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Found 9 results

  1. tnguima01

    Macroalgae identification

    Algae photo Hi could anyone help me identify this fragment? Thank you
  2. Fishmanmilex

    Do i need less red?

    So im still not sure about the gbg, BUT there are many more fish i like that i ignored due to my current stocking’s red profile. So with 1 clownfish (her husband got brooklynella), 1 firefish goby, 1 clown goby, 1 tail-spot Blenny, and 1 small orange spotted watchman, do you think i need some cool colors, or should i get more red (a lot of fish i like are red. My two dream fish (marine betta and diamond goby) aren’t, but they're way to big for my tank.). And if i do get some more non red, would another watchman get along in a tank that size? How about another clown goby or a neon goby? If i go with more red ill probably get a tanka's wrasse. Would any of these get along?
  3. Leo_ian

    What dottyback?

    What dottyback is this? the shop is selling it as a red bita
  4. First off, I apologize for anything I do wrong in this thread. I know very little about marine life and I wasn't sure where else to ask this. This isn't my photo, it's clearly a stock image, I am just overwhelmingly curious what kind of crab this little guy is. The bright red color is so beautiful. I thought it's similar to a scarlet reef hermit crab from what I've seen, but the eyes look a lot different, like all of the scarlet reef ones I've seen have a bright yellow color around their eyes. I can't seem to find it anywhere, I'd really appreciate any help. And again I'm sorry if this isn't the proper place to look.
  5. TripleTrouble

    TripleTrouble RedSea170

    Hey all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the forum and wanted to share some updates on some of the changes I’ve made over the past year. In June, I broke down my Fluval Spec V (pic below) and started up a Red Sea 170. Went with more of a traditional look vs the black sand I had in the Spec and spent a bit too much time on aquascape. Main cause of that was using Staxx Rock and almost had too much optionality in how to create the structure while wanting to keep it natural looking (which I found hard to do). Staxx Rocks CaribSea Arag Alive Red Sea Reef Crystals Kessil A360WE (two, initially then went to a single) SCA skimmer MP10 and 1 Hydor (looking for another MP10) Pic 1 is old Fluval Pic 2 is cycle Pic 3 is what it looks like today Will come back on the thread with some more details but wanted to get this post going.
  6. OK-Coral

    ID - What could this be?

    Hi guys, I have 2 month old Fluval Evo with live rock, live sand, CUC and a couple of clowns (literally and metaphorically). I was taking a look at the tank this morning and spotted something I hadn't seen before. It appears to be in a tiny white spiral like shell or body with a red 'head' protruding with lots of small appendages. When any of the crabs come near it he will retract then emerge again a minute later. The head almost looks a little feather duster like to me but he appears to be rooted to the live rock. I've added a couple of pictures, one retracted and another when he's out. I apologize for the poor quality of the 'out' picture but it's pretty far back in the tank and this thing is tiny (Biro tip sized) Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. PAST: I had my standard 10G (build thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/364353-the-kurupt-10g-build/) going and everything was looking good and I was happy with what was happening. Then it boned me. The HOB AC's started to gurgle over randomly and water built up under the stand. It happened slowly so I never noticed anything wrong, until it started to leak out from under the stand. I had to act fast or lose the wife's support for this (not expensive at all) hobby. If I ruined the hardwood floors it would be a hard sell to get back up and running. I dug out and set up my old Fluval SpecV and threw the Fluval 206 canister I had on it. Got that up to temp and transferred rock, corals and inverts over. It was a very tight fit but it was only temporary. Moving the stand, which laid flat along the floor, it was worse than I thought! Way more water than I'd like to see soaking into the wood! Got to it in time though so there wasn't any real damage. Now, my original plan was to just break it down, dry the floor and put it all back together. That seemed like a LOT of work to do and NOT upgrade... I had plans to do so but not for a while. Thankfully I knew what I wanted so I called my LFS to see if they had anymore Reefer's in stock. One left. White. "Done. I'll be there in 15 mins." So that's what happened early one Wednesday morning to my 10G tank. RIP lil' guy.
  8. Tom.s.levine

    Hitchhiker ID

    So I need some help ID’ing this hitchhiker that came with the small red/burgandy plate coral from saltwaterfish.com it looks like an anemone but I am not sure. It’s red with purple tips. It does not appear to be a manjo. It’s on the left next to the plate coral/tounge coral Any ideas?
  9. jasonrusso

    New Red Sea C-130

    I've had a 210 fowler for a few years now, but being a predator tank (Lionfish, porcupine puffer, angler, etc) the water quality is sometimes too hard to keep stable enough for corals. Also, the puffer will likely sample the goods and the lighting and dosing chemicals for 21o gallons (plus the sump) would be cost prohibitive. I'm not about to spend thousands in lighting and then pay for the huge electrical draw. So, I decided that if I was to do a reef, it was going to be a nano reef. I started looking around and I was just about to pull the trigger on a bio-cube 32. After reading some reviews and looking at some pictures I changed my mind as started looking into Red Sea 130s. I liked the look better and I think that the "system" was better designed. I found a used 130D on FB marketplace. It came with an upgraded skimmer, return pump, sump basket, and media rack. The guy had it in his basement and I made a deal for $225. Once I got it home, I was disappointed to find that the glass was pretty scratched up, I didn't notice it in the dim light in his basement. I bought some cerium oxide and tried to polish it, but I was unsuccessful. Then I found a "NIB" white C-130 on FB marketplace. I negotiated him down to $600. When I went to pick it up, I opened the box and found that the tank was cracked on the back corner. I ended up buying the complete setup for $100. I tossed the tank and bought bare tank from Red sea for $375 wit the shipping. So all in, $475!! I swapped the light out for a Steve's LED (I don't like changing bulbs and I like the gradual sunrise and sunset of the LEDs. The stock lighting can't do that, it's all on or off. Over the years, I bought ALOT of upgrades for my 210, so now I am spoiled. So, the reef had to have an Apex, ATO, battery backup, etc. I bought all this stuff (most used) and installed it this weekend. I had a bunch of rock left over that I had in a tank "curing." I finally set it up today and fired everything up. The microbubbles are pretty bad (which is expected for all new equipment, especially a skimmer). I'll just have to wait it out for a couple days/weeks. Any advice, do's/don't that I should know about? Things you did that you should haven't?
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