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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I know, I know a new tank thread. Good news is that this is still the RSM130D that I have had for a number of years now that is currently in my office. While everyone in the office likes the planted tank I just cant get myself excited about it at all, I have moved on the fish (Mbuna Cichlids as a grow out tank - great fun but not again) except for the Common Pleco, Plants and Bogwood. I have listed this for sale/swap on a number of local classifieds and forums. So the idea of this tank is to use all the experience that I have gain in the last 3 years in the hobby in an attempt to have an established Reef tank within the office. I have everything that I need to start the tank build off except obviously the Rocks which despite being ordered over a month ago, have yet to turn up and the tracking information is of no use what so ever. I currently do have a claim in with both the shop i purchased the rock from as well as the delivery company who have lost the parcel. Once this arrives I can create an Aquascape but currently i am looking at starting the cycle as fast as possible, I do have some base rock that I think would start the cycle off nicely as well as a large bag of Bio Media that has been sat in the Filtration section of my Evo for the last 7 months that it has been running, plus the rock in the 9to5 contest tank that has essentially just been cooking for this tank until now. So onto the Hardware. This is a current list of what I have currently set up on the tank. Tank: Red Sea Max 130D Heater: 150W Adjustable on Nicrew Controller Return: Maxijet 1000 (300GPH) Flow: Tunze 6025 Powerhead Light: 18W PAR38 Bulb **** to be replaced **** Stand: Red Sea Max 130D Stand ATO: *** to be purchased *** Rock: 10KG Dried Reef Rock Sand: 10KG Mixed Grain Sand Today I have ordered a 6 Way Extension Cord, with surge protection as well as individual switches and some heavy duty velcro strips so that I can start work on cable and power management inside the stand. I plan further down the line to replace the lighting (most likely with something used) and eventually get an ATO for the tank. It has been running fine with manual top offs to keep the water level above the minimum for the pump, but obviously i would like a bit more peace of mind as i actually hope to be able to have a holiday some point this year. So anyway, while I am waiting on the rock to arrive and someone to pick up the single fish, plants and wood I have a couple of tasks that I can be on with in preparation for the build. · Cable Management · Power Management inside Stand · Display Controls inside Stand · Aquascape Design · DIY Anemone Guard Obviously that last one gives some indication of the stocking for the tank, which currently stands at something similar to Livestock: Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish (the Real Swim Shady) Bubble Tipped Anemone’s Livestock: Clean up Crew Astrea Snails Cerith Snails Nassarius Snails Turban Snails Conch Black/Algae Hermit Crabs So basically this is a home for any splits that I get off of my BTA in the Mantis Manor so that I can keep control of the Fluval Evo a little easier. Plus the office location is more useful incase i want to sell/trade an anemone for something else at the LFs or another Reefer's house. And also I dont pay the electric or water bills at the office.
