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Found 29 results

  1. Latest updated photo 10-20-19: Hello friends, this is my new project, it's a 5 gallon Topfin engage. This is day 2 and live rock is in, but the sand wasn't live. I don't really have mapped out plans for it so we'll see it evolve as the days go on. Right now i'm going to wait a few weeks maybe a month for the system to cycle. So far I haven't added anything non stock to the aquarium, besides heater. I'm using Chemipure and Purigen for filtration. I think I need more interesting looking rock, but for now it'll do to break in the system. I prefer soft & lps coral so that's going to be the main inhabitants, fish-wise idk yet (prob clowns). I'm going to update every week or so, stay tuned. First photo log 10-15-19:
  2. Hello there new aquarium friends. I’m totally new to this whole world of aquariums. I’ve never really had a cool setup like I’ve received from my gfs father. He gave me a bunch of awesome tools to make an epic aquarium. I have been wanting to make an awesome aquarium for my home for some time now. But it’s such a costly but well worth it kind of hobby. I have been given a 14 gallon Oceanic bio cube. Also there is a new light that he added from stevesled. I need to figure out the configuration of the plugins to the lights. Also learning how to setup the timing for all the light. Also have no idea what cycles to set up the timers on. He suggested some things to get started: 10 lbs of live sand carribsea arag-Alice aquarium sand. 3 x 5 galling imagitarium Pacific Ocean water 5-10 pounds of live rock If any of you have any good starter tips or and any information on the light setups and timers please feel free to help.
  3. Theshivinator

    New 2.5 gallon Fluval Set-up 😎

    Alrighty well here we go !! Previously have owned a 5 gallon fluval but when I moved to NYC I decided to donate my set up back to my local store . Well now I’m back from New York and ready to take on another challenge ! This small fluval fits perfectly in this small area in my apt . Just got it set up yesterday with some rock and sand . Now just to wait and research what to put in it 🤔🤔. Any suggestions ??
  4. Hg23

    Pico Reef

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of starting a Pico Reef project, but I'm missing information about this type of project, I'd like you to help me with this work by answering my questions: 1- Is it possible to create a totally natural saltwater aquarium? (without heater, mechanical filter, etc.) 2 - Is it possible to make a natural aquarium in these proposals with less than 1 gallon? 3 - Would you like to make an aquarium in these terms only for resistant corals? what do you think?
  5. i have a 32 gallon biocube with some astrias and a olive snail alongside eith a bhangai cardinalfish, blue damsal and a clown. ive begun to notice whats been causing this dark green algae type stuff on some of my liverock , i know liverock will have coraline growth but this cant be that its really dark green and looks soft to the touch any ideas ?
  6. Hey guys I’m new to this community, first time posting. First off I would like to thank a lot of you for all the great information I get out of here, such a great site and crowd here. 🙏 I’ve been running a 73 or 75 gallon(not sure exactly) bow front reef for about 7 years now. Currently for filtration I have a marine land canister c-360, I’m sure you are all familiar with these lol. For obvious reason I would like to install a sump system but I have a huge problem of where to put it as I cannot move my tank... does any one know if there are any sump systems that fit in the 73 gallon tank stands? Or any ideas on how to move the tank or maybe just what to do in general?! Any info helps thanks everyone!
  7. Hi all! I just recently got into the saltwater hobby about 3 months ago I do have a 55 gallon FOWLR at the moment and just recently picked up a Nuvo 10 from my LFS he gave me a pretty sweet deal and it was up and running with him for about a year and a half. Transferred real smooth to my home with no issues. All parameters checked clear after the move and letting it settle. I’ve been following multiple threads here and it’s great to see there are a lot of people willing to help out and give advice. I did my first 2 gallon water change and plan on doing the 2 gallons weekly. This is is when I first got it home 10/13/18 10/18/18 Equipment: IM NUVO Fusion 10 IM Custom Caddy Sicce Syncra Silent 0.5 AI Prime HD 50 watt Aqueon Heater  Filtration: 10 lbs Sand LFS gave me 7 lbs Reef Saver Rock 2 Marine Pure spheres Chemipure Blue Nano Purigen Livestock:  2 Frostbite Clowns 1 Astrea Snails 1 Red Legged Hermit 2 Brittle starfish (came in tank) Current Corals: Torch Gold Torch Bicolor Hammer (Blue/Green) Acan Zoas Ultra BTA
  8. So i Just started to cycle my tank (bc8) and my filtration is only filter floss and my LS,is this good or what else should i do to improve the filter and is the LS its self good , i have it with dry rock.
  9. So as the title says,I'm converting to saltwater tanks. I definitely have a tight budget because I want to get my feet wet,not just cannonball in. In my 10g,I've already upgraded my aquarium with the Aquaclear powerfilter 110V. My tank currently stays around 76-77 degrees. I definitely want to house a pair of clownfish and a cleaner shrimp...and corals in the near future. I'm so scared of lighting and don't want to buy the wrong thing for corals. I'm getting a custom glass lid so I can't have anything clipped to the tank in the back,so for now I prefer the lights that slightly hover above the aquarium cover. Since price is strict,here's some lights I've run into on Amazon...let me know what you guys think 🙂 Green Element EVO 18"-22" LED Aquarium Light Fixture - Reef Capable 10x3W https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00APBO2XU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_nFPtBbHM2NND9 EVO 12 LED Aquarium Light Nano Marine Coral Reef Cichlid 6x 3W 3 Watt 30-40 cm by Odyssea https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N0PJK0S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TFPtBbVPXKD1Q SLR Lighting LED Aquarium Lighting – All Sizes for Fish Tanks, Terrariums, Vivariums – Plants, Coral, Seaweed – Natural Night & Day Light Patterns w/ Brackets & Remote Control [Size: 14-22 In.] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0759NLDSB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_dGPtBbAF0Y92Y
  10. Hi everybody, just bought this used 46l Fluval Edge on gumtree and this is what I’ve started with, hoping to get the marine pac 3 to begin my reef tank!!!!
  11. tgrover35

