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Found 7 results

  1. Ok so I got a 30 gallons tank, with hermit crabs and two clownfish. The tank is only two weeks old. I have a fluval 207 et a protein skimmer. I just had a Magnificent sea anemone, will it survive? Should I bring it back?
  2. afcajax73

    Andys Fluvial 13.5

    Good morning all! (we'll it's morning here in the UK at least) My name is Andy, I used to have a large marine tank approx 10 years ago, but I stopped keeping fish, and started keeping children... Now they're a bit more grown up i've decided to get another marine set up, but this time i've got a lot smaller with the Fluval Evo Sea 13.5 So far it's stayed stock and i've not upgraded anything, I used live sand, but not live rock, and then supplemented the cycle process with the RedSea Starter kit, the parameters are doing well, and so far i've added; 7x turbo snails, 1x fire shrimp, 1x kenya tree 1x rock of zoa also, i didn't know until a day after the zoa rock went in, but i had some sort of bivalve attached! which seems to be doing well too 🙂 in terms of longer term plans, i will be adding a few more corals, and then a pair of young clowns 🙂 and maybe adding a bit more flow to the tank here's a few pics so far,
  3. raiqkashif

    Missing royal gramma

    Hi guys so my royal gramma went missing around 2 weeks ago. He wasnt looking well when i brought him in from the store, next day after settling in he was stuck to a rock and doing much better. That was pretty much the last time i saw him. Ive constantly been doing tests and have had 0ppm ammonia for the entirety of the time. Also have a lid so i doubt he jumped out even checked the floor for him. Tried feeding mysis, kept an eye put for him but nothing should i assume hes still in the tank??
  4. so my beloved royal gramma of nearly 4 years is probably on her deathbed. she has always lived with ich but ate well. today, she stopped being interested in food and ate less and less, her slime coat started fading and she became emacicated, this started a few days ago, i thought she might bounce back from her starvation. pics will be posted later as she is hiding
  5. Leo_ian

    Royal gramma and dwarf goby

    I have a 20 gallon cube, do you think I could have a trio of miki white line gobies with a royal gramma? I have other fish but I don’t think they would cause any harm, it’s a spriger damsel and a fairy wrasse? the gobies are currently 1.5cm
  6. For my 7 gallon cube i'm considering stocking it with only 2 fish because of the small tank foot print of 12"x12"x12". I'm aware that many in the hobby feel like this is too many fish for this footprint but I've seen here that some go outside that way of thinking. Fish would of course only be added once the tank is fully cycled and stable, and there will be at least a month between adding the 2 fish. I'm thinking of starting with the smaller fish first. I'm thinking it'll either be a green banded goby OR a 2 spot blenny, and then awhile later (at least a month preferably longer) I'm considering either a royal gramma OR a possum wrasse. I'd like some opinions on whether this idea is a poor one or not and people's experience with these individual fish. I know royal grammas can be pricks which is why that fish if I choose it would be last after all potential cleaning crew members and inverts are added. I'm torn between the wrasse and gramma because while the wrasse is so damn cute and was the first non-eel fish to capture my attention, they do tend to be reclusive and with my limited stocking options I'd hate to get a fish I end up not seeing frequently. On the flip side from what I've read royal grammas can be royal pita's because they can be bullies, and I hate the thought of putting any fish through the stress of having to be brought back to the store because of aggression issues. If anyone has alternate suggestions for stocking (that aren't a clownfish), particularly for midwater swimmers like the gramma or wrasse I'd love to hear them. Because of the small footprint here I want one small bottom hoping fish and one midwater so they aren't always up in each others business.
  7. Jdo2010

    Diamond Goby newbie

    Hi reefers! I purchased a Diamond Goby today just wanting to clean up my sand a bit ( a little diatom) and boy is he making his mark.... I have noticed that he is sifting very well, but it looks like a sand storm in my tank. My crystal clear water is now somewhat cloudy. I’m thinking that he’s just hard at work, and over the next couple days it will be clear as he is not sifting as much? Also, I’ve noticed a huge mound almost up to my live rock.. should I even the sand back out myself? Also... I think my royal gramma is a bit intimidated by him. I had a recent death of my Flame angel. My gramma was always near my angel so I think that the absence of my angel and this new fish has him stressed. He won’t come out from behind my big rock... thoughts? thanks all!
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