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  1. Hello N-R.com family, Welcome! If you are just joining us, please know this build thread is 2 tanks in 1 thread. Double the pleasure, double the fun. Over the course of the last 10 years, I've had a number of tanks with varied success, and I hope to put all the lessons learned from those tanks together in this build. Rules of the road: Simplicity is king. 15,000 pieces of equipment just create more opportunities for failure. I am going to do the basics, and I'm going to do them well. I will use automation and monitoring for safety and to make me aware of problems in the tank, but not depend on them for the survival of the tank. Some SPS. I like some SPS Corals, and I might try a frag or two that amuse me, but this tank will go back to my love of LPS, softies, and (hopefully) a clam. Fun, active, and healthy. I want my reef to thrive, the inhabitants to be healthy, and to have a tank that I can get lost staring at for hours. Red Sea Reefer 250 ZeoVit Fueled Mixed Reef Tank After 10 months, my mixed reef in the IM20 tank outgrew the space, so I decided to upgrade into a Red Sea Reefer 250, where I'll continue building upon the ZeoVit success I've had in the nano tank on a little larger scale. 👉Jump to page 5, where the Red Sea Reefer build starts 👉Or, keep reading and see where it came from Equipment Red Sea Reefer 250 (55 gallons) Kessil AP9X Light EchoTech Marine MP10 powerbeads (x2) Neptune COR return pump Clarisea roller mat for mechanical filtration Royal Exclusive 160 protein skimmer Neptune Apex EL Neptune DOS dosing pumps Neptune DOS reservoir Neptune Trident Neptune ATK (auto top off) Customized sump with redesigned plumbing Sapphire Aquatics 10g ATO Custom acrylic lid Modified stand iPad mini display ZeoVit dosing Livestock: Pair of Yasha Gobies Pistol Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Peppermint Shrimp Blue Maxima Clam Aussie Golden Eye Chalice Branching Cyphastera Green Acans Purple Favia Rainbow Acans Watermelon Acans Weeping Willow Toadstool Orange Ricordia Mushrooms Misc. Green & Blue Zoas Purple Hairy Mushroom Blue Tip Torch Euphyllia Superman Montipora White Zombie Zoas Assorted Acropora and Millipora Green Texas Slimer Baby Blue Bowerbacki Neon Green Birdsnest 20lbs Fiji Pink Sand 30lbs of Tonga branch live rock 20lbs Live Rock from KP Aquatics Tank is Born, 26 December 2020: Sump Setup, January 2021 FTS, 13 January 2021 FTS, 20 January 2021 Innovative Marine 20 Peninsula Clownfish Harem Tank As I move the reef into the larger tank, I will transition this nano tank into a clownfish harem tank.... Equipment: Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Pro Peninsula 20 Gallon tank Kessil A360X light with wifi InTank media basket Aqamai KPS Wavemaker pump eShopps Nano Protein Skimmer Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 75W heater Aqua Gadget Spin Stream Nozzle XP Aquatics Duetto ATO system 15lbs of Live Rock Tank is Born, 18 March 2020: Full Tank Shot, 31 March 2020 Full Tank Shot, 14 April 2020 Full Tank Shot, 13 May 2020 Full Tank Shot, 15 June 2020 Full Tank Shot, 20 July 2020 Full Tank Shot, 8 September 2020 Full Tank Shot, 18 November 2020 Full Tank Shot, 13 January 2021 (After livestock transfers to RSR 250)
  2. Welcome to my Red Sea Reefer 350 V3 build thread. What's the matter with me?! 