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Found 6 results

  1. So I started a build thread on another forum but after reading all you guys' threads I thought this might be a better place to journal this build. What's up guys?! I'm Daan from the netherlands. I've been into reefing for over 6 years. After starting a freshwater tank I stumbled upon BRS' youtubevideo's. I'm in love ever since. Due to some planned construction on the house for a bigger kitchen/dining room, and yes ofcourse a bigger tank, I recently sold my reefer 350.After that I changed jobs. With the new job came my own office. To keep my fingers salty and to stay in touch with the hobby, I bought a second-hand red sea max nano to set up as an office tank. Which, to be honest, kinda is a dream come true. The reason I went secondhand is to see if the set up is maintainable in a work-environment. The size allows me to drain the tank and take it home during holiday breaks. Equipment- All the equipment that came with the red sea max nano.- Old mp10 I had laying around.- Once the cycle is complete I'll invest in a ATO to keep stable parameters.- Once waterchanges can't keep stable ca/alk/mg I'm adding a doser and prob try all-for-reef by fauna marin.Stocking plans fish- Pair of bullethole snowflake clownfish once properly cycled.- When the tank is matured (1-2 years) I might add a small lawnmower blenny if I happen to need one, otherwise a fridmani or a royal gramma. I'd love a sixline-wrasse for pestcontrol but I'm afraid to take my chances with aggression in a tank this small.That'll probably be it. I want this tank to be as low maintainence as it can be for the types of corals I plan on keeping.Stocking plans coral- Mainly Zoa's and different kind of LPS like acan's and a couple of euphyllia's.- Maybe a green and purple monti-cap, if I trust the system can sustain them.- Due to the size-restriction I'm focusing more on finding some cool frags instead of trying to fill the tank out as quickly as I can.I'm going to keep filtration on this build simple and just stick to the basics:- 25-30% waterchanges each week, which is easy peasy in a 20 gallon.- red sea skimmer.- Cured dry rock.- 10 maxspect nano ceramic balls in the rear sump.Currently in week 1 of the cycle. I started it with a fresh shrimp, pulled it out after 3 days. I'm pretty much going to follow the BRS/WWC hybrid method and their 4-month cycle. Keeping the lights off 'till I know the tank has stabelized a bit. I'll be enjoying this view A LOT in the years to come. Cabinet is prob. going to be switched out by something a bit more my taste. Inherrited this one from a colleague. Have a piece of rock curing in bleach atm, gonna ad that to the top-right of the scape which is gonna give some verticallity to the whole thing. I'll share a FTS once it's in. If you made it trough this long ramble, thank you.. 🙂
  2. I recently picked up an almost brand new Red Sea Max Nano for the paltry sum of £250. The unit is in excellent condition and came with an upgraded return pump, cooling fan and free ceramic rock. The guy who sold me it had been trying to keep sea horses in it, unsuccessfully i might add. I had been keeping a 35L nano cube for over a year with just a compact T5 reef light and a hang on the back filter with live rock. This was generally successful and I was able to keep sofites in it no problem. Although algae and cyno were starting to become a problem as the tank and sand bed matured without any skimmer. I figured that I could move all my live stock and live rock over to my new red sea max nano and add in the ceramic rock and basically not have to go through a cycle . Since I am using mature live rock and not increasing the bio-load any ( The live rocks had a few mushrooms and other small sofites on it and 1 small duncan plus one small candy cane). I moved over all the CUC and the two fish i have a small azure damsel and green chromis. I did add a completely new sand bed with only a small amount of the old sand to seed it and used completely new water. I changed salt from reef crystals to coral pro for the new water and the aim is to try and follow the Red sea reef care program - the mix reef recipe : Salinity 34 ppt, Calcium 450ppm, Magnesium 1350ppm, Alkalinity 11.5dKH, Nitrate 1-2ppm, Phosphate 0.08-0.12ppm With this in mind I bought the rea sea, calcium, magnesium and alkalinity test kits. I got the Salifert Nitrate and Phosaphate kits as well as red sea reef foundation A,B and C liquids, reef energy A and B and a bottle of No-pox (cost a fortune). I kinda wish I hadn't cheap'd out on the nitrate and phosphate kits now... I have added an auto top up system to the max nanos own auto top up container so that I don't have to re-fill it every couple of days. I also plan to add an dosing pimp to this system. Currently the tank has been up and running for about 12 days and so far everything has went to plan and the corals and fish are looking better than ever except for my Astrea Snails which now seem to be falling over and getting stuck which they never really done before. I have also been keeping a close eye on the water params and have noticed that my alk and calc have dropped much faster than I expected. The alk dropped from 10/11 to 6dkh in 7 days and calcium was down to about 400/410.. and that's with a 10% water change. After doing some research and forum postings it appears that this is due to the new sand bed and ceramic rock. New sand and ceramic are known to cause to a certain amount of precipitation and it should settle down. I am currently doing my initial dosing of reef foundation A and B to bring the levels back into the desired range. I don't plan on starting the no-pox for anther couple of week to give the tank a bit more time to mature.
  3. gobbledokk

