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Found 22 results

  1. (From our Internet Reefer's Decoder Ring series: “AC and DC Pumps” – Internet Reefer’s Decoder Ring) They’re not as different as you might think! Reef aquarium caretakers tend to obsess over flow. We use pumps to pull water through our sumps. We put in powerheads and wavemakers all in an effort to push water around. We use pumps with aerators to run skimmers. Even though we have many […] Continue Reading
  2. Help! I set up my 16-gallon Biocube yesterday and something is wrong with the pump that came with it. I currently have live rock, sand, a fluval fan, and saltwater in the tank. In the back I have media, a heater, and the pump the tank came with. I was expecting a hum noise from the pump but it is very loud. To the point we have to raise our voices to talk if we’re in the same room as the tank. It sounds like a very loud buzzing noise coming from the pump. I’ve tried moving it in the chamber and playing with the suction cups on the bottom of it and the noise still persists. Any advice on what to do or other pumps to try?
  3. EvilFish

    Best pump for Fluval 13.5

    Hi, I tried Eheim Compact 1000, fits well, great flow but heats the tank too much. Stock pump is silent and doesn't heat the tank that much, but really weak. Is there any other good pump for this tank? To improve the flow and reduce heat. Others pumps that can works: Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200 - 295 GPH Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0 - 251 GPH Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline - 210 GPH Hydor Centrifugal 300 GPH Somebody tried on of those pumps or something else? Thanks
  4. I want to upgrade the pump on my tank. It's slow and gets clogged up easily. I've seen a bunch of builds here with different pumps. If you upgraded: to what pump and how has it been so far? What about lights? I've seen people rave about AI Prime and even Kessil, and some use Current USA (with lukewarm reviews)
  5. HI there, I just add the water to my live sand and rock in my IM fusion 20 tank and turned on the pump and heater to begin cycling. However, (as you might have heard) the stock pump is really loud and headache inducing. I've ordered another one but do I have to keep the stock on for the few days before the new one arrives, or will the cycling process be fine if I turn it off (at least while we're in the living room with it)? THanks
  6. I got a nanocube 28 off of craigslist with zero equipment besides the lights in the hood and the tank itself. I got two mj1200s in the back as my return pumps but I am unable to run both at the same time because they overflow the display tank and then make a lot of bubbles. I’ve had them on timers to only have one on at a time but this isn’t ideal for many reasons. This doesn’t seem to be a problem with anyone else, what am I doing wrong? Should I purchase a mj900 to replace one of the mj1200? Thanks for reading.
  7. Wondering on recommendations on a pump for my fluval evo12. I have been looking at eco tech mp10 and the Aqamai kps
  8. Hi. Newbie here. Freshwater for a long time, new to saltwater. I'm trying my best to read through before posting and although I have found what I think is my answer, I would like to hear some opinions/recommendations from experienced keepers before I stick my hands in my water prematurely. I have a BioCube32 and am 3 weeks in to cycle. I have two LFS that I am working with as I don't know what I'm doing so I don't know what to look out for in the way of mis-guidance, so I figure two LFS is better than one and I can take in more information that way. That being said...I had my water tested for the first time at 2 weeks in. I took samples to both LFS and then tested using my at home test after just to see how all the results came out. LFS No1 said no ammonia, no nitrite, no nitrate, I'm looking good, keep it up, if I wanna add CUC I can, but wait for fish for two more weeks. LFS No2 said ammonia is low, no nitrate, no nitrite, I'm looking good, keep it up, if I wanna add CUC I can, but wait for fish for two more weeks. So, since both LFS said I was safe to add CFC, I did. I have 10 hermit crabs, two nassarius snails, two trocus snails, two turbo snails, and 1 fighting conch. I came home, tested my water, same as LFS No2. So, I still have a few more weeks to wait before fish/coral will be introduced, but in the meantime I am wanting to go ahead and get my pumps added and my controller set up. I don't want to be sticking my hands in the water adjusting and readjusting my pumps, so before I do, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself a bit and get some opinions about placement and then I can take it all into consideration. I am posting a front view and side view of my tank so you can see how much room I have on all sides of the rock. Currently, I am thinking/planning on placing a pump just to the left of the return and below, flow towards center of front glass and placing a second pump on the right side, about two inches above the lower intake slots, again, pointed toward the center front of the glass, with about a 6-7 second alternating pump cycle. (both pumps are Koralia Nano 425) Please feel free to give any pointers, let me know if you feel one or both of my LFS are steering me incorrectly. As I said, I'm trying to read and absorb as much as possible, but appreciate experienced opinions as well.
  9. Downsizing from my 50 gal to my 10 gal, livestock has been taken care of and going to a good home, now I have equipment to get rid of that I will no longer be using. All of these items were purchased from BRS (proof of purchase). Tank was started October 2015. Everything is in perfect condition, working well and has never had any mechanical issues nor otherwise. Regular dusting has been performed on the equipment in the two years it has run my 50 gal reef. Skimmer and pumps will be vinegar washed and scrubbed as best as humanly possible for you. MP40WES $280 shipped - $250 local pickup never run over 40% - S O L D 2 KESSIL A360WE $200 each +shipping Reef Octopus Classic 150 - INT Protein Skimmer $100 +shipping Eheim 1262 Return Pump $90 shipped
  10. Hi, I upgraded my aquarium and I have this items. All items have shipping included. Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer Classic 110 SuperSpaceSaver. Rated for up to 120Gallons - Like New $160 CAD Lights Gen3 PLS-100 Pipeless Protein Skimmer. Rated for up to 120Gallons - Normal wear $70 Aqamai KPS Wavemaker. Wifi Controllable. Adjustable flow rate: 370-1050 gph - Like New, 3 months old. $75. Willing to trade for fish and corals but only for locals. I'm in Miramar, FL. Can trade also for a Ecotech ReefLink.
  11. Hey everyone I currently have the stock pump that comes with the nuvo fusion 10 all in one tank... and let me tell you it's loud as hell. What a good affordable return pump that stays relatively quit and wont fail on me later on?
  12. Hello, I had a circulation pump, which stopped working a few days ago. I'm thinking to buying a return pump, because it's more cheaper! For my aquarium with soft corals how many gallon per hour would be better? Maybe 130 gph? Bye
  13. Hello and happy holidays! First of all, we're new to the forum... so we're presenting a project we're working on: http://kraken-tech.com/ It's a custom controller and we're working on some points we think are pretty important: -compatibility, we want to support all the common models of aquarium equipment out there (like pumps, sensors, lights, etc.) -modular, we want it to be scalable and configurable. In this way the complexity, costs, size, and other characteristics of the system can be tailored to the user needs. -remote management, we want to control, configure and monitor the system remotely, through a web interface. As you can see from the blog link above, we're already experimenting some versions of the controller, with different configurations, sensors, etc. Let us know what do you think! Also, it would be great if you could tell us what kind and model of pumps you're using in your aquarium. In this way we'll do some research, to plan our compatibility features in that direction. Thanks! Matteo & Francesco
  14. tarunteam