    Buck’s Reef

    After many hours of research and questions I have finally begun my new mini reef tank! I decided to use a Biocube 32 and I plan to fill the tank with relatively hardy soft and lps corals. My setup is as follows: Tank: Biocube 32 Lighting: Stock LED’s Flow: Stock AIO pump/ Hydor Koralia 565 Filtration: Carbon, filter floss, live rock, live sand, chemipure?, chaeto? And stock filter (no bio balls) Heating: Eheim Jager 100W Water: Purified Distilled water with instant ocean salt Stand: DIY stand Parameters: Refractometer/ API Test Kit Stocking plans: 4-6 fish, invertebrates (including 3 hitchhiker hermits and a turbo snail that came on my cured LFS rock), hardy corals to start I started my cycle on Saturday February 10 with 15 lbs of cured live rock, 20 lbs live sand (caribsea arag-alive) and water mixed by yours truly. I have already encountered a few minor snags involving one poorly chosen live rock that was already inhabited by at least one aiptasia and what I found out was green hair algae. I have since returned the rock and replaced with new and hopefully pest free rock. My first tests have indicated 0.125 ammonia (probably close to 0), 8.0 pH, 0 nitrite/nitrate and 1.025 SG. Temperature is 77 and the snail and crabs appear to be doing fine. I have also found what seems to be an asterina starfish on one rock which I’ll monitor closely unless someone thinks I should just try to rip him off. Welcome to my newest adventure!
  12. Hey everyone! So I've decided to compile a list of very helpful videos for beginners. This will also involve channels as a whole and should cover a variety of topics!! You are welcome to link this to beginners as well as contribute your own thoughts and videos! Also try not to use many abbreviations since this is for MEGA BEGINNERS Make sure to like their videos FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED Part 1 Complete Builds THE Bulk Reef Supply 160 (BRS 160)This is all of the BRS 160 and it covers much of the fundamentals involved with this hobby. The Marine Depot Drop-Off Build (75 gallon) Mass Aquariums Nano (10g) Part 2 Coral and Anemone Galor (REQUIREMENTS) Tidal Gardens Part 3 Aquascaping Saltwater Scoop Primo Reef Acrylics Thats All For Now! I'll update this later, make sure to comment if you have additions!!
  13. Hey guys im new to salt water tanks, and didnt want to go straight in to having a massive tank, plus i like the concept of smaller reef tanks. I come here today in hopes of finding more knowledge on starting and maintaining my tank. Earlier today I purchased an aqueon 100w heater as well as the aqueon 500 pump. I was wondering what a good 10 gallon tank would be as well as a good light and some filters. Also im curious.. are supplements needed in a tank? I plan on having a few corals, and later an anemone. Again i'm VERY new to saltwater tanks in general and i love the challenge. Thanks in advance!
  14. Mssa9188

