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Found 5 results

  1. Pico reefing isn't easy, so i'd like to create a space where people can find some help in one thing at least, scaping it. Scaping a pico reef (in my humble opinion) is a great challenge to take on. It should open up the tank and encourage it to look as bold and vast as possible with the intricacies that come with that, and so when looking in, you can't tell it's a teeny tiny tank....that's my pennies' worth anyway. Therefore, scaping can be an absolute ***** to do. I actually found this more daunting than my 30 cube. SO, why not start a thread for people to upload their styles and designs for others to take inspiration off? I hope it's popular and i hope it helps.... Here's my new little pico to start. Scape WILL be changed (which is why i need help 🤣) Current stock after this photo was taken: -x1 green goniopora that my urchin was consistently stealing and taking into darkness - x2 mushrooms, one Orange Yuma and a blue green rhodactis - x1 Galaxia -x1 pulsing xenia
  2. Erik the Red

    Change rocks in running tank

    Hey, I’m running a 30G AIO tank with a mix reef and a couple of ocellaris clownfish. I had to buy the rocks which are currently in the tank online, because there's not a big shop-choice around the place where I live. However, the rocks do not satisfy me as they’re really difficult to arrange in a decent aquascape. Water circulation is very bad. For this reason I have bought a box of CaribSea Belize Branch rocks. I’d like to provide a more homogeneous flow around the corals and to avoid “tunnelling” the flow in specific areas. …a part from the fact that the branch rocks are huge, I have the issue of removing the older rocks from the tank and insert the new ones without causing the tank to collapse. Do you have any idea of how I could do? The Belize Branch rocks are obviously dry rocks, but they are supposed to have a dry bacteria patina over them. Is anyone aware if this helps? What I was thinking to do is to let them soak for a couple of weeks in a box containing the water I remove from the tank when doing the water changes. Then switch the older rocks from the aquarium with the branches at once. I have, in any case, a compartment of my AIO’s tank full of smaller live rocks which, I hope, will help the transition. I would be grateful for any help! Thank you 🙂
  3. Brandonmw

    Thought on my scape ?

    Just wanting some initial thoughts on my scape before water goes in. My idea was to mimic the reefs I see as I’m an avid diver
  4. Hello, I am just starting out on the Nano reef journey. And and new to reef tanks in general. I’m starting a fishless cycle, now but just playing around with some different rock scapes. Trying to keep in mind coral placement. I landed on this setup thinking the self would be nice to add coral too. But figured I’d ask more experienced minds. The tank is a RS 130D Max. with two ZetLight LED lights. That I may end up swapping out for a RS LED
  5. Hello there! I'm Dylan and this is going to be my first build journal here and only my second saltwater tank ever (last one came down four years ago). I've been planning this tank subconsciously for years and recently for past 6 months but I just got my tank and a stand (pics below) and I'll be getting all sorts of stuff over the next couple weeks so I figured I'd start a kind of "pre-journal" where I can share thoughts or questions I have before we get wet! I move in a month so once that happens and the tank is in its permanent spot (right next to my desk a couple inches above the desk with direct view from side sitting at my desk full down view standing up) I will be filling it up immediately and starting the journal of the actual journey of this tank. I have a very strong vision for this tank of a beautiful zen garden of zoas, ricordeas, some lps here and there, maybe a nem or 2, a gaggle of sexy shrimp, and MAYBE if my roommates yell enough a goby or 2. I really love the look of this shallow tank and think keeping to (for lack of better words) low growing corals on some beautiful rock work will give me the moss and lichen terrarium look I'm going for. For this tank I have been taking a lot of inspiration from my own plants/terrariums and pictures of planted tanks all over the internet. I am going to get my dry rock order in next week so I can begin working on the rock scape as I want to put lots of time into making it very intricate and exactly what I want. Gonna seed the tank with as live of rock rubble as I can get in the back as bio filtration and MIGHT mod the second chamber into an area for some chaeto (although its so small probably not...). Might run some carbon once every two weeks or how ever often needed but want to stay natural all live rock and live sand filtration. Will update after I get more stuff or to show rock work when I start that ASAP! Anyways here is a list of the equipment I have ordered or stuff I am ordering soon (I know some of this is overkill for this small of a setup but this is what is hopefully going to turn into the tank I have been dreaming of for years so I am pouring some money into it) : Tank: 13 gallon (24"x16"x8") AIO acrylic frag tank by luckreefs (great price + free shipping 🙂) Light: Radion XR15 G5 PRO or AquaIllumination Hydra TwentySix +HD (I wanted the NanoBox but they have paused production and there is always future tanks, right?) Heater: Archaea Mini 50w Return Pump: UMPCT 120 GPH Pump (cheap might replace) Flow: Tunze Nanostream 6020 or 6040 ATO: Tunze (not the nano one) + reservoir I got from luckreefs as well RO/DI: SpectraPure MaxPure MPDI 90GPD Stand: Got at local flea market- need to add supports and my friend is coming to pick it up this weekend to paint it for me (might end up being cooler than the tank lol) I have other stuff like salt, testing kits, bulkhead, etc. I have ordered but I figure I will leave those out for now and put em in the actual journal 🙂 QUESTIONS: 1. For dry rock I have been looking at Salty Bottom Reef Co. anyone have experience with them? Said they should be shipping in a week or two and if you have other vendors you like let me know! 2. Opinions on the Radion XR15 or AI Hyrda 26 HD? Like I said I really did want the NanoBox but I also like the look and functionality of both these options so if you have experience with either give me your opinion, please! 3. Looking into a small generator/battery backup I could keep in case of power outages, any recommendations? Also recommendations for good surge protectors? Kinda silly to ask for but I always like products I know someone has tried and trust. 4. How many sexy shrimp could I realistically keep here? I want enough so it's like a herd but not to many that I am crowding them. I am thinking maybe 8-10 of them? Just wondering if the more I have also increases their chance of munching corals/becoming more aggressive? I have kept a pair in my first tank and just made sure they were fed we never had any problems so just wondering if having that many will increase the chance of that? Ok this was a lot so I will go for now and post more if I have more to say, thanks if you read all this and if you have any tips, tricks, opinions, or anything to say please do! Love all advice and wisdom I can get. I have such a vision for this tank and hope with the help of this amazing forum and some exercised patience I can pull it off and I have never been more excited to see where a hobby takes me, cheers! (plz ignore these messy pictures I am moving in a few weeks as I said so my space is a MESS and packed full of stuff and I am no photographer but atleast I tried lol)
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