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Found 15 results

  1. Officially back in the hobby. Hopefully for a good long time. I've had a few tanks, my last setup was terribly expensive and, in my opinion, way too complicated. It was so complicated and automated I lost touch with the tank and everything kept dying. Spending tens of thousands of dollars just wasn't worth it. Now I'm back, but keeping things extremely simple and small. Latest update: (August 14, 2018): Magnifica moves, no more dinos. Latest Post. Current FTS (August 14, 2018): Start FTS (August, 2017): System Equipment Details: Red Sea Reefer 170 (white) Hydra 52 HD LED light (white) w/ hanging kit NYOS Quantum 120 skimmer Reef Octopus VarioS-4 return Reef Octopus VarioS-2 chiller + uv + reactor pump TECO 1/10 hp chiller Eheim Jager 200 watt heater Neptune Apex Jr. controller Neptune ATK for topoff from LPDE 5 gallon reservoir (Araven colorclip airtight food container, bpa free) Neptune DOS (dosing Aquaforest Component 1+ and 2+) American DJ power strip MaxSpec XF130 Gyre with Advanced Controller + Icecap battery backup Vivid Creations Random Flow Generator (Y connector for return) BRS Mini Reactor for Carbon AquaMaxx XL Reactor + grow lights Algae Reactor AirWaterIce Typhoon III RO/DI AquaUV 8watt UV Sterilizer System Contents: 10 lbs dead key largo rock from marcorocks 30 lbs of tropic eden mesoflakes AquaForest Reef Salt Livestock: H. Magnifica Anemone Rainbow BTA Neon Green speckled BTA w/ Purple tips Mocha Gladiator Pair (Sustainable Aquatics) Fancy white extreme ocellaris (Sustainable Aquatics) Orchid Dottyback (ORA) Golden Sailfin Blenny (Philippines) Blue Green Reef Chromis (6) Porcelain Crab Corals ORA Pearlberry Walt Disney Bubblegum Digitata ORA Red Planet Cleanup Crew Fighting Conch - Tonga (1) Nassarius Snails - Tonga (4) ORA Trochus (Red banded) Snails (6) ORA Cerith Snails (10) Scarlet Hermits (3) Black and orange hermits (2) Dwarf Zebra Hermits (2) Updates Neptune DOS setup: Orchid Dottybacks are now out of the QT and in isolation: OctoAquatics custom acrylic lid arrived. NYOS Quantum 120 skimmer review after 2 weeks. New PAR meter readings with the AI Hydra 52 HD. Great news, H. Magnifica made it to the DT. Clowns love it. H. Magnifica and new BTA have arrived. Mag not in good shape Neptune AFS, VDM, and NYOS Quantum 120 arrived. Bacteria bloom. UV Sterilizer to the rescue. The clowns have arrived! Anemone is out more now, and added geometric pygmy hawkfish: Anemone and Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish added: First full tank photos, filled and cycling: Algae Reactor online: Turning lights on regular schedule:
  2. Hi everyone, Im a total beginner and I wanted to start a reef with the red sea reefer 170 and Reef 90 LED. But what do I have to add now, I dont know what components I have to buy to have a fully working reef. What is the best filter and so on? Please help me make a nice reef set. PS: something thats good for corrals, that I can have a big spectrum 😄 Thank you very much.
  3. A package arrived a few days ago.
  4. So got some new stuff in the mail for my reefer 170 today and ordered a diy net lid for my tank hoping it would arrive today also . Added a zebra barred dartfish however my lid has not arrived just yet and what do you know, I hear a thump thump and look at the floor, there he is laying there. Dang it, quickly picked him up and get him back I. The tank, he was freaked out but everything seems okay. My first action, start looking for a quick solution until my lit gets here tomorrow. Took cardboard lid off my wife’s ugg boots box measured it, fits pretty good, cut out a window, covered with foil to help it from bending at sides too much, covered it all with a good layer of Saran Wrap....... done. Also made sure it was sealed enough that if the fish jumps again he should be safe and have some openings at the back near the overflow for air circulation. Hope this does the trick for a day. Going to shut down the lights early incase it heats things up
  5. Mike P

