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Found 13 results

  1. Brandonmw

    Thought on my scape ?

    Just wanting some initial thoughts on my scape before water goes in. My idea was to mimic the reefs I see as I’m an avid diver
  2. mvh pets

    how much rock

    what is the bare minimum of reef saver rock i can use to aquascape a standard 20 gallon aquarium. filteration should not be much of a concern as i have a canester filter packed full of bio media rated for a 70 gallon and will upgrade to a sump very soon, and i have a 1.5 inch sand bed. i was recommended 0.5 kg/ 1 lbs per gallon but can i go much lower than that. its a fish and invert only system and i will not be adding coral as its illegal in my area. thanks!
  3. I'm a noob and need some help. The husband had a salt previously and we have down sized. In that, we moved all the rock and it fits in a 10g tank, but I'm worried that it's too much for the tank. I'm keeping it super simple, a turbo for the algae and a clown. He seems super happy, but water changes are a little hectic. I usually end up moving rock out to clean around it. How much should I keep, what is best to do with the rock I dont want? I've read about people just taking it out and drying it out. This rock is over 10yrs old, I'm just now starting to take this up again. And amazingly, there still is stuff coming out of the rock. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  4. So I have been doing reef aquariums for 10-15 years. This go around I want to try something new and I was hoping you guys could give me a little guidance on what to expect. Here is the scenario. 2.5 Gallon Pico Aquarium All in One Live Sand purchased from PetSmart in a bag Scoop of sand out of LFS established aquarium Fully Established Live Rock from LFS Salt Water from LFS So my question is based on the live sand and the established LR that I have purchased and had in the water in less than 30 minutes during transport, what type of cycle should I expect? Will I see a full cycle of 4-6 weeks? Will I see any cycle at all? Will I see a quick cycle of 1-3 weeks? I know its impossible to say for sure, but just looking for opinions. Thanks, Neowind712
  5. Lugmos12

    Replacing rock

    I want to redo my rockscape because I believe I have too much rock and the rock shapes don't give me enough usable surface area. What is the best way to go about doing this. Tank has been running since July 2017. I plan on keeping some of the rock but not all.
  6. I am wondering if it is possible to use rocks from planted tank to go with reef tank ? Currently, I'm planning to put some Ohko rocks (Dragon stone) into my shallow reef for aquascaping some cliff like scenes Any helps would be appreciated. Thanks !
  7. Hello all, new here. I looked around and couldn't find a definitive answer on the forums so far (maybe I overlooked something, forgive me in advance) but I was wondering if I were to take a few rocks from the local waterfront what I would need to do in order to clean them/disinfect them before using them in my own tank? I say clean/disinfect because I imagine without looking it wouldn't be wise to just take a piece of live rock out of nature and put it directly into my tank. PS - Forgive me as well if this isn't proper etiquette in the hobby world, I am still new and haven't had much time to research as much as I would like. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season thus far! -Sneeqie
  8. Hey yall so I finally got my innovative marine 20g and I moved all the stuff from my old 20L to the new one. Problem is all the rock that I have in there is already cycled and I have fish and corals. I really want to change the aqua scape and the current rock I have in there is not achieving the look I want. So question is is what should I do? Try and buy live rock from my local shop( already has coralline algae on it) and put it in? my best option in my head right now is to buy coralife rock and try to cycle them in a bucket? If i I went with the live rock, I would transport in some salt water but would I need to cure them further or would they be ok to put in?
  9. Dswankbiz

    where can i get reef rock

    where can i get a single rock formation? a taller rock that i could fit in a small tank? live or dry is ok anyone know?
  10. im trying to add just a little bit more rock to my jar. i've read that buying live rock and doing a quick RO dip would get rid of the hitchhikers... i previously did this (with live rock) at the beginning of my cycle, however my tank was NOT cycled at the time. i have 3 corals in the jar at the moment, which i plan to remove along with the already in jar rock...and i am going to re aqua-scape/glass clean so i figured this would be a good time to add a few little rocks..? thoughts? Will i be ok adding a little more rock to the jar with live rock? any advice helps thanks
  11. Rock arrived today! This is my favorite part of a new tank! Couldn't wait to get home and out down the little one and take a hammer to some rock! Lol I am wanting a free hanging minimalist look with an aquascape that spirals upward a bit. Like a spiral staircase. Tank is going to be rock flower nems and encrusting/plating corals. And GSP, because every tank needs GSP! I still have a fair bit of rock, thinking about just rasing up the structure a few inches. Rock will be epoxied and stuck with acrylic rods.
  12. Glitchfish

    What's this brown stuff?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question? What's this brown hairy dusty stuff, I at first thought it was dinoflagellates, but I have battled them before and won.. I have tried sucking them off but with no luck :(! I then thought are they diatoms.. but they're much too hairy for diatoms.. then I thought hair algae.. but it's not green :s Please help me! It's also on the glass :s but it just brushes away like dust :s! gah So confused! Just for people's curiosity, my aquarium is almost two years old :O!
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