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Found 6 results

  1. So I need some opinions from you experienced reefers!! Right now I have a Fluval evo 13.5 and am looking for a slightly bigger/better tank. The evo is in fallow right now due to brooklynella so I guess now is the time to upgrade! This tank will be coming to and from college so I am keeping it at 20 gallons max. I am deciding between: the IM fusion 20 with a nanobox duo or the Red Sea max nano i like the look of the Red Sea, and love that it includes a ATO and Skinner as well as a stand. I also really love the nanobox duo so this is a tough one. The stand I have now will fit the fusion 20, but does not have room for an ATO. While I love the look of the Red Sea I am not so sure about the AI prime HD. Anyone have any experience with it?? I also am a bit skeptical on the included skimmer and ATO on the reefer, but I know Red Sea is a good brand so maybe these components are actually worth it?? Any opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Also, I do not plan on doing SPS. I'm not at that level yet.. especially with having to move this tank around
  2. so im setting up a 7.5g cube here in the next week or so. and want to make sure i set it up correctly, and as ideally as i can.. i want to wanted to have a taller scape, with some sand in front so i can put a isolated rock with maybe a kenya tree or xenia...yes i know thats playing with the devil i am aware but its something i want to try .....any ideas for scaping with that small of a cube? anything helps thanks!
  3. Dswankbiz

    Help me I.D these frags?

    I picked these up at my local PD off the 4.99 rack... decided why not, but these where not labeled and The employees were so busy I didn't even bother to ask. So here I am uploading these pictures for you guys, if you don't mind I would appreciate it if you guys could help me ID these frags so I know what I'm working with! Thanks!
  4. Lugmos12

    Tank shot 9/9/17.JPG

  5. lonewonderer

    Parameters are A ok

    Hello everyone, I just want to share my results since I started my DIY algae scrubber and vodka dosing. Last mid June I started my DIY ATS and vodka dosing and results are finally up to par. I have a 40 gallon breeder reef tank with softies, LPS and a couple of SPS and a 10 gallon sump which where I built my ATS. I use API reef master test kit and the results up. I just want to share this because a lot of people are afraid of doing carbon dosing using vodka. before I started with this experiment here are my parameters first picture was before my nitrates are undetectable Phos 1ppm Nitrates 60ppm cal 380 kh 10 SG 1.025 Ph 8.0 after 2 1/2 months here are the results 2nd picture is the nitrates already undetectable. Phos Undetectable Nitrates Undetectable cal 420 kh 11 SG 1.025 ph 8.0
  6. saltnoob97

    My Pico Reef!

    Whats up, I am starting a thread to document my 4.7 gallon Pico reef build. I have kept a few reef tanks for about 2 years now. I have kept aquariums for about 18 years now. Why I choose such a small tank? I am going to school, I live in an apartment that only allows up to a 10 gallon tank. I have also kept nano reefs in the past. I got inspired buy some tanks I found on this forum and on the internet that look amazing. I find it crazy how you can create a whole underwater world in just few gallons of water. The Tank 4.7 gallon all glass aquarium from Petco only cost $50 that has an all-in-one filter, and a led light that can grow low light corals! The tank came with a pump that was only 44 gph I upgraded it to a 130 gph pump that I turned all the way down. I have kept all the original filtration and media (for now) Lighting The original lighting and ABI par38 blue tuna light blub that I bought off amazon. Live stock Has of 9/3/2017 2 margarita snail 2 Hawaiian Zebra hermit crabs 1 peppermint shrimp
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