however my gramma is coming out of the cave, across the tank to the damsel and opening its mouth. Should I relocate the gramma? I have a 32 gal biocube I could put it in.. or will the territories be settled and things will calm down in the days ahead? Also I would like to ask if this tank is overstocked. I have had the clown and gramma together for a week and have 0 nitrite, nitrate and ammonia. I could either: 1.) keep the 3 together 2.) have 2 damsels with the clown 3.) have 2 clowns with the new damsel any help would be appreciated!
  6. thespinningsadhu

    Jagadeesh's Mushroom Moksha

    Well, I just had to have the Fluval Sea Evo V. ####. I hate it (so far) as much as I love the Fluval Sea Evo VII. I am going to do an experiment. I'm going to leave absolutely everything stock. No upgrades. I can't do it. The flow is horrible. Fluval should be ashamed. I ordered the Aqueon Whisper Quiet 600 and will mod it. The only thing I've done is take out the included filter sponge and carbon and thrown in a ChemiPure Blue nano sachet and some polyfil. The pump leaves so, so much to be desired. Imagine a two year old kicking his legs in a swimming pool - that's the kind of flow you get with this thing. Even if I wanted to upgrade there's not a submersible pump that will fit in the tiny compartment. So, I envision tons of mushrooms, ricordea, leathers, zoas, cloves, and toadstools. A tiny fish - one - some sort of goby. Maybe two if I can swing a yellow watchman for the bottom and a green goby for the top. Inverts, too. Some that I don't have in my big tank - emerald crab? Purple lobster thing. Will research to see if I can do a rock flower anemone. May make it a garden.
  7. Hello, I am cycling my first nano tank, which is a fluval sea evo 13.5. I've got 12 lbs of LR, 10 lbs of live sand, and 5 lbs of regular sand. I went to the fish store yesterday to pick up a test kit and a few other small things, and the worker gave me advice on cycling the tank. He told me to put in 2 damsels, which he said are hardy enough to take the cycling okay (after coming home and researching I have found that this is not advisable). He also gave me a bag of water from the tanks at the store that was super dirty (very very brown). He told me this would provide enough to kick the cycle and allow for the good bacteria to build up off eating it. I put that dirty water in the tank, and acclimated the damsels and put them in as well. It has been 24 hrs since I put these in, and I'm still getting perfect readings. The tank has been up for 4 days, so I figured between the LR/LS and the damsels and gross water I should be getting some ammonia reading. But it's still zero. Why is that? Also, I would love to hear you guys opinion on this guys method. Should I just return the damsels and not use them in the cycle? And if the dirty water is not something I should have put in the tank? should I drain all the water in the tank and just restart and fill it back with new r/o water? I was skeptical on putting the dirty water in the tank, but this guy seemed to know more then me. My water is already crystal clear again with good readings. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. Hello, I set up a saltwater tank about 10 days ago, a fluval evo 13.5 gallon. I used established live rock from an existing tank, and 2/3 live and and 1/3 normal sand. I used RO water as well. My lfs told me to put in 2 damsels, and gave me a bag of very dirty water from the fish store to pour in my taank to kick off the cycle. I now know these damsels should not be in a tank this young, and after researching, i decided i would take them out at the first sight of an ammonia spike. however, after testing the water every day i have had this tank, i have had no ammonia spike. my ammonia is about 0, nitrites 0, nitrates are at about 5ppm, and ph is a little low (i bought buffer). So, i have been waiting for ammonia to increase, to take out the damsles as i now know using them to cycle is cruel, but the readings of my water seem as though it is cycled. Could this be? I would think after having 2 fish, feeding them every day, using live rock, live sand, and a big bag of dirty water i should see some ammonia, yet i see none. And it cant be my test kit, as i have had 2 different lfs test the water, as well as myself, and gotten the same reading. Does this mean due to my tank size and using very established rock, my tank cycled extremley quickly? If anyone has comments or suggestions i would love to hear them! Thanks!
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