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Found 21 results

  1. Can I take only the top rim off of a 30 gallon tank without any supports? I don’t need to bottom rim off I just want the top one to be gone. Will this be safe? Or should I add supports.
  2. So this is going to be one of those stories that starts with a dream followed by absolute disaster, We will see the loss of everything and the journey it takes to get back and push on to greater goals. I truly thank everyone that takes their time to read along and follow my journey with reefing, Through the bad the ugly and the eventual gorgeous place a box of water can bring! Our story starts about a year ago, I was at a friends house and he had in his living room a 60g Cube reef. Personally i had never seen a saltwater tank outside of marineland (I know I know the evil bastards lol XD, this was when i was very young and more than 25 years ago). my friend explained the tank to me and showed me the few coral he had. After a few weeks I was still fascinated with the tank so he got me to start testing the parameters and do maintenance on his tank, I took in as much info as i could at this time as I was quickly becoming obsessed with this hobby 😄 A childhood dream was rediscovered. Fast forward a couple months At this point I felt pretty confident in my basic knowledge of reefing and had saved up some money. I search around for a used reef tank with all the equipment included and found a 125g corner bowfront with a HOB overflow to a 60g sump, Bubble magus curve 7 skimmer, and a programable 4' t5 fixture. It even came with live rock, sand and some corals for 1000$. We put the coral in a holding tank while we moved my new tank to my apartment, gave it a quick clean and reset the tank in its new home. The tank went through an instant cycle basically (it took a week) because i used all the old live rock and sand with about 20g of the old water also left the filters etc dirty for the week to help get the process kickstarted. after that i added a few fish and the coral that was chilling in the holding tank. I enjoyed this process and my new tank sooo much everything was looking healthy and I was learning so much so fast at this point it was Sept. 1 2020. Then disaster. I lived in an apartment building and mid Sept. 2020 we had a new tenant move in. This person was a little off and within a few days everyone in the building had noticed her odd behaviour and were getting uneasy. Within 1 week that tenant had a schizophrenic break and the voices told her to set her boyfriend on fire, she poured gas over her boyfriend and the couch he slept on then continued pouring it out her door and down the hallway of the top floor of a 3 story building. She lit it and ran outside. It was 2:00am Sept. 20 2020 I lived in an apartment on the second floor luckily when I first heard the fire alarm i went to my balcony and heard screaming someone yelled the building is on fire. Now I'm sure most people have heard many fire alarms go off in their life and 99.9999% it isn't actually a fire just some burnt toast in the toaster or the frying pan is smoking hot cooking some bacon and eggs or any number of other silly non consequential reasons a fire alarm will start yelling at you, so we can all agree that when you first hear a alarm you are probably thinking its no big deal well this I quickly found out was that 0.00001%. My friends were directly above me in one of the apartments on the third floor they were trapped with young kids luckily they had a couple friends over that night. As soon as I heard the building was on fire I heard my buddy almost in tears yelling down to me that they couldn't get out of their door. A few seconds later he was hanging over the balcony by one hand down towards mine and his wife was started handing him the kids one by one he managed to take each kid with one hand and pass them to me after we got all three kids down safely to my apartment him and his other two friends climbed down and we got the kids out of the building to the street. One of my buddies friends helped my buddies wife get down and out of the building, at that point the smoke was coming into my place and starting to fill up the ceiling i had just enough time to grab my cat and run out of the doors. The firefighters arrived but because it was set by gasoline the flames didn't go out for hours everything in the entire building was lost luckily everyone got out and there was only one person with injuries. At this point understandably I was crushed... and while I am writing this it is still something that I have only barely been able to start processing and healing from. I had just lost everything in my life. It took about a month and a half to find a new apartment at which time I was couch surfing with a friend, when i moved into my new place I was gifted a 20g breeder and a 29g tank from a close friend that is really into fish and had a few tanks laying around that he could spare and free up some room at the same time 😄 . This was amazing it helped my depression and gave me hope that soon I would be able to have this dream of a saltwater reef. Its almost 2 weeks after I moved in and its Dec. 1 2020. I get some dry rock and some sand toss it into the 29g with some saltwater to start curing the rock. I'm really hesitant to run a nano tank at this point so i'm still trying to find something bigger to run at this point but all I can find that i can afford is the glass panels from a 75g so i buy that and make some grandiose plan of making a pentagon tank out of it that would have a plywood bottom epoxied and be around 150g. Two weeks later I find a 25g rimless cube tank with a clean looking stand and the dude thats selling it is awesome he only wanted 60$ for it. I buy the cube and its just such a nice looking tank even though it is only 25g. At this point I know I want a sump but I also know I want some fish soon to help get past that horrible disaster, so I bite the bullet and set it up with an internal filter a couple small powerheads and heater. I cycle my tank for a month no fish then start looking around to find some clowns that don't look like Nemo 😄 . A local guy is selling baby clowns and had some of the ones that i was looking for. I buy a midnight clown from him and get it settled in its new home. which brings us up to current basically now what? Well upgrades of course. Now I mentioned that i grabbed that glass from a 75g, now I've also managed to grab a couple beat up old tanks people were throwing out so I would have some glass for projects so its time to build. 25g Cube + 50g Custom Rimless Build The Plan So essentially the idea is to add a sump to the 25g cube now looking around if i want to buy a overflow box thats is decent i'm looking at around 200$ cad and pre fire that would have bothered me but at the moment I am still trying to replace years of furniture, studio equipment, and decor so money is super tight lol. So that being said im not spending that much on a overflow box that will make me have to use a internal box portion that takes up room inside my tank, which is already imo small. Lets build it 😄 , I have glass and a cutter I have silicone and a caulking gun, I can pick up the right drill bits for cutting holes and save a ton of money, also I can notch my tank allowing me to not have an internal box portion to my overflow. Next I will cut down the 75g glass panels i have to make a custom rimless tank that should sit around 50g, for this i will use the excess glass and build a bean animal overflow box for the 50g. Finally I am going to make baffles for my 20g breeder and use that for a sump, Both tanks will drain into the sump and will each have their own return pumps by doing this I can ease my mind and minimize the un-stability of a nano tank system making my overall system volume to 85g-90g
  3. Hami