    The Saltwater Sunset

    Hey-Have a Cichlid tank that was doing well, so I wanted to try my hand at a saltwater tank. Not sure if we are headed in the right direction or not? Was hoping for opinions, constructive criticism or whatever just please keep it to ideas that will improve the quality of life for the tank. It's a 15 gallon tank. (I personally think the 15gal should be the quarantine tank and use the larger 40gal tank as the "Ta-da-da Tank" , the "aren't you so jealous of my absolutely gorgeous aquarium tank?" . But he thinks that is aiming a little too big, so here we are... Compromising with a 15)".I am just learning about all this; lighting, coral, flow, zooplankton, etc. So please tell me if I havethings that aren't compatible or if something else would work better.But a CoraLife T5 light, but it's just white so there is also a blue LED light.Just the regular filter that came with the tank, I was unsure if I would need a better one if I got a protein skimmer, but some have said such a small tank doesn't need a protein skimmer.The small heater that came with the tank. I live in Central CA, and the heater has kept the water 77-78.6. Check it 2x a day along with the SG which is staying between 1.0228-1.0247. I have not checked the PH, nitrates or nitrites. However, I take watersamples to the Aquarium Store and he tests the water weekly and says consistently good. Everything I have read online says to start with rock then a clean up crew so there is dry rockstacked in there. Then we added some crabs and snails. When they did good, we added a couple more and two of the most beautiful little perculas (Bruce and Nemo). I am thinking a Red Dragonette but have since been informed of their difficulty. So maybe just a scooter blenny and some coral. I have never tried to raise coral before so I think I should start with Toadstool. It's not my favorite, but they say it is hardy and if I can get it to thrive maybe a birds nest and go from there. I guess I am just not sure how many crabs, lobsters, snails and fish can go in the tank. I know not many that's why I want the larger tank I would love a Mandarin gooby or a tang. But I want tank inhabitants quality of life to be what's on the forefront, not how many differentcolors I can fit in my computer desk tank.But any questions just ask. "A woman without a man, is like a fish without a bicycle."
  15. I'm years into the freshwater hobby. I've had a 120g freshwater cichlids tank for a long time and still love it. But, it's time for what I've always wanted to do and that's a saltwater reef setup. I got an awesome deal on a new Biocube 14g in the box (I mean, really awesome price at $30 at a pet Store that had an online return). I'm not looking to do anything massive because my fiancee will kill me. She already tolerates my big freshwater tank and calls our fish her "water babies". So, I'm sticking with the Biocube. What I've done already: Put in live sand and live rock (wow, that was pretty expensive) from my local LFS, so I know the live rock has been cycled for a long time and is in great condition. I also bought saltwater from their established and cycled system. He even checked the conditions before I began loading it up. So, everything in the tank right now has already been cycled. I have every intention of cycling. I'm hoping that I don't have to wait more than a month. I removed the bioballs because that was the first thing I learned that I didn't want to have in there. I also learned to turn my lights off 3 days into my cycling. I thought I needed to cycle the lights with the system. So my questions are: With live rock/sand and established saltwater that is already reading 1.024, how long do you recommend I wait before putting anything into the aquarium? Can you recommend corals that will work with the stock lighting? Upgrading is a no go at the moment. I know they need to be softies. And I'm thinking two fish and a clean up crew. Can someone recommend some options that are not clown fish? I really dig clown fish, but man if they aren't the go-to fish for all beginners. I've worked with some of the hardest freshwater fish to care for, so I'm sure that I can handle other fish. Lastly, what supplies should I purchase for maintenance? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Chas
  16. ajmckay

    Storing bulk salt mix!