    My red sea max nano

    Hi guys, this is my very first reef tank. This is all new to me and its pretty exciting. I never knew how hooked I'd get until after I took the plunge and bought the Red Sea Max Nano. It's meant to be plug-n-play but after a few weeks now, I feel that it needs more grunt and some extra components. I look forward to your comments and advice and sharing my photos here. 28 JUL 2017 Purchased everything that was recommended by my LSF that included: dry rock, live sand, salt and ro/di water. I spent many many hours aquascaping with cement. I think glue would be the better way to go for next time. After everything was intact and didn't break apart after 3 attempts, I placed the rocks down and then the live sand. Added salt water and threw in a couple pinches of fish food. At the back of the tank, I placed some fossil bones and carbon. 5 AUG 2017 (1 week) After running the above for a week with the built-in AI lighting and circulation pump on 24 hours, I had a sample of my water tested by the LSF. Salinity was a little low so 20% water change was recommended. He tested my pH level and said it was in range. He said I could get a few hermit crabs so I picked up three of them. I added a 100 watt heater and some chaeto near the auto top-off but it's not getting any light back there so I don't think that's working. 12 AUG 2017 (2 weeks) Crabs are doing really well and lots of algae on the glass. Went down to a different LSF closer by and the first guy I spoke to that morning told me I could throw in some snails to build up my cleaning crew. Also, picked up 2 test kits for KH and NO3 (Salifert was meant to be pretty accurate). Went back home to test and results were in recommended range: KH 8.1 Alkalinity 2.9 NO3 25 mg/L Went back in the afternoon to get some salt water, spoke to a different guy who then told me to put in live rock to really start the cycle because I already had crabs and snails. This was something I originally wanted to avoid because of hijackers and parasites but I decided to go with what he said. He also tested my tank water also, results were: SG 1.025 Ammonia 0-0.25ppm Nitrate 0 ppm Nitrate NA pH 8.3 Calcium 500+ ppm ------------------------ So I'm at day 20 now and I've found a small piece of coral growing on the live rock, I'm afraid its an Aiptasia Anemone. Can someone confirm? My plan is to be patient and waiting for the eco system to become into it own effect before adding my first fish or coral. Also, do I have enough rock surface for coral? Should I add more rock? Thanks for viewing!
  4. JonathanDillio

    General Questions

    Hey everyone! So my tank has been set up for about 3 months now. I had a slightly delayed cycle that took about 6-7 weeks. I added two clowns and a small clean up crew and then waited about 1 month and added a cleaner shrimp and some more snails. One of the clowns died but I am 99.9% sure that the other EVIL clown fish, that i have now named Pennywise, killed him. Currently, All of the inhabitants in the tank seem happy and healthy BUT i can not get my damn Nitrate below 30ppm. My Ammonia and Nitrite is steady at 0ppm. Salinity is steady at 1.025 an my temp stays between 79.9 and 80.1. I do 5g water changed once a week. I guess I should mention that my tank is a Red Sea Max Nano (20g). What can i do? Is 30ppm ok for the longevity of my fish and eventually corals? I did 10g weekly changes for 2 weeks and even that didnt help, it literally never budges from 30ppm. I have NOPOX from redsea but i didnt know if I should use it or not. My next question is, Is it ok to start adding corals now? This is my first saltwater/reef tank so for now I am only going to do LPS and softies. Is there a limit to how many corals can be added at a time (like there is for fish). And i guess my last question, for now, is : Should i start dosing for Alkalinity? I have a Hanna test for Alk and since the water change on Monday it has gone from 8.1 to 7.5. I feel like this is a dumb question and I really should dose, especially if i want coralline algae to grow but I just want to make sure. Seriously, thank you all for being so amazing helpful through this learning process. I always feel that i am being annoying by asking questions but you guys are amazing!
  5. gobbledokk

    My red sea max nano

    Hi guys, this is my very first reef tank. This is all new to me and very exciting at the same time. I never knew how hooked I'd get into this until I took the plunge and bought myself this tank that supposedly is like plug and play but I've been tempted to add more components as I need them. I'm really looking forward to comments, suggestions from members and sharing my photos here. I started off with dry rock, live sand, salt and ro/di water from the local aquarium. After some amateur aquascaping, I put rock down first then the sand and then salt water n threw in some fish food to start the cycle along with some fossil bones and carbon.. This was the advice I got from the guy at the aquarium. After running that for a week with the built in Ai light and circulation pump, I had my water tested by another guy at the aquarium that I bought everything from and he said I could throw in some hermit crabs so I gave 3. I also bought a 100 watt heater running underneath my skimmer and was recommended to put some chaeto in also. Problem with the chaeto is that it's not getting any light so I don't think that's working. Anyhow, crabs are doing really well. On the 14th day, I was told to put some snails in and some live rock to really begin the cycle. So I'm at day 20 now and here are some photos. Any advice would be good. I'm being patient and waiting for the eco system to become how it needs to be before I add my first fish or coral. Speaking of coral, I've notice a small type growing from the love rock. Any idea what it is and if it's a bad type.
  6. Hello people, I have a Red Sea Max Nano with the AI Prime HD LED. I currently have some rock flower anemones and mushrooms. I went with the recommended light settings, but have been reading that RFA's and Mushrooms like less light. For this reason, I have set the light to acclimate mode for the time being. Just interested to see if anyone can help me make this tank a long term success... Only other coral I really plan on adding would be a frogspawn or Hammer Coral. Also have 2 Frostbite Frozen Clowns. Thanks for any help you can provide. P.
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