😮 I said I was a die hard nano girl. I said I would never get a bigger tank. Good gosh I said I would never break the no-soaking-armpit rule. I am not new to Red Sea Tanks, my first TOTM on Nano-Reef was a RSM 130D. It was also featured on Marine Depot and Fluval was interested in using the tank on their product packaging. When I was ready to upgrade from the RSM, it was because my corals were outgrowing the tank and I was over the rounded corners. At that time they had not come out with rectangle square edged tanks and so I went with a CAD and on to my second TOTM. In the meantime Red Sea took out many new series of tanks, the reefer being one of the most popular. I was initially going to get the Reefer 250 which is a 3 footer. Not sure why or how the thought of going bigger entered my head. I was about to move apartments and dreaming of a new tank. I was over the drop-off that I had for 1.5 years. I went to a couple of LFS to see the 250 and 350 in person and opted for the 350 because it really did not look like a 4 footer tank. The height makes it optically appear stockier and therefore not as big. Of course try making RO water for a "not-so-large-looking" tank. Uh huh. I ordered the tank with some out of the ordinary requests and a lot of help from @Marine Depot. Well. It was a harrowing delivery. The company that brought it was just unprepared for a delivery of a 350 pound shipment. The truck was lower than the loading dock and the lift gate would not go all the way up. So the guys maneuvered the shipment on a manual forklift on the lift gate and lowered it to the floor. I was just cringing every second of that delivery. It was extremely stressful. So much so that I totally did not think to open the boxes and check if the contents were okay. Clearly they were not. The right side of the tank was completely smashed 😞 I wasn't just heartbroken, I was devastated. Not only was I extremely stupid about not checking the boxes, after the way they handled the delivery I should have not tipped them. Yes I tipped them. So now I was sitting with a broken shipment. If I had checked the boxes I would have refused the delivery and they would have hauled it away. Here I was sitting with two 4 foot boxes that I could not haul to the trash room. Red Sea was not only kind and gave me a taste of what awesome customer service is all about, I also got the good news that my replacement shipment was going to be the new V3 system which Red Sea had just revealed at Interzoo. V3 has a new refugium ready sump and different plumbing, also a bigger ATO. I think I am the first person in the US to get delivery of the V3 system. . The second delivery company was night and day different from the first. Whew. The tank arrived and I began building the cabinet. @Mariaface came over and helped me with it that evening. While I am talking about Maria, let me tell you how incredibly helpful she was every single day during the long week it took me to move my fragile items and the contents of the tank to a temporary 40B that I have setup in the new kitchen. I could not have done it without her help, she came over every day after work to help me. I don't even think I have thanked her enough and I hope I have not taken her for granted but, honestly, not sure I could have done it without her. Thank you Maria. Friday last week was a fish nerd kind of evening. Maria came over again and we worked on the cabinet some more. In the meantime I had made some mods to the tank and sump which I will detail in another post. My friend Michael drove all the way from Long Island to install my Nano Box ATI Retrofit to the ceiling. Unfortunately we were not prepared for the ceiling to be solid concrete! 😞None of the mollies, or anchors I had were for a concrete application. 😞 Anyway. By the end of Friday the stand was built, tank put on the stand, sump installed, overflow was leak tested and I plumbed the return. I put the sump on line and leak tested all weekend. Got 2K+views on the pump pumping water Cycling with a catfish 😄 Thank you for following my new build. #metrokat #reeflikekat #reefer350
  3. William

    William's Waterbox 70:2