    I like buying the 200 gallon bulk packs of salt but it seems like my salt gets humid or lumpy faster than it should. My typical process is to open the 50g bag and then transfer to a huge zip lock. I realized that salt crystals are getting stuck in the zip strip and preventing a good seal. I'm sort of embarrassed that I waited until now to find a better solution. I have used 5g buckets before but the salt somehow got humid in there too. Anyways, I had a leftover commercial food storage container from the creative pico contest so I decided to see what would fit in there. Turns out a 50g bag of Instant Ocean or Reef Crystals fits perfectly into the 6 quart container! Here's a link to one on Amazon, but I just bought mine locally for much cheaper. Also Sam's Club has a 2 pack of these with lids for $14. 2018-02-04_03-38-41 by aaron M, on Flickr - Note I mixed up a bit of salt before dumping it into this container so a new bag would be slightly higher - though who opens a new bag without using some of it? Anyways this may or may not help anyone but having damp or lumpy salt sucks and never seems to dissolve right so I figured that I would share a cheap solution. Another benefit is that these containers are all food safe so you can trust them.
  17. recently picked up a nice canister filter for cheap couldn't pass it up , Now my question is can I turn the back of my biocube into a large refugium taking out all the media just running rubble rock or mud and a lot of chato and other moss. Then running all my media in my canister filter? I know I need to stay up on changing and cleaning my canister out to make it not a nitrate magnate it is a 32 gallon led biocube set up with coral and fish thanks so much for your input
  18. Chummyy

    Questions about tank

    Hello! I am new and I have a few questions about my new tank. It's an imagitarium 6.2 gallon aquarium. Right now it has live sand, water, and 2 small pieces of live rock. I ordered a heater off of Amazon and it will arrive on Friday. It has a weak pump and I'm wondering what pump would be good for such a small tank? What light should I buy if I decide to buy coral? What are some good tips or tricks for it? Can I put the heater in the filtration compartment? Thank you!
  19. ZyleZuin

