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Found 14 results

  1. 2 AI Prime Freshwater lights and two 18" flexible arms. Less than a year old. Perfect condition. Setup and control your lights with a app. Higher end lighting that can be fined tuned. If you would like to purchase just one, mess me and we can do that. $320 shipped $285 shipped $250 Shipped
  2. Aquascaping_Nature.be

    Acclimating new corals

    Hi all, I got a question about acclimating corals.... I don't really understand the concept of acclimating corals to a specific light intensity? For example in new cycled tank, the first corals you put in have to be acclimated to the light above your tank. I read alot of forums saying to start of slow, for example 30% and work your way up to the desired intensity... Thus far I get it. But what about the corals you put in after that first period? Let say 2 months after the first ones went in, I decide to put in a couple more, and my light is at that time running at 60%. Which means the new corals experience a bigger light output then the first ones that went in. Do I have to adjust my lights again to 30% and start all over again? Or how does this work? Isn't it possible to say for example that when running a LPS tank with a light at 75% intensity we keep it that way from the start. BRS said in one of there latest videos about the AI Prime 16HD that for LPS the light should be 75%: Can anyone please explain this to me? Thanks!!
  3. Aquascaping_Nature.be

    Reproducing Reefled 50 spectrum to AI Prime 16HD

    Hi all, Maybe a more advanced question, but does anyone know if its possible to reproduce the redsea reefled spectrum for 15, 20 and 23000 Kelvin to an AI prime 16HD? The app suggest 15000 Kelvin (100% blue and 100% white)... (what does this mean if we bring this over to the AI light settings? Same for 20 and 23000K What intensity for white, royalblue, red, green, UV, etc....? Huge thanks if anyone might know this ✌️
  4. Reefer-begginer

    AI prime 16(HD

    Hey all, so 1st things first, I'm new to saltwater ( been going strong for 4 months ). Haven't really had any issues with my lighting but was needing a new light schedule/setup as I got some hammers/micromussa corals that would love a better lighting arrangement. If you could help me out with getting better lighting towards them, I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. saltwatercoral