  2. I started out with a 13.5 Evo nano Mantis tank back in April, but Mr Pickles didn't make it through his first molt. I ended up with a White ribbon eel ("Slimy") that "wouldn't eat." He eat pellets now. Main issue is that he will quickly outgrow my 13.5, so I needed better long term planning for him. I settled on a 66 from SCA, because if I got rid of some clothes and got a smaller dresser, I could fit it in my room. This is sort of long, so I'll try to keep it brief and with pictures. I'm condensing 2 months of planning into one post. Found a used tank on Craistlist. Haggled, waited, he finally agreed. Sale didn't include the skimmer or light, but I paid WAY less than it was posted for. New tank/stand runs $1200 on Amazon. I got a skimmer (Bubble Magnus 5) for $70 on Craigslist in Reno when I was visiting a friend, and the guy had a Maxspect Razor 420 he let me have for $30 and a reactor for $20. Sent the light back to Coralvue for warranty repair of the burnt out LEDs and broken fans. Now, it's good as new. I like it, and think it's a good light for what I spent on it. I set up the tank, and started planning the plumbing. This is my first sumped tank. From my research, the old owner had set up the overflows all wrong, so I started over. I got Innovative Marine's tank mat for both the tank and the sump. The hinges were so rusted they were falling apart, so I swapped them out. I planned my plumbing on paper, bought parts, test fit it, and then glued it. It has a manifold for (3) 1/2" lines, a check valve, and several unions and gate valves. I went with a Herbie overflow. I did a write-up in the DIY section on mounting the power switch into the front board, so I'll spare you the details. Short version: hole, light up switch, behind it, outlet. Cords stay up away from water. Add a labelmaker, and I'm happy. My ATO is a $6 cereal container from Walmart, but I not sure it'll hold enough (1.5 gallons) so I may connect 2 together with little RO hose bulkheads. The sump is about 18 gallons, so it takes a bit to raise the water level. I needed to leak test, but had no good way to drain it if I used tap water. I ended up deciding to use straight RO, then when I'd fixed any leaks, I added salt. I left my live sand bags in the tank for volume's sake, and it took almost 3 days after work to fill with my little under sink RO system. But I made my money back on it right there. Once it was full, I starting adding salt. Estimate it to be about 80 gallons with the sump. Started low, and fine tuned. I've got it at 1.024 now. I'd prefer it to 25, but with the ATO not on, it'll get itself there before I put livestock in it. Sunday, I added the sand. I took a clean razor blade and split each bag. I tried to dump them gently, but no luck. The bubbles coming out and dumping action stirred everything up. I put my eel tubes in the sand, and covered them. I added filter floss and black foam stuff to the sump baffles to help catch sand. The skimmer, amazingly, picked up a TON of sludge. I should have my Current USA (Amazon) wave pumps when I get home, and I'll see how the sand is. If it settled, ill need to even the sand out still. After that, I'll pull my filter sock, turn off my skimmer, and add Dr Tim's. I'll probably hang some frozen silversides from a veggie clip for ammonia. They're starting to freezer burn anyway. I added chaeto yesterday, and I'll add more from the 13.5. Should give it a boost, and start adding pods. My last tank cycled in less than a week, so hoping for the same. More pics to follow once I get home. I'm working on the program/timer on the Maxspect, anyone have any advice? I'll be taking the live rock and almost all the coral out of the 13.5, when would it be safe to do that for the corals, since they're attached? Plan for the tank *so far* is Slimy the White Ribbon eel (about 16-18" now), 3+ Leaf fish, 3-4 McKoskers Wrasses, and a Scopas, Yellow, or Purple Tang. I'll need to trade them out as they outgrow the tank. One of my LFS have 2 Waspfish, so I'm very tempted to grab them and cut out the wrasses, although I'd like a few "swimmy fish". Here's Slimy, yawning.
  3. Hi everybody, i have just been thinking about a future project i would maybe like to try and would like some advice, the tank is 37 US gallons (140L), 80cm long, 45cm tall, 40cm deep. My plan would be to run an Oase Biomaster 250 Thermo. I would have a 1 inch thick sandbed and a decent amount of rock. I would like to have the tank full of Macro algae and Caulerpa species similar to @Tigahboy's tanks. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what fish to have in the tank, i would like to have camoflage or strange looking predatory fish like leafy scorpion fish. Would i be able to have a fuzzy dwarf lionfish in the tank if i rehome it to a 75 Gallon tank when it gets to big? any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I am receiving a red rooster wasp fish tomorrow. I asked live aquaria what he has been eating and they said Live ghost shrimp and sinking pellets. If I put him into my 30 gallon display tank, how on earth do I feed him live shrimp?? Won’t they just swim off before he even sees them? Should I injure them so that he has a better chance of finding them? Or do I just put a few in the tank and hope he finds them? I could potentially put him in my 13 gallon tank that is cycled but empty of livestock, but I’d very much prefer to put him in the main tank.
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