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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have a 20 gallon tank cycled a few weeks ago. Regarding "Is sandbed clean a must?" the reason i ask is i have limited exposed sandbed after putting my toadstool on sand and will be adding a fungia in the future. It will be very hard to clean the sandbed without touching other corals. I have 2 clownfish and wont add any more fish. I also have a nassarius snail (which doesnt stir the sandbed) and a trochus snail and i dont think ill add anymore CUC as both are starved.... I'm doing 5% daily auto water change and dose only baking soda, can i get away without cleaning the sandbed? and what are the signs i would observe if the sand get way too dirty? Then it comes to the second question, how can i grow algae? i mean algae in general cuz i have starving trochus snail thats currently isolated on a flat rock and fed on dried seaweed. My water params: temp 25 ℃ salinity 1.025 sg ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 7ppm phosphate 0.06ppm ca 415ppm mg 1300ppm alkalinity 8.4 dKh ph 8.1 I have my light on 12 hours a day at ~33W for a week now but theres zero algae....my best guess is not enough white light? more details and timeline is in my build thread. Thanks
  2. Nova Scotian

    Bare bottom or sand bed?

    Hi, all. I am currently awaiting my IM Nuvo 10, and I’m thinking about how I will set it up. I like bare bottom in freshwater tanks, and I think it removes some of the problems with trapped nutrients and junk. However, I am concerned that it will affect negatively the good bacteria levels, and also may reduce the variety of CUC members I can have. I see people doing both bare bottom and sand bed, and if I have sand, it will be a thin layer…. The question is, will it be better for the tank to have sand, or it is fine to go without? I guess I mainly want to know that mini hermits, shrimp, and other inhabitants are good without a sand bed.
  3. BGJames

    Detritus on sandbed

    Hi guys, I keep getting this build up on detritus looking stuff building up on my sandbed. Its building up in the low flow areas of the tank (I will add more flow) but Im curious as to what it is. Ive only got 2 clowns, a hermit and a turbo snail. Is it just poo or something else? Tia
  4. Hello guys I got a question hoping some of you can answer me. My 70g tank is running stable. Phosphates are around 0.02, Nitrates around 5. I dont have any problems with Cyanos or other pest that bothers my tank. Corals look good. Whenever I clean my sandbed (I have a very shallow fine sandbed around 1,5 inches deep) I notice quite a lot of detritus. I dont see it building up on top, its inside the sand, so whenever I disturb the sandbed I see a thick brown cloud rising up. After a few hours my tank is crystal clear again. Is this good or bad? Should the sandbed be completly clean, meaning if I disturb it I see nothing rising up? I clean my sandbed every week when doing a waterchange of 5g. How do you clean your sandbeds and how much time do you spend doing it?
  5. I have all these corals coming in tmr morning and my sand bed isn’t big enough to acclimate and if I do my elegance will sting all the other corals please advise
  6. Over the past few months this yucky brown algae has been growing over my sand bed. Can anyone identify it? It’s kind of hairy in appearance if you look at it up close and it sticks the sand together. My nassarius snails avoid it and just stay in a clean corner of the tank. How do I get rid of it?
  7. GreatBarrierReef

    How to clean sand

    Hello, I am just trying (for a month) a 70 litres aquarium. There is a simple cycled pump and two wave makers (small) plus eBay light :D Fish? Yellow Tail Blue Damsel, Clownfish (Nemo), Blue Tang (Dory) - yes, I know she will soon outgrow the tank, and a Domino Damsel. Plus 4 little corals. Sorry, risky, I know. I have even put sand! Plus live rocks. Used Probibio to start quicker. How to clean the sand? I am loosing it as the detritus does not go by itself even using one of those special things. It gets trapped and pushed down again by the sand. Thanks in advance!!!
  8. This can be sound stupid , but i got this stupid idea of putting ADA bactor 100 additive underneath the tank bottom and build deepsand bed on top of it , ADA describe bactor 100 like this ' " Bacter 100 is a substrate additive, containing more than 100 kinds of substrate bacteria in a dormant state. By sprinkling on the base substrate, it can make an ideal substrate environment. By applying on top of blue green algae, it suppresses the growth of it." will it help to grow helpful bacterias on sand bed , will these bacteria survive on saltwater ,, give me your ideas about my stupid methode
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