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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everyone, Im a total beginner and I wanted to start a reef with the red sea reefer 170 and Reef 90 LED. But what do I have to add now, I dont know what components I have to buy to have a fully working reef. What is the best filter and so on? Please help me make a nice reef set. PS: something thats good for corrals, that I can have a big spectrum 😄 Thank you very much.
  2. I am moving to a new apartment in a couple of weeks going from a 1st floor to a 4th floor at a place across the street. I have a reefer 170 and am not sure I I should try to move it myself or just higher a LFS, I got a estimate today and it’s $169 hr for two techs and they told me it would take 2-3 hrs to move..... is that about the usual cost for hiring someone? The benefit is they are insured and professionals. Other option is to move it myself but not sure how hard that will be
  3. Mike P


    Saw this thing on my glass this morning and not sure what it is, was kind hard to get a picture of it because it’s small and clear.
  4. Ajkay


    RED SEA REEFER E-170 -- ALL IN ONE AQUARIUMComplete setup includes:45 gallons system w/rear sumpAI Hydra 26 LED lights2 Vortech MP 10 QuietDrive water pumps2 Koralia water pumps2 570 gph return pumps1 MSK 900 Protein skimmer 1 Cobalt Neotherm 150 watt heater1 Tunze Osmolator ATO w/5 gallon Innovative Marine Auqa RO/DI storage tankAssorted saltwater accessories (test kits, nets, scrapers, chemicals, etc.)7 Fish -- 2 clowns, psuedochromis, gobie, tomini tang, 6-line wrasse and pajama cardinalNumerous corals -- see pix -- mostly softies but a few hard corals mixed inBrand new, just the tank, lights, skimmer and return pump sells for $1519:Max E-170 LED Complete Reef System (45 Gal) - Red SeaThis comes with EVERYTHING else that you will need.I'm selling it because I'm leaving the hobby as I no longer have the time to devote to it. In addition, I'll be moving from the Jersey shore area this fall and will not be able to take the tank with me. I've spent almost 2 years getting this tank to the shape it's in and I want to see it continue to thrive. Also, I'm sure that everyone here has a good idea of what all the extra equipment would cost you and these healthy live corals that are included in the deal.I want to sell this as a complete system to a local buyer and will not break it up to sell piecemeal. So don't waste our time responding unless you're willing to take it all on.Thanks for looking. Now check out the pictures.$1250 and it's yours. LOCAL BUYER ONLY!
  5. What’s next? I’m thinking 350 or XL425.
  6. If_Only

    One Center Piece

    So ive narrowed my stocking down to a mixed reef, mostly LPS and softies, and later down the road a LPS frag or two. I want a cleaner shrimp and snails, maybe a few hermits. The only fish I want besides a "centerpiece" is a pair of Occ. clowns, the tank is a Red Sea max 170 (bigger than the reefer) and its 45 gal (about 22x22x21) and it has the sump upgrade with a reef octopus 110ss skimmer, I was thinking about a yellow corris or a lemon butterfly (if there reef safe) but im just wondering what a fish that will be active, a little less common than clownfish and stuff like that, and will be easy to feed, that why im not doing a dwarf lion or leopard wrasse, also preferable something bigger that my clowns. Thoughts? Is a bigger fish not possible, do I need to cut the clowns?
  7. So as you can see in the title I have finally broke down and bought a Red Sea max 170 with the sump upgrade after I saw that my LFS was doing a 15% discount on them. But I haven't filled this tank yet but I will probably buy some water to fill later today, this is MY first tank, but I helped take care of one at the LFS I help out at. But basically I know I want corals, there my favorite thing in the reefing hobby. I will probably keep the Red Sea skimmer in the back chamber along with the media basket then in the sump upgrade I will most likely do a refugium. The light is a AI hydra 26, and I might get a MP-10, if not I might just get 2 korelias to tide me over till I get the MP-10. So now that you all know the equipment im running im wondering what livestock I can keep. Coral -GSP (separate rock) -Finger Leather -Toadstool -Zoas -Hammer -Frogspawn -Candycane -Elegence -Possibly acans -Later down the line a Monti cap or two. -And then any other corals that I might find interesting later down the line. Fish (I order from what will be added last to what will be added first) -Pair of Occ. Clowns -Yellow corris wrasse (favorite fish) -Yellow clown goby -Pearly jawfish Inverts - 3-4 Narrsarius snails - 3-4 Trochus snails - Cleaner shrimp Clams (later after tank has matured) -1 Maxima -1 Deresa The tank is about 24x24x24 Any thoughts much appreciated
  8. squamptonbc

    Red Sea Reefer 170 Build.