    Hami’s Shrimps

    Okay... I did something... new little cube... Information: Tank: Aqueon Frameless 3g Cube Lighting: AI Prime 16HD Filtration: Aqua-Tech 5-15g HOB ATO: JBJ Nano ATO Inhabitants: 7 rock flower anemones 1 blue leg hermit crab (Hermy) Red Macro Algae (Gracilaria Hayi) a few baby snails (probably turbos) 11-28-2020 12-20-2020 2-7-2021 6-7- 2021
  4. jbb


    I'm only playing along so @Ratvan doesn't win. Tank : UNS 3n Lighting : TBD Heat : Archaea (25W) ultra slim Flow : Cobalt mini-jet 404 Entry FTS : 2/1/20
  5. saltyfishwater

    hello macro growers!

    Hello NR. I'm new here, after coming across a 2015 TOTM featuring a macro/coral tank. It's very close to what I was envisioning. I previously had a 55 gallon planted freshwater tank with shrimps and snails and rummy nose tetras. The things I loved about freshwater is the diversity of plants and the seen and unseen organisms and tank equipment that work together to drive the aquarium ecology. Flash forward a few years and now I'm looking at setting up a 20 or 30 gallon saltwater tank with two clown fish (Percula) and shrimps. I'm not really interested in corals, and I was at first kinda disappointed by the options for saltwater plants. But after looking at some of the pictures on NR, I'm excited about macro algae! I think I'd like to eventually end up with a 2-clown and a couple shrimp/snail tank with some easy macro algae that can thrive on moderate lighting. I'm currently browsing the forum for affordable lights that might work for rimless tanks. Speaking of rimless tanks, I'm looking at rimless partly for better quality glass for viewing. I'm open to making a small sump in the cabinet, especially for a 30 gallon so I have the option of growing Chaeto and copepods in a sump (ecology!). One of the things that kinda turn me off corals is a lot of the coral tanks I see are so oddly lighted, very blue. I want natural looking lighting that shows off the reds on clowns and shrimp, and maybe macro tank lighting is more compatible with that goal. I'm currently floating in a sea of info on rimless tank brands and lights. Any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks to all for sharing so much info already on this forum. Jason
  6. Tank: Tank: 22 gallon Reef Savvy 20”x16”x16”H Stand: Custom Heater: Ehiem Jagar 100w Lighting: Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue w/ Mounting Arm Filtration: AquaClear 70 w/ Sponge and Biomedia (Temporary) Sump: (Not Currently Operating) - Skimmer: Eshopps S-120 (old model) - Return: Tunze 1073.050 Circulation: Vortech MP10 Sand: Unknown Large Grain Size Rock: Unknown Likely Caribsea Life Rock Water: BRS 6 Stage RODI System Salt: LiveAquaria Dosing: Not Currently Testing: Refractometer ReaSea Nitrate HI736 Ultra Low Phosphorus HI775 Alkalinity Salifert Calcium Salifert Magnesium Fish: - Lightening Maroon Clownfish - Khole Tang - Pajama Cardinalfish Invertebrates: - Thin Strip Hermit - 2x Blue Legged Hermit - Scarlet Hermit - Feather Duster - Various Snails Corals: Soft - Grube's gorgonian (Pinnigorgia flava) - Orange Ricordea florida - Orange & Blue Rhodactis - Orange & Blue Zoanthids - Yellow & Blue Zoanthids - Green Zoanthids - Red Zoanthids LPS - Goniopora SPS - Birdsnest - Montipora
  7. Starting this build thread of my Aquatop 12 gallon long rimless reef. After being out of the hobby for 5 years, I decided to get back in and combine it with my woodworking hobby by building my own stand. Which will house a DIY 10 gallon sump/refugium. Inspired by @Scorched ‘s original 12 gallon tank build https://www.nano-reef.com/featured/2014/scorched-r85/ Display: Aquatop 12 gallon long 3 ft rimless with ultra clear low-iron glass DIY Sump/Refugium (3 section): 10 gallon Aqueon Aquarium - Section 1: 200 micron filter sock Protein skimmer - Section 2: Refugium with Algaebarn’s Ultimate Refugium Starter Kit -Section 3: Return Pump Plumbing: (2) 1 inch bulkheads drilled on each side for drains using JT screens as covers (2) 1/2 inch bulk heads drilled on each side for returns - Flexible black hose for both drain and return lines Equipment: -Jebao DCP 4000 DC Return pump -36” Current USA Marine Orbit IC LED Reef Light -SC Aquariums sca-301 protein skimmer -DIY gravity fed auto top off using eshoppes tank and float valve - ACKE grow light for chaeto in refugium - American DJ light controller for controlling different equipment to make water changes easier DIY custom walnut stand
  8. Hello everyone, Was hoping everyone could provide me with some tips and suggestions on a new 10 gallon build I want to do. Right now here is my plan: Tank: UNS 60S shallow aquarium (24x14x7) Light: Kessil A80 Rock: Stax and marco rock Heres where I need help. I’m stuck between filtration options. I would like to build a sump, but have never owned a tank with one, and don’t even know where to begin with overflows/drilling/plumbing let alone building the sump itself. Other things I am considering is using a canister filter and cleaning it often, or just an AC. I just love the clean look of this tank, and would like to be able to keep the filtration, heater and ato out of the view area if possible. Would like to keep the tank as close to looking “empty” looking as possible. I also would like a solution that won’t kill my wallet, however I know this hobby and am expecting it to at least get a beating. My stocking plan: bit of LPS/Softies 1 fish (either Azure Damsel OR a pygmy angel) 1 blood red fire shrimp I am attaching a picture of what the tank looks like, and the second picture is the aqua scape I want to follow. I basically want a shallow lagoon look, with lots of open sand areas. Essentially what I am asking is what would you guys do with this tank? How would you filter it? Any suggestions will be appreciated and the more detailed the better! thanks in advance!!
  9. cassianoyoung