    Upgrading AquMaxx HOB-XC

    I have an AquaMaxx HOB-XC and the skimmer impeller recently broke. To replace the impeller it's 25 bucks, which is half the cost of the pump. The pump used is a cobalt 4-8 fractionating impeller. Anyone have suggested upgrades for the pump?
  15. displayname

    Ebay Peristaltic Pumps

    I am looking to automate my WCs with a peristaltic pump. I have seen some cheap versions on ebay and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? The pump head itself is a pretty simple mechanism and although not stackable, seems like it will do the job okay. It looks like a replica Masterflex pump. I am curious about the DC motor and gearbox that comes with it. For those of you that have used them, how did they hold up? What sort of RPMs were you seeing in the head of the pump? Example
  16. Hello everyone! this morning I decided to overhaul my tank and to my surprise, my powerhead's ceramic magnet fell out and released a cloud of black powder. all of my corals immediately began to shrink up little bits of magnet went everywhere. I don't know what the long term effects of this will be, has anyone had this happen to them? I think the seal broke and let salt begin to corrode the magnet. I've been fighting an algae outbreak for a while now, and was wondering if this could be a contributor.
  17. Plancton

    What wavemaker for 40g?

    What wavemaker do you recommend for a 40g? I have been out of the hobby for a while and I missed track of the technology and trends, basically what I'm asking is what wavemaker pump setup would you recommend for a 40g. I'm looking for something that works great but also not so expensive.
  18. Volnation

    Nuvo Fusion 40 Pump

    What pumps are your running in your Nuvo Fusion 40? I'm looking to upgrade to a higher gpm pump.
  19. A while back I decided to give this little gem a go, I've had it for a few months maybe now so i decided I'd give it a little write up as I am very pleased with it. Cost i paid $100AUD but a quick look online suggests average $150AUD Specs dimensions - L125mm x W60mm x H85mm power consumption - max 12watts max head height - 1.5m max output - 1200L/h controllability - variable via controller Out of the box - packaging was neat tidy and well protected - the unit itself looks sleek and well presented Functions - variable control - feed more (10min) My experience I was really pleased with how well it works, I was happy to have the variable control as I do use my return as part of my water movement in the display. Makes it easier to fine tune how I want to move water in the display. The pump itself is super quiet, has nice rubber stoppers on the bottom to assist with vibration and noise. Controller is really easy to use and works correctly. Overall really pleased with this little pump and would definitely recommend it.
  20. Two week old Maxspect Gyre XF230 + Advanced controller. Includes all original packaging and accessories. Essentially brand new. Happy to post pictures or can send via PM. Price - $200 + actual shipping (PM your zip and I'll calculate exact cost) -Adam
  21. Simulated Fish

    DEAD silent return under 2.5 x 2 inches

    I know that it has been asked before, but this rear chamber on my Biocube 8g is TINY so I am looking for real world experience and recommendations on a return pump that is under 2.5in long and 2in wide. I would like it to push 250+ gph but the stock is only 106. I am using a W2 that I tested today during a leak check (man they are silent!) so i will have a PH for movement if low flow is the only way to keep quiet. This tank is going to be on my work desk about 2 feet from me, I work with customers over the phone a lot so background noise needs to be at minimum. Thanks in advance everyone
  22. So I messed up and ordered just the pump...for any existing current USA loop users I'm selling the "accessory" 660gph wave pump for $60 shipped. BNIB I can't even turn it on lol and it's never been wet. Just connect it to your manifold and add the pump to your tank! PM is key, thanks!
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