    After years of contemplating upgrading my Red Sea Reefer Nano, I have finally pulled the trigger. I took advantage of Waterbox's "Blue Friday" event and ordered a white waterbox 70:2. Aquarium specifications: Aquarium: Waterbox Aquariums 70:2 (47 gal display) Sump: stock with Klir rollermat installed Return: Hydor Seltz D Varia Flow 1200 DC Aquarium Pump Skimmer: Red Sea Reefer RSK-300 Protein Skimmer Dalua Great White GW -12 Waterflow: MP40WQD , Gyre 330 x2 Heater: 2x100w Cobalt Neotherm eheim Controller: Apex with WXM, PH, ORP, Salinity, Trident Light: Reefi Duo Extreme Dosing pump: Kamoer X1, 3 pumps Auto-top off: XP Aqua Neptune ATK Sand: Barebottom Rock: Existing rock from my RSR nano, 20lbs Of Liferock “shapes” Salt: brightwell neomarine Misc: Artfully Acrylic screen top NO3/PO4 removal: Aquamax biopellets Marinepure Plate/ balls Fish: Flurry Clownfish x2 Flame angelfish Longnose Hawkfish Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish Mombassa Lionfish Biota Yellow Tang Red Bandtail Waspfish Foxface rabbitfish Fairy wrasse
  4. Hi, I have a Red Sea Reefer 170 in white that I am looking to sell. I have had it for a little over 2 years and have enjoyed it very much. But as all good things must come to an end - I have decided to sell it. Work and school are taking all my time and the tank is being neglected. Pickup only for Tank - Los Angeles, CA Things that come with the system - 1. Tank - Red Sea Reefer 170 (including the never used original sump) 2. Sump - Skimz - UP21 Sumpro Sump 3. Lights - ATI - 24" SunPower 8x24W (bulbs included 4xblueplus, 2xactinic, 1xpurpleplus, 1xaquablue special) 4. Powerheads - Tunze Nanostream 6040 x 3 5. Return Pump - Tunze 1073.05 Electronic 6. Skimmer - Tunze DOC Skimmer 9410 7. Controller - GHL ProfiLux 4e (including Powerbar 5.1, temp and ph probes) 8. Doser - GHL Doser 2.1 Slave, 4 pumps 9. ATO - Tunze Osmolator Nano 10. Misc (FREE) - Livestock - corals, clam, fish, inverts Hanna Checkers for Ca, Kh, Po 80% bucket of Tropic Maring Pro Reef 200g bucket. 30lbs of rock, 4x4.5g jugs, Eheim Jager heater, Refractometer, Cooling fans, ATI Essentials PRO 2L #1, #2 buckets etc. Original cost is over $3600. Looking for $1800 OBO. If the tank get sold without the equipment, then I would be willing to sell those separately. Thanks Reefactor
  5. Jessy-Ray

    Jessy's Red Sea Reefer 250

    So I took down my old RSM 130 a few years ago when I started working fifo and regretted it right away. I work a normal job again and stopped talking myself out of starting again. I thought about restarting the old RSM but knew I wanted to go bigger. I came across the reefer series and was quickly convinced they were the solution. I've picked up a reefer 250 and am about 90% done setting it up (filling it with SW now) The floor the tank is on is a long way from level and it took a fair bit of shimming to get right but I managed to get it pretty well spot on eventually. Equipment Tank: RSR 250 Lights: 2x AI Hydra 26 on DD slimline mounts Return pump: Sicce syncra "silent" 3.5 Flow pump: Vortech mp40 Skimmer: Eshopps S-120 ATO: Tunze osmolator 3155 Heaters: 2x eheim jäger 150w Chiller: Hailea hc-150 fed by Sicce 1.0
  6. I don't want to make this topic long, so I'll just say and list the main points. 🙂 Current Tank: Oceanic Biocube29 Inhabitants: 1 Clown, 1 Sleeper goby, 8-9 zoas, 4 LPS, 3 Snails, 1 Crab (whenever he decides to come out) Rock: 30lbs Live Rock + 30 Lbs Live Sand Age: 3 months Situation: I'm looking to upgrade my current set up to a more established one, that will last me a few good years before I ever need to upsize. When I started, I always wanted a sump/ refugium but I had no prior knowledge on how to care for one. I was able to scrump together enough to make this purchase. I'm moving in 3 months but I feel that will be fine. I don't have to set the tank up right away but I can always start the nitrogen cycle, so that its an easy set up for moving day (condo). My choices are, with included cons: SCA 66 Gallon Starfire Rimless Aquariums Pnp System 32x24x20" 10mm with Built-in Overflow for $1980 (I'll have to upgrade the plumping) Res Sea Reefer 425 XL (47") - $1800 (this is a great deal but I dont know how much space I will have and I would like a more cube like tank) Red Sea reefer 350 white (36") - $2200 (this was my first dream tank) Advice for choosing would be grateful