    Cass' Aquamaxx 22 Long

    Inspired by two favorites from the Nano-Reef community, I have decided to start my own nano reef. I will be mixing an matching ideas from the magnificent tanks of both MrNanoReef and Scorched to make my own little reef while keeping track of the actual cost of building a (hopefully nice ) Nano Reef tank. Any advices that you veterans have for me would be very welcome! Now, lets dive into it.
  10. Full tank shot as of 01/01/2020 Current stock list: Fish - pair of antenna gobies Stonogobiops nematodes Invertebretes - randall's pistol shrimp Alpheus randalli - blue legged hermit crab (one) - nassarius snail (one) Coral SPS - green birdsnest - red monti cap - tricolor pocillopora - encrusting pavona - red monti digi LPS - white tip torch - purple tip hammer - yellow goniopora Polyps - radioactive dragon eye zoas - incredible hulk zoas - ring of fire zoas - green star polyps - pulsing xenia -------- I've been out of the reef game for a bit of time (which was killing me), so I finally decided to set up a pico to satisfy the urge. My goal with this tank is to keep it as low maintenance as possible while still being able to keep some more demanding corals. I've always liked the appearance of peninsula style tanks, and I really wanted an AIO so I could grow chaeto. I ended up buying a Lifegard Aquatics 3.8 gallon rimless with built in side filter. I wasn't happy with the lack of space behind the false wall (there was only about 2.5"), and the glass was fogged rather than being opaque. I liked the quality of the tank itself, so I bought a regular rimless tank from them. Marine Depot lists this tank at 5.4 gallons; it's right around 4.5 gallons with nothing in it. I bought some black acrylic and built a rear chamber. The rear chamber is split in two; the left side is for chaeto, and the right side has a Finnex titanium heater and an MJ mini. I wanted the get an A80 for lighting, but wasn't quite ready to spend that much. I found this Chinese light on amazon for 50 bucks Here is the tank set up with no water And here it is after getting wet. I also cut some black acrylic to make a cover around the rear chamber. Live rock added And here is a full tank shot after the water had cleared. I added a couple zoas, and accidentally got a half a dozen blue leg hermits with the live rock. Now i just have to wait out the cycle.
  11. Variant