    Aqua Illuminations Club I have seen some other clubs out there and after doing some digging I didnt see any clubs for AI LEDS. I just wanted to through this out there for anyone that may have any Aqua Illumination leds or would just want to chime in about them. PICS are always welcome and encouraged!!! I also wanted to say that I am NOT affiliated with Aqua Illuminations. I just really like there Products! Here is a list of the current members as of 7/19/2017. Saltwatercoral $ Pit SouthFlorida_TRON Adam_T ajgouty Naturalreef CruzH20polo Wolfador Karisma Calvin415 tristanschlueter jacobnano William rbaby TheMac86 Misfortune ayobreezie JDK pschom rrcg50 james.tsai sammer SynRG summitwynds JNA_DESIGN 10gnano p-daddy tpallas ermartin CONSTANTNE fishinmonkey acropora1981 alaskan84 reefkeeper2 DreTheReefer rbokros vyky Trainer262 spanko chadfarmer lkoechle hecsrt-4 AustinV90 mavjoy gupebreedr unhandleable Hognoxious jmifland jaysauce 415 reefer ArloGut Raphael Bonzanini mic209 mpsti05 joshclovis gmod chadti99 leicalux wyattroa nickfd3s Chris George Allenmay8 reesestewww Authentic jbb_00 cityhunter xenon HDreef Flexin5 noob-reefer Chris George leicalux hustlah streetsong BOMBreef PakRX8m mdisalvo55 jedidad theSHIMMY rsdazo awinslostrong Christianwaisath hrum1340 civickm 27Cube reefsahoy jnrandall strong OldHunter SfdPiggy Anthrax15 vu.dao Pete1122 pyrrhusmj Ole Pukey c-stone do_0b laxx1991 Captain Hook Catbus Reef attack AlKamist 6Speed KeTos twan aquariumpav Cereal Killer Aqua Life Aquarium dlogfx ulver982 TKG E.intheC SoFit Skuba TheKlienReef zambono thehobdenmarina Jordangil marc3lo19 jball1125 Bakenn Allenmay8 beyondcomp251 lagunastudio SerenityReef flood504 dxmaster Allan M addicted2fish Jneighbors blajoie HilmSean jgpico BusterDB ntgtyper x3thelast malady Camry90 kpeyton Mitch619 nano427 pet_doc cherubfish dudedah shaner014 mmadoffy ug.mac TristanC Deleted User 4 latteslave Supersizeme ultimate sps only Caronte btbeam sfdanksta650 rockryno rdccarpet kidninja nichole2 Luigiestrada pwfletcher Nanofreak79 tomkun carmexx 1MP3R1AL timothybui aethier OneOfDaZZZ nanoreefer11 RK_tek cdavmd deathbyart jordankj i_am_poor RnMB1988 steelcube Angel<2Nanos biocubedatx Andynco cpetrosky Thesaint216 Base615 RollaJase ZeroEvoX gahumphrey CP70 frt Ahanix LVCaniac AllenI223 vsanchez949 oohnoo Limagm Hecdr34 monkdaily Sk8n Reefer lkoechle aquageek HotRodScamp sepulvd 12_egg_Omelette MC5858 jagger0792
  6. All just set up another nano! Can’t wait to see what this tank brings. Cant wait for this thing to finish cycling. Doing some power cable management tomorrow. Currently not running any filter media Here is my old tank Equipment: IM 20g peninsula IM top off reservoir IM tank stand Smart ATO AI prime IM Mighty Jet 40lbs live sand 20lb dry rock
  7. I guess I'll start with a little bit about myself. I started keeping fish back in 1963 or 64; I don't remember which, it was so long ago. Back in those days FW was the only option, especially for a little kid. I was quite the entrepreneur, selling livebearer fry to Woolworth's and the local fish store for pennies apiece. It was enough to keep me well supplied with candy I continued to keep a tank or two going off and on (mostly on) right up until the present. When I started seeing marine tanks appear on the scene, I knew that I would eventually set one up, but it took me a while. Life in the military and the constant moving, often with almost no notice, isn't exactly conducive to the marine hobby. When I made my final military move back in 2007, I decided to make the switch to salt water. I had planned on going fish only, but after seeing the display tanks at the LFS my wife had other ideas. In the past 10 years, I have had a number of reef tanks - a 30G (for 1 year), a 75G (for 6 years), a 3G (for 5 years), a DIY 10G AIO (for 2 years), a 120G (for 2 1/2 years) and now my latest - a CADLIGHTS 28G bowfront AIO that has been running for a month and a half or so. I started the tank using about 20lbs of well established LR that I took from the sump of the 120G. I also snagged about a litre of Siporax from the sump and placed it into one of the chambers of the 28G. I used mostly new sand, but added a few cups of sand from the other tank to help things along. The cycle was virtually non-existent. I have a number of sponges in the 120 sump that I rotate through the back chambers to help with the pod population. I picked up two used AI Primes for lighting (one older version and one HD) and am currently running the Saxby low power schedule. I have a Tunze 9001 skimmer in the back, a Jebao SW-4 for additional flow, and a DIY dual float ATO. I've decided to make this a zoa/paly/pipefish tank. Thanks to a local fellow reefer (Sharbuckle here on Nano-Reef) and a recent frag swap, I managed to add quite a few specimens to the meager collection that I moved over from the other tank. As far as fish go, I have a Rainford's Goby, a Wheeler's Goby, a m/f pair of bluestripe pipefish, 2 male dragonface pipefish, and as of yesterday a garden eel. I created a pretty deep sandbed on one side of the tank for the eel, but of course it wants to be front and centre in 1 1/2 inches of sand. Go figure. Yes, I know that I'm moving fast and nothing good happens quickly in this hobby, but what can I say? I'm 60 years old and who knows how much longer I'll be around, so I plan on enjoying things while I can. I've always fed my tanks a lot, and this one is no different - it gets live bbs daily as well as probably 4 or 5 other feedings of various frozen and bottled foods. They're not huge portions, but I figure that in the wild fish are generally eating, sleeping, pooping, and making whoopie, so I do my best to make them feel like they are in the wild. Except for the 1 1/2 heads of Rastas, I don't know the names of the zoas or palys. I just pick ones that look nice. I know that this thread is useless without pictures, so here are a few for you. I am probably the world's worst aquarium photographer, so please be prepared to use your imagination. Jerry
  8. Just curious as to what you experts think of my schedule. It's basically a mix of the EcoTech SPS and LPS schedules, but setup in a way to replicate the intensity of the sun over a 12 hour period. Right now, I have a 12 hour total cycle, with blues and purples on a 4 hour ramp each side. The middle 4 hours kinda has it's own intensity peaking, to replicate noon. My red, green, and white are only on for 8 hours, and they peak as well at the same 'noon' time as the blues and purples. The first and last 2 hours before the white, red, and green come on is the best time to view since it's only uv, purple, and blues. Lunar is from midnight to 5am, then there is a 6 hour total dark period for coral respiration and to keep algae in check. Peak is 113 uv, 113 violet, 90 royal blue, 90 blue, 10 green, 10 red, 30 white. Would it be beneficial to run the entire spectrum for the 12 hours? Does the theory make sense? Should I run lunar the entire time, or is it good to have the 6 hours of darkness? Just let me know your thoughts, and if I'm on the right track, thanks.
  9. oba97