    Zyle's Evo Build

    Hi all, Quick background, I got into the hobby years ago with my first tank being an original Red Sea Max 130L. I eventually added on a 90g cichlid and an Innovative Marine Nuvo. Due to renting and regularly moving, I decided to get out of the hobby and take a break, selling all aquarium related supplies. That was 2 years ago and I decided to get my toe back into the water with a simple Fluval Evo 13.5g tank. I don't want to get sucked too heavily back into the hobby so I'm going to try and move slowly and avoid expensive upgrades if I can help it. CURRENT BUILD: Tank: Fluval Evo 13.5g Heater: Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 50w Skimmer: Fluval PS2 Return Pump: Cobalt Aquatics Mini MJ 606 Filtration: Stock Fluval Foam Block, Ceramic Balls, and carbon bag Light: Stock Fluval Evo 13.5g LED light Testing Kit: Red Sea Marine Test Kit Fluval Evo 13.5g Selection: I chose this tank primarily on price and aesthetics. For $150 and Amazon Prime eligible, it is a very accessible tank including a powerful light, pump, and filter. Even if I end up replacing these items, they would serve as nice backups that are designed to work with the tank. Nothing like realizing a power head broke and not finding one locally that will fit your tank. And compared to some of the other tanks in its weight class I liked the overall looks with the base being smaller than the tank giving it nice depth and modern look. I also liked that it is a peninsula tank which I feel makes a bigger statement for nano sized aquariums than a cube. Unboxing: Despite Amazon losing track of my aquarium in transit and having to send a replacement, the Evo got here just fine. The outer box was a little bruised, but there were foam supports around the inner box which actually had a third (retail) box inside it. More foam and then the tank itself. Not indestructible, but I felt fine having amazon ship these around. Everything goes together like you'd think it would out of the box. Be careful snapping off the tabs on the lid for the cables. They did not come off easily for me and I actually snapped the lid close to the skimmer corner. A little super glue and you'd never know. My return pump hose was actually a little shorter than I'd like and as you'll see later needed to be longer after replacing the return pump. I wish the hood was machined a little more precisely. Where the two pieces come together isn't perfectly flush and annoys me. I think the light and hood are honestly just fine, but wouldn't be surprised if that was the first major upgrade I do (hopefully not for a while) and I don't have any compelling reason to mess with it just yet. Equipment: I picked up the M50 heater and PS2 skimmer to round out the equipment, having read some stories online I was a little nervous about the heater fitting or the need of a skimmer in this size tank, but my OCD won out and I wanted matching brand equipment. Well as everyone has more or less stated, the Fluval M50 (50 watt) heater does not fit in the third chamber with the return pump despite being marketed and pictured to do so. Shocking... I threw it in the first chamber and moved on with my life, but quickly ordered a Neo-Therm 50w. It is way shorter and thinner, easily fitting in the space provided. Plus it is fully submersible. The M50 has maybe 1-2" zone where it wants the water level to be and without an ATO is kinda rough. Not too upset, I ended up with a backup heater just in case. One of the other documentation blunders by Fluval is how the return pump is supposed to sit. How they have it pictured doesn't actually work. The pump is too big. Looking online I found a new pump from Cobalt Aquatics. On paper it seems great, it's tiny 2.25" x 1.5" x 2.25" and has a slightly higher overall flow at 159gph. Once I got it in hand I have to say it seems too good to be true to be more powerful and so much smaller, oh plus the power cord comes out the top instead of the back which again helps with placement. Once installed it is noticeably more powerful. I need to get some new 1/2" tube as this new pump is shorter and I really had to stretch my current cut to get it to reach. Haven't setup the Skimmer except to place it in the tank. Seems to fit just fine. My main concern right now is why the skimmer isn't in chamber two. I would think you'd want your foam filter right at the intake grate. When excess food or other things get sucked back they have a long way to go before hitting foam. I'll see how it goes, but I'll trust someone at Fluval had a good reason to do it this way.... and by Fluval I kinda mean whatever overseas company sold this to them to market. The LED is heavy and gets pretty hot. I shot it with my temp gun and it was maybe 112F. One of the undocumented aspects is that the light will resume the mode it was on if it loses power. So while it doesn't have a timer, you simply have to plug it into one. I happened to have been gifted a ConnectSense HomeKit Enabled outlet and finally have a use for it. I can plug in my light and set a timer in the app. I can even override it from the app anywhere in the world. The blue light mode is sorta useless except when you really want to use it. The blue is actually too bright for a night time setting. I turned off my room lights to watch a movie in the same room as the tank. I thought the blue light would be better when watching the movie but honestly it was actually worse. The blue light is at best a party trick to show off corals and their glow. But that's okay it was a cheap stock light, it'll do the trick and seems bright enough to support coral life. I got my sand at a LFS and they only had a 20lb bag of CaribSea Live Sand Special Grade (would have rather used a 10lb). I used a little more than half of it. For rock I ordered CaribSea Aquatics Life Rock 20lb on Amazon. The rock was clean and varied. There are nice different types of pieces. A lot of times you get different shapes and sizes but they otherwise are the same. This has pieces that had drastically different looks. I tossed majority of what I got into the tank. I'll mess with is more later, but it looks pretty good right now. It's been running for a little less than a week. Did my first test, high nitrates, and some lingering Ammonia and Nitrites. I think I skipped dosing one day using Fluval cycle, but it should be ready for livestock soon.
  20. So I have an empty 5 gallon tank from my betta and pleco died. And I’d like to try a saltwater tank, but I’m not sure what fish to use, how much live rock/sand to use, what equipment to use and how to test salinity and such. Any recommendations? Or is that to small of a tank?
  21. ItsJustLauren

    Starting a nano tank?