    Variant's Shallow Reef

    I've been spending the last 6 months looking at some of the gorgeous tank builds here and now that my own tank build is taking off, I will introduce myself. I go by Variant on forums and I love good coffee, hiking, and my miniature schnauzer Mona. I travel frequently for work but will try my best to document my reef tank journey. I'm hoping to build a mixed but SPS dominated tank for my living room. Nothings set in stone so we'll see how things change over time. Equipment List Tank: 30" x 25" x 12" (760mm x 635mm x 300mm) Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Sump: 24" GEO Auto Filter Roll ("AFR") Light: 8x24 ATI Powermodule Wifi Flow: x2 Vortech MP10QD Skimmer: Deltec 600i Controller: GHL Profilux 4 Doser: GHL Doser 2.1 Quick pictures of the setup after picking up the tank today. Will be traveling in a bit so updates might be a tad slow!
  12. Hello all . As some of you may know, I have been contemplating a move towards a larger aquarium for quite some time now. I love my 30G cube, it has taught me so much about the hobby and in June last year (2014) I was awarded TOTM which was a huge honour to me. I have had the opportunity to experiment with a wide array of live stock and equipment and with this knowledge I have a clear idea which way I would like to take this new project. A link to my original 30G Cube can be found below: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/318986-rollajases-30g-custom-cube-upgrade-brainstorming/ Back Story: A little back story for those of you who are unfamiliar with my journey. My original tank was designed, built and stocked on a shoestring budget, initially. At the time I was a poor University student, willing to cut corners to get the dream of my first reef tank up off the ground. I designed this tank purely around utilising a single PAR38 LED bulb for lighting while keeping as close to 30G of water volume as possible. At the time, this was not an issue for me in relation to my vision. However, as I delved deeper into this hobby I started to realise that the cheap, basic equipment I had initially purchased just wasn't going to cut it. As it stands, the only original pieces of equipment I am still using (besides the tank and stand) is a 150W heater and a pair of thermometers. Everything else has been replaced at least once and in most cases, twice. My current tank is fairly decent build wise but my biggest regret has always been the lack of internal overflow. This was a cost saving method for me initially and I rectified the lack of overflow about 2 years in with a sump refresh and the installation of an overflow box I designed and built myself. I have designed this new tank from scratch to rectify what I believe to be shortcomings with my original setup. This time I won't be cutting corners and instead of designing everything around my choice of lighting I am designing it all around the available space I have. The dimensions will be modest but still the largest aquarium I have ever owned and something that will fit well with a modern home when I eventually move into my own place. Inspiration: My two largest inspirations for this project are 4x5's 'Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef' and TheDoogan's 'Shallow Rimless Reef'. The look, feel, dimensions and livestock of both of these build's is pretty much exactly what I envisioned in a future upgrade and this style suits my available space perfectly. The stocking choices are also very akin to my own personal tastes. I don't want to mimic these builds by any means but I do very much want