    I had originally planned on using a 20L that I already had, but it's since turned into a QT for the new arrivals as I decided in the end to just get a Red Sea Reefer 170 as I wanted a sump, but didn't want to fuss with drilling and plumbing since DIY isn't my specialty...lol Plus I like the look of the reefers. I got the tank home last week, and finally got it filled and running a few days ago, no livestock in it, but mostly all equipment is up and running, everything except the ATO. The current residents in the 20L will be making the move into the reefer. Equipment consists of: Rio 2500 pump for the return, eventually I'll likely get a Sicce but for now using a pump I already had. Reef Octopus Classic 110 skimmer. AI Hydra 26 HD lighting which comes with the deluxe version of the 170. ATO I decided not to use the stock one as I don't like it, so will be using a Tunze with my own reservoir. The stock reservoir fits perfectly in the sump so I am using it as a sort of refugium, and using a small pump to pump water into it and let it overflow back into the sump. Got the idea from someone who had done the same that I found on google images. 2 sicce circulation pumps in the display. digital thermometer in the display. Aqua Top titanium heater with controller in the sump. Also using Marine Pure plate in the sump. For now I am using a red sea filter sock, but will be changing to a media cup soon as I don't like the sock. I haven't decided if I will be going bare bottom or adding sand, leaning towards bare bottom though. Using rock that I had sitting around, I bleached it, and cleaned it back in November and then placed it into saltwater not long after, and also added 10 lbs of live rock from a local store to seed it. I like conducting mini-experiments and new products to see how well they work, so decided to buy some Coralline Algae in a Bottle from ARC to give it a try. Normally i don't buy things such as this but curious as I am, decided to see if it does what ARC says it does. This will be a fish only with live rock as one of the residents doesn't play nice with inverts and is known to pick corals. A few thoughts from setting this tank up. AI Hydra 26 HD has very poor connectivity to the wifi network. I am in a 550sq foot apartment so not exactly huge and nothing else has issues, but plugging in a wifi extender next to the tank seems to have fixed that issue. The piping on the reefer is a bit of a pain and small leaks took a couple of days to resolve. The O rings Red Sea uses are small and frankly don't seem to seal all that well, some use of teflon tape solved the issue, and some online have had to resort to silicone glue to seal but I didn't want to use silicone as that would make the tank a pain to move in the future. The return hose is metric apparently, and while Canada is metric country most of the aquarium equipment is built for the US market and as such the return pump connections don't fit well with the metric sizing of the hose, with some flame to soften the hose and some brute force you can get the hose connected but would be nice if Red Sea made these tanks more market specific and didn't use metric sizing for North America. The stand was relatively easy to build, but would be nice if Red Sea put labels on each piece such as A. B, C etc so you know for sure which piece is what since some look similiar but overall not difficult and easier then your typical Ikea furniture. Overall I am fairly happy with this tank so far but it's too early to know how this tank will hold up long term. I'll update as things progress with more photos.
  9. After being out of the hobby for many years I'm looking to set up a new tank. My place is space limited with maximum length between walls of 35 inches. I like the look of the Red Sea products and think the Reefer 170 will work in my space. Would really appreciate feedback on basic equipment configuration I'm looking at below: Red Sea Reefer 170 Deluxe Black Syncra silent 3.5 pump Somatic 60s Skimmer VORTECH MP10QD QUIETDRIVE PROPELLER PUMP Neo-Therm 100W heater Anything major that I'm missing for a basic functional setup? Suggestions on saving money without cutting corners would be great. I'm more concerned about doing it right than the cost, that said every dollar saved at this stage is a dollar that can be spent on what goes in the tank! Would appreciate suggestions on water test kit to help me monitor the cycle, I'm have a slight color blindness, so is there anything affordable that doesn't use color matching for the basic cycle tests? Thanks in advance!
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