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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys! I’m new to the fishing hobby and I set up my first salt water tank! I did a bunch of research and looked into all the chemistry behind keeping up a tank. I set up a bio cube 32 with the standard lighting. I added 20lbs or live sand and rock and filled up the tank with salt water with a salinity of 1.024. I have checked my pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and nitrate throughout the 7 weeks that I let the tank cycle and added beneficial bacteria twice for 7 days tow separate times during the cycling. Yesterday when we checked the water parameters the pH was 8.2, Ammonia was near 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate was also low so we decided to add fish to the tank. We acclimate the fish by floating them in the bags for about an hour before we add them to the tank. We got two clowns and a domino damsel. The damsel seems fine and is exploring the tank slowly as well as the larger clown fish but the smaller clown seems to be swimming a lot around the tank. It will circle the tank by the glass and go up and down the glass at times. He does occasionally stop in the middle of the tank and swim through the live rock. As far as I could tell he ate both yesterday and this morning. I read online that this means that they could be stressed so we turned the lights and waver-maker off but it only seemed to slow him down a little bit. His breathing seems fine but honestly I can’t really get a good look at him. Everyone else in the tank looks fine. I just really don’t want to kill him. I just really need some help I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or a bad fish handler!
  2. xofish

    Clown fish with Ick?

    I have two clowns in a tank, no live rock no corals. Only my fish and a few decorations for them. I noticed two tiny white spots on the smaller fish. He's acting normal, not scratching and eating very well. The other fish doesn't seem to be effected. I did a couple water changes recently since I had gone on vacation and my ammonia was high as a result. The other clown fish bullies him a bit as well. Do you think these things are stressing him out? What should I do? Is this even Ick?
  3. xofish

    Clean up crew

    Hi, I recently got a single Percula clown fish. He's super super tiny right now and is having a hard time eating the pellets I got for him. Im going out to a second clown today and some smaller food, as well as making a few adjustment to his tank. One of the things I was wondering is if there are any fish who would benefit in eating some of the food he drops. Because it's too big it just falls to the sand. Are there any fish that could eat some of those leftovers?
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