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Found 10 results

  1. ReefSpace Deluxe 900 Started February 2021 Full tank shot December 2021 Welcome to the build thread for my Reefspace 900. If you're interested the journey actually started in my nano thread HERE. This tank has been initially stocked with rock and inhabitants from my nano 15g which was around 8 months old, and is now dry. TL;DR shortcuts GHA - the miracle cure exposed! The battle with cyanobacteria begins The "kinda" rip clean Sumps - which way is up?! Maintenance Schedule Feeding Schedule EQUIPMENT TMC reef pump 4000 return, Bubble Magus C3.5 skimmer, AI Nero 3, Jecod SOW-8, 3 x AI Prime 16HD, D-D ATO, D-D P1 Doser FISH Dusky Wrasse, Scopas Tang, Six Line Wrasse, Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse, Royal Gramma, Chalk Goby, 5 x Green Chromis CORAL Mix of LPS and Softies (zoa dominant) CURRENT PARAMETERS I like to keep a track of the tank, progress and additions so regularly keep this thread updated (Aka TANK OCD!). Feel free to comment or tell me I'm doing it wrong.... I am known for the odd direction change from time to time! Cheers @Murphych
  2. Alex33xKV

    Did my royal gramma do this?

    Hi, a week ago I bought a royal gramma, it has refused to eat and hides whenever I come close to the aquarium. I've noticed that it has been aggressive towards my clowns, and roughly 5 days after I had bought it, I found my tuxedo urchin floating around, and a day after that I found my cleaner shrimp in pieces on the sandbed. Could my gramma royal have done this? I checked my ammonia and it's 0 - so couldn't have been ammonia.
  3. so my beloved royal gramma of nearly 4 years is probably on her deathbed. she has always lived with ich but ate well. today, she stopped being interested in food and ate less and less, her slime coat started fading and she became emacicated, this started a few days ago, i thought she might bounce back from her starvation. pics will be posted later as she is hiding
  4. I am extremely new to this hobby, and have only had a tank for 3 weeks with fish for 1 week. However, I’m pretty sure my Royal Gramma’s behavior isn’t normal. It keeps flashing against the sand, which I think means it’s scratching itself, but it’s tearing it’s fins by doing so. It’s also been staying in a cave the whole time, but now it’s moved to the corner of the tank in full view and just lays there sideways. My family says I’m crazy, but I swear there’s white mucous-looking gunk wrapping around the bottom of its head and near its gills, as well as a white spot on its tail fin, but very faint. I’ve read that that’s not a good sign, but I don’t know what it is a sign of. Should I be worried? What does this mean? I have a 20g with an Emerald Crab, a Lawnmower Blenny, and the Gramma. The Blenny was just introduced today. I can’t get any good pics because it won’t move, but I guess it’s better than nothing.
  5. JulioA

    Tank Stock for 25 gal

    I currently have a 25 gallon tank with atleast 50 pounds of live rock and a bunch of caves and hiding spots, I'm currently holding x1 fire shrimp, x1 royal gramma, x2 clownfish, x1 pink-spotted watchman goby, x1 purple firefish, x5 astrea snails, x5 blue legs. I recently completely a fish in cycle with the two clownfish it's been about 5-6 weeks and then added the shrimp, waited a few days, and added the 3 other fish, I'm closely monitoring my ammonia levels, with that being said, they eat, come out, no issues seem to have been shown, they each seem to have found their own hiding spots while the clownfish basically just roam around all day keeping an eye on all of them, they're all about an inch or so big. My clownfish do the little fighting and twitching here and there but for the most part they're side by side 24/7 eat together, sleep together, fight together so I'm not too worried about them, my main concern is if a 25 gallon is enough to hold my 5 fish and shrimp, they seem to have plenty of space and seem to be having a good time if I do say so myself but I'd prefer knowing they're stress free for the long haul when they reach 3-4 inches in a couple years or so. I keep the tank at about 1.024 salinity & 78-82 degrees.
  6. antigonus

    R.I.P first salt water fish

    I got my first fish, a royal Gramma, almost three weeks ago. Other than being being a bit shy at first, it ate readily and seemed to be doing well. Several days ago though I noticed some white spots, at first I wasn't too alarmed because I hadn't been able to get a close look and thought it could just be sand particles or something, but shortly afterwards, I realized it was obviously ich. Eventually I was able to get it transferred to a hospital tank with medication, but less than 48 hours later it was dead. Needless to say i'm pretty bummed to lose my first ever salt water fish, especially because with the exception of a hair algae problem which has now largely died down, everything else seems to be going relatively well. It will be at least a few weeks until I will be able to add fish again, so this is the first really bad thing that has happened thus far.
  7. antigonus

    Royal Gramma has ich, what to do?

    I got my first fish, a Royal Gramma around two weeks ago. He/she/it seemed shy but otherwise healthy for the first week and a half for so, often hiding but eating regularly. A few days ago I noticed it had some white spots, I bought ich treatment and have a 10 gallon hospital tank set up, but my problem now is that I can't actually catch the fish. Every time I try it dashes back to a hole in the rock in a split second. Is there any way I could trap it? What would people recomend I do? I can't treat the tank directly because that would kill all the invertebrates in it.
  8. guts11

    New Royal Gramma eating Pods

    I added a Royal Gramma about a week ago to my 15 gallon tank. The tank has been up since October '17 and the other fish are two Oc. Clowns. The Gramma has been active and not hiding too much, but he does have a few spots he really likes. He has not eaten that much but I often see him picking at the rock and glass (I assume eating pods). My tank does not have that large of a pod population and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to seed the tank. I have about 20-22 lbs of LR, but no refugium or sump, just a pretty basic setup. I want to eventually wane the fish to pellets since I have to leave the tank on a vacation feeder semi-regularly as a college student. He has been eating frozen krill.
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