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  1. According to Greek mythology, the Garden of the Hesperides was owned by the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. The Hesperides were nymphs that lived within the garden and tended it for Hera. They helped maintain the tree of golden apples said to give immortal life to anyone to ate of them. I don't have a garden full of nymphs but I could consider my fish to be little nymphs tending their own garden of special apples, which if all goes according to plan will grow for a very very long time. So here is the new system set up: Neptunian Cube 120g with sump Started (5/29/20) Equipment: Inkbird temperature controller Hydor 400 watt heater Smart ATO micro Trigger systems Emerald 5g ATO reservoir Jebao DCP 8000 Sine wave return pump Ice cap 1K gyre wave pump Reef octopus 110 INT skimmer Redsea 90 LED x2 Jebao 4 channel dosing pump Marine color 3 chamber dosing container + 1 single chamber Marine Color 4 channel tubing holder Wifi single channel multiplug Single channel multiplug Telescoping lightbulb fixture Highgrow 36W blue LED bulb Small shop light Filter Media: Seachem Matrix carbon Seachem Phosguard In Tank Filter floss -or- Poly filter Filter socks x 2 Water change schedule - Hopefully monthly or even less frequently! Dosing Schedule: Seachem Reef fusion 1 BID Seachem Iodide (actually out of this but usually BID) Brightwell Aquatics Magnesion (off currently) Seachem Reef Fusion 2 (off currently) Seachem Reef Trace weekly on Wednesdays Strontium (currently Kent) Q 4 days Brightwell Microbacter 7 weekly Testing schedule - weekly on Friday or saturday Substrate/Aquascape: Carib Sea Arag Alive white sand 100lbs Purple live rock from LFS~ 20lbs Maori live rock from LFS- 26lbs Pukani dry rock (currently culturing and not mature yet) 50-60lbs Media blocks in sump Livestock: Starry blenny Black snowflake clown fish pair Yellow tail damsel Yellow Coris wrasse Leopard wrasse Tricolor (clown) wrasse Bicolor blenny Yellow watchman goby Fire shrimp Peppermint shrimp x 2 Pincushion urchins Tiger sand conchs Electric blue hermit crabs Halloween hermit crabs Emerald crabs Dwarf blue hermit crabs Tiger pistol shrimp Bumble bee snails Trochus snails Nerite snails Asterina snails Cerith snail Bristle worms-- very few and those all transplants from the Evo. Green Star polyp x 1 mat Branching GSP x2 Palys x1 (nebula) Palys x MANY (not sure on the species but pretty and fast growing) Purple rhodactus mushroom x 1 Hammer x 2 Torch x1 Green/red Montipora x1 Red montipora x 2 Rainbow mdntipora x 1 Green/blue montipora x 1 Purple Monti x 1 Lime Milliopora x 1 Strawberry staghorn x 1 Green zoa x 1 Blue zoo x 1 Mystery zoa x 2 orange and white gorgonian x1 Leathers x 2 Blue Kenya tree x 1 Sinularia x 3 Pavona x 2 Poccilopora x 1 Rainbow acans x 2 Acan lordowensis x 1 Frogspawn x 1 Cup or scroll coral x 1 Goniopora x 1 Alveopora x 1 Toadstool x 2 Elegance x 1 Brain coral x 2 Ricordea x many on one Tonga branch Yellow ricordea x 1 Rainbow ricordea x 1 Donut coral x 1 Duncan polyp x 1 Chalice x 1 Rock flower anemone x7 Sherman Rose/Black Widow hybrid bubble tip anemone Feeding Schedule: Frozen: cyclops & brine/Nyos Gold pods/zooplankton/phytoplankton/two droppers of selcon/ 2/8ths teaspoon of reef roids -- three times per day for leopard wrasse Frozen: cyclops, brine, marine cuisine, emerald cuisine, reef frenzy, mysis, reef plankton, plankton/ phytoplankton/ zooplankton/ three droppers of selcon/ Zoe/ 2/8th teaspoon dried spirulina/ 3/8ths teaspoon reef roids/ saltwater--- once per day for all critters Seaweed -- every couple of days for blennies Pellets: hikari carnivore blend/herbivore blend/ algae pellets -- every other day or so for sump dwellers and display tank RedSea Coral Nutrition A & B - every other day
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