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Found 2 results

  1. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's 60G Marine Megano

    I'm upgrading my 20G mixed reef to a 60G. I've decided to start a journal a bit ahead of time - the tank has already been paid for, and is currently being built by my LFS. Specifications: 2'ft x 2'ft x 2'ft cube tank = ~60G 10mm Crystal White Glass Rimless 20" x 18" x 15" sump = ~23.37G Total system volume = ~83G+ Equipment: 3000l/Hr Return Pump Jebao OW-25 Wavemaker 1x AI Prime HD (+1 AI Prime HD in months to come) *Skimmerless Livestock Plans: Mixed reef with minor SPS and LPS. More focused on Softies and Shrooms. Will have zoas as well as nems. Fish: 1x Starry Blenny (Thanos) - 12/08/2018 1x GCG (Goblin) - 30/09/2018 1x B/W Occy Clownfish (Nero) - 07/12/2018 1x Reg. Occy Clownfish (Sushi) - 09/06/2019 1x Pink Streaked Wrasse (Miu) -17/04/2019 1x Yellow Coris Wrasse (Helios) - 06/08/2019 1x Zebra Dartfish (Tic) - 13/06/2019 1x Tangaroa Goby (Casper) - 07/05/2019 1x Tailspot Blenny (Miko) - 30/03/2019 1x Circus Barred Goby (Prowler) - 22/04/2019 2x Steinitz Goby (Odin & Freida) - 06/11/2019 1x Green Chromis (Dude) - 28/10/2019 1x Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse (Bo) - 27/11/2019 1x Leopard Wrasse (Leopold) - 08/12/2019 1x Spotted Mandarin Dragonet (Poseidon) - 31/01/2020 1x Scooter Dragonet (Illaron) - 21/02/2020 Inverts: 1x Saron Shrimp (Saron) - 15/07/2018 1x Golden Banded Boxer Shrimp (Zanipolo) - 23/11/2018 1x Cleaner Shrimp (Doc) - 28/09/2019 1x Fire Shrimp - 23/11/2019 3x Nassarius Snails 1x Tuxedo Urchin (Tux) - 22/04/2018 1x Purple Rock Urchin (Mr. Prickles) - 10/12/2018 1x Feather duster worm 3x Brittle Starfish (Fuzzy, Marco & Polo) - 12/07/2019 2x Turban Snails Corals: Red Pavona Rainbow Acans Red blastomussa Blastomussa wellsi (various colors) Green Pagoda/Cup Jack-O-Lantern Leptoseris Emerald Mummy Eye Chalice Red/Pink Chalice Green/Yellow Chalice Cherry Garcia Chalice Christmas Favia War Favia Green Kenya Tree Green Toadstool Leather Metallic Green Star Polyp Green Hammer Orange Frogspawn Ultra Green Torch Green Galaxea Green/Red Cynarina Red/Blue Lobo Rainbow Lobo Red/Green Symphyllia Rainbow Symphyllia Purple/Green Symphyllia Purple Death Palys Purple/Green (Unidentified) Zoas Green Duncan Pom Pom Xenia Orange Clove Polyp Yellow Yuma Orange Yuma(s) Purple Yuma Green Yuma Pink Yuma Dual-Colored Yuma (Orange/Green) Multi-colored Yuma (*Rainbow) Rhodactis Mushrooms (Variable Colors) Discosoma Mushrooms (Leopard/Spotted/Red & Teal) Red Devil Mushroom Hairy Mushroom (Blue & Green) Anemone: Mini Maxi Carpet Nem Rock Flower Nem (Indo-Pac variant) Macroalgae: Fern Caulerpa Grape Caulerpa Leaf Caulerpa Chaeto *TBA: Fish & Inverts: x4 Snails *Stocking plans might change as I move along, but I don't plan on doing any tangs, triggers, rabbitfish etc. I might look into dwarf angels though like a flameback, coral beauty or flame. I'll also be adding various types of macro to the fuge in the sump, as well as slowly stock up on corals as I go. Otherwise, this will mostly be a TT from a 20G to a 60G. I currently have ~10kg of LR in my 20G. I'll be adding an extra 20kg LR to the 60G (split between DT & sump) - I've already been cycling some dry rock for nearly 2 months in a storage bin in preparation of the upgrade. All the equipment except the return pump is now with me - that will come when they deliver the tank to my house. Here's a basic sketch design of how the DT & sump looks like: This is a pic of how the cabinet will be (as texted by my LFS manager to me this afternoon): The color of the cabinet will be black matte: And this was the two of us discussing and adjusting the sump design repeatedly over the past few days: I left the sump design up to my LFS manager to decide. I'm not confident in designing my own sump, tbh, and he's more experienced than I am, so he'll be getting to it. The salt used will be Fritz RPM. I'll be mixing the salt a day ahead of the tank's arrival so that we can quickly scape the system and get it filled up and running as soon as possible. This whole setup did cost me a lot of time, effort, planning and money, but I think it's worth it. The main reason behind this upgrade is because my 20G is cracking, and the crack is angling towards the bottom panel of the glass - it's just a matter of time before the tank collapses. The secondary reason is because my Starry Blenny is too large and I think he'll appreciate a larger tank. The whole system will be set up in my bedroom, and no fans or chillers will be used since my room is quite cool enough, especially when I turn both the fan and A/C on at night. Will update when the tank arrives. Stay tuned! 🙂
  2. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Dragonet Den

    Here's another one of my current marine tanks. Little bit of a background story - I had a 120G and the stupid thing cracked. Lost some livestock, managed to salvage several small fish and a few crabs. Everything else was dead - and I mean in the worst sort of way. Priceless lesson: Do not buy large secondhand tanks, especially if they're cheap. I effed up royally, and it cost me my stock. What I managed to pull out of the mess were three of my dragonets and a small blenny which I don't recall putting in. Anyhow, I managed to QT everyone (again) - was very cramped in the QT with multiple fish - went for an emergency kidney surgery, lost my job thanks to asaid surgery, endured a nice laptop crash on the first day of my new job (not a good thing, since I'm a freelance writer) after surgery, lost my new job thanks to that, ended up in hospital again, endured RM 11K worth of surgery bills, shifted houses, lost more animals during the move - life is quite...difficult at the moment. Honestly, the tank fracturing - as compared to the last few weeks - wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Back to this, I had to make some adjustments while awaiting the pickup of a new tank (a 70G this time - dimensions are 4' x 1.5' x 1.5') and shuffle everyone around. Sometime during the way, I lost my almost-a-year-old Canary blenny. That was quite upsetting. Little guy grew to a whopping 3" in the year that I had him. Their current temporary home is only 12G, which is miserably small. I predict not everyone will pull through because although all of them have been trained onto frozen and are decent, only my mandarin, Mica, has been actively feeding for the past week. My two scooters, King Scoots and Cael, have refused to eat live or frozen in this tank. They were eating mysis, roe and brine in the 120G, but they haven't taken a peck in this tank. I am quite worried. And before you ask, no, this tank has no sufficient build-up of pods even though it has been up for 7 months (6 months in the old house, 1 month in the new house). Well, here are my three dragonets: 1. King Scoots: 3.5" scooter, male and quite skittish. 2. Cael: 2.75" scooter dragonet. Also male.
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