  7. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking here for a while and learning a lot, now I finally have the green light to start setting up my first reef! A bit of history: I got interested in fish keeping about 10 years ago and was immediately drawn to reef tanks but didn’t have resources until now. I have had a few planted tanks over this time and am looking forward to this next adventure. More on my past setups in a future post. Goals: Besides cutting my teeth in saltwater and learning a bunch with regards to this... This is an office setup, it’s gotta be sexy, clean, and quiet. KISS (keepitsimplestupid)... be thoughtful about equipment, additive, and livestock choices so that upkeep is streamlined. Less is more. This will allow me to focus on good husbandry first. Equipment: I have some basic equipment and am just starting the process of purchasing as I breakdown my current tank. For this build: Aquarium: Red Sea Reefer 170 Lighting: Aqamai LRM + Tank Mount Flow: 2x Aqamai KPS Temp: 2x 150w Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm ATO: Built in Trigger Systems 5g + Tunze Osmolator Skimmer: Somatic 60s None Filtration: Miracle Mud Refugium + Kessil H80 (24/7) Return pump: Sicce Silence 2.0 RODI: BRS 4 stage 75gpd (already setup) + 15g cylindrical holding tank Quarantine: Std 10g, lid, heater, and power filter Additives: Salt: TLF AccuraSea1 50g box Two Part: TBD (planning TM AllForReef when dosing becomes a need) Po-No Control: Fuge Cycle: Dr. Tim’s One and Only & Ammonium Chloride Filtration: Rock: Carribsea dry rock Sand: Carribsea special grade Livestock: Fish: -Buddy the Tailspot Blenny 2/17/2019 -Carl the Bangaii Cardinal 3/17/2019 -Peggy the Coris Wrasse 3/30/2019 Inverts: -Snails Corals: TBD More to come later, thanks for reading!
  8. What’s the size limit to a nano? I’m sure my Spec 5 is in the category but my Reefer is 43 running gal. Looking at a dosing pump but love to hear ideas. quick shot of my Reefer 170 sump. Sicce 3.0 pump, bubble magnus 3.5, Somatic reactor, Chaetomax refug. Light. What a a difference from my Spec5, stock other than a coralife skimmer crammed in the intake and upgraded light
  9. scoobpower

    My Red Sea Reefer Nano

    Hi Everyone, So i have been a long time lurker here and decided to finally start a tread to track the progress of my tank. After purchasing an AIO cube and having it lay in my garage for 8 months still in the packaging, i finally decided to set it up, as soon as i removed it from the box i found the back of the tank was cracked. I took the tank to my local LFS and had them replace the rear panel, but the workmanship was shoddy and after a month at the LFS i collected the repaired tank and returned it to my garage. A few months later a deal to get a discounted Red Sea Reefer came up and i bit the bullet and bought it. So my current setup is as follows : Equipment Tank - Red Sea Reefer Nano - White Return Pump - Sicce 2.0 Pro (Really wanted the Sicce 2.0 Syncra Silent but could not source one locally) Heater - Ehiem Jager 200w (To be replaced with a smaller footprint one.) Wavemaker - Vortech MP10 ES and Vortech MP10 -QD Skimmer - Marine Sources Devil NANO Series 150 (To be replaced by a Bubble Magus Curve 5) Light - Kessil A160We with controller Bio Media - Marine Pure ceramic Bio Balls. Chemical Filtration - Chemipure Blue ATO - Innovative Marine Hydrofil with pump. Hailea HS-28A Chiller 1/10 HP (Not plumbed in yet) Going to try bare bottom this time. Livestock: Green banded clown goby Purple firefish Cleanup Crew: Nassarius Snail Bubble Bee Snail Blue Legged Hermit (1) Red Legged Hermit (1)
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