to draw heavily on them for inspiration. Table of Contents: Chapter 1 - Design Chapter 2.1 - Stand Build - Frame Chapter 2.2 - Stand Build - Base and Cladding Chapter 2.3 - Stand Build - Fans, Power and Control Chapter 2.4 - Stand Build - Vents and Shelf Chapter 2.5 - Stand Build - Cable Management, Fan Brackets & Top Chapter 2.6 - Stand Build - Cladding Part 2 Chapter 2.7 - Stand Build - Tidying Up Chapter 2.8 - Stand Build - Lighting and Ventilation Chapter 2.9 - Stand Build - Painting and Display Lighting Mount Chapter 2.10 - Stand Build - Cable Management Part 2 & Shelf Install Chapter 2.11 - Stand Build - Finishing Touches Chapter 3.1 - Equipment - Tank, Sump and ATO Reservoir Chapter 3.2 - Equipment - Plumbing Chapter 3.3 - Equipment - Lighting Chapter 3.4 - Equipment - Final Install Pictures Chapter 4 - Aquascape Inspiration Chapter 5.1 - Tank Update - 17th January 2016 Chapter 5.2 - Tank Update - 7th February 2016 Chapter 5.3 - Tank Update - 26th July 2016 Chapter 5.4 - Tank Update - 9th August 2016 Chapter 5.5 - Tank Update - 26th September 2016 Chapter 5.6 - Tank Update - 16th October 2016 Chapter 5.7 - Tank Update - 1st November 2016 Chapter 5.8 - Tank Update - 20th July 2017 Chapter 5.9 - Tank Update - 26th July 2017 Chapter 5.10 - Tank Update - 10th October 2017 Chapter 5.11 - Tank Update - 16th October 2017 Chapter 5.12 - Tank Update - 8th November 2017 Chapter 5.13 - Tank Update - 8th January 2018 Chapter 5.14 - Tank Update - 9th May 2018 Chapter 5.15 - Tank Update - 26th September 2018 Chapter 5.16 - Tank Update - 6th June 2019 Equipment: Tank: 31.5x24x18" (800x600x450mm) - 10mm glass (Low Iron front and two sides) with overflow Sump: 20x15.5x15.5" (535x400x400mm) Custom Sump ATO Reservoir: 7x12x15.5" (180x300x400mm) Custom Reservoir ATO: Cade Ripple ATO Stand: 31.5x24x39" (800x600x1000mm) DIY Stand With Cladding Lighting: Custom LED Fixture with NanoBox V3 Arrays Flow: 1 x MaxSpect Gyre XF-130 Battery Backup: APC BK650-AS (650VA) UPS & Coral Box Power Cell Return Pump: Jebao DCS-4000 Heaters: 1x 300W Microbe Lift Titanium Heater and 1x 200W Fluval Heater (on InkBird Controller) Skimmer: Coral Box D500 (with upgraded DCA-2000 pump) Reactors: 2x FistaFiltration Nano Reactors (GFO & Carbon) Dosing: 1x eKoral eK Doser and Marine Color MCD-3-M Doser (Alk, Cal, Mag, Potassium, Bromide, Boron) Livestock: Fish: 1 Melanurus Wrasse (Male) (Halichoeres melanurus) 1 Scarlet Pin Stripe Wrasse (Secretive Wrasse) (Pseudocheilinus evanidus) 1 Six Line Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) 2 Green Mardarins, male and female (Synchiropus splendidus) Clean Up Crew: 8 Turbo Snails 5 Cerith Snails 4 Nerite Snails 4 Nassarius Snails 4 Trochus Snails 2 Brown Janitor Hermits 2 Crimson Janitor Hermits Corals: Corals - Softies: Assorted Zoanthus sp. & Palythoa sp arranged in a garden Pink Body, Green Polyp Leather Coral Pink/Purple Dendronephthya Corals - LPS: Fluro Orange Fungia Plate Red and Green Trachyphyllia Green and Purple Reverse Stem Hammer Orange/Gold Leptoseris Red Leptoseris Corals - SPS: Green Plating Montipora Green Montipora Capricornis Red Plating Montipora Red Montipora Capricornis Pink and Green Birdsnest Toxic Green Staghorn Green Acropora Blue Staghorn Blue Acropora Green Poci Purple and Green Acro Full Tank Shots: 9th June 2019: 28th September 2018: 8th May 2018: 26th March 2018: 8th January 2018: 8th November 2017: 8th October 2017: 7th September 2017: 24th July 2017: 21st May 2017: 21st February 2017: 1st November 2016: 16th October 2016: 17th July 2016: 7th February 2016: 17th January 2016:
  13. Hopperdoggy