    So after my first tank I am now very much addicted to this hobby. I currently have a tank that is just slightly over 60 gallons... but it isn't enough! There are still so many fish I want ;___; Woe is me. So I am considering in a few months maybe starting up another smaller tank. I'd love a larger tank but I honestly think our landlord might actually kill me if I did (he said when we signed the lease that he didn't care about anything in a cage/tank, only about cats and dogs, but I don't think he expected our tanks to be a 55 and a 60.... I think he was thinking more along the lines of a 10. Luckily it doesn't have anything against fish tanks in our lease...) We have a LOT of extra tanks in storage at my boyfriend's dad house ranging from 10's to 60's... I'd love to take our 40 hex home and make that a saltwater but we don't really have a spot for it, so I was thinking either a 20 long or maybe looking around to see if we have a 29. If not, Petco's $ per gallon sale gets me one for $30 bucks so... not too bad. I have plenty of sand and crushed coral substrate from my 60, so that should be essentially free to fill a new tank with substrate, and I think I can probably get the live rock for free (or at least several pounds), and if not then it is only around $3/lb for me since I work at a local fish store. Saltwater is also free for me. So would all I have to pay for essentially be a filter, heater, light, and circulation pump? Do I even NEED a circulation pump in a smaller tank, or would that mainly be useful if I put corals in as well? How many of you use skimmers, or would recommend doing so, on a 29 gallon tank? I really in particular would love to have a white banded pygmy wrasse and a gumdrop coral croucher. Also maybe a longnose hawkfish or something, I adore hawkfish... either way, any recommendations on starting up a small tank? Am I underestimating the cost? I know my larger tank cost a decent amount to set up, but I had to purchase a skimmer, the substrate, rock, etc... what would you guys recommend for lighting as well on the 29? I would also need to have a cover on it, since we have 3 cats that I don't trust, and wrasse are my favorite things in the world so the tank is bound to end up with a wrasse in it somehow... Does 4-5 small fish seem about right for a 29 gallon? Any input you have is certainly welcome! I can't afford to do this until after probably January but it never hurts to start planning
  22. bradg28

    New Aquarium Advice

    Hi there! I'm a new aquarium owner, I bought myself a fluval edge 12 gallon. It's saltwater with plans to make it into a simple reef tank. I currently have two crabs and a snail in there with 10lbs of live rock. I've also upgraded the filter's impeller to push 50g instead of 30g. Anywho. I'm basically just trying to get some opinions on what to add next? Corals? If so any suggestions ? Fish? Likewise. I've read different opinions on whether to add coral first or fish for a multitude of reasons. Since I'm new I figured I'd gather as many opinions as possible. Also according to fluval the light bar gives off 7600k for lighting, do I need to add more for coral? Thanks! i can add photos later today
  23. Dswankbiz

    Aquarium in a jar? HELP!!

