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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I bought a few fish on Thursday (a Tailspot Blenny, Firefish, Green Clown Goby, and Royal Gramma) and put them into QT. My QT tank is a standard 10 gallon, an AquaClear 50 (with plenty of biomedia), a 50W heater, barebottom, a couple of pots and a piece of PVC. I put a tank divider in to separate the gramma from the other 3, as I know they can sometimes be a bit more boisterous than the others. The tank is well-cycled and season, and has been set up for nearly a year as a QT tank - it's covered in algae and has a ton of pods and other bugs running around. Ammonia and nitrite test 0, and nitrates test at 10 PPM today before the water change. PH is at 8, and SG is at 1.021, since I tend to run my QT tanks a little lower to try and reduce stress. Temp is 78. The firefish, tailspot, and gramma are all active and eating. They're behaving as I would expect - skittish, but otherwise normal. The green clown goby hasn't moved from his spot underneath the PVC since I got him. He'll eat when something passes by him, but otherwise won't budge. He isn't getting bullied, as far as I can tell. and looks completely healthy. I am treating with General Cure, since most of the fish I've found locally have some sort of internal parasites, but I haven't seen any symptoms. I've had clown gobies in the past and they've always been very brave animals - they'd sit in my hand, come to the glass and beg for food, and had huge personalities. This guy is just super shy - should I be worried? Is there something (a decoration) I can add to the tank that may help bring him out of his shell? Or is he probably still just adjusting to the tank? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Hannahhhh

    No QT tank...

    I don’t have a QT tank and I want to add my first fish... Am I safer getting a fish from my LFS or from an online source? Are there any particularly trustworthy online sources? I was thinking live Aquaria. Thoughts?
  3. So it was suggested by @Christopher Marks that I do a tank journal for my QT system, since it's a little bit different than most. So here it is... This system is based of of an article in Coral magazine by Joseph Szczebak, of the Roger Williams University marine breeding lab, which can be found here: http://www.reef2rainforest.com/2017/02/10/bucket-transfer-qt-method/ In his article he outlines a method for QT and hospitalization of marine fishes. I've been working on adapting it for home use for freshwater fish, plants, marine inverts and corals. What's really cool about it that it can expand and shrink as needed. The other really nice aspect of this system is the huge reduction in medicine and additive use. I rarely deal with anything over 1 ml. Most of the time I'm dealing with less than half. So from that point it's a really nice cost savings. In a nutshell the system consists of some shallow 4'x2' storage Hefty containers, and a number of Cambro acrylic food containers. 4 and 6 qt. The large container is filled halfway(ish) with water and has a heater and small powerhead put in it. The individual containers are filled with whatever kind of water your livestock needs. The livestock is then moved to a subsequent container with matching parameters when needed. Fish daily, Corals weekly etc. For all intents and purposes, it's like running a bunch of simultaneous pico tanks at the same time, just a little more "Clinical." I'm basically going to try and journal all of the trials and tribulations that happen in this system. Not all of them reef related. I'm also going to try and put my protocols and recipes here so people trying this out don't have to deal with many of the subtle issues that arise. Right now, I've got a 5L container with Coral in it that I'm using in the Pico Reef Contest; while at the same time I've been running a number of new cichlids through. Nothing like a picture of a freshwater fish swimming around by some coral frags.
  4. 805NanoReef

    QT tank set up

    I have a question.. im going to set up a QT tank to treat one of my clown fish. Ive heard some say i can use a live rock to have some beneficial bacteria so the ammonia wont spike. Just as long as i don't take it out and use it on my main display tank. Some say not to because the parasite an latch on to the rock.. I heard about the filtration sponges but i don't have time to let is sit in my tank to get populated bacteria. Any suggestions??
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