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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, all. I have hit an equipment-purchasing wall, so to speak. I have deduced that the Vee Gee SXT-3 refractometer is the best one for reefers, but I haven’t found a Canadian store that carries them. I ordered the Hannah digital meter, but cancelled it because the reviews were up and down. Also, the Red Sea refractometer doesn’t have great reviews. Am I overthinking this? Would the Hannah meter be okay? Maybe it is fine because a tiny bit of error won’t harm inhabitants. I don’t want to spend what a Milwaukee costs, btw.
  2. GlasgowReefer

    HELP URGENT please - salimity

    So i set up my Nano tank and have fish in it 2 clowns who seem happy. Started with atm colony for bacteria. my red sea refractometer out of the box ive mixed to 35ppt i just got a hanna salinity checker - calibrated (twice because of reading) and its coming out at 46ppt !!! What do i do. Which do i read as true. Im terrified i lose the fish. cant get to a fish shop to have water tested by them till monday now.
  3. froodyzoa


    I'm new to the community (just starting up my first pico reef) and have been doing some reading - I've heard that you shouldn't go for a cheap swing hydrometer because they're calibrated to one temperature, alas I am cheap (in this hobby, I know, a fatal flaw) and looking for ways out of the extra fifteen dollars. It looks like brewers figured this out - is there any reason this wouldn't work? https://www.brewersfriend.com/hydrometer-temp/
  4. AyeNick

    Bay Area Nuvo 10

    Hi all, and hi to the Nuvo 10 community! For the past year or so, I've been wanting a reef of my own, and I'm now addicted. I decided on the Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 for the compact size and transportability, given that I plan to take it to college eventually. As of the moment I am writing this, I currently have put the rock and sand into the tank, after cycling the rock for about 3 weeks in a 5-gallon bucket using Fritz Turbo Start. The sand is Fiji Pink, and the rocks are Walt Smith 2.1. I have the tank on the 10 gallon white JBJ Nano Cubey Stand, which looks really great with the tank. Equipment List IM Nuvo 10 Tank 10 Gallon White JBJ Nano Cubey Stand AI Hydra 26 HD (Modified AB+ Settings) Cobalt Neo-Therm 50 watt heater (best heater on the market) Sicce Syncra .5 Return Pump Vortech mp10wqd inTank Media Basket (Running inTank filter floss, 2 chemi pure blue nano packets, and 1 marinepure cube) Tunze Nano ATO (Not running a skimmer, I'm running 4 MarinePure cubes in the second chamber) Aquatic Life 100gpd RODI unit Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt (mixes extremely fast) Tank as of August 16, 2019. No light or ATO yet. Tank as of October 2, 2019. Hydra 26 with diffuser has been added. Snails, hermits, and goby have been introduced. No corals quite yet.
  5. Open but never used! Poseidon Salinity Pen Plus, Never used. Includes calibration liquid. Retails for $70 Tunze Silence 1073.020 630 GPH pump. Retails for $90 Looking to sell both for $80 shipped within US. Message with questions, Thanks!
  6. Went to the Dallas north aquarium today just to look around and dream about my future large tank and my wife decided to get me some stuff.... early anniversary gift. Icecap salinity checker, candy cane and stylo coral.
  7. Received my new toy today and I'm a little worried about it's accuracy. The digital pocket tester says the SG in my tank and in my saltwater reservoir is 1.021. My calibrated ATC refractometer says 1.025! From what I've seen and read, I don't believe there's a way to calibrate the digital pocket tester. I know optical refractometers aren't the most accurate, but I didn't think it would be that far off! Wouldn't I see issues in my tank if the SG is that low?! http://www.coralvue.com/salinity-temperature-digital-pocket-tester
  8. Krish87

    Salinity Level Issue

    I noticed that my tank's salinity level has dropped below 1.024 (I usually have it at 1.025). In order to bring the level back up to the desired level, will top-offs with saltwater suffice? I have read that it has worked for folks but just wanted a second opinion before I do so. Has anyone else faced a similar situation before, and tried topping off with saltwater instead of RO/DI water?
  9. Hey! First I just want to say thanks for a very informative and helpful forum! There is alot to keep in mind when doing this hobby and even more when you are just starting out. This is my first attemt at a saltwater aquarium and I bought a 13g tank with all the basic necessities to plug-and-play. The tank have been cycling with live rock and live sand for 2 and 1/2 week, and I have gotten some brown diatoms on sand and on some rock. Also I have gotten a very small amount of green leaf-like algae on top of one rock despite having the lights off and two very small featherduster looking things, witch I think is a good thing as it means that something is happening. Despite reading and preparing I realized last night that I made one mistake. My refractometer was delayed and I was so eager to start with the aquarium that I just weighted the salt and added it to the water when mixing, thinking that the measurements should get me within the recommended salinity, I was wrong. Last night I finally got to measure my salinity and I was above 1.030. In a panic of hurting or in any way hindering the progress of the cycle I did a 5% waterchange and added freshwater to get the salinity down. My last reading last night was about 1.020 witch should be fine? My question is, could my waterchange have hurt the cycle or bacteria in any way and could I have stalled or delayed my cycle? Thanks!
  10. I just received the newly released Ice Cap Digital Pocket Tester for Salinity and temperature. It is very easy to use and is spot on when compared to my freshly calibrated refractometer. I would certainly recommend it. to operate, you attache the white "cup" to the tester in order to eliminate any inaccuracies due to stray current in the aquarium.
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