    Ok so i was watching these YouTube videos of 2 gallon salt water mason jar reef builds, and need some help. So it seems pretty simple, I understand the basics of how it operates just needed some general advice. If I did so in a 2 gallon mason jar, what type of rock/reef/coral should I be looking at? I'm new to salt water tanks so I thought this would be a fun way to start learning about corals etc.. I have everything I need for the build, BUT the light. I have no idea what light I should be using for a 2g mason jar, nor when to use it. I'm a newby so any advice helps. I thank you for taking a glance at this thread!!
  24. Hello all! just discovered this site and forum, giving the Aquarium Diary a try.. I decided after years of running planted, freshwater tanks that it's time to advance into something more challenging. My freshwater tanks were 55 gal and 2 ten gal, with a couple terrarium type Betta "tanks" spread about the house. Now I am down to one 10 gal freshwater and the newer beginnings of a salt water 6 gal. Nano tank. It is a Fluval 6 G on 3rd week of cycling. My hope is that the tank will not be high tech, I love some of the Nano and Pico tank designs shown on this site and they are so inspiring. this Nano was started in part because the entire Refugium thing is a bit confusing and seems more complicated than just running a Nano tank without one. So here it goes as of today; Tank- Fluval 6 gal cube (originally a freshwater tank retired to the garage) Filter- well currently its a no brand name with sponge, no media, for 10 G with spray bar removed to provide more of a wave type circulation, seems to work. 50 W heater - no brand from china Current inhabitants; 2 Hermit Crabs, 2 roundish looking snails, and somehow i inherited a soft coral (i think?) that the LFS had put in my bag along with the snails. see photo below. no idea what type of soft coral it is but too far to drive to return it and i cant beat free (frag?). I didn't think my tank would be ready for corals yet though but the thing has not died so far , possibly could be more green looking but that could be the lighting? I've been looking through photos online but either the coral is NOT happy so doesn't look the way it should or i'm not knowledgeable enough to identify it. Lighting- is currently a Fluval Halo LED, it does switch from blue to white manually but its a crappy light, the new but small light for this tank will be delivered Monday. I have learned to turn off all lighting for water changes and that has seemed to help., the new light yet to arrive is here; Amazon.com- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071LJC8HL/ref=pe_861660_138883610_fxm_4_0_n_id No skimmer or refuge thing, doing daily water changes of 1 gallon (trying to control nitrates and ammonia) combined with a 9$ filter, 14$ heater and a inexpensive light from amazon on the way. Current water testing shows: Salinity 0.24- Salt is Red Sea Pro and mixed myself after purchasing poor quality and low salinity from LFS, i gave up threw all the purchased salt water out and started over with my own mix using their RO water ( though i tested it first). Lesson 2 learned, always test all water prior to adding to tank. (lesson 1, don't start a saltwater tank without more research and all supplies) Ammonia Zero to .25 ppm (its kinda hard to read but in the middle of that) Nitrates no. 3, 5 to 10 ppm So far everything seems happy even with some nitrates and ammonia, lighting is an issue hence new light on the way. I did observe some rock bleaching initially so until the new light arrives i am using the blue light more often, then switch on the white light for an hour or so (or when i see the coral close up)., trying to gradually extend the daylight time to 12 hours then hopefully the new light will be here and we can do it right with a timer. My first observation; Was having some difficulty getting to the correct salinity level due to odd advice (well now i know), and purchasing premix from my LFS, which tells me immediately that if I create a much larger tank i may be mixing own and having a RO/DI system in place. week 1 was daily water changes of more than 40% trying to get a stabilized salinity due to a combination of advice received from 4 LFS that we visited. Mainly what they thought mine should be, and what salinity theirs actually was compared to what they said it was at. after throwing it all down the drain in frustration I mixed my own and got above the . 16 i was getting from theirs. After applying some tips learned in the Reef.com forums things have calmed down. Salinity is at a more acceptable level and my creatures are doing well so far, the coral I recently acquired doesn't seem to be doing too badly, it must be of a hardy variety. My hope is to make this mainly a coral tank with some inverts and maybe a Goby so as soon as ammonia and nitrates more in control ill be starting to obtain a collection of Soft Corals then possibly a small fish, i might add one more crab too., they are sorta cool. I am researching fish though since was hoping for something more interesting than a Goby. Originally i was thinking there would be some soft coral and a small clown fish but now sorta feel it wouldn't be fair to the fish to be in such a small tank. I feed the inverts a sliver of frozen shrimp every other day so as not to pollute my tank but initially the LFS told me to feed Bloodworms which they refused to eat and just polluted the tank. Haven't noticed any Algea yet and it sounds like i need some to grow before the tank is considered established. The hermit crabs have chosen new shells from a few I placed in the tank to keep them away from my snails and their pretty shells. So that is all for now, gonna see how this goes and will give an update next week after the new light arrives. Thank you for letting me participate and i appreciate greatly any advice anyone offers by way of comments to the diary.
  25. My clownfish is right next to my pulsing Xenia and occasionally touching it and it has paired with 4 different anemones so it knows what it's doing has anyone ever seen this behavior he even flaps his fins and give it current but never goes in will he pair with it and how will I know if he's about to
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