    Reefer 170 FTS

    Reefer 170 FTS
  6. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking here for a while and learning a lot, now I finally have the green light to start setting up my first reef! A bit of history: I got interested in fish keeping about 10 years ago and was immediately drawn to reef tanks but didn’t have resources until now. I have had a few planted tanks over this time and am looking forward to this next adventure. More on my past setups in a future post. Goals: Besides cutting my teeth in saltwater and learning a bunch with regards to this... This is an office setup, it’s gotta be sexy, clean, and quiet. KISS (keepitsimplestupid)... be thoughtful about equipment, additive, and livestock choices so that upkeep is streamlined. Less is more. This will allow me to focus on good husbandry first. Equipment: I have some basic equipment and am just starting the process of purchasing as I breakdown my current tank. For this build: Aquarium: Red Sea Reefer 170 Lighting: Aqamai LRM + Tank Mount Flow: 2x Aqamai KPS Temp: 2x 150w Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm ATO: Built in Trigger Systems 5g + Tunze Osmolator Skimmer: Somatic 60s None Filtration: Miracle Mud Refugium + Kessil H80 (24/7) Return pump: Sicce Silence 2.0 RODI: BRS 4 stage 75gpd (already setup) + 15g cylindrical holding tank Quarantine: Std 10g, lid, heater, and power filter Additives: Salt: TLF AccuraSea1 50g box Two Part: TBD (planning TM AllForReef when dosing becomes a need) Po-No Control: Fuge Cycle: Dr. Tim’s One and Only & Ammonium Chloride Filtration: Rock: Carribsea dry rock Sand: Carribsea special grade Livestock: Fish: -Buddy the Tailspot Blenny 2/17/2019 -Carl the Bangaii Cardinal 3/17/2019 -Peggy the Coris Wrasse 3/30/2019 Inverts: -Snails Corals: TBD More to come later, thanks for reading!
  7. So I decided to go ahead and fill up my reefer 170 over the weekend with just water to check for leaks and make sure my pump works. I thought the tank was leveled but the water line tells me differently (note to self the iPhone level is not that good) my question is do I need to worry about anything? Here are the measurements from the water line to the top of the glass. FR 1in FL 1 1/8 BR 1 1/4 BL 1 3/8
  8. Been using the light for a year now. Took it apart to clean and currently waiting for David to get back to me on how to rewire and add mint led. I have a defective laptop LCD display around took it apart Use the layers as light diffuser.
  9. This is my first build ever if you couldn't tell from the title! I've never kept a fish in my life. I do love fishing, preparing fish, cooking fish, snorkeling to look at fish, and occasionally smelling fish. But enough about fish, I'm really doing this for the coral. I first met coral on the internet. It was love at first sight. I was originally looking online at creepy crawlers and lizards, then somehow slipped into octopus and inverts, then SHWAM! A reef aquarium popped up and that's when I first saw my sweet lady coral within a controlled environment. I felt my heart go a flutter and that's when I knew I would get wet for coral *no regrets*. Fast forward through 6 months of research and saving and SHWAM! I bought my self a Red Sea Reefer 170. Then fast forward another 3 or 4 months of pussy footing around and SHWAM! I went on a black Friday/cyber Monday buying spree and picked up the following; Sicce 3.0 Return Pump (Extra power if I ever want to add reactors or a chiller) Vortech MP10QD Powerhead Aquamaxx WS-1 Protein Skimmer Tunze 3155 ATO Jager 150 Watt Heater BRS 75 GPD RO/DI Filter 45 lbs of Live Rock Salt, Carbon, Rainwater from the mountains of Nepal (Because my fish will only know luxury) One sadry dead little Shrimpy McShrimperton (for cycling) Yes, I realize I talk like a teenager that was repeatedly bludgeoned in the face with the jackhammer of puberty and never really came out the other end a complete man. I'm like a man-boy, if you will. My reef status is updated on my personal blog HERE! I will also be updating on this forum to keep you guys up to date on stuff. Sadly though, I am not some kind stranger in the night at your local rest stop. I am primarily posting here in hopes that if I am messing up or have plans on messing up you guys will be the trampoline to my fall. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong! I like opinions, advice, experience, logic, knowledge and stuff like that so please share!
  10. squamptonbc

    Red Sea Reefer 170 Build.

