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Found 4 results

  1. Hannahhhh

    Coco worm care

    I recently got a coco worm (Protula bispiralis) from my LFS. They convinced me that it’s easy to care for them and so I bought it. After doing more research I realized I really shouldn’t have bought it, as my tank is new and I’m relatively inexperienced. I’m wondering if any of you have experience caring for coco worms, specifically protula bispiralis, and if so, could you let me know? If you know anyone else who has cared for them, could you tag them in this post? I’d love to have a few people that I could contact and ask if (and when) I run into problems with my worm. My care regiment for it it has been feeding two or three times a week with either reef roids or two little fishies marine snow. I do weekly water changes, sometimes bi weekly. It seemed pretty happy for the first few days I had it, but now I find that it’s retracted about ~50% of the time that I see it (it’s possible that it’s out much more often than that, I’m just basing that number on when I walk by/look at the tank).
  2. Good morning! I've made a quick introduction video to my office pico tank. This little tank has quickly become my favorite. Only, because I don't get to see my home tank (28 gallon JBJ nanocube) as often! I'm starting this thread as a foundation for future updates and a place to request guidance/assistance. Thank you for stopping by! Here's the video: And here's some quick stats: Set up in middle of February 2017 Back in the hobby after getting out in 2009. Still learning, taking it slower, being patient, bigger budget to do this correctly Fluval Spec III, 2.6-gallon (freshwater) leaked, replaced by Imagitarium Pro 3.7 gallon in February 2018. Kessil A80 with controller - never used stock lighting - tried to use ABI Tuna Blue 12w Par38 bulb Rio Plus 180 (120 GPH) return pump – cut small holes in return line to promote circulation Cobalt Neo-Therm 25 watt, temp set to 78 InTank media basket – filter floss – poly filter pad – BioMax bio rings – ChemiPure Blue 6.5 oz Feed – Reef Roids, once a week – frozen brine shrimp, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Water changes – daily, heavy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, small amounts on Tuesday and Thursday 80% weekly changes No interaction on the weekend and holidays Use Aquarimate (on iOS) to track special incidents, livestock additions, parameters, and completed tasks Rarely test parameters (other than salinity)
  3. Hello guys, I have a 12g coral only system (+ 1 small shrimp). The corals are pretty small atm, zoas mainly. For the last month and a half I have been feeding them reef roids, with great results. I have been feeding them daily, with the recommended dose (eyeball measurements). Filtration-wise, I run filter pads, purigen, skimmer and a refugium. Trochus snails help too. Everything looks amazing. Corals look healthy, colorful and spreading. Algae is nowhere to be seen. Thing is...most people seem to feed much less often than I do. Wouldn't want to be running into any problems in the future by being overfeeding now. So, what would be a sign I might be over doing it? Besides zoas having wet dreams...
  4. Hi Everyone, Wanted to get some advice on a feeding schedule for my 12 gal nano cube. Not sure if its overkill however I think each food has its benefits. Currently feeding each day something different no particular routinea part from the Hikari dry food I feed each day for my clown fish. Corals: Xenia, mushroom selection, acan frag, favia frag, GSP, Hammerhead x1 , Button polyp, Montipora x2 frags, Maintenance: Water change 10 % weekly unless a parameter is low and need to replensih Red sea coral pro salt Dose red sea foundation if needed between water changes Nitrates: 0.10 -0.25 ppm Phospate: 0.25 ppm API test kit Currently feed: Marine cuisine- Frozen food brine shrimp, mysis, squid,clam, seaweed - I have a packet which has all these flavours in different seperate cubes Hikari dry food- for my one fish nano Reef roids - Recently told this is just for sps and to ideally stop giving as hammerhead has thrown it up eachtime Recently got some LPS pellet food- with online corals which i want to add in Would also like to add pytoplankton. I was thinking of feeding the dry food hikari pellets once aday for the fish and then each food each day for example: Monday- am Hikari pellets 1 - 3 balls pm - Frozen food Tuesday-am Hikari pellets 1 - 3 balls pm- pm- Lps pellet food Wednesday-am Hikari pellets 1 - 3 balls pm -pytoplankton - when i get some Thursday -am Hikari pellets 1 - 3 balls- pm- Frozen food Friday- am Hikari pellets 1 - 3 balls- pm Lps pellet Saturday- am Hikari pellets 1 - 3 balls- frozen food Sunday-am Hikari pellets 1 - 3 balls- phtoplanton Questions: Never used phytoplankton so dont know the dosing rquirments- any advice would be great LPS pellets i assume max twice a week ?? Frozen 3 times a week is this to much ? THANK YOU Currently testing all the time to get a clear picture whats going on so will keep an eye on my phosphates and nitrates
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