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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Reefers! I finish the editing of this video, which the purpose is to be a guide/reference for people who wonder which T5 to use, what it look like, etc... So here my compilation of difference of T5 from Giesemann with the EcoTech Marine Radion G5 Blue: I think this Hybrid solution has an incredible punch for corals, not only for any corals but Also for Acropora. The combination of Super Purple + Super Actinic with the Radion blue offers a big punch. Specially for Acropora and other SPS like this, it's by far my favorite option to the point I might switch from Radion G5 Pro to the Blue. After each record I took a photo so I can post also in the forum: Full resolution here If you are interested in to the Pro version with T5 here my post: My post for Radion Pro vs Blue: Unbox Radion G5 Pro and Blue: I'm still not ready to make a proper Review video of these light because I really want a Spectrometer to show some data, so I'm trying to save money for this (3k$) I hope it helps you like always your critics and opinions matter a lot to me so please don't hesitate! - Aqua Splendor
  2. Hello Reefers! Finally it's here, after many hours of work and some tweak I published my video about the EcoTech Marine Radion G5 Pro with T5 from Giesemann. I use the Aquatic Life Hybrid Fixture (god that thing has been so helpful for me). I recorded all the combinations possible with my Tank "Lab" full shot and a Close shot on one of my Blastomussa merletti. All the footage has been recorded the same night (Radion G5 Blue also), 4k 30fps. I never put multiple 4k Footage next to the other and gosh it's painful to render, it took 30hour and just for this. So I use Giesemann T5: Super Actinic, Actinic Blue, Super Purple, Aquablue Coral, Aquablue Azure. I told them what I was planning to do a long time ago and they have been patient and comprehensive, no pressure. I told them I was waiting to have a "real" camera before I start the things I want to do. I was waiting for the A7SIII sony but it never came, so I was tired of waiting and activate my backup plan and Bought A7III 1-2 months before the COVID-19. (good thing...) Talking about COVID-19, I'm in Isolation after a while so I finally got time to make that documentation video. I took my time to make this first video, I went to different iteration, I'm still not satisfied at 100% so any comments are welcome on how to make this better. Now that I have a Recipe, other videos in the same kind will be much faster to create (except for that render, 10-year-old PC...) I didn't want to make Review video about light too much on my channel because I want to buy a Spectrometer for doing my Review for the reef community. Since I'm alone and 100% independent, the cost of this is pretty high (2000-4000$), so it's hard right now to justify one, I have to pay my rent and food first then that thing is high on my priority... If my real full-time day job can come back... I also don't put Ad on my YT video or receive payment or partner to make a review for companies on YouTube, so let's just say money is not my motivation but it's needed. At some point, I will need to find a way but never at a cost of not being independent or 100% honest. YouTube might force me to put Ads because it doesn't suggest/push videos that don't have ads, so my videos are not being seen as they should. Sorry for that rant, it's just that I feel sometimes the Reef community on Youtube is aehmm... let's say, there is a lot of influence... That video means a lot to me, 3 years ago before I start my channel I was wishing "Dang I wish we have videos with full comparison", but no one is really doing it (I understood why after hehe). So fast forward 3 years later, I'm here doing it. Took time to accumulate all the hardware and part of the puzzle. The more I can remove video project out of my head the better I feel 😉 I tried to make it happen also with ATI but it didn't went well, unfortunately, I think the person I spoke didn't understood the amount of work it was required and it's free advertising for them (!). But... I think we could safely say that the bulbs are very similar so: Super Actinic -> True Actinic Actinic Blue -> Blue Plus Super Purple -> Purple Plus Aquablue Coral -> Coral Plus Aquablue Azure -> Aquablue Special The spectrum I showed in my video come from the website from Either EcoTech Marine or Giesemann. I modify them so we can overlay correctly, I don't think it's accurate to be honest, that why I want my own Spectrometer, but for the purpose or understanding, I think it will do the job. After Each record Clip I took a picture so I can publish on the forum also the essential: Full resolution here Sorry for that long post ;), by the way, English is not my mother-tongue so if I say something incorrect let me know. The next video will be with the Radion G5 Blue then 2 other light that I own also. Your feedback on this video is super important to me if I can do anything to make them better let me know on the Comment section of YouTube also (It helps to rank better the video) - Aqua Splendor
  3. Hello Reefers, I made a video about the two different versions of Radion G5, Pro & Blue. I bought both of them because I didn't know which one to buy so I decide to make this video to guide you in your decision: I will be honest the difference is very slim, to a point I asked my self the question; why they made 2 different versions but I understood the reason behind it. I still think it could have been 1 model but at least like that, it gives the option for peoples who are focus on a specific target. Here some screenshot of my video: I'm not sure to understand why their a big visual difference between the two versions for the same Template, perhaps an update could fix that? You can achieve the same color with both light manually, but where it gets really different is with the Warm White vs Cyan This is what I believe where the real difference is. I calculated the power consumption and the Photosynthetic Active Radiation for each individual channel LED. You can see my table over here: I have more details in my video but the main point are here. I used the XR15 to make the video (because I'm not rich lol, quite the opposite actually) but if you want the bigger version XR30 It's exactly the same stuff, it just more LED, the ratio color LED remain the same. Hope you appreciate this, I made my choice after making this video - Aqua Splendor
  4. Hello dear Reefers! I created my first series video for the Radion G5 from EcoTech Marine, it's just simple video, nothing crazy in term of data. The goal of those 2 videos is simply to show what to expect if you buy the product and how you setup the light. Radion G5 XR15 Pro: Radion G5 XR15 Blue: I also made video in French if you are into that: Took a Screen shot because I'm pretty sure some people wonder about the look between the 2 light. This is straight from camera without orange filter. I will dedicate a full video between the 2 light, i'm not even sure my self which one I prefer at the moment i'm writing this. So far I love the light but I need more time and testing before I have a better opinion. And yes, I will buy that diffuser. - Nic
  5. Alright, you might have heard about this light Radion G5, but you might never seen a video like this 😉 I had a lot of fun making this video, I will produce other videos to really help the reef community in the next couple months, for now it's more of a entertainment video
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