    I had originally planned on using a 20L that I already had, but it's since turned into a QT for the new arrivals as I decided in the end to just get a Red Sea Reefer 170 as I wanted a sump, but didn't want to fuss with drilling and plumbing since DIY isn't my specialty...lol Plus I like the look of the reefers. I got the tank home last week, and finally got it filled and running a few days ago, no livestock in it, but mostly all equipment is up and running, everything except the ATO. The current residents in the 20L will be making the move into the reefer. Equipment consists of: Rio 2500 pump for the return, eventually I'll likely get a Sicce but for now using a pump I already had. Reef Octopus Classic 110 skimmer. AI Hydra 26 HD lighting which comes with the deluxe version of the 170. ATO I decided not to use the stock one as I don't like it, so will be using a Tunze with my own reservoir. The stock reservoir fits perfectly in the sump so I am using it as a sort of refugium, and using a small pump to pump water into it and let it overflow back into the sump. Got the idea from someone who had done the same that I found on google images. 2 sicce circulation pumps in the display. digital thermometer in the display. Aqua Top titanium heater with controller in the sump. Also using Marine Pure plate in the sump. For now I am using a red sea filter sock, but will be changing to a media cup soon as I don't like the sock. I haven't decided if I will be going bare bottom or adding sand, leaning towards bare bottom though. Using rock that I had sitting around, I bleached it, and cleaned it back in November and then placed it into saltwater not long after, and also added 10 lbs of live rock from a local store to seed it. I like conducting mini-experiments and new products to see how well they work, so decided to buy some Coralline Algae in a Bottle from ARC to give it a try. Normally i don't buy things such as this but curious as I am, decided to see if it does what ARC says it does. This will be a fish only with live rock as one of the residents doesn't play nice with inverts and is known to pick corals. A few thoughts from setting this tank up. AI Hydra 26 HD has very poor connectivity to the wifi network. I am in a 550sq foot apartment so not exactly huge and nothing else has issues, but plugging in a wifi extender next to the tank seems to have fixed that issue. The piping on the reefer is a bit of a pain and small leaks took a couple of days to resolve. The O rings Red Sea uses are small and frankly don't seem to seal all that well, some use of teflon tape solved the issue, and some online have had to resort to silicone glue to seal but I didn't want to use silicone as that would make the tank a pain to move in the future. The return hose is metric apparently, and while Canada is metric country most of the aquarium equipment is built for the US market and as such the return pump connections don't fit well with the metric sizing of the hose, with some flame to soften the hose and some brute force you can get the hose connected but would be nice if Red Sea made these tanks more market specific and didn't use metric sizing for North America. The stand was relatively easy to build, but would be nice if Red Sea put labels on each piece such as A. B, C etc so you know for sure which piece is what since some look similiar but overall not difficult and easier then your typical Ikea furniture. Overall I am fairly happy with this tank so far but it's too early to know how this tank will hold up long term. I'll update as things progress with more photos.
  11. So I got a chance to get the top lids for my Reefer 170 after finding it on Facebook of all places I got excited. At first I was NOT convinced having to spend this amount of money just for a tank lid, well after some research regarding Lexan and their pros and cons, I STILL WAS NOT convinced until they came up with this FUSION VENT DESIGN. I got it ordered... When I received the Lid, I was surprised on how thick the Lexan used. I would say 1/4 inch thick, it has options for feeding doors, cable slots (per request/extra charge), and this nice moonlight kit, (not sure how they call it). All I can say is I’m blown away! Talking about fusion vents, it serves its purpose in preventing accumulation of tank evaporated water in the lid, I never had issues with shading or shadowing in my tank as well... Note that due to the demand, I had to wait over 7-8 weeks to get mine, but it is worth the wait. Also please take into account that these are custom made, so prices vary. I am not a seller, I am simply making you guys aware of this company as I have very good experience with them, and the product itself in my opinion is beautiful. you can contact them: https://safetoplids.com/ My brother and I made a video unboxing, if you guys are interested on how it looks on my tank, watch the video.
  12. Where'sWally

    Return Pump too big?

    I just got my Red Sea Reefer 170 filled yesterday. I've had to remove the surface skimmer combs from the top of the return column to keep the return pump from sucking the pump section of the sump dry. I think that this means that the return pump is too large :-). I'm able to run with the surface skimmer combs removed, and the Red Sea manual mentions that if higher rated pumps are used a modification of the surface skimmer may be required. Pump is a Sicce Syncra 3.5 Tank is a Red Sea Reefer 170 Have others had this issue? What's the best solution?
  13. After being out of the hobby for many years I'm looking to set up a new tank. My place is space limited with maximum length between walls of 35 inches. I like the look of the Red Sea products and think the Reefer 170 will work in my space. Would really appreciate feedback on basic equipment configuration I'm looking at below: Red Sea Reefer 170 Deluxe Black Syncra silent 3.5 pump Somatic 60s Skimmer VORTECH MP10QD QUIETDRIVE PROPELLER PUMP Neo-Therm 100W heater Anything major that I'm missing for a basic functional setup? Suggestions on saving money without cutting corners would be great. I'm more concerned about doing it right than the cost, that said every dollar saved at this stage is a dollar that can be spent on what goes in the tank! Would appreciate suggestions on water test kit to help me monitor the cycle, I'm have a slight color blindness, so is there anything affordable that doesn't use color matching for the basic cycle tests? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi reefers, Can you guys/girls help with the balling method please? Im on my last lot salt as Ave been doing water changes weekly since my tank started in May, everything is stable nutrient wise, I’d like to go over to no water changes, now my understanding of the balling method is, Do water change, test for cal, alk ,mag? Correct? Now my my questions are.. how often do I test? Every day? And how long for? 1 week? And how do I calculate wat dosages I need daily? Many thanks
  15. johnnyvega252

    Down sizing

    Hello Everyone, I am downsizing I am a local to Long Beach CA, I have a Red Sea Reefer 170 that I am selling. I really need it gone since it is only taking up space. With it I have other stuff for sale. I accept cash and Paypal. Offers accepted. Red Sea Reefer 170 $700 used for 1 year Bubble Magus Skimmer curve $80 Flipper cleaner $15 smaller off brand AIO 20 gallon curved aquarium $20 Red Sea saltwater foundation test kit $25 Red Sea master care $20 Cobalt Stealth heater $20 Eheim pump $15 for red sea reefer IM Ghost skimmer nano $50 Im Reactor desktop $50 Red Sea Reefer socks x2 new $5
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