    Hopperdoggy's Pico

    Hey everybody, My name is Ryan aka hopperdoggy and i have been into reefs for about 10 years now. I have always loved this website and although i didn't share any of my old tanks (i apologize) i am here to share my new pico that was set up almost two weeks ago. Right now it is probably halfway cycled. I got some some live rock and established water from my LFS to help kick start the cycle. I plan to do mosty zoas and palys with one beautiful chalice once its ready. Since the tank is so small i plan on getting some premium corals and letting them fully grow out. If I can control myself It should only have magacians, utterchaos and a mummy eye chalice (cant beat the classics) Here are the specs: UN rimless tank (3 gal i believe) aquaclear 50 modded into a fuge/ heater holder Ai prime HD (not yet hung) 25w cobalt aquatics heater livesand with about 2.5 lbs of live rock from my LFS I will keep this thread updated at things progress, until then ill continue to drool over all of your tanks...
  14. Hello Guys, I have failed with my previous build in DSB setup, so i have removed sandbed and started new tank with sump, this will be Aquaforest probiotic methode reef mainly focused in to sps and lps, System info Tank : 24*22*12 inch edge polished shallow cube Overflow :pokpo2500 Hob overflow Sump:12*12*12 cube, Filteration: 500 microne filtersock, AF Zeomix,Carbon, Phospate remover, Light : kessil a150 ocan blue and skyblue Chiller: Ocean geotronics 60 Bacteria additives : AF Probio S, AF -np pro, started with prodibio biogiesgest and bioptiem Lets start the journey, here with i'm attaching some photos of aquascape of new setup 🙂
  15. It been a while since I have set up a new aquarium, I have missed having a reef tank! I moved to LA, so I have had to leave behind my old reef tanks. The goal with this reef tank is to create a mostly automated reef tank with minimal maintenance Equipment list: Lifeguard 14 gallon rimless AIO (R460000 Large) 2 x Jebao RW-4 powerhead VIPARSPECTRA 165W reef light HYDROFARM Jump Start 2-Feet Hydroponic Grow Light Stand DIY Water Top Off System contact-less water-level sensor More accurate than float switch Less likely to get stuck Ardunio to read signal from sensor Peristaltic Pump to pump water into tank DIY Reef Controller Raspberry PI nano w (Currently, planning on replacing with ESP32 micro-contoller) Relay switch 15 pounds of sliced dry rock called STAX from unique corals Cobalt Neo-Therm Heater Dry with equipment: With Rock Scape: With water: Full tank shot Future livestock: Acropora Zoa Frogspawn
  16. Full Tank Shot 12/8/2017 Equipment: Ultum Nature Systems 25c (13 Liters) Vortech mp10es, QD controller upgrade - set @ 2 Archaea 25w Heater Autoaqua Smart ATO micro ABI Tuna Blue 12w - 30cm over tank Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Livestock: "Real" Reef Rock ~3 lbs Aquilonastra sp. micro starfish Stylophora sp. - Show Tank Stylo (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Seriatopora sp. -ASD Nuclear Birdsnest (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Pocillopora damicornis -Rainbow Pocci (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Leptoseris sp. -Jack-o-Lantern (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Acropora sp. -Del Feugo (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Ruby Juggernaut (AquaSD) 12/6/17 12/7/17 -Fire Salamander (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Mr. Miyagi (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Nuc Nuc (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Unknown Acro (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Blue/Green Acro 11/26/17 Micromussa sp. - Red Acans 11/26/17 Euphyllia glabrescens -Fire Tips Torch coral (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Unknown - Chalice or Favia?
  17. Tsinguílev

