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Found 9 results

  1. So long story short i am currently in the midst of a second hard battle with dinos in my 32 gallon biocube. I have tried what feels like every method including my last try which was increasing tank temp to 83 degrees after seeing articles and videos of people who saw success with this method. This did not kill the dinos but did unfortunately kill my 3 fish which was hard to swallow but im living and learning as a new hobbyist. So now that my new tank has no fish I am going to replace my sandbed given that the overwhelming majority of the dinos in the tank coat the sandbed. I used caribsea arag-alive reef sand in my tank and happen to have an extra bag which is what I plan on using to replace the old stuff. I have seen a lot of people say they rinse new sand before they add it but i have also seen some people do not. I do not have an RODI system to do a thorough rinse so I am just wondering if just adding the sand to the tank slowly over a few days without it being rinsed could have a harmful affect on the tank or only 2 corals i have. Please let me know any input you have, thank you.
  2. Brandonmw

    Thought on my scape ?

    Just wanting some initial thoughts on my scape before water goes in. My idea was to mimic the reefs I see as I’m an avid diver
  3. mvh pets

    how much rock

    what is the bare minimum of reef saver rock i can use to aquascape a standard 20 gallon aquarium. filteration should not be much of a concern as i have a canester filter packed full of bio media rated for a 70 gallon and will upgrade to a sump very soon, and i have a 1.5 inch sand bed. i was recommended 0.5 kg/ 1 lbs per gallon but can i go much lower than that. its a fish and invert only system and i will not be adding coral as its illegal in my area. thanks!
  4. GreatBarrierReef

    How to clean sand

    Hello, I am just trying (for a month) a 70 litres aquarium. There is a simple cycled pump and two wave makers (small) plus eBay light :D Fish? Yellow Tail Blue Damsel, Clownfish (Nemo), Blue Tang (Dory) - yes, I know she will soon outgrow the tank, and a Domino Damsel. Plus 4 little corals. Sorry, risky, I know. I have even put sand! Plus live rocks. Used Probibio to start quicker. How to clean the sand? I am loosing it as the detritus does not go by itself even using one of those special things. It gets trapped and pushed down again by the sand. Thanks in advance!!!
  5. LaraLouM

    Blowing Sand

    Hey everyone! I have a 6 week old Biocube 16G with the stock pump and a Jebao OW-10 Wavemaker. We have a 20-lb bag of the fine Fiji pink sand. No matter where I have positioned the powerhead the sand blows all over the rocks and coral. It creates drifts right now where there are low sand areas, and very high sand areas. I’m not sure how to position the powerhead to keep the sand from drifting and blowing everywhere.
  6. So I have been doing reef aquariums for 10-15 years. This go around I want to try something new and I was hoping you guys could give me a little guidance on what to expect. Here is the scenario. 2.5 Gallon Pico Aquarium All in One Live Sand purchased from PetSmart in a bag Scoop of sand out of LFS established aquarium Fully Established Live Rock from LFS Salt Water from LFS So my question is based on the live sand and the established LR that I have purchased and had in the water in less than 30 minutes during transport, what type of cycle should I expect? Will I see a full cycle of 4-6 weeks? Will I see any cycle at all? Will I see a quick cycle of 1-3 weeks? I know its impossible to say for sure, but just looking for opinions. Thanks, Neowind712
  7. I set up my 16G around 36 hours ago. I had spent around one hour just rinsing the sand, but it might have not been enough. My water is cloudy and I'm finding sand particulate in the sponge filter (that looks like sand particulate to you too right?) What can I do about this? No magical product can help I suppose? Thanks a lot!
  8. pacificdiver

    Cloudy water from live sand

    Does cloudy water from newly-added live sand (Ocean Direct) harm soft corals and LPS? I've had a 20G with a few soft corals and LPS running for a couple of months now with a bare bottom. If I add sand to it, will the temporary cloudiness harm the corals? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'll make this short. I did a water change after having phosphates crawl up to .06. My sand was looking disgusting so i stirred it up quite a bit. My phosphates AFTER the water change is reading .07. I'm hoping my newly replaced gfo will absorb some of it. I will do another water change tomorrow as well. I've left my sand alone before as I didn't want to disturb anything and cause the situation I'm having, but my sand was looking terrible. Should I just avoid this? I love the way my tank looks now with the white, fine, clean sand.
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