    WTB AI Prime HD

    Looking for a AI Prime HD so I can upgrade my lighting on my 10 gallon. Thanks
  10. Hey all, So while I'm figuring out lighting, MarineDepot drops a bomb on the price of the AI Prime HDs for now only $200. And here I thought my mind was made up. Well, after some research again, now I'm debating. So I've come with a couple questions for those who have been around since LEDs have been the hot item. I'm trying to find a semi-concrete answer to what light is capable of maintaining an SPS tank. However it seems that a lot of the answers are either not clear or indifferent at best. And search results haven't been helpful either. So with that being said: My tank to be built is a standard 10 gallon AGA tank. Which is more reputable? The AI's or the Nanobox? Which is capable of maintaining an SPS tank of this size? (Standard 10 Gallon Tank) I assume both can be used as a refugium light with the proper focus in the proper spectrum? I'll be buying two of the ones I decide on to simplify running things. Thanks in advance for helping me learn more about LED tank lighting!
  11. Nanochicago

    Ai Prime w/ 10g Fusion and Ghost?

    I've been successfully running an IM 10g nuvo fusion nano for about a year, with the IM Ghost skimmer. I want to upgrade from the IM Skyye light to the AI Prime HD. My concern, however, is that it doesn't appear that the mounting bracket for the AI Prime will fit with the Ghost installed in the back of the tank. Has anyone figured out a way around this problem? Is the only option to use the flex mount and offset from the center of the back glass? The hanging kit won't work for me. Thanks, Mitch.
  12. I am looking for an AI prime hd 18 inch mount for my new 20 IM fusion build.
  13. I have one AI prime HD 2 months old for sale I was running it at 45%, I got a good deal for a Radion G2 thats why I'm selling the prime with the mount included. Price for both brand new $225 + $30 = $255 I'm asking $210 Shipping included in the US. $200 If picked up in Miami, Fort Lauderdale area.
  14. Selling my AI Prime. It was only used for about 6 months. I am getting out of the hobby, hence me selling it. The light is fully functional, and comes with everything that it had when I bought the light, including the box. Cosmetically it looks close to new. Pictures were just taken. Light works perfect. I cycled through the brightness and light settings. $200 including shipping. Shipping will most likely be USPS Priority. PM for details.
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