    Tsinguílev's nano reef

    Namaste All, My name is Wladimir Tsinguilev. I reside in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Since I can remember birds (and later on ornithology,https://www.hbw.com/ibc/u/11943), everything related to nature and drums (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCln0m94H1_eYyW8pWCw-WLA/videos?view_as=subscriber) always fascinated me. Reefkeeping was something that I got acquainted with years later. I was attracted by the cornucopia of colors and vividness exposed in the photos available on the internet of all the coral colonies and marine fishes in the tanks and wanted to have a reef aquarium someday. As a kid I kept freshwater aquariums, bettas, turtles, parrots, dogs and cats but the reef aquarium was something unheard of back in the day in Bulgaria. As a matter of fact the first source on reefkeeping that I was exposed to was at 9 years of age at the library of the Institute of Ecology in Sofia. It was a German magazine called DATZ Aquarium&Terrarium and a lot of books on ornithology and nature. Books and magazines are still mandatory for me as of today and I do consider myself a bibliophile, even though we live in the age of the internet, computers and all the high tech paraphernalia. I started my little artificial slice of the ocean at the end of August of 2013 and the system is still running. It is a 20 gallon (45x45x40) mixed reef. On various occasions I changed and rearranged the aquascape, corals, fish and other inhabitants and today I am happy to say that I do not make waterchanges and finally got the perfect match as far as chemistry is concerned (ATI essentials 1,2and 3 is doing great for me). I will post photos in a chronological fashion as it was difficult to make a diary over the years, and I always thought it is very difficult to keep one in timely fashion. PART I The tank is rimless and the stand is made of glass. Wavemaker Hydor Koralia, live rock from Indonesia, a Centropygae flavicauda back at the center, Xenia sp., Caulastrea sp., Euphyllia, Feather duster, a Trochus snail and Carib sea sand bed. In the right corner there is a Wheeler's Shrimp Goby (Amblyeleotris wheeleri), a fish with great personality. A close-up of this nano inhabitant, suitable even for pico tanks. Nassarius snails patrolling the neighborhood, one of them is still with me to this day. This top-down perspective reveals the Chinese LED light. If my memory serves me well it was a 38W E27 bulb for €45, which served its puropse in the beggining with not so delicate corals in the system. Eventually the bulb fell into the water. Reason being, I did not have a decent gooseneck tank mount at the time and it was mounted through a common lamp clamp. Nobody perished so that was nice. I dismantled it just to see the lenses and what is inside. There is a Ricordea mushroom on top of one of the live rock. This photo reminds me of one of those pictures in my favourite magazine Marine Aquarist from Yokohama, Japan (in my humble opinion the best mag on reefkeeping). Sometimes it is made without any additional lights, just the flash of the camera and even without it. Because of my interest in angelfishes I decided to buy this book by the great Kiyoshi Endoh. My first (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi). PART II This is the tank in about two years from its conception. Added an extra flow through a Sicce wavemaker, bought my first SPS corals - a Branched montipora, Stylophora pistillata Purple Milka, Acropora sp., Millepora sp., Pink and green Birdsnest, Green Symphyllia radians from Indonesia, various zoanthids, a second Green Trachyphyllia, a blue Tridacna squamosa, two mini carpet anemones, a Echinophyllia sp., two clown fish Amphiprion ocellaris sp., and a female Blue Star Leopard Wrasse (Macropharyngodon bipartitus) - another fish with great personality and behavior. A view of the glass stand with some of the products that I used at the time. The auxiliary plastic stand which is very convenient and easy to clean. For me cigars and reefkeeping go hand in hand. This Mandarinfish (Synchiropus splendidus) was eating artemia but did not survive. Acclimation. I never attached my corals to the live rock, which in my opinion is an interesting approach to reefkeeping, and I would relocate them from time to time. The Aiptasia-Eating Filefish (Acreichthys tomentosus) did a splendid work on erradicating the pest anemone and nowadays he is so lazy I barely see him picking at them. PART III
  18. LongBeachReefer

    Fluval evo 13.5g.

    Just started a Fluval evo 13.5g. Was going to do a 3g picotope but wife wanted more than one fish. So far the tank is still using stock equipment. Have anAI prime coming in the mail tomorrow. 15lb of live sand and 14 lbs of live rock. Just waiting for the cycle to be done. Haven’t done any water test. Salinity is at 1.024. Using the Topic Marin salt.
  19. sapling

    Sapling’s 45p nano

    Hello everyone, so due to a incredibly rushed move I was forced to break down my fusion 10 and diy 25 😞 so two days here I decided to start a new tank! There’s a lot of local stores here and I amazingly saw a 45p and just had to have it when I saw. Anyways the equipment is a bit bare bones 1 aquaclear 30 1 aquatop 50w 1 nanobox tide I was able to take with me 11 pounds dry LR 10 pounds live sand ive decided to use dr Tim’s fishless cycle method and have been following that dosing with the ammonium chloride. Until the cycle is over I only have a sponge but plan to use purigen as well. Possibly red seas supplements or some other phosphate removal to correct water parameters from SW from the store. The next thing im thinking of is making a stand to house either a small sump to use Lily pipes to hide equipment or an ATO and reservoir, as evaporation is incredibly fast in Phoenix compared to Memphis. My planned inhabitants will most likely be no fish. As for corals, I’m wanting to keep a euphillia dominated tank. Possibly a couple other mushroom or lps. I’m currently looking at a large group of sexy shrimp with a couple other small critters like hermits and snails. I am also wanting to seed the tank with copepods but unsure what cultures I should be looking at? Is there any recommendation? Anyways here are the pictures of the tank so far! 7/23/18 thank you for any comments or advice!
  20. Hello guys (NOTE this photo is not mine i just edit this photo to get the idea) im going to setupnew tank with all new plan, and i never saw this type of design anyware on internet so far, thisdropoff design is very simple,it just a matter glueing 7 inch tall glass middle of the tank and then fill the space with deep sand bed. in addition to refigium(microalga display) im thinking of running HOB biopallets reactor for this tank i need you guys feedback of this tank design, will it works ? Pros and cons ? thanks chathura
  21. I have a small rimless cube tank for sale, has some scratches; cube's dimensions are ~18x18x18, not drilled, black silicone. I don't have the time to drill it and add an external overflow or as I was planning, use it as a refugium or RODI reservoir for a sytem I'm slowly putting together so letting it go. $50 local pick up in San Francisco CA. Second is a 5 gallon Fluval SpecV peninsula style, also glass; has the stock LED light $50, also local pick up only. I'll try to get some pictures later in the day.
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